Friday, 29 March 2013

Think About What You Say

Words can hurt more than the person saying them may realise at the time of opening their mouth. Yet, this idea having had been reinforced for oh so many years hasn't stopped it. Now it doesn't strain any muscles - in fact it strains less muscles - not to say that horrible thing that you so desire to say. Just be kind!

Let it be highlighted, underlined and circled that you must please not think that this is a matter only relating to girls; that it only matters about being sensitive around girls because that's so not true and too many people make the mistake of thinking that. Boys care too!

Caring about mean things people say about you doesn't make you "vain" and  it doesn't mean that you are wrong to care. It's understandable and we all do. In turn, if you don't care then that is good because you. are. perfect. Do not let it take over you. Whatever has been said, it's not true, they're not better than you and you are not alone. People saying things in the moment or people continually saying things happens every single day and all of the time. It can range from a comment that maybe wasn't supposed to sting the recipient quite so much to being bullying. If you are being bullied get help.

Please stop and think. How would you feel?

No matter how the person reacts in front of you, you have no idea how the person receiving the biting comment may react when they get home. You don't have a clue about the hell they may be putting themselves through for a reason that they should not considered a reason. Although they should  know that they should not beat themselves up about it, you simply not commenting will make the difference.

Don't comment on their weight. Don't comment on their hair or make-up. Don't comment on their clothes. Don't comment on their family or personal problems. Don't comment on anything that is a sore subject. Spread positivity. Give a complement - but don't say it in a horrible way. Smile at them. Don't give anyone the cause to be upset because of you.

There is no reason to be cruel to people. In turn, I urge you to believe me when I say you don't deserve to be unhappy. Be yourself. Be happy.

Clotted Cream & Scones,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. I'm no expert. I'm just a girl who has taken comments and made myself more upset then necessary. But I do know this: you're awesome.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

To Tom Fletcher

There for a second,
And then you were gone,
You said Shine A Light,
But you didn’t see me when I shone,

Verse 2
Maybe I was Too Close For Comfort,
But now I’ll never know,
You walk off into the sun,
While I’m waiting in the cold,

Should I have shouted louder?
Should I have pushed through the crowds?
Then maybe things would be brighter,
All I know, is it was me you never found,

Verse 3
I thought you were looking for me,
You wrote it in a song,
But as I look at your face,
I realise I’m wrong,

Verse 4
The sound of silence is deafening,
In my heart, not out of mind,
A slightly deluded girl, I know,
But one I thought you’d find,

Should I have shouted louder?
Should I have pushed through the crowds?
Then maybe things would be brighter,
All I know, is it was me you never found,

Middle 8
You taught me that I’m never alone,
That when I’m down and lost it’s you I phone,
“Just remember to smile, smile, smile”,
But now you’re gone and it’s you, I can’t find,

Adjusted Chorus
Next time I will shout louder,
I will push through the crowds,
Things will be brighter,
Next time around.

* Inspired by the amazing Tom Fletcher.

Monday, 25 March 2013


Everyone in the universe has a purpose and everyone should look for exactly that. If you look, you'll eventually find it. That's my belief, only I'm struggling to find mine.

Now, it sounds like I'm in some inspiring, yet solemn storyline, only as my "future" is drawing closer and closer by the day, panic is beginning to set in. What am I doing with my life? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Why does everybody else have a plan and yet I do not?

I always result in writing when I'm a little disorientated, only recently I don't know what to write. Recently, I struggle to know how to even start.

My dreams for the future are incredibly farfetched and unreachable. As much as I'd like to believe that maybe one day, one day, my life will be able to every hour of every day revolve around writing, the thought is soon suffocated by reality. This is where I am reminded that I need to redraft, reconsider.
"What do I stand for? What do I stand for? Most nights, I don't know anymore..." Fun. lyrics.

I know what "I stand for" in the way of who I am, the moral end of the spectrum, but when faced with the ominous question of my "future", my response will undoubtedly consist of a string of "um"s and "er"s before a flush of the cheeks and a stereotypical and untrue answer.

When young people think of the dreaded "future", I would say that the majority of people panic, but at least most have a rough idea of where they will be when asked "what will you be when you are older?", but me... With exams incredibly close, resulting in little time for me to sit back and just...think, I'm looking forward to summer so that I can plan. What I will plan, is the answer of the future.

Sparkles & Flowerpots,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 22 March 2013

YouTubers: TylerWardMusic

The lovely Tyler Ward, TylerWardMusic is an incredibly talented musician who has over 1,000,000 subscribers and deserves every single one of them.

I'm proud to say that I've been supporting Tyler for a very, very long time! The reason I first fell for Tyler was because of the obvious happiness he felt when playing his music. He loved Goo Goo Dolls and Taylor Swift and therefore I loved him. This love has carried on through the last four years and it's awesome watching the incredible things he achieves.

You can tell that all he wants to do every day is make music and play music and that's just the best thing to watch: In turn, I don't doubt how genuine and grateful for his fans he is, but he should know I'm thankful for him! Not only this, but he helps out other aspiring musicians by giving them a platform and it's amazing to see how these people progress. The featured artist's story that touches me the most is the story of Dred Scott. He's an incredibly talented homeless man and his voice gives me chills. Here is the video of the awesome guy singing and here's the How We Met video. Tyler is my hero for promoting his music and for being such an incredible guy. Tyler is the philanthropist of the music world.

One of my favourite things about being a fan of Tyler is the release of his originals. Faulting his original songs would just not be possible. One of my favourite of his songs because of how clever and sweet it is, is his song Tyler Swift. His songs are just so awesome, musically perfect and lyrically beautiful! You should check out his new album of originals here:

I've stayed up so many times to watch his live videos and have not regretted it one bit, stayed glued to youtube for his latest release and refreshed his twitter feed repeatedly.

One of my biggest dreams is to meet this guy because I love him so much.

Favourite original of his.
Favourite from his album.
Favourite Taylor Swift cover.
Favourite Old-School-Tyler cover.
Song I often listen to on repeat.

Paper Hearts & Smiley Faces,

A Wardinator,

The Girl in the Moonlight

P.s. He's insanely handsome. Oh my.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Raised By Wolves

Verse 1                            
Pitter patter dripping on my window,
Feel the static, hear the dark glow,
Hide and seek with your heart and your tango,
Running quick from the drop of crescendo,
Verse 2
Heard the news from my pigeon hole,
The day you never came home,
People asking didn’t I know,
Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t I know?
Verse 3
“This is what he does with girl’s heads,
And they always fall,” that’s what they said,
A fleeting sunset, a fly-by bet,
Choosing to make my heart fall for you instead,
You told me the words I wanted to hear,
I said them back but you disappeared,
Cursed with pain but beautiful,
Raised by wolves, raised by wolves,
Verse 4
Hum it quick, I’ll catch the melody,
Sing it twice, I’ll hear the harmony,
That’s what I believed,
Then my heart stopped and now I see,
Verse 5
A fairy-tale gone with the wind,
Looking back twice to see how deep you’re in,
Banging on a soul of tin,
Making sure that you did win,
Middle 8
Call me naïve,
Call me predictable,
If that’s what I need,
There’s no cure for this fall,
Is this how it goes?
In this pack you’ve brought me into,
No friends only foes,
Raised by wolves when I fell for you,
Adjusted Chorus
You told me the words I wanted to hear,
I said them back but you disappeared,
Cursed with pain but beautiful,
Raised by wolves, raised by wolves (x3).

Monday, 18 March 2013

My 7 Favourite Nicholas Sparks Novels

Picking my top seven favourite Nicholas Sparks novels was literally one of the hardest things I have ever done. It should be known that the novels not mentioned were obviously all close to being in my top seven as I often changed my mind! There may be what you consider spoilers in this so do not read on if you haven't read the magic of these novels. I seriously spent time scratching my head and wanting to cry but here you go!

1. The Lucky One is based around Logan and his search for a girl that he believes saved his life as well as his life when he found her. I love The Lucky One because Logan is probably my joint favourite Nicholas Sparks male character. He is so caring and sweet and when I finished the novel I had to remind my self he's not real. Yes he's perfect, but he's not real. Beth is so strong but vulnerable, that these two together made my favourite novel that I return to if I have nothing to read. It is the perfect love story.

2. Safe Haven, a very gripping novel about the beautiful Katie overcoming her ex and finding peace with the lovely Alex never fails to have me up throughout a night reading. I have already raved about before: and I just love Alex (my joint first favourite).

3. A Walk To Remember, I read in a night because I was so gripped with the characters of Jamie and Landon. The fact that they were polar opposites and yet their relationship was so fairy-tale-like gave me those goosebumps that can only be produced from books. I love how, when reading it, you see Landon change in front of you and how his love is so big for the lovely and selfless Jamie. "You have to promise you won't fall in love with me." When I first read Jamie saying this, I knew Nicholas Sparks was going to make my heart weep, and I thank him for it because this novel is just fantastic.

4. The Choice has to be in my top seven because I love the development of the characters in this novel. I fall in love with each male character in Nicholas Sparks novels too quickly, but I love Travis for different reasons. I love him for how he is with his friends as well as how lovely he is to Gabby, his neighbour who didn't return it straight away but yet he was still somewhat besotted with her, at first not knowing why. Reading the change in Gabby was incredibly sweet as, in her eyes Travis went from being someone who "knew" he was "really good-looking" from her being able to "imagine spending the rest of [her] life with [him]" and that's what makes this novel perfect to me.

5. Best of Me is heart-breakingly beautiful, not only because two teenage sweethearts regretfully went their separate ways, but because of the moral, yet incredibly needed ending. I loved the book so much that I wrote a song about it because, out of all of Nicholas Sparks' novels, Best of Me touched me in a really different and solemn way.

6. Message in a Bottle is based around Theresa Osborne, a journalist who becomes interested in a charming, but heart-breaking love story from a letter that washed up onto a beach in a bottle. I love this novel because I feel like the two main characters, Theresa and the lovely Garrett find some kind of calmness after overcoming events that happened before in their lives. Garrett, to me is charming and sweet and his troubles with moving on from Catherine make it all the more tragically beautiful.

7. True Believer really is joint sixth because I could not choose between this and Message in a Bottle. This novel is just an endearing and lovely story about a seemingly "cynical" man, Jeremy and one of my favourite of Nicholas Sparks' female characters, Lexie. She is so seemingly strong and independent that when her walls break down - so to speak - she becomes even more awesome. There's something about the way Nicholas Sparks presents small towns and even how some of his characters resent characteristics of them that makes me want to live in one all the more and this novel certainly captures why I do so much! The ending to this novel is my favourite ending ever...I genuinely was in tears for an hour.

Dear Nicholas Sparks,

Please can you write me my story?


Books & Hot Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 15 March 2013

YouTubers: Wayward Daughter

Lydia and Becky, Wayward Daughter are a band on youtube who I love (and stalk) so much.

They post videos on youtube of their renditions of songs as well as their originals. I found them through their cover of Loverboy and being a You Me At Six fan, I was obviously delighted. Through a good two hours of thorough research (stalking) and crying at their sheer perfection, I had another band to intensely follow (stalk). There is something so raw - not in a uncooked meat kind of way - about them.

Other than the fact that Lydia and Becky cover songs that are more my music taste than some youtubers cover, I love that they write their own songs and moreover that they're insane. One day, I had their original Something New on for literally the whole day. I heart this so much. The lyrics are so...intricate and the melody and guitar is wicked...just listen to them.

Due to them being incredibly talented (and pretty), I cannot rave about them enough. They cover a lot of Paramore and you can imagine how supergreatperfect that is. You should definitely check out their EP on iTunes which is awesome:

Picking a favourite original of theirs would be me listing all of their covers so THIS is the one I'm listening to at the mo!
Favourite You Me At Six cover.
Favourite cover.

Starfishes & Snow,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 11 March 2013

With a Spring in my Step

The day of Spring and warmth we had in England a week or so ago has made me crave for sunshine more then ever. With this in my mind, I feel happier and that everything is slightly more accomplishable.

March is normally the beginning of the end of excruciating coldness and thereby making England a more brighter place: trees are pink; birds are tweeting (this may not be everyone's cup of tea); summer is in the near distance. This time used to be when my excitement was near its fullest due to it being when we were FINALLY ALLOWED BACK ON THE FIELD AT SCHOOL. This literally made my life every year. Now I look forward to it as it makes any horrible task that bit nicer.

I have always thought that in England we appreciate the bursts of sun we have because, let's face it, it doesn't happen often and so as soon as we have those seven days of what we call a "heat wave" in May, (when in fact it's a chilly day in Spain) I've got my lotion and shorts at the ready.

Sunshine makes most happier. It makes hair lighter and skin darker. It makes farfetched dreams seem not-so-farfetched and the lighter evenings, a slight chill in the atmosphere makes romance and goals and friendship movie-like.

I, therefore, cannot wait for the light that lasts longer and the smile that it creates. I can't wait for the sweeter atmosphere, blue sky and exciting fruit. You know, strawberries? Do you not just miss strawberries? Strawberries and cream... Spring, can you just be here already?

Sunshine is saviour from reality.

Castles & Princesses,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Yes, it's snowing right now and so this post seems ridiculous but SPRING I'M READY.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Safe Haven


I love Nicholas Sparks novels for so many reasons: the perfect characters; the beautiful feelings and actions of the characters; the obstacles the characters overcome; the moral and sometimes maybe-not-what-everyone-stereotypically-wanted endings. Safe Haven, I love for the perfect characters and heart-breaking pasts that still haunt them but I also adore the novel for the thrill.

At parts, the pace of the novel literally made my heart pound faster, fearing for the characters that I love oh so much; so lost in the plot that I may as well be alongside them. Like every other Nicholas Sparks novel, "I could not put it down" and with Safe Haven, it was definitely because of the thriller aspect of it - and, of course the perfect characters of Katie and Alex.

I fall for the male love interests in Nicholas Sparks novels every time; there'd be no point trying not to. Alex, the man in Safe Haven, I love for the way he loves Katie as well as his late wife, Carly. His deep love for his children, however is what made me fall deeply and unconditionally for Alex. It's just too sweet for my heart to take. The main characters that are fathers in Nicholas Sparks novels are always perfect and I always note, after reading a charmingly constructed part of the character's view and love of their children that it must exist due to it reflecting how much of an awesome dad Nicholas Sparks is. I genuinely don't doubt that.

I have been raving about this novel since I read it over two years ago and, like every time a Nicholas Sparks novel is adapted into a film, I have rosy cheeks and the thought of seeing the film.

Love hurts. There is nothing as painful as heartbreak. But in order to learn to love again you must learn to trust again.


The cast, as it is for every Nicholas Sparks adapted film, I knew would be perfect, and sat, popcorn and sweets spread before me, I knew my love for Josh Duhamel would cause me to comfort eat to the max and oh my, it did.

The film was sweet but bitter, calming yet heart-pounding. You get the oxymoron-based picture I'm painting for you, right? My emotions were on that "roller-coaster ride" you often hear about during those two hours and I haven't yet stepped off of it.

Another thing that I adore about books written by the brilliant Nicholas Sparks is that way he sets the scene: "Lilies sprouted amid the wild grass in what once was a flower bed..." and the film adaption of Safe Haven gave me chills with the beautiful beach and the area surrounding Katie's home. Even the roads in the neighbourhood had something so homely-small-town about them. Absolutely stunning. Do you know what made the scenery even more perfect? Josh Duhamel.

The characters matched my imagination when reading the novel and this makes me incredibly happy. Alex was passionate and sweet and Katie was damaged yet, at the same time that female hero that made me be full of that strong-woman mentality. Cobie Smulders? She was just incredible.

Like the novel, I was lost in the film and the romance as well as the tension beneath the love and beauty that ended with explosions in my eyes.

HERE is the trailer for the film.

Bikes & Photos

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

YouTubers: hchsknights08

So, Alyssa Bernal, hchsknights08 is amazingawesomeIloveher.

Alyssa's voice is the definition of warm honey. It's so beautiful and whenever she uploads a new cover, I literally sit there with my mouth wide open. It's just pure talent and effortless. Recently she uploaded a cover of my song of the moment, Just Give Me A Reason with Josh Milan and so I was one happy camper: ...just. *Sighs*, it's so perfect. She's so pwetty.

Another thing I think is awesome about her, is her portrayal of herself. She always seems so kind and genuine and you can't beat that, eh? I've spent days listening to her covers and not wanting to do anything but. Her originals are also fantastical. My favourite is Stay and her acoustic version is perfection:  Check out her album.

"Trying to make sense of everything that don't make sense."
I've been on the Bernal Journey for a long time and I'll never leave ;). I'm genuinely so proud of everything she's accomplished.
Taylor Swift cover I cannot stop listening to right now:
Hugs & Unicorns,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

YouTubers: AlexGMusic7

This blog post is about Alex G, AlexGMusic7: as her covers and originals make my wee heart melt. Subscribe to her for virtual cupcakes.

My love for Alex began after seeing her in a video with Tyler Ward and Alex Goot when she had only 21 subscribers!:

I loved her more and more in the next few videos with Tyler: her voice and how funny she was. I watched a few Ustreams with her and Tyler and she read out one of my comments and as I fangirled, this obsession became real. I loved her and Tyler's friendship and she always seemed so real and genuine. All I seem to be doing is typing out a list of her awesome qualities and that's the only way I can think of portraying her awesomeness without you checking her videos and seeing what the hay I'm talking about.

I am writing about Alex now because of her recent cover of Demi Lovato's Heart Attack which I had on replay for two days straight. The things is, this happens every time she uploads a new cover and I end up procrastinating my day away simply because she's so talented. One which literally had me up all day and night listening was her and Jon D's cover of Everything Has Changed:

"And my story book is better off with pages still unwritten."

Her originals are also another attribute to her sheer awesomeness and I love every single original she has shown. You should definitely check her and her EP out on iTunes:

Oh yeah, and she is ridiculously pretty.

*Christmas 2013*
Dear Santa,
Please can I have her voice?

Favourite original:
Favourite cover:
Favourite Alex, Tyler & Epicc video: OR

Dinosaurs & Apple Pie,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


Verse 1
Birds flying high in the sky,
A cliché without disguise,
People just keep walking by,
“He’s too far, he’s too gone to fly”,

Verse 2
A sad broken man all alone,
No place or no one to call home,
No memories or thoughts, please hold on,
Some day you’ll be free, just hold on,

But he can’t see the sunshine,
It’s there I promise you,
And he can’t see the sunshine,
Happiness overdue,

Verse 3
Waking up just past 2 a.m.,
She’s back in his dreams again,
His love, his heart, his friend,
Now all that remains is the end,

Verse 4
He cannot see past her mirage,
No water or her, it’s his heart,
He’s waiting and he won’t give up,
He’s praying that soon she’ll be back,

But he can’t see the sunshine,
It’s there I promise you,
And he can’t see the sunshine,
Happiness overdue,

Middle 8
The rain glitters past his fingertips,
The sweet droplets singing her song,
When the puzzle pieces all fit,
He’ll realise that she’s not gone,

Adjusted Chorus
And he will see the the sunshine,
Because I promised him it was there,
And when he sees the sunshine,
He’ll be free like the birds again.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Loving a Band is...

People looking in on the outside of those with a deep love - yes, love - for a band can often judge and more often than not will not understand. Now, this can be frustrating; incredibly frustrating.

Loving a band is watching those members through a computer screen and just grinning. That grin, I tell you, is more than a grin: it's an action expressing the pure happiness those members inject. A grin that, for the moment replaces those three words (that they, every day express for the band members) into a silence. That's not "just a grin". Sometimes, a video, a simple four minute video can protect that girl/boy from the "outside world" and that's more important that those on the outside will ever know. Loving a band is days, weeks, months of excitement before they appear on TV. That moment, when they're presented before many people is a chance for everyone else to experience their sheer talent and flawless personalities. Loving a band is defending them. Defending them when those opposing the party will never quite understand. Defending them because they're perfect as, for you, they're always there. Loving a band is saviour. A saviour from every day life; a saviour from normal struggles; a saviour from deeper struggles. A saviour nonetheless. Listening to the music they create; the music that speaks volumes to those besotted with the band is more than "that tune on the radio". It's seeing the meaning behind the studio versions, the talent behind the acoustic sets and the happiness of the band members when watching them perform live. Loving a band is seeing them live and for that hour and a half not believing what's happening; for that hour and a half it's simply them and the band. Loving a band is mourning for days, weeks, however long after a gig; knowing that that night was more beautiful than their continual excitement will ever be able to portray.  Loving a band is falling for not only the band members, but the relationships inside of the band: the relationships of the band members. Do not underestimate her/his happiness for the members' love for one another. The members' love is their happiness. Loving a band is the music. Loving a band is smiles, crying, excitement. Loving a band is forever.

Jelly Beans & Apple-Flavoured Lip Gloss,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

YouTubers: Sprinkle of Glitter

I'm going to write a series of blog posts about my favourite youtubers and I'm going to start off by talking about Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter:

Her youtube channel consists of videos relating to beauty, her lovely daughter Darcy (Baby Glitter) and life in general.

The reason I shall start with Louise is because of a video that I watch fairly often as, like a lot of people, I have issues with the mind-set regarding how I look. This video is and although I can tell myself to get out of the mind-set; "there's more to me than looks", sometimes it's difficult so I sit back, watch Louise and think, "yeah, I'm am good enough". I, personally think everyone should and can be positive about themselves and when I forget for a moment, Louise reminds me. I think Louise deserves endless glitter and hugs for this.

Not only this, but Louise's attitude towards life in general and being happy is so bright and positive. It's refreshing, especially considering some horrible, personal experiences she has been through. - This is her video on being happy.

She's so jolly and sooo pretty and spreads positivity that can always cheer me up! I love her blog posts and tweets and her relationships with everyone in her videos and yeah...she's so gwweeeeat! I just hope that I can possess her positivity and outlook on life. Just, yeah...subscribe to her. She's awesomesauce.

Favourite Louise & Zoe video:
Favourite vlog:
Favourite collab video: OR

Smiles & Milkshake,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Eyes Alight

The Eyes Alight appeal is a part of BIRT (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust) formed due to Izzy Judd being "inspired" by her brother, Rupert and his sad story:

Not only does this bring floods to my eyes (every time), it's even worse to think about the amount of people with these stories. Yet, the Eyes Alight appeal is a way to make, as Izzy says, the process "brighter".

"Eyes Alight is totally inspired by my brother Rupert who suffered a serious brain injury as a result of a car accident. Rupert's story is just one of so many stories about people who, sadly, are going through long term brain injury rehabilitation. After getting to know other service users at Kent House, I noticed that there were things that would make a big difference to their lives. For example, laptops to help them keep in touch with their family and friends, developing a sensory garden for everyone to enjoy, and providing music therapy sessions which are both fun and an aid to rehabilitation. By supporting the Eyes Alight Appeal, together we can make brain injury rehabilitation a little bit brighter." - Izzy Judd [Johnston].

When I sit and think about it, I just think how sad it is; how much it - quite frankly - sucks: that all these futures have been altered; all these lives of their families - of the victim - have been changed but then I think (and as heart-wrenching as it is): this stuff happens all the time and look at what an awesome charity has been a result of such a terrible thing.

Their aim is simple: the money raised helps patients smile a little more. This could be by having new equipment for their favourite hobby or going on a day out. It, in turn, makes the eyes become "alight".

Be sure to check them out and donate if you can!

Hearts & Gumdrops,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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