Friday, 31 October 2014

A Bit of Book Chatter | October

Being a university student should mean a budget on books right (as in buying no books at all)... Well, has that gone all too well so far? See below for more details.

Love, Rosie (Where Rainbows End) by Cecelia Ahern

I have seen the film adaptation of Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern called Love, Rosie advertised a lot recently, and each time I have seen the trailer I have immediately grinned, excited at the thought of seeing it. I was browsing through some shops today and was delighted to see the book ins store, knowing straight away that I must read it before I see the film. I have heard never ending buckets of good things about Cecelia's writing and after reading the blurb, I know this book is going to keep me very warm as the nights are a little colder. About Rosie and Alex, two best friends, Love, Rose (Where Rainbows End) looks more than charming. Will their friendship be threatened by Alex and his family moving to America? I will see very soon!

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is one of my absolute favourite novels, and this gorgeously big book full of Jojo Moyes' words just makes me want to cry with happiness. It looks like an honest novel that's going to make me be told about a scenario I've never thought about, and see something wonderful through it. It follows the life of Jess who has two jobs and two children, and Ed, who has made a mistake but wants to put it right. I love how little I know about the story from the blurb and how I will soon know when I delve into the lovely-looking novel.

You Had Me at Hello by Mhairi McFarlane

I have seen this novel all over the blogosphere for a long time, with positive words attached to every review I've read... I'm excited. Rachel and Ben were once "partners in crime and the best of friends." Life changed. But they are back in each other's lives, and I can't wait to see what this means!

These novels excite me no end! What have you bought this month, or what will you be buying? I'd love to know!

Shiny New Covers & Untouched Pages,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 27 October 2014

It's Kind of a Long Story | Chapter 3

A while ago, I wrote about how I am planning on writing a book. You can read about it all HERE. I am so gloriously happy I decided to finally let my ideas for a novel spill out into more ideas and sentences and paragraphs. So, here I am, documenting what has happened since I last posted about my book-writing journey: It's Kind of a Long Story | Chapter 2.

Since August when I last posted, I have still been writing down phrases and little bits of speech that have either popped into my head or I've sat and thought about. It's all in one place. That maybe should be scary in all of its unorganised-ness, but it is satisfying to see lots of ideas from my brain that hopefully should come together in a cohesive story I can call my own.

As I've been continuing with my ideas, I've made a plan of the very beginning of my novel, which has made room for the further development of personalities, letting me get to know my characters more. It's added more guidance and planning than I ever had when I was a lot younger and writing a story until I ran out of ideas. It makes me feel prepared, but I allow myself a lot of room to be spontaneous like Colin Firth in Mamma Mia.

I decided, last week, that I would write my prologue. Although I've made a promise to myself to plan, plan, plan (which I am doing), I became so excited, with a prologue idea in my head, that my inner-Colin-Firth was ready to sing. And I adored writing it. Obviously it'll be a while before it's as perfect as I'd like it to be, but it's really made my head be in my story, and alongside my characters.

Since August, my ideas of characters have become real characters (and in my heart, real people). I've got a clearer picture of a main setting in my head, and more people to become acquainted with as well. Writing this novel makes me excited to sit down and soak in sentences I'm creating. It's an experience that I'm enjoying experiencing all by myself, with no pressures. I really love it.

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I said I'd be posting once or twice a month about how writing my story is going, but I plan to post about it only once a month!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Define: Engrossed

Related words: Engrossed
Ardour; Passion; Excitement; Love; Sublime; Happiness.
It's a Sunday. A lazy Sunday. I've got things to do, but I keep coming back here. To my computer. I refuse, right now, to call this procrastination. How can the action of me writing be something so related to idleness (and I do love the idleness in some forms of procrastination) when my heart is on fire with excitement? Shall I throw in a few onomatopoeic words? Tap, tap, tap, sing the tune of my childishly excited fingers as they lead the way on my laptop's keyboard. Will that rid any speculation that this is simply me putting off a laborious task? It's a Sunday. I'm engrossed happily with the beauty of words and the thoughts of mine that are transcribed on a webpage in front of me. This is me enduring the feeling of being engrossed. And very happily too.

Engrossed. It's a pleasant feeling. More than pleasant. Like I belong somewhere. Another family waits for me when I log into Blogger. No actual people, but words to accompany my thoughts and feelings. Engrossed is how I feel when I'm sat here, indulging my everything into one of my most valued hobbies.

Engrossed. It feels, to me, like something out of this world. Something like the ecstasy Frankenstein describes in his titular novel. It's like the whole of the world's sublimity is ahead of me. Showing me how much everything matters, and how little everything matters all at the same time. But it doesn't intimidate me. It only encourages me to carry on. 

Engrossed. It's passion; it's ardour. It's holding the promises that smile in my heart in front of my eyes, and knowing they're smiling because they will stay true. They will be completed. It's in my power; yet I am powerless to the love I feel for being engrossed in something so magical.

Engrossed. It's happiness: pure and innocent. It's a childish toy that I keep going back to. I'll never be bored of this object that would only save me if I were to fall; only celebrate with me when I'm winning. Can you argue with the feeling that creates a unity inside you when there's only you in a room? I can't.

What does "engrossed" mean to you?

Pyjamas & Mugs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 20 October 2014

A Blank Page

Everything was once nothing, right?

Today I wanted to sit down and try a different way of writing. I wanted to sit with a blank page in front of me and just write; no previously planned thoughts. No idea that encouraged this post. Just this. Nothingness. So here I am.

There was a starting point for us all. Before that, what were we? Something that didn't exist, waiting to happen. It's like a friendship; a relationship; a career; a new haircut. Since the beginning of my best friend's existence, she didn't anticipate our friendship. Nor did I. The happening of it was built up over a period of time we didn't know each other; even when we did, there was a time we didn't vow our friendship on a bracelet around our wrists.

It's funny, really.

At this point in time, I'm viewing my existence on a piece of paper I'm picturing in my mind. I was a blank piece of paper to begin with; well before I was a thing- whenever that is. And then, I was a thing. Bit by bit my piece of paper was accompanied by little scribbles; the little scribbles of a little being. Maybe I couldn't talk, couldn't express an opinion; but I wasn't a blank page anymore. I was a thing, with a story. As I grew older, my page began to fill up until one side was complete. What happened next? I filled up the other side. And then another page. And the back again.

Eighteen now, and I'm a fair few pages down the line. I'm starring in my own novella, if you like. I'd open the front page and see the beginnings; my date of birth; my first word; what became my favourite food. Chapters down the line, and I'm beginning to be what could resemble an adult (scary!). Now I'm learning lots of new things about life; experiencing new things. My original blank page is horizons away. Light years away.

Everything takes time. Takes work.

Our pages don't just fill up. We don't just become a story line. Tomorrow can throw an obstacle in our direction. That's what makes us who we are. All of our pages tell a different story; different happenings. Those happenings make up the personality that glitters over our once blank pages. Give yourself all the time in the world to make your pages something wonderful; a piece to be proud of.

We all start as blank pages, right? But straight away we're a song; a story; a film.

A Blank Page & A Pen,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Feminism: An Unpopular Word

Even when I don't enjoy the world of technology, I am always grateful for the content on YouTube that inspires me and my thoughts and beliefs that can also inspire my creative juices, but more than anything make my opinion glow a little brighter. So here I am, inspiration and passion making me tap, tap, tap away and all because of the video below: Emma Watson blowing my blooming dinosaur socks off.

Emma Watson made a speech at the UN for the campaign HeForShe as United Nations Goodwill Women Ambassador. HeForShe outline gender equality being, "not only a women's issue", but a "human rights issue", and never has a statement made me want to lift myself off of my bed and chant it over and over again. Check out the campaign HERE.

"We want to end gender inequality. And to do this; we need everyone involved."

The aim of the speech is to raise awareness and encourage men and boys to support the campaign and what it stands for. She speaks of feminism and the fight for women's rights... and men's too.

Emma Watson talks of women not identifying as feminists. I've spoken about this on the blog before; a stigma has become so attached to the word that people stay completely clear of it. Feminism doesn't mean men-hating! A feminist is someone who believes in equality for gender equality (you should be one too, guys!). Emma Watson says, "if you still hate the word; it is not the word that is important. It's the idea and the ambition behind it." Exactly!

Prejudice towards women is uncool. We all deserve equality: women and men. Women should not fear being strong because that's just not a woman's role: there are no rules. Women should be on equal pay to men for doing exactly the same job. Women should be "womanly" with any type of figure. Women should have equal rights.

In the speech, Emma Watson talks of how men are also subjected to gender inequality, and the truth in it is so very refreshing, because it's not talked about enough. Men should be equally involved in the gender inequality discussion, whether it be about the inequality of women, or men! I know guys who believe being "muscly" is "manly"; being "strong" means not talking about emotions. Simply put: no. These gender stereotypes need to be diminished for women and men; girls and boys. The generation where it's finally not assumed how a man or woman should act is one awesome generation.

"The reality is; that if we do nothing, it will take 75 years... before women can expect to be paid the same as men. For the same work."

A Time for Change & Less Ignorance,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Train Journey Thoughts

I am currently sat on a train, and I've just realised I'm sitting, facing the opposite direction of travel. It would make my mum nervous and I can't help but smile warmly about how she'd insist to switch seats with me had she chosen the seat facing the opposite direction of travel. I am remembering train journeys to London with my family and the endless amount of jokes and stories we shared. I am picturing the awesome amount of books that have, in total, so far, been finished on every train around the world. That's a thought that makes me happy too. I'm listening to McFly on my iPod and making up silly scenarios in my head where I bump into them on the train and we share lots of laughs and smiles. Well, it could happen!

"Love" is a word a lot of us use regularly, isn't it? I love all of those (whose have the pleasure to be) close to me, McFly and books. All of those are true. But I am no stranger to questioning the conept and word "love" in all of its glory. It's definitely not been a subject I've avoided talking about. I've not been particularly shy about my opinion on the old blog, too. "A hopeless romantic who doesn't believe in love," I call myself.

Can one live along the lines of this concept and still fall in love? I know so.

I think I fall in love quite often. And I fall in love whole heartedly. And everything I say I love, I really blooming mean.

When I finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes I declared to my room that I was in love. Deeply, deeply in love. With an object that sung words to me that caused my heart to become attached to two characters: Loud and Will. Months and months later, and I'm still in love with Me Before You and its gorgeousness.

Then there's people. Those who just make me stop and have a want to tell them exactly how wonderful they are, and how much they glow with something that makes me feel comfortable; feel at home. I hope I make them know how wonderful they are; with or without words. More and more I'll try to use words to construct a sentence that nearly - but can't physically quite - portray how full of awesomeness they are.

I love happiness. I'm in love with the feeling of glee and everything associated it. I love smiling and watching a smile be returned. I love different laughs for different occasions and the twinkly feelings I feel when I hear happy words. I love happy memories. I love sharing a joyful moment with someone. I love that.

I don't know; I like love.

Paper Hearts & Multi-coloured Sprinkles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Well, This is New

I didn't know this feeling... I don't know this feeling.

I've spent years cringing at girls whose being revolves around being besotted with one guy. Their future is mapped out ahead of them, a guy's footing showing the way. Are they busy this evening? Busy with worry, busy with fear, busy with "love."

Now, I'm not saying every blink I blink and every breath I breathe and every sight I see spells out your name. I'm not saying I can't imagine not to talk to you every day, or that I dedicate every soppy song to you. I'm not saying every quote I hear I relate to you and me.

All I'm saying is: Well, this is new.

I know your eyes were true and your smiles meant comfort, and I wonder whether the words would have eased my heart more. Maybe. Maybe not.

Am I feeling a little bit sick? I'd like to think it's a dodgy meal.

Did I sleep as much as I really could have? I like to ignore the part of me that says, "nowhere near."

Do I wish we had the time to talk... just for a moment?




Spaghetti & Meatballs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Letter To Autumn

Dear Autumn,

Chillier days and chillier nights have arrived. Leaves are here, there and everywhere, in their beauty and individuality. The sky can be bright, but it can be grey. Clouds and rain are accompanying me again. They're friendly so far. Something to giggle about. Something to smile warmly at. Autumn, I do love summer. But I'm enjoying an extra layer, and anticipate with a childish grin, the day I wear my first jumper. The day I wear gloves for the first time since summer was official. You're a good friend, Autumn.

Autumn, I've been filled with new prospects. Very good ones. My summer was one I'll never forget, for it was filled with only joy. But it's action time now. Action time, while still engulfing my life with the love and laughter of my friends from home. Action time, while embracing new friends and new memories to come. Autumn, I'm excited. But I'm nervous too.

Ah, I do love watching an Autumn scene from my window. It's misty so I can't see beyond it; it holds a million mysteries and stories. Raindrops are performing their slow, pretty dance. They're happy and calm. With a cup of tea in my hand, I'm happy and calm too.

Autumn, you, I believe, bring lots of evidence of "home" and its meaning. You're making it clear as the orange leaves to me. I think about it a lot. How much I miss the feeling of "home" that I've momentarily left in a different location; how I'm building a new feeling of "home" in my new physical home. I'm learning to attach my new routine to the feeling of fondness; learning to hold the word "home" to the way I'm living; excited to call new people "home". My old "home" is still my current "home"; I'm lucky to have two.

I love hot chocolate, Autumn. Hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows and shavings of chocolate. But a simple hot chocolate - milk and powder - can really save the day. Just taking a sip is like having a warm conversation with a very good friend. It's a type of happiness I treasure.

Autumn, you're a friendly season. Yes, a bit colder; a bit damper, but your intentions are well received. You make coming into the warm create a knowing grin and sparkling eyes. You make me and my brother talk of our fondness for the chillier atmosphere; make us laugh at our dragon breath in the morning. You bring happy memories of childhood and sweetness and laughing with my family. You bring me nostalgia that makes tears form in my eyes. But I love you for it.

Orange & Red Leaves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. HERE is the start of Carrie Hope Fletcher's Letters To Autumn series of videos that inspired me to write this.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Thinking Out Loud

I've been away from home for about two weeks now. It's exciting and challenging, but saddening too. The sadness, I believe, is more similar to gratitude though. I suppose the "you don't know what you had until you lost it" plays a part here. Thankfully - I type with a familiar, warm smile -, I haven't lost a thing. I didn't doubt it before, but the proof is something that keeps me warm while I'm sleeping in a foreign room, away from my home.

Exploring a new place has been exciting. Looking at new scenes and new names of places and new streets makes me quietly happy. As has meeting new people and learning new skills and dealing with sorting my own life out. Yes, it's awfully frightening to say I'm at the point in my life where I have to take control by myself and it makes me want to sit down and watch Peter Pan with gummy bears and strawberry milkshake, but hey, I can still do that!

What's more, having people make the effort to come and see me has been the most amazing feeling. I love my friends and family and everyone in my life. It's allowed for a couple of busy and lazy days; familiarity in a new place; a lot of love being felt. It's made me content in knowing I may be away from home, but nothing has been left behind. I know I'll return the effort.

I miss home. I really do. I've spoken about it before, but I miss the home that is friends and family and the things I've been doing for the last three months. I miss dunking too many biscuits in a cup of tea, opposite my brother doing the very same thing. I miss my mum's lovely outlook on life and my dad's silly jokes. I miss my best friends and I miss nights out with my friends. Yet, it is knowledge and fact that Christmas is going to be a special few weeks, just like the Easter holidays and the summer that follows that, that makes me excited to get on and enjoy these new things.

University is proving to be exciting. Starting lectures and learning a new way of teaching is one I'm enjoying. I miss classrooms and lots of discussions, but sitting and listening to the words about a subject I love is more than enough.

You're making me feel like home, even if I'm further from home than I've ever been.

Sweet Scents & Things To Do,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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