Tuesday, 1 March 2016

And I Will!

I completely forgot to post yesterday about my March challenge I am setting myself and so I will tell you about it now. For the whole of March I will be posting two times a day... Two times a day?! Although my March isn't as quiet as I hoped it would be, I think March is a relatively quiet month when it comes to things like university work- I don't think I'll be overly stressed and so this is a challenge I will be accepting with open, albeit slightly nervous arms! Without further ado, here is the first of (hopefully) 62 posts this March! Eeeek!

I have a couple of assignments this month and a lot of preparing for exams that take place in a couple of months. I think I lost the desire to be motivated last year and I so want to be organised, prepared and ready for all of the tasks that come alongside my course. Recently I have upped my organisation a lot and I've felt far more confident about my studies. I have received a few awesome results and a couple of disappointing ones, and I definitely have needed to up my game. I want to do well so badly... And I will!

Because of exams earlier this year reading definitely was put to one side. This was sad but I just had to do it because I was so panicked (flashback to the reminder to myself to be more organised). Since then reading hasn't particularly increased because everything has been very busy. I have so many awesome books I want to read and loads of different kind of ones which is always my aim- to read all sorts. I want to make sure I'm reading so much more and also an awesome variety of books too... And I will!

I'm a terrible saver when it comes to money but recently I've been trying to save that little bit more. And I'm doing well (for me). I've realised how good it feels to have a little bit of money on the side. It's not for anything but I like it that way. I want to make sure I keep putting a little aside... And I will!

And of course... running! I have so many aims for this year. I want to improve my pace and my distance; I want to stay relaxed about it but really challenge myself. I want to make sure I'm always motivated and excited to run, even if it doesn't go to plan! I need to make sure I'm both pushing myself and giving myself a break... And I will!

I'm planning on posting 62 posts this month... And I will!

Lemon Sherbet & Marshmallows,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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