Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Blog-Sized Adventure | Blogtober

*Unnecessary drum roll because the title already tells you what I'm about to dedicate this whole post to.*

This year I will be participating in Blogtober. What is Blogtober? Blogtober encourages bloggers to post every day in October. Personally, I don't think it has to mean this. It could just mean you make a little more time to help your blog out, or post that little more. However I am going to do the full blown post every day thing. Kind of. (This will be explained soon.) I really am aiming to post the same amount of days as October gives us- so 31 times! If I do miss a day (other than the days I'm about to explain), I will make up for it as quickly as possible. However I am starting this with only eagerness to do this (almost) properly.

One reason I will be taking part in Blogtober is to prove that I can do it. My absolute Disney dream is to earn a living through writing- to live a life through my favourite hobby. I want to prove I have the ability to create posts I adore (and hope are interesting) frequently. I recently challenged myself to write a lot in August. I didn't completely complete it but had every aim to- therefore I was a little disappointed. Last Blogmas wasn't too fab for me either as I simply didn't do it nearly as well as I wanted to and, in short, I just want to complete this challenge because I refuse to let myself down like I have done recently with my blog. 

There is, however,one problem. I will not have internet for a teeny tiny time at the beginning of October. It should be within the first week of October when I do, but which date I am not sure and for this reason I will post all of the *however many posts I have missed due to no internet* on the first day I get internet. This definitely sucks but I am still counting it as posting every day! 

As a sidenote, I will be pre-planning some posts and even writing some before the day they will be posted but that's just because that's how I want to do it! Writing isn't my full time job and I don't have the time to stick to a "write it on the day" kind of thing and that doesn't bother me because that's what my life allows for!

So, as of tomorrow I will be posting every day in October. I want to make it the best month yet. The real aim is to create 31 good posts (although there will be 32 posts altogether because my first one will be another "admin-y" one). I want to have a month I am super, super proud of. As I want this year's blog to be the best yet, I am going to contribute to that by creating an explosion of The Girl in the Moonlight posts that completely show what The Girl in the Moonlight is- what I see this blog as. So, cheers to that. And cheers to the hard work I will put into this challenge.

Writing Challenges & An Excited Mind,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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The Saturday Boy

A Saturday in May 

Lottie picks out her outfit: Her rainbow-coloured dress, her dark blue cardigan and her tanned boots. She lets her curly blonde hair down and slips on her outfit, feeling pleased with herself- she loves this dress. She feels a little nervous. She touches her pink cheeks, hoping it will magically cool hem down, but concludes that it's a relatively chilly outside so the walk to work will cool them down. And if she continued to be rosy and nervous after work what with her walk to the shop, she hopes the same principle will apply. She almost eggs on a chilly day.

Here's a little background information.

Almost every day when she was younger (except Sundays- they weren't open on Sundays then), Lottie went into the corner shop to buy sweets- whether it be on a Saturday afternoon or straight after school. She loved the shop. In time (her dentist would be happy to hear) she grew out of the habbit and only went to the corner shop on Saturdays. She went to pick up a treat for her family after she finished her Saturday day. One Saturday she was surprised to see a new face behind the counter.

The face behind the counter? Lottie often heard clusters of girls saying exactly what she would have said if she was their age- and it was always a translation of her actual thoughts into ten year old excited talk. "He's so cute!" they would say. "Did you hear his laugh!?" One time Lottie heard a girl say in dismay, "Why does he never work during the week?" which was exactly Lottie's sentiments one Wednesday after sixth form when she fancied a treat.

And now?

It has been over a year since Lottie first saw the face behind the counter. In her rainbow-coloured dress, she leaves work and feels herself shake her head. She feels silly and somewhat lightheaded. Almost every Saturday she has spent a little longer than she would at any other shop, giggling with the face behind the counter. The face with no name but with bundles of humour and kindness. The face who always seems a little shy, making Lottie a lot more shy than she knew she was. No one did that to her. And today was the day.

She doesn't know what that means exactly but she knew today was different.

The week before, Harriet (the lady who owns the shop) had joked with the face with no name that he "ought to get a girlfriend" and Lottie had overheard. Since then it occurred to her that she adored these chats and giggles every Saturday too much to let that statement make her feel bitter. She wasn't overly ambitious. She wanted a name and she only daydreamed about what may come of it. Okay, she thinks, I'm getting ahead of myself.

As Lottie pushes open the door, she is a little disappointed to see no one behind the counter. Well, not to see him anyway. The disappointment is short-lived. "We ought to stop bumping into each other like this," he grins, making Lottie's heart feel the kind of "melty" feeling they talk about in films. She giggles and he seems a little embarrassed. His smile doesn't vanish though.

The shop is small and as Lottie picks out her family's wishes (a chocolate bar for her brother, a packet of peanuts for her mum and dad and a pack of ice-creams for after dinner), she continues the conversation she would re-live exactly for many days to come. "Or maybe we ought to stop bumping into each other like this without a name to address each other by."

"You know," he says, sparkles in his eyes but a level of shyness that makes Lottie feel gloriously light. "I've been thinking the same thing for too long now."

Lottie perches her elbow on the surface like she always does; her face on her palm. She likes how they talk. It's always how two best friends would talk- nothing more, nothing less. She thinks that's quite a way to talk to someone she doesn't really know. The sparkles behind his eyes lets her know he enjoys it, even if it's not how she does. Her heart momentarily sinks at the thought. Remembering why she's there, she grins at him. "You first."

"Why does that make me nervous?" He laughs. "I'm Oliver."

"O-lir-vah," Lottie pronounces it slowly and laughs. "I've remembered that now. You know I always thought your name was Saturday Boy?"

He laughs. "And what's yours, Saturday Girl?"

"I feel like I should play it a little more mysterious than that."

"We're over a year into this thing. We've surely skipped the mysterious introductions." Lottie momentarily pauses at a loss for words and he realises that she's dwelling on him knowing it's been over a year. He looks down. She likes how he talks to him- so easily and with completely friendliness.

"Lottie." She sounds nervous, but her giggly feeling doesn't disappear. He looks up and smiles at her. A happy quiet evolves but Lottie breaks it. "Shame I'm moving this week."

Oliver looks stunned. "What? I've only just learnt your name!"

Lottie bites her lip, stifling a giggle and Oliver can tell.

"Oh, we have an actress on our hands do we? Shame; I'd have been more pressed to see if you were free this week." As soon as he say it, he looks down again, as if there were no offer in the first place- not even in essence. He scans the items through and Lottie hands him the money, their fingers lingering a little, and feeling much nicer than a normal shop-customer-hand-touch event.

"Then I guess I'll make it pressing. Free this week, Saturday Boy?"

Oliver shakes his head with the best expression on his face- maybe Lottie's favourite expression ever. The expression is solidified by his nod, "Yes, of course."

"Wednesday- five o'clock?"

Lottie scoops the treats into her bag and Oliver laughs, "Yes. That's perfect."

Knowing the meeting was much too short, but also knowing she needs to punch the sky and celebrate like a lame girl in a movie, Lottie grins with no regrets; he mirrors the lame grins back. "See you later Saturday boy."


A happy short story for the blog!

Stories & Memories,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #6

Here is the sixth installment to my "Un-Anonymous" series which aims to make my blog that little bit more personal- making The Girl in the Moonlight know a little bit more about my life. Today I thought I would make the blog a bit more "un-anonymous" by telling you how I introduced this "un-anonymous" attitude about my writing to my actual life... I shared some of my writing with my best friend.


More than a few months ago I told my best friend that I spend a lot of my time writing. I told him that it's my favourite hobby and my biggest dream ever is for it to become a career. But I also let him know that having writing at all in my life is a happy event all the same. Although he asked a few questions about it (I gave no answers), he was so respectful that he never made me regret it.

Since telling him I showed him one piece of writing and his response was so positive and sweet and seemingly genuine, I felt happy I showed him. Result. And then, in the last couple of weeks I've shown him a few more pieces. Although he is my best friend and so I'm aware he is bias and maybe "overly encouraging" (not that there is often a problem with that kind of attitude), every response he has had has stayed in my mind. His compliments haven't served to make me suddenly feel like I could become an author tomorrow, but they have been massively encouraging. To hear someone close to me tell me with sincerity that I can write (even if it is just their bias opinion- or just a bunch of lies to make me smile!) has made me feel very happy in my tummy.

So, I introduced one of my best friends to some writing that is on my blog (although he has still no idea what my blog is!) and I thought I would share this story and also introduce my blog to facts my best friend tells me about me- so as to make this a full circle.

  When I talk about my writing I apparently talk really fast and get over excited and blush.

   I have a "thinking" face.

   Anything I adore I am interested in completely and fully.

   I can become instantly hyper when I have one of my favourite albums on and I sing over excitedly.

  I need to work on having complete trust in myself with things I am good at. (Working on it!)

Happy Sunday!

Trust & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Even Ends are Beginnings

That this post marks the official end of my summer makes a naturally nostalgic and slightly sad blogger. However, as I wrote a little bit about in my last post, I want motivation to make this university year as awesome as my summers are.

Background information: This summer has been the best of my whole life. This is exactly how I felt almost this time last year. It made me a bit gutted throughout the year at university because I kept comparing everything to My Awesome Summer. Once again I have made my favourite memories ever in the last few months, spending so much time with all of my favourite people, experiencing new exciting things and loving everything about being home. Now, it is time to move out for university again.

Even ends are beginnings.

In the long run, I must remember, that this end to this summer makes way for, in time, the beginning of next summer- which I'm sure will be as and more awesome as this last one. However, considering what is to come in the next week and beyond (for the university year), we have a new beginning. The 2015/2016 second year at university.

I was incredibly homesick last year. I did, however find comfort in a few things- a routine I got myself into with lectures and seminars, running, reading books and seeing some friends. I did find that I had much too much spare time on my hands. I could have filled that time with a lot of different things but became quite absorbed with my homesickness and this year, I don't want to. I will naturally feel homesick, but I refuse to let it consume me.

So, next week I will be starting lectures again and I will be throwing myself into a lot more- trying to bring my lovelyawesomemagical summers into the next eight or nine months. Although it is the end of my lovelyawesomemagical summer, here is to a more motivated set of eight or nine university months.

Happy Thoughts & A Happy Mind,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

A Little Running Diary #2

My series "A Little Running Diary" aims to introduce one of my favourite hobbies, running, a bit more to my blog. HERE is my first post explaining it and talking a little about running. Today I want to link motivation not only to running, but a little to general life as well!

My diary of my run: 20th September

My run kind of sucked today. Although I really thoroughly enjoyed it because it felt incredibly calming, I did a six mile run much, much slower than I have been aiming to complete that distance in right now. It was about eight minutes slower than planned which, as I am trying to train really super hard, is quite a lot slower than planned. It's effectively the speed I want to do another mile in! I felt kind of sucky during it, whilst knowing I couldn't push myself much further. It just wasn't happening today. Sometimes pushing yourself harder than you expect you can do is a good way to go, but I knew today that it wasn't. For this reason I can't tell myself off too much, especially as it was more of a relaxing run which felt really nice. However, it has left me a little deflated. I feel a little gutted and like I've not succeeded. All the same it has left me feeling an excitement for my next run- I will prove myself... to myself! (As that's what we should always aim to do- in every aspect of life.)

Morning of 22nd September run

A couple of days ago (as seen above) I had a bad time running and documented my disappointed with this post in mind. It is true we should be kind to ourselves and not be too hard on us when we are disappointed and since my relaxing but kind of sucky run, I have completely removed any disappointment and replaced it with motivation. In a way the disappointment lead to my motivation, so I will thank past me for that a little. I am geared up in  my running clothes and really excited (without knowing the distance I will run) for what is to come.

My diary of my run: 22nd September

In fresh clothes after a shower, sitting with a laptop on my lap and a glass of water beside me feels incredibly good. Why? My run was awesome. I ran seven miles at a pace I am incredibly proud of. I did some very happily quick miles and loved pushing my body further than I could have a couple of days ago. Feeling motivated and being inspired by this feeling definitely helped me today. I stepped outside feeling prepared to impress myself and my mind was only positive- fueled by motivation. I was pushing myself and feeling good whilst doing it. Any time I felt like I just wanted to get to the end goal without having to work anymore, I instantly reminded my mindset of motivation and happiness to be partaking in one of my favourite hobbies. You cannot put a price on motivation. It's truly a miracle worker. I will be taking this miracle worker with me all the time- even when things don't go as planned.


I find it is important to be motivated in all aspects of life. I am trying so hard to live by this, even if I think it will be really difficult. For example, university was a bit of a sad and homesick experience for me last year but I am determined to put a lot of work into my studies and fill up my time with activities whilst also having chill time with my blog and my books this year. All of these things will hopefully keep me motivated lots during the year. I have found becoming motivated with running has injected motivation into loads of other parts of my life.

When we try to improve ourselves when it comes to exercise, it can and should be difficult. There is definitely a line between pushing ourselves healthily (when we physically can) and going too far and this difference should be noted. When we are pushing ourselves healthily we shouldn't be knocked down by what we feel we can't do- that session of "not being able to run eight minutes faster" will motivate us and make us want to do better, in turn improving our bodies! This will always now power me through with running.

A Sunny Run & Feeling Motivated,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Book Haul | The University Chosen Ones

I am off to university again, and one of my favourite things about university is reading. For me, I get so much reading done. Or, at least, I did last year. I've accumulated a couple of books that I haven't presented to the blog and a few I have to make a little book haul- which I love doing so I can be reminded by the blog that I have a bunch of to be read books that I need to read- first and foremost because I was so excited about reading them that I wrote a blog post dedicated to them. So, here are the books that I did carefully choose to take to university with me.

I had a few things to order off of Amazon the other day and this genuine need came with a blogger who simply wanted to buy another book. *Grins sheepishly.* Enter: To All the Boys I've Loved before by Jenny Han. This will be one of the first books I will read at university because I think it will make me feel all warm and entertained while I settle back in. It is about Lara Jean who writes letters (unseen ones!) about all the boys she has ever loved. When they are one day mailed, what was once a love life only lived in the letters she wrote, becomes an apparently out of control love life. Then there is one of the amazing Jojo Moyes' books: The Last Letter from your Lover. I have started reading this and got very far into it- enjoying it with all of my heart. And then came loads of manic-ness and I stopped reading for a week and I didn't pick the book back up because I get nervous about revisiting books I have started reading- even though I have adored this story so far! I fear giving too much away as I have begun reading this gorgeous story so I will just leave a line that gripped me from the blurb: "When journalist Ellie looks through her newspaper's archives for a story, she doesn't think she'll find anything of interest. Instead she discovers a letter from 1960, written by a man asking his lover to leave her husband." I am bringing One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore with me because I am so so intrigued by this novel. I don't have much knowledge as to what it is about but it is a historically toned novel that is also about love. Next are the first two books in The Mortal Instruments series: City of Ashes and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait. I have very much so been in the mood to read series or books with two parts recently (hence To All the Boys I've Loved Before and the next novel I will speak about: Just One Day.) and I will soon purchase the next book in the Shatter Me series (which I have reviewed HERE) because I cannot wait for it- but I also cannot wait for The Mortal Instruments series which is about demon hunters and love and New York City and I've heard it is an awesome series of books! Last but not least I will be taking Just One Day by one of my absolute favourite authors, Gayle Forman. It is about Allyson and her taking a leap for just one day and about all of the adventures that follow with Willem until it abruptly stops. Gayle Forman's writing is gorgeous and I am so excited for this.

Here is a quick summary of a bucnh of books that will be my friends on cold nights over the next few months!

A Blanket & A Book,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Carrie Says | All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

One of my 2014 New Year's Resolutions was this series: Carrie Says. It is an aim that I chose to carry on for, well, for a long time yet. The aim is to read all of the books Carrie Hope Fletcher has recommended. I have been particularly excited about this book- All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. HERE is the video where Carrie talks about the book.

Carrie says that is is "now [her] all-time favourite book."

I'm going to be recommending this book to everyone and everyone that group of everyone knows. This 100 page delight is the reason for my happy little knowing smile on my face- as, because of this novel, I feel entirely jolly and grateful for the little nugget of cuteness and heartbreak and heart-warming power it bestows upon its reader. I feel like Tom and Perf teach us about love and how to overcome heartbreak- how to try and try, and keep trying.

All My Friends are Superheroes is about Tom and how, in his life, there are "regular" people and superheroes- there is no surprise that all of his friends are superheroes. Tom, however, is not. On the night of he and his wife's wedding, his wife's ex boyfriend (and superhero) hypnotises The Perfectionist (Tom's wife) to not see Tom- he is now invisible to Perf.

This story is a tale of The Perfectionist's heartbreak and her decision to move on after six months of believing Tom has left her. Tom has just the flight to Vancouver to convince Perf that it is him- he is there. I promise you this story is a gorgeously heart-warming as it seems. We find out about other superheroes and their powers and we giggle and its awesome silliness and we become invested in this world; this way of being. We try to understand how these powers relate to real life and it made me enjoy learning about why certain characters had certain powers. We become invested in the outcome; wanting only the best for Tom and Perf.

I don't want to say too much about this novel as it's so short, so I'll tell you this: Here is another book added to my favourite books pile!

A Regular & A Superhero,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. All My Friends are Superheroes was the third and final book in my "read before university" challenge. You can read about that HERE.

P.P.S. Another embarrassed reminder that as soon as I work out why my pictures are so terribly terrible, I do aim to fix it!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi

Oh my goodness, I have been reading so many awesome books recently. Actually, I don't think the awesome books haven't stopped this year. And when I thought it couldn't continue... Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi happened. I was addicted to reading Shatter Me and I am so very excited to purchase and read the rest of the series. I am delighted I have started what promises to be one of my favourite series ever just in time for university- any boring moments - and any other moments - will be filled with Juliette's story.

So, Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi is about Juliette and her gift/power/hindrance (opinions varying throughout the whole story as portrayed through different characters, and even Juliette herself) of her touch- her touch that can hurt; that can kill. After being locked up, Juliette begins to question a lot- she begins to forget a lot; even what she looks like! Her power soon becomes the very center of The Reestablishment's plans. They want to use Juliette as a weapon- a torture device. Enter Juliette The Heroine. It's about to get awesome.

Shatter Me portrays love and passion and fear and strength and teamwork- themes I trust will (and hope that they will) carry on through the series. Alongside Juliette is Adam. The boy of the book. Juliette thought he forgot- she thought she forgot. Both as fearless as each other (even if Juliette doesn't realise this); both as passionate and determined and just as each other, I can't help but adore their partnership. Oh but there is a twist. A twist that I won't ruin and can't ruin because I'm not fully educated on it yet.

I love a heroine. I have to say that it does make me want to punch the air happily for the sake of feminism, Juliette is awesome. She knows (even if she gets confused) that she is fighting for good to prevail. We find out through another perspective how easily she has always been kind, even though she's been the victim of cruelty and isolation her whole life. Yes, she's different. But she is good. She is strong. She is one of my favourite characters ever.

Shatter Me is gorgeously written. With glorious detail and pretty phrasing, I am completely in love with how this book was presented to me. I love musical and magical ways to present language and it just made me glide easily through this novel because I was so excited to read the next beautifully written sentence.

Book number one in this series has left me feeling (and had me feeling all the way through it) the oh so similar feelings that The Hunger Games gave me. Thinking about it makes my heart ache excitedly and I wouldn't change that for any other bookish feeling.

*Waiting eagerly to be able to buy the next one.*

Passion & Determination,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. So Shatter Me was the second book I read for my aim to read three books before university begins again: HERE.

P.P.S. Another reminder: I will sort these terrible, terrible pictures out soon!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

You | Some Things I Know

I know the sky is blue,
Even when it's not,
Although I know not of science,
About books, I know a lot,
I know history can be distorted,
And poetry is not my calling,
But I know that with you,
I'm not afraid of falling,

I know that animals are living,
They deserve our love too,
I know music is important,
As is the heart that belongs to you,
I know some words that are not English,
I know sums and algebra too,
And one thing I will always fathom,
Is that my heart is singing the truth,

I know my heart is aching,
For yesterday and tomorrow,
But today is singing "live me!
I will not bring you sorrow!"
I know a lot about words,
I know a bit about sport,
I know art is subjective,
But I know my feelings cannot simply be caught,

To write poetry, yes, I know not how,
But not long ago, I did not know how,
How to feel these feelings with such strength,
How to love and see rhymes in the way you dress,

So here are some things I know,
I write them with adoration in my heart,
Please know that you must heart them
But if you don't, again I will start;
                                                       Your hair is dark caramel,
                                                       Your eyes are that "in between,"
                                                       Your words are full of meaning
                                                       Although, by yourself, you cannot see,
                                                       Your tears are only sincere,
                                                       Your thoughts, so genuine,
                                                       When you ache, I ache with you,
                                                       That's when, together, our hearts sing.


A Few Thoughts & A Few Words,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Christopher's Musical

Christopher's talents never existed when it came to holding a note or presenting a story with his body and words. He never stuck it out at playing an instrument and he never thought he should try writing a song. He was good at maths, he could bake with the same amount of wisdom his granddad had who was once a baker and he knew how to serve a good serve at tennis tournaments. He loved these things, but his true passion was musical theater. And music. And dance. And acting. Correction: Observing and adoring the product of musical theater. Music. Dance. Acting.

Watching his mother's collection of musicals on videos and DVDs was the first thing he would choose to do when he was five years old. And this continued as he grew up and it never went away. Every spare moment would always be dedicated to an adaptation of Les Miserables or Hairpsray- or he would clean to the Wicked soundtrack or read up on the history of musicals.

Christopher's mother died when he was nine and he no longer had his partner in musical crime- always finding a way to inject one of the many musical tales he and his mother adored into everyday life. It never stopped though. When he grieved, he grieved to music and when he celebrated, he sung to music. And now?

Before Christopher's mother passed away, on one Saturday afternoon, she said to him, "Christopher, when you are older and you are getting a job... You make sure you're working a job you love for a good reason. Find something and thrive in it- love it; adore watching what your job contributes to."

He knew what she said and the philosophy behind it never changed, no matter how he couldn't remember exactly how it was phrased. He understood at the time, but he didn't fully understand until it dawned upon him one day. He had found what he wanted to do.

It's a Wednesday afternoon- one thirty three to be precise. The cast are preparing behind the curtain; songs are being sung and lines are being recalled. Less than an hour until show time. But Christopher's show is already under way. He smiles "hello"s to excited people passing and answers anyone's questions. With programs in his hand, he sells one to a little girl.

Watching musicals is Christopher's favourite pastime and he loved having a job that helps others enjoy it too. He sells programs and sweets and drinks and he couldn't be happier in having this as his career.

His job is his song, his well-rehearsed lines and his musical.


Yesterday I was thinking about how we should seek things to do (whether that's a hobby or a job or simply an evening) that interest us- no matter what role we play in involving ourselves in that happiness.

Programs & Sweets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have changed my mind on my schedule for blogging- I will simply be blogging three times a week on whatever days fit well for I will be quite busy for the next couple of weeks. (I should definitely stop giving myself schedules considering my recent lack of ever sticking to it- I'm sure I'll carry on doing so though!)

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Body Shaming and Why it Must Stop

The body shaming discussion is well and truly open, isn't it? Although there are positives from this (an opportunity for society to promote health, the reminder that we can and should help our loved ones [and others too] out if they need to take a better route down the Health Road, and the confirmation that if we want or need to kindly sit our loved ones down or kindly suggest to the world that their health must improve, we totally can!), the discussion has turned quite violent. There seems to be two big, big "sides" to the discussion. The "No Body Shaming Ever" side and the "Let's Body Shame if it Helps." The latter I think really has other segments where it is ignorantly okay (it is not okay) to actually use the discussion to be "funny" (it will never be funny to use someone's weight, appearance and health to "get a laugh." Never.) or to categorise people in one bracket, make a bunch of ignorant assumptions and also apparently it gives people the "right" to appear so much better than others that they can rudely let everyone know what they're doing badly. Maybe you could say another side is that people fear healthily suggesting to others that they should make a change... This isn't good either. Either way, body shaming... It needs to stop.

If it's not obvious already, I'm on the "No Body Shaming Ever" side so you're getting, today, a very bias post. I will never apologise for this. I can't encapsulate all of my thoughts into this post because it will become too long and the only point (with a few reasons why I believe this) I want to be taken away from this is this:

Body shaming is not okay. It is bad to shame someone if they are overweight; it is bad to shame someone if they are underweight; it is bad to shame someone if they are anywhere in between. There will always be a massive difference between kindly suggesting and encouraging (with the appropriate amount of urgency) someone to change their lifestyle and shaming someone for whatever it is that they need to change for better health.

Okay, that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought. There's more to it, sure. But that is the main point. And here are some thoughts lacking coherency but here we go.

Sadly, too many of us have had or are having or will have times (whether they stay for a short amount of time or much longer) where we don't like our appearance- for the sake of this post, our weight and our body shapes and all of the bits and bobs in between that relate to this side of the appearance thing.* There are still times when I get a bit "meh" but I currently have a very good mindset that means I can attack any problems appropriately and know that I can always change in a healthy way. At times I could feel really rubbishy. And do you know the last thing I would have needed? To have this "fat shaming" thing even to have existed quite as much as it does now when I was insecure, and worst of all, have it directly affect my life (i.e. someone to call me out on anything). Luckily I never did experience this and I always had the knowledge in my mind that I was healthy. This is always the first thought that comforts my "meh" times. But the world is cruel and I've watched perfectly healthy people (really healthy people) be affected by all sorts of phenomena that fall under this "fat shaming" thing. And that doesn't make it right for unhealthy people to be attacked by this ugly movement. It makes it equally as wrong because you know what, we are trying so hard to be equals, aren't we? Whilst I was healthy, there were parts of my tummy I didn't like and could healthily change - maybe like some of the people I have just mentioned - and had I been called out on it in an aggressive way, it would have destroyed my mindset and my confidence and being protective of younger me, I feel angry for all of the comments other people get (whether they are healthy or not). Why? We are people! We have feelings! We get things wrong and for some people that is lifestyle. It doesn't mean that we, as humans, ever need to be violently attacked with words because "fat shaming is okay." It is not okay.

The consequences of body shaming are ones I know without any research are dangerous- tragic. Unnecessary. A girl at school is "too skinny" so she deserves to know, right? That person is overweight and so we should remind them by staring and whispering, right? Oh my gosh, no, no, no! I don't think people think before they speak in situations like this. What if the consequences are much worse than you could ever imagine? Whether the slim girl at school is healthy or not, or whether the man (the human, not the person defined by their weight) has genuine health issues, it is no one's place to growl cruel words into the world that could end with a girl or a man (or anyone) becoming conscious and alone and scared and sad and oh my gosh, suicidal? Why is that any human's righteous responsibility to cause such distress and utter tragedy?

Body shaming should not exist because there are much more approachable ways to deal with the issue. More importantly, this new thing where it is apparently okay to make jokes on a bigger scale on the internet and such things is just wrong. Jokes to the internet about people's weight (even if they really are supposed to "help"); to a bunch of people you don't know... do I need to spell out what is wrong? We can never even know how even the closest people to us will react, let alone a bunch of people taking in content from the internet. If a hundred people read someone's aggressive body shaming views (if they use jokes or not), it may not bother some at all, it may trigger unnecessary insecurities (and all insecurities suck) and it may attack the vulnerable and make them feel worse than they did before taking in ignorant views. I can't think about every scenario ever (maybe a wife and kids joking with care about the dad's weight will kick start an awesome change of life) but in general everything can be approached with care, especially when it involves people- which all of us are worthy of respect in this area! And it is never acceptable to body shame aggressively and with the attempt to make one look "bigger and better" because it ends up showing the very ugly side of those people.

Granted, this post is a massive "BLAH HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS PLEASE LISTEN I DON'T WANT TO RANT BUT THIS WORLD IS NOT HAPPY AND THIS WORLD IS NOT ACCEPTING AND LOVING PLEASE LISTEN" kind of post and there is much more to say- facts and figures and ways to approach the issues above but here we are. I'm not sure that I've phrased everything how I exactly want but I started this post knowing it is never going to be perfect- as long as my point is put across, I am happy.

So there we go. This is not my most coherent piece but they we have it. Don't body shame; talk kindly and healthily if action needs or should be taken.

Care & Motivation,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*All I want is for the whole world to become more accepting of ourselves- to compliment ourselves when we should and take appropriate and healthy action when we need to!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

You're about to read a book review about a book that was pretty immediately added to my favourite books pile in my head, before I quickly finished it with adoring eyes and actually added to my favourite books pile. Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson is an awesome, modern coming of age story that I know I will be recommending to people for the rest of my life.

Since You've Been Gone is the story of Emily and how her tendency to live in the shadow of her best friend. Sloane, and a challenge for this to dramatically change turns into a summer full of adventures and friendship and, well, a boy! When Sloane disappears as summer begins (the summer Emily anticipated with eagerness and excitement because of her best friend), Emily's journey to discovering how strong and capable she is begins too. Although you may say it begins because of the list Sloane almost dares Emily to complete in a letter - the last contact between the best friends before summer comes about -, we see how Emily's achievements are all because of herself.

The list includes stealing something, riding a horse (Em's biggest fear), skinny dipping and much more! The list is full of challenges that completely terrify Em- the type that completely shout "This is out of your comfort zone" kind of thing. Soon, though, as she begins to tick a couple off of the list, the list becomes an exciting dare. Along the way she meets Dawn and Collins, and becomes friends with Frank- the boy everyone sees as good at everything; the school genius. With a friendship group she never would have anticipated - she only needed, Sloane, right? -, she is no longer in the shadow of anyone.

What I like is that I don't believe Em really changes. I don't think being quiet is a bad thing; I don't think knowing what you like and wanting to take the "understudy role" is a bad thing. She always shone in her own, quiet way so I never wanted her to believe she lived a bad, boring life. Because she didn't! Em doesn't become a crazy, out of control teenager- she realises everything she is capable of and the happiness she finds in the people she meets along the way. She becomes less scared and more eager. I was very invested in Em and her happiness because she is such a good, good person that deserves good, good things. I felt attached to her and although I was sad to close the book, I was happy with all she learnt and achieved.

Since You've Been Gone is a tale of friendship and all that can be achieved from it. It's a feel-good book that teaches us a lot: how we can surprise ourselves in the best of ways; how we can take control of our lives for the better; how, as long as we are safe, coming out of our comfort zones can be seriously awesome. The friendship that blossoms in the book is something special and up there with some of my favourite friendships from books- you know, Harry Potter, Paper Towns kind of awesomeness.

You know I said I will always be recommending this book? Yeah. Read it.

Things To Do & Things Completed,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is the first book I have read for my "read before the end of summer" plan: HERE.

P.P.S. I don't know why the photos I use have recently been looking awful as soon as they are on a blog post but hopefully I will figure this out soon and it will improve.

P.P.S. I will stick to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule soon.

Friday, 4 September 2015

My 5 Favourite Nicholas Sparks Romances

I adore Nicholas Sparks's writing, and because of this, I adore talking about his writing. I want to write about my adoration for my five favourite romances out of all of the incredible Nicholas Sparks novels that make my heart glow with love for the written word.

♡ Gabby and Travis 

I love this romance because it's the core of my favourite Nicholas Sparks book- The Choice. It's naturally one of the main reasons I adore the book. Travis, an outgoing man with a life he adores and no want for a girlfriend meets Gabby, a woman who seems more than irritated by his presence. Their chemistry is refreshing because we watch (read) them getting to know each other.

Ronnie and Will

From The Last Song, Ronnie and Will are from different "paths" in life. Angry and mysterious, Ronnie meets Will who is popular and rich. The whole "don't judge a book by the cover" thing applies here, and I couldn't be more grateful. Despite this, these attributes I have assigned to the characters make the characters incredibly endearing.

Dawson and Amanda 

I am a sucker for a "met when they were younger and fell in love and something tragic got in the way but something in the future brings them together to an extent" kind of story. Dawson and Amanda come from The Best of Me and I adore the way they think of each other- it's dreamlike. I adore the aspect that they ache in what is lost along the way: the time; the two of them together. It's the heartache that does make it somewhat beautiful.

Jeremy and Lexie

True Believer and At First Sight are the stories that let us get to know Jeremy and Lexie, and how their two different views made an endearing partnership- one of the ones where their relationship makes a book a page-turner. It's beautiful to read about their getting to know each other; how different their lives have been, and why it all just makes sense.

Landon and Jamie  

A Walk to Remember brings us Landon and Jamie. Landon is quiet and studious whereas Landon is loud and on the "wrong track in life" according to those around him. When he opens his eyes to Jamie and goodness and Jamie is the kind and accepting girl we adore, the sweetest and most genuine 

I have written one of my "favourite Nicholas Sparks" posts in too long and I had this idea last year, so here we are!

Beautiful Romances & Beautiful Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Book Haul | Before the End of Summer

I haven't produced a book haul post in for ever. And that's why I am here today, with a book haul for the old blog! I thought I'd make it a bit different and present a couple of new books I have accumulated and one I got a while ago that I have never showed the blog... And these books I plan on reading before the end of my summer holidays- so before I go back to university, which still is a very long time!

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I want to read Since You've Been Gone as soon as possible because it sounds like such a summery book; it'll keep me in the summery mood. The weather is awesome right at this moment and reading it feels so good! It's about a friendship between Emily and Sloane. Emily has always been in Sloane's shadow, but she likes it that way- she wouldn't ever begrudge it. When Sloane disappears at the start of summer, leaving Emily a list of things to do, Emily's quest to complete it begins.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Next I want to read Shatter Me- the start to series I have heard is awesome. I want to read it in the hope I can get into a series just in time for university, when life settles down a bit and I want to indulge myself in another world. It's about Juliette and her touch that can kill. After she is locked up for murder, it is decided that maybe she could be used as a weapon. Naturally, Juliette doesn't want this. Ah, it sounds so awesome!

All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

I have wanted to read this for so long; I want to read this last before univeristy because it's quite a little book and it's also meant to be so heart-warming- so when I'm rushing about getting ready for uni, it won't be a lengthy challenge and it will also make my heart warm. I don't know too much about it and also don't want to- all I know is it involves friendship, love and superpowers. That just sounds like something else, doesn't it?

So I shall be reading these novels before the end of summer!

Stories & Superpowers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Short Summary

So... Last month I set myself the challenge of writing and posting 26 posts last month (not including the post that explained it) and I was on track, with the aim to post three yesterday to complete the challenge. And guess what... My internet didn't work all day and then when it did, I just had to get to sleep. Ahhhh, so annoying! I refuse to call it failure because I had the posts ready! So, I ended up posting 23 times and I'm still very happy with that- I refuse to accept responsibility so despite how frustrating it is, I consider myself to have completed my challenge.

I thought I would take the time in this post to talk about everything challenge-y on the blog. I decided to post many more times than an average month on The Girl in the Moonlight last month because summer can mean a lonely blog because I get so swept away with everything- I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it because an empty blog always makes me very sad. Even though I missed those last 3 posts, 23 posts is awesome. I am very chuffed with that.

To conclude the unscheduled blog I have had in the last few months, as of tomorrow I will start posting with my old schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It makes those weekdays all the more exciting.

Another conclusion The Girl in the Moonlight August 2015 made me feel able to take part in Blogtober- blogging every day next month. I haven't fully decided but I think, should I have the right atmosphere around me next month, I shall be trying to complete Blogtober. I want to make this year's blog the best yet, so I want to produce lots and lots of posts I am happy with.

I love challenging myself, especially when it comes to my blog- it teaches me that I can do it! I was aware I probably would end up bulk-posting within days and probably towards the end of the month but I wasn't worried about that at all; I simply adored the process. I didn't feel disorganised even though there was no schedule but should I take part in Blogtober, I am aware of the planning I shall definitely be doing! Exciting!

A Conclusion & Future Challenges,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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