Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A Life With Fewer Notifications

Last week I met up with one of the kindest people I've ever met. He's not only kind, he's honest and he cares a lot and he's so very selfless. We drank tea and we talked about each other's life, asking each other questions and feeling happy in each other's company. That's something that has definitely been lost these days- just enjoying each other's company.

The other day I read an article speaking about uni students (although I expect it applies to anyone of my kind of age... so let's say between twelve and twenty-six) being the loneliest people. And it really stuck with me. It spoke of how although uni students may have the most exciting, new life, they are also very isolated. And one of the main reasons why was because of phones and the internet. So if we replace "uni students" with young people, we have a generation of people who are hypnotised by their phones or the internet; sometimes with terrible consequences.

The first thing we do in the morning is check our phones; the last thing we do at night is say goodnight to our phones. We hope for a certain amount of "likes" on a post we upload to the internet. We feel embarrassed if we don't reach it. Maybe we delete it. We watch everything everyone else is watching and we so want to not miss out on any trend. Among many, many other things, it is all adding up to an amount that means we are constantly on our phones. We are constantly on our phones that show others doing amazing things- maybe more than they are actually doing. This stops our motivation to get things done when we should be living our lives for us- not for social media.

Now, I don't think I would call myself lonely because of my phone but the fear of becoming lonely because of my phone/the internet makes me genuinely terrified. I definitely don't want that. So I should address some of my main weaknesses. I love taking photos when I'm out and about or with people and this isn't a bad thing. I use to not take enough photos. However it can consume me sometimes and I need to make sure I'm focussing on the real reason I'm out and about and/or seeing someone/people. I can be very aware of receiving a message or something similar. I can engage in both doing something else and replying to people.

I don't want to be glued to my phone- I want to be cultured and interested and excited for my life. Of course phones and the internet can be wonderful things. I will always believe that! However, I need to make sure they don't consume me.

In my spare time I can sometimes really procrastinate on my phone- on all of my apps and social media and time can fly upsettingly fast. I want to live my life, and definitely not live it through my phone. I adore fresh air and seeing people and exercising. So much of my time is consumed by this and I adore it. I just need to make sure the rest of my time doesn't rely on my phone or the internet!

When I was chatting to one of the best people I have ever met the other day and I just felt happy and being in his company, I realised how much I was indulging in his company. I hadn't even thought about looking at my phone (there's no way I would have but my phone just didn't cross my mind until he was talking about phones) and I need to make sure I'm always excited in these kinds of situations and not glued to my phone. However there is a little sidenote because not too long ago a family member was in a bit of trouble and I was so very glad I could hear my phone and help out as much as I could. But so long as I'm able to be there for emergencies and feel myself be happy, I know I'm going to just let myself sink into the feeling of happy company more often, among other no-need-for-internet-or-phones thing!

Disconnected & Happy,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging twice a day every day in March, eeek! HERE is my last post!

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