Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July's Delights

As it's the end of July, here are a bunch of things that are my favourites of this month.

As McFly are working hard for Album 6, Tom put up a video up of him singing She Falls Asleep with him also plaing the piano. What a wonderful way to start a month. Wonderfulwonderfulwonderful. She Falls Asleep makes me cry whenever I'm listening to it and so when I just watched Tom and heard all of the emotion, all I could feel was my eyes fill with tears of Tom's talent.

Speaking of McFly, one of my favourite things is that one of my four favourite lads, Danny Jones has got engaged to the lovely Georgia Horsley. I'm super excited, despite obvious sadness to lose my Mr. Jones but Danny and Georgia are so fab and I can't wait to watch them tweet about preparations for the wedding and ultimately the beautiful pictures that will come from it! Congratulations!

As soon as Safe Haven came out on DVD, I was there, ready for my dosage of Josh Duhamel. I've spoken before abut how I love Safe Haven and even after watching the amazingawesomeperfect movie about a trillion times since I bought it, it's still as breathlessly mesmerizing. It's just everything about that film: the music, the setting, the characters...

I am a huge fan of The Hunger Games and so I have, naturally been geeking out over the Catching Fire trailer. From watching the trailer I'm so excited to see everyone backing Katniss, supporting her and creating hope, Katniss and Peeta's relationship get a little more confusing and well as Katniss and Gale's, the evil President Snow, the next hunger games. More than anything, I can't wait to see how much it matches up to how I visioned it my head when reading Catching Fire, because The Hunger Games was perfect in this way. Oh, and I'm excited for Finnick!

From the start, when I had Demi Lovato's latest album (you can read my review of it here), Made In The USA was one of my favourites and so I was super excited to see it was to be her next single and hey, as I knew it wouldn't, the video didn't disappoint. I'd been watching the teaser videos and from what I could make out, I loved the idea. It's so sweet and captivating and I just love that Demi made a video with a story that held my attention and my heart. It's literally the cutest thing and, well, Dustin Milligan is in it so... swoon.

Nope, you can't get too far recently without mentioning the Royal Baby and this post is not an exception. One of my f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e things this month is the arrival of George Alexander Louis. I just love everything monarch-related and I feel my heart smile every time I see pictures of Kate, William and baby George on their first appearance in public. It's too sweet for my eyes to handle.

Toodlepip July! Your stay has been appreciated.

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Diamonds & Polka Dots,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Dear Mr. Ignorance...

Dear Mr. Ignorance,

In today's letter that will be thrown straight into the bin you label "Fair", I'm going to address marriage equality. Don't crumple it up so soon and read.

Maybe I'm wrong in saying this, but isn't it stated under article 14 of the Humans Rights Act that there must be no discrimination against any group in society, for example homosexuals? Oh, you don't have that edition, no? I misheard you, did I? What was it you said, sir? "I have traditional values," you say. *I choke on my tea and dab my mouth with a hand-made napkin whilst stamping the garden party invites.* Traditional values. Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Ignorance, but as someone with power, aren't your values supposed to be right, fair and without discrimination? *Silence.* Denying deserved rights is not traditional, it's wrong. Sorry, pardon? OH, your beliefs have been formed through years and years of your well-kept name? You should have been clearer, sir.

We'll go back a couple of steps to article 12. Men and women of marriageable age have the right to marry... No, please interrupt, sir, please! Yes, yes, I know Civil Partnerships exist. However, firstly, do they exist everywhere, sir? *Inaudible grumble.* Pardon? "Well no, no, they don't, young lady, but nor does the Human Rights Act." *Mr. Ignorance adjusts his tie with a smug grin.* I see we've stumbled across a dead end. What about the concept of two of the same gender wanting to have a marriage and not a civil partnership? *Silence.* Never mind, sir. On we trot.

I was thinking, sir, while we're talking, should "gay marriage" even be called "gay marriage"? I've been guilty of calling it this myself, but only because that's what it is labelled every where we go. We're talking about people, people no different to you and I. Is it fair that because their way of living doesn't quite match up with yours that they must, whether they like it or not, be segregated from "marriage". Sir, it's plain and simple and beautiful: marriage. You don't agree? Ok. Next point then.

For you, what is marriage? "Why, young lady, marriage is the declaration of love. It symbolises security and happiness and two people wanting to spend their lives together." A declaration that couples of the same gender cannot have. Symbols that they cannot live with. If you're so educated, sir, can I ask why a man and another man, a woman and another woman are not allowed to declare their love with a marital status? No answer, sir?

I know you're a busy man and there are, *I roll my eyes and cut a slice of my freshly-baked Victoria Sponge* more pressing matters, but isn't love kind? Doesn't love under no circumstances dishonour others? *Silence.* Love, sir, always hopes and if love is patient, sir, the righteous world and I will wait, with sadness and tears and pain, but we'll wait.

Oh! Sorry, sir. Am I being too opinionated again? Oh right, ok...

Sighs & Frowns,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Side note: Oh, that's right. I was being ironic when opposing my correct opinion! I'm glad we've got that sorted. Make there be equal marriage rights everywhere in the world NOW because do you remember the shame on the world after ignorance opened its eyes to see the horrific treatment of blacks after the slave movement and every other horrible story about black discrimination? Oh, you do?! So, let's get this sorted now.  Your voice, your word is the one that matters, sir. Just because you may lose a few too many party members or a few too many votes for you liking, that doesn't mean it shouldn't happen and it doesn't make your "pro-equal-marriage" view that you sometimes have right. That makes it sour and untrue. Oh, and, sir, if your view has not yet been straightened out (so to speak), then let me tell you this: it'll be you with rosy cheeks when equality is finally seen in this world, not ours. I'm so glad we've had this little chat. Lots of love, a 17 year old that understands right and wrong a lot more than you ever will.

All of our voices count. If you use it.

Friday, 26 July 2013


Being a teenager in my generation means I was a young child - but old enough to remember watching it too often - when Monsters Inc. was released. It was my favourite animated movie without a shadow of a doubt and now, at 17 years of age, after having waited for Monsters University for months and months, the day finally arrived.

*Contains traces of spoilers.*

I have one thing to say about the smaller (if that's possible!) version of Mike: AWWWWWWWWW, I want to have a squishy monster hug with him and put him in my pocket. AW. I just had to "aw" out loud when he was being pushed around. Poor 'ickle Mike. I loved how eager little Mike was and how his ambition still shone through at University too. Three cheers for Mike.

Now, Sulley... When he first appeared, all cockey and cheeky I fell a bit in love but then he treated Mike badly and I was on the little fella's side, despite Sulley always being my favourite character (and he still was and is). However, the Sulley we grew up with was made at Monsters University and I felt so happy and excited to watch their journey. They are the best of friends.

The film was funny and heart-warming, sweet and scary! Watching animated films a fair few years into one's life, I've found they become funnier! I love the little jokes that make so much more sense than they would have years ago and so, although it maybe should have felt like I was too old for the film, it didn't and no one else my age has thought that. I went into the cinema knowing I'd love it and hey, I loved it!

Obviously, this isn't the best written post of mine but Monsters Inc. was my childhood and I went back to be six years old again when I was sat in that cinema. I wish Sulley and Mike were my best pals (even though they would have scared the life out of me - even you Mike!).

RAWRs & Screams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Little Bit of Tranquillity

You know when you're told to picture yourself somewhere calm and silent, somewhere that gives you tranquillity. Well, I went to that place.

Lying down on the pebbles at a quiet slice of beach with not much other than beauty around me and blue skies with the prettiest clouds above, the solitude was undeniably perfect. There was water beside me and dog walkers nearby and it made my mind nothing but peaceful. The few people around me were there to enjoy the loveliness of it all as well and everything's so much clearer and less complicated when surrounded by a place so precious. Now, I realise I sound like I'm living on a cloud where everything in my eyes is fluffy and smiley and people get handed free candyfloss but the importance of just enjoying silence and finding your quiet place where there's the slight soundtrack of the waves, a little wind but a stillness about it all (or for you it might be lying down on your sofa in your living room), for me is one of my favourite things. It was a walk away from everything that sometimes gets scary in my life and the surroundings on the way there were just too perfect. On days like this I think I should just become the woman version of Bear Grylls (except without his dashing muscly muscles). I walked just a few moments away and I was surrounded in green, the sound of sea still close. Sometimes England is undervalued and in this moment, I saw why I love it. I love England. The beautiful weather that came with my little bit of tranquillity just highlighted what some might look pass when grey clouds cover up the discreet perfections. (This could totally turn into an inspirational blogpost, but I'll leave it as a one dimensional post - I'll let your mind wander into the possible double meanings, though.) Everyone needs wind-down-time, right? Some people go to bed early, some people read a book, some people listen to their favourite band (all of which, I do) but, today, this was my wind-down-time and wind-down-time I did have! Forgetting about worries that are niggling at you a bit too much is vital for me and I'm glad my worries disappeared with the slight wind for a moment or two.

Seashells & Driftwood,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

(The little snapshots of the photos sadly didn't do the picture justice as it left a lot out, so I had to filter them ever so slightly, but all the same: the view was the definition of perfection.)

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Favourite Heroes: Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is my hero.

To start with, Bilbo Baggins is who I aspire to be like because he said yes. Despite his doubts and his mind essentially being made up as to whether he would go on his adventure, he reconsidered and on his adventure he went. He put aside his worries and fears and comfortable life to do something that, although he may have dreaded before, would bring him joy and build his character. I always feel like I miss out on opportunities because they will be scary and frightening and test me, even though I'd probably be better off after the experience. So, following Bilbo's lead, I'd like to say that three letter word "yes" a lot more often. Three cheers for Mr. Baggins!

Although it's obvious Bilbo isn't aware of how brave he is, he showed us how brave he is when faced with the mountain giants. He pushed aside his fear and set upon completing part of his mission. Then, when it all went wrong he used his initiative! He saved all of the dwarves by buying time with his sneaky plan and that is admirable! If I were ever in a position where I was about to be eaten by mountain trolls, it is Bilbo I'd want by my side. What's more, I felt I should clap in the cinema when he saved Thorin getting killed by the orcs. Kudos Bilbo, kudos.

Bilbo has the jolliest soul. Even though at the beginning he appears unadventurous, the little hobbit spreads joy and happiness throughout the adventure, with his silly comments (forgetting his hankerchief), his naivety and determination. From the word "go", everyone (other than Thorin) is on his side.

The most important aspect of Bilbo that makes me love him oh so much is him proving himself, proving Thorin wrong. "He's been lost ever since he left home." Thorin made it clear from the start that he didn't think Bilbo was up for the challenge but Bilbo was and so he saw. "I've never been so wrong in all my life." The smile after watching Thorin say this never fails to exist on my admiring face. Bilbo has my heart.

Bilbo understands the importance of his new family and his family understand the importance of their burglar-hobbit. He helps out these dwarves who ruined his comfortable evening because he knows they need help, he knows it's the right thing today. It's truly admirable.

Orcs & Elves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sunshine Sunshine La La La La Laaa!

These last two weeks of sunshine, for me have been  b-l-i-s-s. July 2013 has actually felt like summer in Britain which means that I'm passing smiley, happy people on the streets, Britain feeling like another country and I've loved it!

Something that epitomises summer is BBQs and good company. This is exactly what I've had: evenings with some good friends, good music, blue skies and decent grub! Blue skies are too beautiful and when there's fluffy Toy Story clouds, that's so pretty too! I just can't stop raving about this lovely weather and happiness that exists because of it.

The thing that I love the most is, of course, the beach! *Sings Seaside by the Kooks.* The last two weeks of beach sunshine has felt hotter than when I'm further from the beach. The air is warm and the little breeze is beautiful when it comes. If not, it's perfect tanning weather which makes me very happy! When I need to cool down, dipping my feet into the glistening pool of beauty (also known as the sea) feels too good. What's not to love about a heat wave at the beach with plenty of New Forest ice-cream? You with your hand up, shush! - this is not time for questions. There will be time at the end for that. Sheesh, anyway, where was I? The beach. After a stressful education-year, lazing about on the beach is stupidly perfect. So yeah, I love the beach.

All I've really spoken about is how perfect a sunny summer is, but I have loved it and am excited to see whether it carries on and enjoy the fun I will have! Lovely lovely lovely sunshine, la la la la LA!

Pebbles & Sand,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Blue Skies and Smiles.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

That Feeling

For me, a  pretty English sunset allows my negative mind to be brightened and tonight, the mix of pinks, purples, yellows and oranges gave me that feeling.

This renewed vision has allowed me to think of the future and all of the things I want to achieve with excitement - not fear. Goals, for me, are important. They keep my head on track no matter what - positive or negative mind, however my willingness to achieve these goals does depend on how I'm viewing everything.

Something I am working towards is university. As daunting and scary as it is, I need to make sure that in the next year, I'm aware of everything I need to do to ensure that I'm not stalling. I need to make sure I'm spending equal time on all of my subjects when I'm revising and focus on everything within it. I need to make sure I'm prepared with open days, with everything I need to hand in and making sure I've got all the exciting experience I want and need. It's terrifying but it's achievable.

Whether people read my posts or not, I want to make sure that my blog is the place that I want it to be, a place I love. A summer holiday sounds like a perfect place to start when considering the healthiness of my blog. When my head's not fully into something else, (college, homework, exams etc) I can be a lot more creative, creating posts that I'm proud of and so I feel happier about my blog and then the posts after that are to my satisfaction as well. So I'm going to really think through my blog, make sure that the posts I'm posting are what I want and plan posts a lot more for when my summer ends (let's not think about that now).

I want to have the perfect summer, or, at least, what I would consider the perfect summer to be right now. I want to have lazy days with my friends, cute nights with my friends, spend time with my family, enjoy the excitement of weeks off. I want to read and watch movies and listen to music. I want to further myself in my knowledge for my university course and I want that feeling to stay with me. Whether or not it will happen doesn't matter because I know I'm going to make the best out of the summer I have.

So, back to that feeling. It's my favourite feeling. I get it when I see McFly live and, well, anything McRelated, when I'm on a long car journey when it's getting dark or after having the best day. Watching the sunset gave me that feeling: renewed prospects, peace and excitement for something I'm not sure of yet.

I love that feeling.

Stars & Wishes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 15 July 2013

All I Know Now #2

Peer pressure is a movement that I feel I've learnt a lot about over the last 17 years. So here's all I know now about it...

Now, peer pressure has always been something that you hear your parents and your teachers talk about many times. You're told not to succumb to it, not to listen. When it was mainly drilled into me, I couldn't imagine the notion of peer pressure. I didn't really understand quite how much of it there would be and how anyone would want to make someone else feel uncomfortable through it. However, it's something everyone goes through and it probably changes into different forms as you get older.

I'm not saying this thinking I deserve a gold medal, but I've never (not to my recognition and, if so, it would have been something I've been happy to do, not forced) fallen into this peer pressure thing. When I was a lot younger, probably at about ten years old, I just didn't understand why someone would want to make someone make a decision that they didn't want to and didn't have to make just to please them. It's unpleasant and ugly. So, I wouldn't give in. If I didn't want to do it, for whatever reason, I wouldn't. Although I may have, I don't recall and ever since, too, ever being laughed at. Ultimately, standing up to peer pressure is being strong, being true to who you are. Others are possibly too afraid to say "no" and maybe even be impressed by you saying "no", wishing they could do the same. If something doesn't settle right in your stomach, don't do it.

Adults are all too quick to set out rights and wrongs and making it clear cut, one thing is just right and the other is just wrong. I think something that is left out from the "don't fall into peer pressure" speech is: it's okay to feel upset. Adults would say it's stupid to feel upset because you're doing the right thing, but I think that, although you shouldn't feel bad about it and you really shouldn't, it's okay to feel sad. That doesn't made you a bad person. There's no reason to feel sad and you shouldn't but you also shouldn't feel bad for being honest about it. However, the main point is, you've done the right thing for yourself.

It may be different for you, but I never heard a parent or teacher say "make sure you're not the person peer pressuring". I think this is also important. Don't be the person who peer pressure someone. Let someone's decision be exactly that: their decision. There's no more to it. Just don't do it.

The message of this post is:

1) If you don't want to do something, you don't have to do it. If you know it's wrong or not align with your beliefs about the world or what your parents/guardians have told you, just say no. It's a good thing, it's strong and amazing doing what you want to do, not what people are telling you to (providing the choice you're making safe, naturally).

2) Do not be the person making someone else feel uncomfortable and confused.

I presume that, at 17, I'm not through the last of peer pressure, but all I know now is that I'm strong enough to make my own decisions, not another person or group of people. Peer pressure comes in all shapes and sizes and none if it is acceptable.

Butterflies & Dragonflies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

The first All I Know Now that I wrote.

Friday, 12 July 2013

YouTubers: Tanya Burr

Following Tanya Burr is one of my favourite decisions of all time and as she reached 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube, I feel it's time to write a blogpost about the lovely Tanya.

Tanya creates fabulous make-up tutorials predominantly, but also hauls, vlogs and other lovely videos. All of the time I read comments expressing how incredibly sweet Tanya is and it's so true. She makes us friends, rather than viewers and this makes me smile and I'd love to meet her one day because it's obvious how genuine she is. It's so effortless to just smile watching her videos, watching her friendships, as well as her and her lovely fiancé, Jim's sweet relationship. Her tutorials are so precise and helpful, her hauls always leaving me looking edgily towards my purse before bursting out of the door and her vlogs making me grin.

Another thing I lalalalaaarve about Tanya is her bubbliness. Her happiness, despite being portrayed through a computer screen, is infectious. It's truly lovely and leaves me being reminded that a positive attitude is always great. Her smile is always all the more awesome as Tanya clearly works incredibly hard and that makes me a very happy viewer.

Tanya is undeniably glamorous. Any moment in the day, captured on camera, (and obviously outside of the lens too, I don't doubt!) she looks incredible. When she's on the red carpet or at a major event, she always look a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I really want to be able to master the Tanya post (as shown above).

Tanya's so smiley and GAWgeous and I'm proud that she has reached 1,000,000 subscribers!

Favourite tutorial.
Favourite video with Jim.
Favourite vlog.

Smokey Eyes & Red Carpets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Destination: Happiness

Sometimes it's really easy to forget that happiness is achievable without going on a long journey to find a destination signposted "Happiness". Sometimes sadness easily takes over and for me, when I'm sad but all I want is to smile and so I take action and have a few things that do the trick.

I'm not a very confrontational person and so if someone has upset me, instead of confronting the issue, (which may sometimes be a healthier option) I find myself getting a headache from making myself think through what has happened in my head, what I wish I said and wondering why they felt the need to do or say something that made me unhappy. To confront the issue I sit in my room and I write a letter or something to make sure I'm not bottling anything up.

If I'm feeling a bit down or a bit stressed, I'm a big believer in music helping and so I'll sit in my room, on my bed and just enjoy my favourite artists or listen to a new album and it's one of my favourite things as it ends in me feeling both chilled, inspired by the music and really super happy! (McFly are obviously a big help here.)

My friends are a big part of helping me return back to happiness without them really even knowing it. Sometimes all I need is to spend a few hours with my bestest chums, laughing about things that wouldn't be funny to a lot of people, eating absolute rubbish and watching cheesy films. Sometimes we'll end up reminiscing about everything, one of our stories linking onto another and so on, meaning our evening is a night of memories. It's one of my favourite things because my sadness melts away into a sweet puddle of happiness.

Happiness can be your destination right now.

Sitting with an old book that I've read before however many times is somewhat relaxing for me. I get lost in a world that's familiar and hasn't changed and so I'll feel comfort in this, feel happiness. I'll make myself a hot chocolate or a cup of tea, find something to munch on and lose myself in a world I know very well, an alternative world, just for a while.

Another way to relieve my sadness can be to walk (although sometimes I don't think it's the best idea). It allows me to think about the future and all the exciting things that I don't even know lie in it. Alternatively, I'll sit on my bed in silence and daydream. I'll daydream about anything that I want to because I like a good daydream.

Playing piano is one of my favourite things, happy or sad, inspired or very uninspired and so when I've lost a smile on my face, all I sometimes need is to sit and play someone else's melody to remind me of my own (I really felt this cheesy line for a second... Now I'm regretting it). I'll end up playing for hours but it's definitely worth it.

Sometimes when I'm sad, I just need to be sad. I don't want someone to tell me to "cheer up" and that's not necessarily what I need. However happiness is something that I like to have in my life: a positive attitude and a smile on my face makes me feel better. Happiness isn't a destination a journey away if you don't want it to be and when I am a unhappy and I believe I've lost my way, had a happiness pit stop, I'll get myself back on track, straight back to my "destination" to happiness.

Find your way back to happiness.

Dusty Books & Hot Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


I am writing this post as the final of Wimbledon 2013 is being played. Excited, nervous and proud are all things I'm feeling right now and it should be noted that this would only be published if Murray has won (which I always knew he would) and so, if you're reading this: HURRAY MURRAY.

After some strawberries, it's safe to say my stomach hurts as I cheer for Murray winning the first point of the match and, as he won the two points after that, I regretted those strawberries. An incredibly tense first game has definitely eased us rapidly into this match that is inevitably going to be thrilling.

Murray's serving well, proving himself equal (and maybe as a bias fan, despite truly believing it: better) to Djokovic and seems to be coping well in the heat - which I highly sympathise with as last night I had my own battle with the tough conditions in a sport I must say I am quite the pro: the art of sleeping. Some of these shots that Murray's winning are incredibly beautiful, being planted in a perfect place for the perfect shot. Good stuff. Henman named the hitting "breath-taking" and for both players, it is more than true. As Murray breaks Djokovic and my heart smiles all the more, I raise my imaginary glass of pop to Murray the Great.

Despite Djokovic's hat and the audience fanning themselves, Murray seems to still be less phased by the whole of England's summer being in one day as he wins the sixth game with ease. It must be noted that as he does so me and my mum admire his toned chest. And back to the tennis. A fresh break up Murray's sleeve, the Wimbledon crowd clearly pumping as well as my household, Murray made us all the more proud and causing me to clap him and stand with joy. Feeling sophisticated and oh-so-British, I smiled knowingly and uttered my excited words: "I do love a spiffing match". As Muray becomes slightly sweatier, I and my mother note: we like a sweaty sportsman.

The set won, the excitement at its highest after I tripped over my own foot as I stood, - it was all very eventful - an epic second set is calling, and an epic second set we are getting. Well into the set now, both players are still playing stunningly and I can't help but wish with all of my heart that I was there. Seven games in, Murray with a hat, his absolute flawlessness is obvious.

As the second set is drawing to a close, 6-5 to Murray, all I can think it ASDFGHJKL.



This is some seriously amazing tennis from (both players but seriously-) Andy Murray. Truly magical. The rallies have me happily on the edge of my sofa, genuinely enjoying the talent, despite my need for Murray to win. My throats getting a bit dry now... Time for some deuce.

5-4 to Murray, I have genuine tears. Here we go. Serving for the match, causing my family and I to go absolutely crazily happy, HERE WE GO...

ANDY DID IT. *Back from crying and smiling and being unbelievably proud* and (still all of the latter but) it was FABulous. HE WON. HE WON. I feel like I'm sharing this moment with him and I'm so incredibly happy for him and for myself! I've grown up being a huge fan of Murray and I can't imagine how perfect it must feel for him to win the tournament that will always be one very close to his and our hearts. I can't use this keyboard in front of me to explain my sheer happiness, but this is one of the best moments of my life. So happy.

You can't fault that match. He returned so many shots that you wouldn't have thought possible and that last game - that last game - was absolutely nerve-wracking but we all knew the result. Breath-taking really is the only word I can think of that nearly justifies Murray's performance. It was so much more. As the days of adjusting to no more Wimbledon for another year stretch out a head of me, I smile. Wimbledon 2014, you're going to have a hard job topping that.

Smashing Murray, smashing.

Strawberries & Cream,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Version of Perfection

As a twelve year old, whenever I heard the whole "imperfections make us beautiful"-based line, I used to cringe. I didn't not like it because I was striving to be perfect in every way, but more in that, although I knew I'd never reach "perfection", I liked to believe that it was achievable in some manner.

I used to write little (terrible) stories and the main girl and the main boy were always undeniably perfect. This makes me sad in many ways but it also makes me smile. I'll tell you why. The biggest trait that would make them beautiful would be their generosity and kindness and heart. So despite the fact that they were generically beautiful and all that jazz, the reason why all of the other characters loved them so much was because their attitude, their view of other people was flawless. Now this is perfect.

She left beauty wherever she went. Inspired oh-so-muchly by one of Louise's Motivational Monday posts, this quote and post brings so many thoughts to my mind. What made one of my main characters in one of my stories, Kiara perfect was how she treated people. She was lovely and nice to everyone. She would leave beauty behind her because she didn't judge people and was undeniably nice. This, of course, isn't the only way to have an attitude and a way to be perfect. It could be the way someone would always express disapproval at a nasty comment towards someone or it could be how they leave a conversation, making another, someone not necessarily close to them, feel refreshed, happier. It may be that someone wakes up, despite the rain and the miserableness, and they smile: a new day, they think. Alternatively, they may be quiet, surveying the situation, looking out for anyone in need of a smile. Perfection comes in many different forms.

Something that makes my skin crawl is, alike to many, bullying. Bullying for the way someone is, the way someone looks. All bullying is unacceptable. Here, I have to touch upon people bullying people because they feel or decide that the way someone looks on the outside determines their perfection. It may be cliché, but bullying says only things about the bully rather than the subject. The movement of bullying is "ugly", "gross" and any negative adjective out there. It makes me sick to the stomach, firstly because the initial bullying is disgusting and the fact that it can ruin someone's life from that point onwards. Think about what you say. The way you look does not determine who you are, not in any way, shape or form. You. Are. Beautiful.

It must be noted that I know - I know - it's not easy for people to, despite however amazing "on the inside" to think that it's enough - and it is more than enough. It is too easy to feel like how you look isn't good enough. It seems like second nature. Now, I try so hard to push negative thoughts about how I look away and at the same time, deal with them in some way otherwise I know I'll end up crying and wishing to look like, well, not myself. Instead, I remind myself that it's okay not to be okay with how you look, but it's also okay to smile all the while and forget it. I don't care that my hair isn't in place 24/7 (if ever!), I don't care that my skin's not silky smooth or my clothes don't look quite as right as I first thought. We're all the same.

I'm not sure that I believe perfection does exist or doesn't exist. I'm not sure what I believe but I know you can be your own version of perfect.

Sparkles & Confetti,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Procrastinating My Way Through Life

I feel like my life revolves around procrastinating and personally, I feel that it is an art - a forgotten and undervalued art, that is.

On a Sunday I'll have three essays to write, four worksheets and coursework to plan and my solution will always be: "Well, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I'll just turn on my laptop and make myself feel a little motivated." The little angel in my head is whispering, "No, don't do it; it's not going to help" but the devil triumphs every time. Three hours later, after updating every social networking site, watching new YouTube videos and watching videos of McFly that I've seen a thousand times before, re-painting my nails, singing aimlessly to myself, phoning a friend and having eaten the kitchen cupboard, I sit at my table and sigh. At this point I'm wishing that I had just listened to the angel in my head and I'm wondering how I'm going to get motivated. Normally it'll take another hour of eating and humming before I get on with what must be done, a grimace on my face.

I don't believe that procrastination is a movement carried out by one particular age group and when my parents are warning me that I'll regret popping grapes into my mouth for an hour straight whilst watching the Eastenders omnibus of episodes I watched during the week, I feel a little shocked that they, of all people have suggested this. I watch my mum procrastinate all of the time. "I suppose I should organise my work now"... Before she's completed said task she has baked, completed a full online shop for the groceries, dusted (and my mum isn't the cleaning type) and read three chapters of a book before telling me why she loves the book. Procrastination is highly addictive and not possible to stare in the face and overcome. At the time of procrastination, I also find it somewhat satisfying.

Of course I see why procrastination is not desired: the late nights that exist of piles of homework and endless coffees; the deadlines that are just met; the sheer laziness that is incorporated into one's personality. It's frustrating and aggravating and for one annoying reason: once you start, it will be a long while before you knuckle down. Procrastination, for those moments of lack of motivation, is desirable.

I'm going to try so hard to lessen my procrastination by thinking about all of the advantages of just doing whatever it is that I'm pushing aside, e.g. having time afterwards without the worry of uncompleted homework. I wish I could shake procrastination completely, but do you ever really get rid of it? It may decrease (or increase) slightly, but there will always be distractions, and if there's not there will be the desire to search for a distraction.

I say, embrace procrastination!*

Typewriters & Fairy Lights,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*P.s. The angel in my head is forcing me to say: "Don't listen to her. She's procrastinating right now!"

Monday, 1 July 2013

Letting Go

Letting go is often incredibly difficult, from letting go of some form of relationship to moving onto the next stage of your life: secondary school, college, uni, etc etc to moving on from a moment, day, a wonderful time to a slightly less exciting time. Letting go is sometimes essential. (Naturally, of course, the things I'm talking about relate to my life and may not to yours.)

Over the last year I've had to let go of many things: a friendship; an unresolved upset; school life. Right now, despite having finished a year at college and enjoying that year on the whole, I'm suddenly finding it really super difficult to let go of secondary school. Whenever I think back to my secondary school experience I'm overwhelmed by nostalgia, missing a bunch of friendships and people, the sense of togetherness and the lessons... Now in the process of letting go, when I'm craving the days of last year (well, way over a year now!), I remind myself: if you're missing those days, wishing you could go back, then you need to live these days, make these days awesome. For me, this is definitely true. I need to enjoy college. Otherwise in a year and a bit I won't have as much to look back on and think "hey, the last two years were fab" as I do about secondary school. This would be sad. So I need to let go and enjoy now.

You know that feeling you get after the end of an amazing holiday? You feel like you could cry because the thought of leaving behind the lovely place full of memories and going back to reality is so unbearably frightening. That's what, to me, letting go is. Even though the memories will still be with me when I get home, back to normality, it's no longer there. This can be terrifying. However sometimes it's needed. We can't be on holiday forever, eh? Even so, that thing you need to let go of may not be giving you joy or joy that's good for you and this has to be realised. Don't waste your life on something making you miserable or producing a façade of happiness.

Letting go isn't always something that happens after clicking your fingers and thinking "it's time to move on, renew" and in some cases, it shouldn't be a sudden thing, but a gradual, slightly bumpy and teary journey. I've watched people close to me have to get over some horrendously terrible things; things that people thirty years older wouldn't have to experience for years to come which naturally, made the process worse. Still, after years, things haven't been gotten over - so to speak - and they never really will, but things have got brighter. Letting go doesn't mean forgetting and even sometimes there isn't an end but this can be healthy. Something stopping the movement of moving on is thinking "but I want to stay in that time forever, the time with him, the time with her, the time with us"; sometimes you have to forget about "him, her, us".

The lyrics "only know you love her when you let her go" by Passenger, I feel should be mentioned here as I think it helps put across the point of this post. It is okay to let go and it's okay to find it hard, but most importantly, make the most of a certain thing: a friendship; a period of time; a day out. This way, when you're having to let go of that amazing memory, it'll be just as difficult but at least you'll have some amazing memories and you, personally don't have to regret anything. You want have to be left missing "the sun when it starts to snow". Letting go of a certain memory means making new ones. Letting go is difficult but it is possible and it can be freeing and it may even allow you to build bridges eventually.

Sunrises & Sunsets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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