Sunday, 13 March 2016

Feeling Content

I'm incredibly tired however I am blogging twice a day this month (you can read my last post HERE!) and so I've got about half an hour before I'm going to fall asleep despite my wanting to write a post. So, be prepared for a bit of a rubbishy post, because I will complete this challenge I've set myself! I'm not sure what's coming next but, ay, let's hope it's great!

It's only a few days until I'm home for the Easter holidays and I'm so excited to get there! It's all a bit stressful - and yet I've made it manageable which makes me super happy! - and most people I've spoken to are so excited to get some time at home with their friends and families. I'm particularly excited to be running at home, swimming a little bit, seeing my awesome friends and spending quality time with my family! I really, really need to have a more spacious time when it comes to university work and I know I have it in me this Easter to get myself sorted in the most pleasant way!

These thoughts have got me thinking about living away at university and then being home in breaks and other times too. Of course this won't apply to everyone my age, but let's see where my thoughts take me. What I love about being home is that all of my friends are far more settled than last year - as am I - and it makes for days and evenings with them very awesome. We are also always so excited to spend time with each other that it makes our time so grin-y and I love that kind of feeling!

Recently what I have adored about university is my improvement in focus. I feel far more able and happy in my abilities and that's an awesome thing to feel. I encourage it deeply whilst also encouraging myself to dig harder/chill out when I need to when I'm feeling less motivated. I love being with my friends at university as I've met so many awesome and different people, and yet we are all the same too. That's an awesome feeling right there!

It's so odd to think I'm over half way through university and yet I'm delighted to know I am far happier this year than last year. Despite not being nervous until the day, university was a massive culture shock and my goodness it got some getting used to for me! And yet it got better! If it ever got too bad, like I would always advise to my friends: You can come back and do uni another time; you can just leave education entirely. This is so important and not a thought that is advertised enough. However I'm happy to say things got better for me!

Easter is going to be such an awesome few weeks; I really, really can't wait!

Grass & Daffodils,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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