Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Making Sure I'm Okay

Knowing when to give yourself a break is so, so important. We can become so absorbed with panic or working hard or the threat of a deadline that our general health can be put to one side when it certainly shouldn't. Nothing is worth becoming so stressed that our mental health/health is compromised. With a clearer mind and a happy state of being, tasks are likely to be completed to a far, far better standard. Of course I am going to come at this post from a student/education kind of perspective, but the whole of this post is relevant in every aspect of life!

It's been a tough week this week in this face of assignments but I've tried super duper hard not to lose sight of making sure I'm okay. I've tried very hard not to get swept up in hard work and made sure I've felt capable, happy and healthy. As soon as my vision has been clouded with a stressed headache, my focus has narrowed. And what did that mean? I needed a break!

One thing that has helped me massively with university work this month is this challenge right here. I've been blogging twice a day every day this month and if I've become lost in the words I'm writing for university in the worst kind of way and feel like I need a change of scene, I'll head right over to here. Being able to translate my thoughts into a completely different format of writing has helped me find happiness when getting back to uni work.

Of course having a break from looking at a computer screen is also vital; going for a walk and relaxing; eating and hydrating (whilst making sure we're doing this during work too); exercising and reading; chilling and doing nothing. As long as we are keeping calm and finding relaxing ways to feel calm about our work, we are on the right track!

University work is, naturally, very important but I know my state of mind is much more important. It's easy to get caught up in the stress of it all, but if I am keeping myself calm and am aware of my priorities, I feel much happier to be writing essays and find myself far more interested in the topic, probably ensuring that I'll end up doing better too!

It's been a hard week but far easier when I've felt prepared with a clear head!

Calm & Relaxed,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My last post can be read HERE!

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