Sunday, 31 July 2016

Goodbye July

I blogged on the first day of July and now I am blogging on the last. This month was a sandwich with no filling and I feel pretty down about this. My blog is known to be super lonely over summer and I try to fight through this trend every year. And yet, here we are at the end of July 2016 with only two posts to show for it. Quite honestly I'm not sure why there is no filling- why I didn't sprinkle my blog with as much goodness as possible. However I do know that The Girl in the Moonlight still makes me so gloriously happy and genuinely fills me with a lot of love.

July was a testing month. And probably one of the best months of my life. All at the same time. It wasn't just these things though. It was hectic; full of laughter; full of books; full of fun; full of plans being carried out; full of love; full of too much anger that I don't want anymore.

I truly believe bad times help us appreciate the great; help us appreciate life; appreciate people. And when you have the bittersweet times full of really good and really bad times, the lines are both blurred and made clearer. I wonder how I can feel so happy when I'm so sad about something else- but the wonderful aspects teach me how to deal with the bad/how to analyse the situation/how to let go. I can't say I haven't felt drained from the sucky situations going on but I have most certainly been uplifted by the happiness, the amazing people in my life and the way I am feeling in general.

It's hard to be an anonymous blogger blogging about personal events but then I think that makes it all the more comfortable for me. And I think I gain a lot from talking about it so distantly. So I'll tell you what I have learnt from dealing with an unbearably unfair human in my life. From some challenging dealings with another human who makes it her absolute priority to choose impoliteness over any kind of kindness. The latter is less prominent in my life but I'll talk about this first.

I have never had to learn how to bite my tongue quite as much in the last month or so. Taking orders is something I can do- I thrive off of challenges and completing tasks gives me a sense of meaning. But taking orders from someone who rolls their eyes, patronises and makes you feel insignificant, not just in places isolated from others, but in front of people you care about/people you don't even know  is pretty darn tough. Humiliating. Kinda soul destroying. To anyone else experiencing this I think there are too perfectly acceptable ideas in regards to dealing with it. Even if it's not unbearable but you think you're happiness will improve, quit/remove yourself from situations where you have to deal with such discomfort/file complaints etc. Life is short and we shouldn't spend it feeling uncomfortable because of other people. Or if you can because of situational reasons (like me), understand that you're not patronising/aggressive/pretty impossible and fuel that in to being great at your job/being a friend/learning a new sport. Sucky people suck but the sucky situations can be removed or dealt with in a different way!

So not only have I learnt how to bite my tongue but I have learnt how not to let a particular individual in a particular situation transfer the miserable attitude and words into other parts of my life and importantly, the particular situation.

And then there's the first case- someone causing me far too much grief who stereotypically should treat me far from how he does. And so I quit that deal. All my life we have had massive differences and yet in the last few months he has said unforgivable things/acted disgustingly/never shown any remorse. Quite frankly whether it's a family member or an incredibly close friend we are allowed to quit. Being treated terribly and out happiness being compromised is not on. We choose who gets to be in our lives.

People can suck but they show you who matters and what life should be like. So while July has been testing the lessons it has shown me are invaluable. Priceless. But more than that: necessary. So while I say goodbye to July I say hello to August; a month that is welcomed by a blogger who has taught me that this blog makes me happier than these frustrating people; comforts me more than them; helps me through a lot.

I'm going to make sure the rest of The Girl in the Moonlight Summer Blog is a picnic- the best picnic ever!

Sandwiches & Strawberries,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Colour in with Positive

I have written about the power of words probably a few times on the blog. This time, I want to talk about this topic in the best possible way. I was thinking about when someone retold me something I once said to them and how they think about it when they are in a specific situation and it makes them feel better. I felt kind of sucky that I couldn't remember saying it but they said that I didn't realise it was a life-changing thing to say. Maybe it wouldn't be to everyone. But for them - right there and then - they needed to hear it.

After thinking about this for a while I realised many people have said what could seem like a meaningless statement but it has changed my perspective/helped me cope with something/made me smile for far longer than just the moment they said it in. How awesome is that?!

I think this whole concept is amazing. That one little thing - or big thing! - can really help someone. And yet I believe we could probably experience this awesome thing (taking someone's words and loving them for a long time beyond they are said) far more often than we do. We, as silly human beings, are probably more likely to let horrible words said to us stay in our hearts longer than the nice things. Silly silly silly.

I've become complacent in the most awesome way recently. Although I, a couple of days ago, spoke about my struggle with biting my tongue, a similar notion I have very much so improved with. I have experienced some utter rubbish from someone who is supposed to be pretty crucial in my life recently. Terrible, terrible words and thoughts have been thrown my way and originally I would catch them. Now I just throw them away. Not caring when it comes to people treating you terribly honestly is the way forward.

I now play to fill in this gap where I once used to care about such opinions. And I'm going to colour it in with all of the positive. I encourage complacency when it comes to evil and I suggest this gap must be filled with all of the wonderful life-changing nothings that can really help us. It'll create the sunniest picture.

Little Words & A Big Impact,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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