Friday, 4 March 2016

Like A Girl

After reading about Always's "epic battle" we need to join when it comes to fighting the emojis we see on our phones, I found out more about Always's incredible Like A Girl campaign. And you should totally check it out HERE! Ultiamately Always are challenging the insulting and simply un-educated stereotypes that can allow girls and women to be the butt of the joke. The aim is to help as many young girls feel confident during puberty rather than feeling smaller and smaller and they may come into contact with lots of these sexist views. They challenge us all to be unstoppable, like a girl. And I adore that message.

Now I'll talk about the recent Always video tackling the issue of inequality seen through emojis- you can watch it HERE! Young girls look at emojis and realise how unrepresentative they are of themselves. They note that the girl emojis are mostly in pink and the sport ones are boys; as are the professions. "There aren't enough emojis to say what girls do", one girl says. The girls point out so many important things. I do think emojis are not representative of a lot of other people too, but I adore that Always are pointing out how unrepresentative they are of females. Like one girl said, unless you count being a wife as a profession, you can't see a girl rocking a career. It's 2016 everyone! Let's challenge this!

So this video made me cry. For humanity and how it needs to keep improving sexism sooner and abolish it altogether. For women. Because we are awesome. In the video girls and guys are asked to show them what it looks like to run "like a girl." They show the stereotype and continue to perform other actions. Younger girls then are asked to do the same thing. And they kick butt. The older girls realise their mistake- and they change it awesomely. Like I hadn't picked up on the lack of representation of women in emojis, and now I will fight for our corner! Always.

The question is, why is "like a girl" so insulting? Why has it become this negative phrase?

Always are awesomely tackling this negative connotation "like a girl" has, showing how puberty is a hard enough time for girls- do they really need to question what "like a girl is"? And surely, if we keep tackling this, sexism across all ages will decrease and decrease. I ultimately believe you should watch the video because my words can't put across how damn awesomely the girls in the video propose their ideas. The conclusions by the girls and the women are quite frankly heart-stopping.

I run like a girl and I'm bloomin' good at it! I get better at running like a girl because I work hard like a girl. I throw myself until news sports and activities like a girl and I make jokes like a girl because my friends think I'm funny. I do life like a girl because it's an awesome way to do it.

So, as Always say, let's make "like a girl" mean amazing things.

Like A Girl & Proud,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging twice every day this March and if you wish, you can read my last post HERE!

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