Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Perspective on Happiness

I read a really good book today. The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson. I will review it, I assume tomorrow, but for now I want to talk about the theme that ran throughout the book. That theme was happiness. The book is about how we could (hypothetically) put a price on happiness. And how this could make us feel more content about our lives- appreciate our happiness more. We might think of something in our life as boring or pointless, and yet it might just be something that adds up to make a very happy life.

(These might be spoilers so press that cross now!) We learn that we can be happy with few achievements and few "things" to our names. We can find excitement in our favourite ice-cream or talking about the films we love. And tonight, I feel like this lesson was singing beside me as I carried out my evening.

I, within an hour of deciding I would have a bath tonight, became very excited at the thought of it. It felt genuinely happy the idea came to my mind. And I really bloomin' enjoyed my bath. It made me feel relaxed and I really felt like I earned it. It was a simple activity that brought me a lot of simple happiness.

Now this is quite a short post, and I haven't said all that much. I could say more but maybe that's the point of this whole thing. This "Happiness isn't about what you've achieved" lesson is something that we need to be reminded of. Of course it brings us happiness and pride, but sometimes all we need is a bath and a fruit tea, and we can be living a really damn good life!

This perspective on happiness is one that you can hear in many different ways and I never tire of hearing it.

A Perspective & A Listener,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. HERE is my last post! I'm posting twice every day this March!

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