Thursday, 31 March 2016

Society: Females aren't Funny

Girls and women are funny too! Society definitely portrays the idea that males take the lead in comedy. We see fewer women comedians; fewer women in roles on the TV where they are funny; males automatically assume a boy or man is funnier than a girl or woman. No, no, no, NO, NO!

It's so frustrating. I was watching an interview this morning where actor Arabella Weir was talking about her role in and the show in general Two Doors Down. She celebrated how the women in the show are funny and it's awesome. She says they're not funny at the expense of men. They are a bunch of women on a show showing society that us girls can be as funny as the next guy! I felt so delighted to watch this talented woman speak up for females.

This weird phenomenon of people believing that a boy or man is automatically funnier than a girl or woman just because of their gender is entirely sexist. Of course it is! It's casual sexism that has produced this stereotype that is entirely untrue. We simply can't stereotype like this.

Why would this be a biological thing? It simply makes no sense. No two babies (in this case: one boy; one girl) are born with an intrinsically set process whereby the boy will just be funnier than the girl. How ridiculous is that? It's simply an expectation produced by societal difference. If a girl or woman feels like they are less funny than a boy or woman despite being equally as funny it is because society tells us that is the way.

We are the only people that can change this. Celebrate us females and our genuine capability to make people laugh and be witty and make jokes. I do think I'm funny! I find so many of my girl friends absolutely hilarious in many different kinds of ways. We don't have to be funny! No one has to be funny. But we certainly shouldn't be told we just aren't in comparison to males!

Jokes & Laughs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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