Saturday, 30 November 2013


Before today, I hadn't considered the idea of blogging every day (up until a certain point) in December. After doing a bit of research I have decided to do Blogmas!

I will be blogging from December 1st until the 24th. I am excited and nervous to be doing so. After doing my own blogging challenge just over a week ago (that you can read about HERE), I am excited to do this, even though it's a lot harder! I will be posting Christmassy posts that I've already planned before reading about this fabulous challenge along with other posts that I've already planned and also other posts I haven't thought of yet so that I am blogging every day.

I thought I would talk about a few things that I'm worried about with this challenge. The problems I am almost certain to come across are blogger's block and worrying about the standard of my posts. Since hearing about it today, I have planned the topic for every post, in the hope that blogger's block will be less threatening as I at least have an issue to discuss. I also will worry about slipping into a horrible situation that I had about a month ago. I was producing content that I wasn't particularly happy with. Posting every day until the 24th will naturally mean I'm posting far-from-perfect posts. It will be scary!

However, I also should talk about the plethora of positive things that I will gain from Blogmas. Despite being worried about posting imperfect posts, it will teach me (as each time I have the problem, it does) to do everything I can to make sure I'm happy with the posts, but it will also teach me that it's okay to publish posts that aren't squeaky clean. Another thing that will make me happy about this challenge is, just that: the challenge. It excites me a lot and will make me really happy to have something to add to my blog each day. In turn, I will be able to read loads of other people's posts from bloggers probably as nervous as I am!

*Stares at the laptop." Let's do this.

Are you taking part in Blogmas? Let me know in the comments!

Chrysanthemums & Chocolate Cake,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cosy Nights and Good Company

The cold weather has well and truly hit England. Just over a week ago, suddenly, the weather dropped and I went from being relatively comfortable without a coat to shivering with a coat on. I love it.

The English Winter (well, it is autumn, but y'know) is one that is generally met with disdain, but - and this may be because we've only had a few days of it - I'm really enjoying being met with strong crisp air in the mornings and the chill-filled aroma that magically graces us in the evenings. You can just smell the festivities calling.

Spending time indoors comes hand in hand with this weather (or, at least, it does in my world). Weather it be (ba-dum-dum-chhhhh) snuggling up with lots of layers and sipping a hot chocolate, ready to watch a string of soaps or going out to enjoy the party season, every evening is something fairy-tale-like.

In the last week, I've had a couple of evenings with my layered pyjamas and hot beverages. I am currently reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and as I'm enjoying it so much, it's been an exciting way to end a day. With the company of my quilt, could you ask for more? In turn, I've had fab evenings at the weekend, simply relaxing with my family, having a winterish meal before spending a few hours watching TV as well as evenings with friends; I've had a couple of movie evenings with pizza and buddies and also a baking evening with an awesome friend. I love winterish weather.

What's your favourite thing about this weather?

Dragonflies & Birds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Sorry about that shadow in the picture.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A CD Bundle of McJoy

I thought I'd write a quick post today (with a few pictures) about a little delight of happiness that came through the post. Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is my McFly Love Is On The Radio CD bundle.


My Love Is On The Radio CD bundle is one of my favourite things in the whole galaxy. It's full of exclusive content and makes me fangirl to the extreme. It is a collectable and I love it so much. I woke up this morning and literally sat there admiring it. It's so pretty. THIS is the link for the CD bundle.

On Sunday, Love Is On The Radio (that I also wrote about HERE) was released and it deserves to get as high as possible in the charts. You can buy it on iTunes HERE! It really is worth the purchase.

Campfires & Raincoats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Spot the Attitude magazine.

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Little Blogging Conclusion

I wanted to, as I've completed my blogging challenge that you can check out HERE, do a little round up of it and talk about what I've learnt. Although I've named this a "conclusion", it's a more of a continuing "conclusion" as I am always learning about blogging, from post to post but I thought "A Little Blogging Continuing Conclusion" was a bit long-winded. For me, it's important to reflect and although this is a bit of a boring post, I hope, if you continue to read, it makes you think about you and your blog. It's just a bit of housekeeping to keep my blog tidy really!

If you're reading and you don't want to click THIS to find out about my blogging challenge (how rude), I blogged for five days last week which was slightly scary for me and what's more, (by Jeeves, there's more?!) I've been blogging about things that are daunting for me for different reasons.

So, to be cohesive, I will talk about how the scary posts went.

My Monday post was a beauty review on Soap & Glory and, despite being very fearful of it, I enjoyed it a lot. It helped that I loved the product and taking the photos for it too. I wasn't sure how I was going to write it before opening a page on blogger, but once I sat down, it just kind of worked. You know when you did something creative at school and you had to look at an object, maybe touch it, and describe it? I kind of applied all of those primary school lessons to it and I hope it worked!

Tuesday's post was about body confidence and I'm relatively happy with it, but also disappointed. I felt like there was so much to say and so much I didn't. I feel like I was so caught up in it and wanting to do it well because I really feel strongly about body confidence that I got all confused. There is definitely more for me to write on this subject.

The next post was a facts about me post, only I did it a bit differently. I did it in a narrative kind of way and it was really enjoyable to do. The only thing that upsets me about it is that I really want to do a conventional facts post because I love reading through them, but I find them so difficult. However, I really did have a good time writing my post.

I was nervous about Thursday's fashion post because I've never done a post like it and similarly to the beauty review post, I didn't know where to start. Luckily, the post was great fun. I spent absolutely ages on it, taking photos and writing it up (and making bad puns) and it was enjoyable because I did it about my favourite fashion line (Saint Kidd). It has actually made me excited to do more posts like it.

On Friday, I posted a short story called The Vignette of Love. I really enjoyed writing this, even if it is sad. I hold back from posting creative things because I feel a bit embarrassed and I'm scared of people reading them, but I've decided that, as I enjoy them, if I want to post them, I will.

Overall, I learnt that just because something seems scary, it may not be. I feel like my conclusion is what a parent would tell a child when facing their first day of school, but it's really true. I enjoyed writing all of these posts.

I feel like this post has gone on a bit; it seems quite unnecessarily long with a load of unnecessary babble. It may look like I'm just stating a bunch of boring things, but for me I really love to document my blogging experience. Do you like to reflect - in whatever way - about certain blogging experiences? What have you learnt?

Write it better. Make it interesting.

Chilly Air & Gloves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Sorry about the bombardment of links to other posts.

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Vignette of Love

I yell with my heart how he broke me inside. I shout to the sky that I'll never forgive him his temper, his silence, his way of making a good moment bad. I'll never forgive him that every bad moment was shadowed completely by the good: his hand brushing against mine like a pebble skimming the sea; my eyes searching for his across a room, lost for a moment, until, finally, there are his deep blue pools, causing any evil in the world to be diminished to nothing; him whispering three words in my ear; the words that made my heart warm at night when in need of comfort and I couldn't bare to wake his sweet expression as he dreamt of our future.

I stroke the ripples of satin that flood over my legs; absently letting my fingers raise to the pendant protecting my heart. I allowed myself a few moments. I stroked the silver, picturing the dents engraved into it without needing to look; I knew the necklace like he knew my heart. Until the the safety, the happiness was taken away.

He left me.

I want to scream. I want to ignore the single tone that rings through my whole body every day. I want to cry. I want to give into the pain that smashes against my heart like waves crashing excitedly against the undeserving sand. I don't. If he sees my pain, I'll never forgive myself. I can never allow him to see my pain.

One day he told me that the stars are the protection of heartbreak and sadness. The next day he was gone and all I was forced to embrace the eclipse he left; the dark sky blanketing any happiness that once existed. The moon no comfort to my night; just a reminder of the loneliness that clouds my every movement like the fog in the sky.

Now he is gone and I'm searching for solitude and a way to tell him my loud thoughts. I always end up by his side, underneath the stars, allowing my fingers to trace over the dents that make up his name on a slab sliced into the ground; like a slice through my heart.

He's all of the stars now. He has to be. For me.

So, here's a bit of creative writing on my blog today. I hope you don't mind! The reason for it can be seen HERE as it's part of my 5 day blogging challenge. I'm excited to do a bit more creative writing after this!

Eclipses & Stars,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Those Three Words: "You've Got Post" | Saint Kidd

Inspired by the endearing pirate, William Kidd, Saint Kidd is Dougie Poynter's clothing and jewellery line. HERE is the site where you can open up a chest full of wonderful treasures! Yeah, you read it.

After ordering something from Saint Kidd, I always feel myself counting the moments until it arrives by pirate ship (metaphorically). Then the moment approaches and the happenings between hearing my mum call "You've got post" and having the package in my hands as I sit cross-legged on my living room floor are a blur. Anticipation controlling my every move, it's time to unleash the beauty of Saint Kidd.
To the left of the text is the Skeleton Horse T-shirt which you can steal a cheeky glance at HERE and to the right of this text and above is the Flying Cat T-shirt which you can get Captain Hooked on HERE.

The Skeleton Horse T-shirt is made out of a very light material and is super soft to touch; like what I would imagine a layer of marshmallow sheet would feel like. It's lovely and loose and I love the print on it so much; it's hauntingly stunning. I normally wear it tucked into a black skirt with tights and a shirt and what I particularly love about it is that it's light for the summer but easily layered up for the winter! The iconic Flying Cat T-shirt is awesomely unique with stitched seams that are really quirky and, of course, the flying cat that is deservedly so one of the images I see when I think "Saint Kidd" the main attraction. I'd normally wear this with black skinny jeans when I'm not admiring its beauty. Both of the tees I have are of incredible quality and a type of beauty that makes me say "m-arrrrrghhhhh-vellous"... *Coughs nervously.*

In terms of how my items look upon arrival, when ordering online, I expect nothing extraordinary. A few crinkles and dull packing is forgivable (up to a certain extent, of course) but Saint Kidd make extraordinary look boring. The detail Saint Kidd pays is awesome. From Saint Kidd tissue paper (more than one kind!) to flying cat pendants on awesome Saint Kidd tags to hidden messages to free tote bags to stickers, it's all incredibly magical.

I always wear my Saint Kidd tees as soon as they're back in my cupboard and I can't wait until I've saved up the money to buy THIS bracelet and THIS tee. Saint Kidd makes me "ASDFGHJKL".

This post is part of my 5 day blogging challenge that you can read about HERE. I really enjoyed writing this as I love Saint Kidd so much. I hope the pictures aren't too terrible for your eyes to bear!

Skeleton Horses & Flying Cats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Re-Introducing Myself | A Few Facts

She is sat on the sofa, her brother close by, feeling happiness at a lazy afternoon. She sets her finished fruit salad to her side and doodles aimlessly, accidentally daydreaming in the process. Wishing Christmas would hurry up already, she reminds herself to live for the day. In a moment of inspiration, she stands and organises a pizza night with her friends, reads a chapter of a John Green book, finishes some college work and tidies her room... kind of. Her lazy afternoon calling to her, she re-positions herself on the sofa and listens to her iPod, needing some McFly to brighten her afternoon. Flicking through some old photos, she pushes aside the reminder that she misses secondary school and decides to enjoy her recent snaps; her friends are awesome. She hears her brother laugh and takes out an earphone; she had been singing loudly. They talk of multiple long car journeys where they were surrounded by bags, coats and food for their holiday, naming them as some of their favourite childhood memories. Then they remember many Christmas Eves where they would excitedly whisper about the magic and happiness of it all; those days take the top spot. Conversation diminishes comfortably and she notes to herself that she couldn't have a better brother. It's a dark afternoon and to make it cosier, she closes the curtains, excited by the promise of rain later in the day. Is there a better way to go to sleep than to the rain melodically bouncing against the window? She shakes her head at the thought and puts the kettle on. Tea and Biscuits... perfect. Tea, biscuits and her homemade fairy cakes ready, she and her brother are about to watch half of a series of an American soap. Midway through, the rain begins. Her brother looks at her and they know what to do. Childishly rushing to a window, they open it and stick their arms out. They laugh together and say, once again, that it's not as exciting as they thought it would be, but it's still pretty great. Evening in full swing, half of an American soap series watched, she retreats to her room and turns on her fairy lights, like little dreams and wishes lighting her room. Wrapping her quilt around her, she enjoys the solitude of her bedroom. She opens the curtains so she can feel her heart singing joyously at the tranquillity of the rain. Bringing her laptop closer, she places her fingers on the keypad, excited to hear that wonderful sound that signifies thoughts spilling all over the screen. It was time to do one of her elite favourite things: blogging. Writing is the sparkle in her eyes but the fear of her secret dream being exposed is always the expression on her face. The Girl in the Moonlight.

I know this is a bit of a different take on a "facts about me" kind of post, but after initially writing a few boring statements, I knew I was going to struggle to write anything that may be interesting to you. I tried to make it at least a fact a sentence (there are a few exceptions!) with a few vague facts alongside them too! A challenge for me in the future is to do a normal "facts about me" post as I love reading these posts by bloggers but I find them so difficult to do! This post is part of my 5 day blogging challenge which you can read about HERE. I would love it a lot if you left a fact about yourself below!

Cookies & Bluebells,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. You can read my 25 Facts About Me post HERE.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

That Body Confidence Thing

I've wanted to write a post about body confidence and being confident with how you look for a long time. I am by no means a professional on this subject but as I'm learning to find ways to be comfortable with myself, I want to share them with you!

I'm going to dive straight into the part that I find the most difficult. To find a way to make myself more comfortable with how I look, I once decided I should attempt to compliment myself. What I do is this. I look in the mirror. I look past any negative thoughts about how I look that may first come into my mind. Then I get rid of them. We don't need those... ever. I find something that makes me at least think "you know what, I have decent *insert here*." As I'm writing this, I am looking in the mirror - you've got to practise what you preach, right?

I like my eyebrows.

There you go. I like my eyebrows. *Breathes.* I did it. It may have been a bit nerve-wracking but I did it. Even if you can't find something to compliment yourself on today, try tomorrow and the day after that. Try until you find something and don't give up. I know some people may read this and think: "nah, impossible; I can't do that." Please, find a way! You deserve to be happy with yourself! However, I understand this could be absolute torture for many (it is partially for me still) so if you can't, don't do it! I realise I've contradicted myself but I want to spread positivity, not negativity!

Being specifically body confident is perhaps a little different. Although I find both difficult, I struggle a bit more with complimenting my body. However, I want to get to a stage (and I'm certainly getting there) where I stop getting so caught up in the negative feelings I have about myself. The first thing I have learned, and for me is the most important thing is this: you may feel a certain thing about how you look, but people who see you, just passer-bys and people who impact your life a little or a bit more and also those who care about you most probably don't see these things that make up why you're not happy with yourself.

I found that someone took something I hate about myself - without them knowing - and turned it into something really lovely! They made something bright with their different perspective. That's what needs to be realised. You may see something about yourself and think one thing, but someone else will see a better version of it. Despite him outlining something I dislike (without meaning to), he produced the best compliment I've ever had.

There's that idea where you learn to live your life to its fullest, enjoying the things you love to do the most all too late. I feel like that could, with some people, apply to how you feel about how you look. My mum says that one day she suddenly thought "why do I worry?". It wasn't that she stopped brushing her teeth but she felt that she should feel confident in herself and so she did. She feels she learnt it too late but the sooner she learnt it, the sooner she could smile more. The same happened with me. I've learnt it a lot earlier than my mum but still too late, but now I can smile more too. I still have things about myself I'd rather change and days where I look I try to find something to compliment myself about and I can't but once I try again, mind refreshed, I realise I'm okay. Think about living life to your version of "the fullest" through finding a way to be comfortable with how you look. I've kept reminding myself this and now, I know, I can be comfortable with who I am and be positive; it is possible.

A big thing I have realised is that I shouldn't compare myself to others. I know it's "easier said than done" and all that but it might just be the key to happiness. He might have something better in your eyes but you have something that he would look at you and think the same. She might have something "desired" but so do you.

Finally, I have to address that sad truth: sometimes people say things about how you look and you feel an ugly, sad feeling inside. It is so easy to take what someone says about your body and how you look and make it the centre of your world. I've done this way too many times. What's annoying is I know the people who have said something about how I look wouldn't have ever wanted to make me feel the way they did. The answer to this is to make sure you never do it (more on that HERE) but also, please, please, please do not let it get to you. I know a friend of mine would be gutted to know how upset something he said made me because I know they said it because they "thought it wouldn't get to" me. Just don't risk it. All the same, I had to move on from this comment. My point is this: I am (although they shouldn't have said it) over all of the comments that once made me conscious (to the point of crying a bit). Now, if someone made a personal comment about me, I know I can take less time to get over it, so consider this, and don't get as upset as it appears first nature to.

I hope you feel comfortable with yourself and happy in who you are. You really deserve to be.

This all got a bit deep but I feel very passionately about young people being okay with themselves because I know how I've felt in the past, so I don't think anyone in the world should ever feel that way! I would love for you to write something about yourself that you like in the comments! I know it's not always easy but I can see a million things about you that are fabulous, so you can write one or two below!

So this post is due to my 5 day blogging challenge which you can read about HERE!

Happy & Comfortable,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean

I was given this Soap & Glory delight ages ago but as I had so many Soap & Glory products given to me, I only started using it this month. Do I regret not using it from the word "go"? Of course I do!

Peaches and Clean is a deep cleansing milk that aims to soften, purify and clean skin as well as producing a clearer complexion. It is to be massaged into cheeks as well as trouble spots - which, for me is my chin - and then rinsed off with water.
I have been using it regularly since I started it as my skin feels tighter and softer after every use. It's quick and easy to use due to the simple instructions and the pump being stable and controllable. As you can see from the first two pictures, very little of the whole product has been used despite using it often which means five thumbs up to Soap & Glory. I am not worried about it running out for a very long time which makes it very worth the very reasonable price! The smell of peaches is an exciting element for me. It's a discreet smell (which I'm glad about - I wouldn't want my face to smell overpowering!) and always leaves me feeling refreshed and exotic.

The look of Peaches and Clean must be addressed as every Soap & Glory product is so perfectly secured in a pretty and exciting way. It's sweet, lovely and appealing. However, this specific packaged version of Peaches and Clean is no longer available but the new version can be bought HERE. I will definitely buying it once this is close to being finished.

Looking after skin can be tiring and lacklustre, making me very uninspired but with Soap & Glory, it really is an enjoyable experience. Naturally, five out of five moons are given for this product.

I'm not one for beauty product reviews (I've never done one!) but as part of my blogging challenge I've set myself which you can read about HERE, I knew I had to write about Soap & Glory. What is your favourite Soap and Glory product? I'm definitely open for suggestions after being impressed by every product I've used so far!

Peaches & Roses,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Girl in the Moonlight Blogging Challenge

Last month my blog became a bit sad and lonely as I explain HERE. It was because I wasn't feeling particularly happy with the content I was putting up which made my blog a sad place for me and this is the very opposite of what I want my blogging experience to be. Now I'm very much back into the excitement of blogging, I want to set myself a blogging challenge.

Normally I post three times a week. This upcoming week, I will be posting five times. To some who already blogs this many times and some even more (I salute you a million times), it may not a be a big deal but it's quite daunting for me! However, with this fear comes a tremendous amount of excitement!

So, here is the general outline of what the posts each weekday next week will be about (and if you're from the future, - hello, are hover boards a normal way of transportation yet? - each day's plan will be linked already):

Thursday: A fashion post
The point of my little challenge is to get myself out of my comfort zone. Each of these posts scare me for different reasons. Monday's makes my eyes widen because my blog has never been a beauty blog as I don't know all the fancy things about products or any beauty product knowledge, in fact; Tuesday's makes me nervous because I'm challenging myself to get a little deeper into a daunting issue rather than skimming the surface; Wednesday's post is difficult because I want to make my blog a bit more personal, tell any of you that read my posts a little bit more about myself so that a bit more of me is on my little space, but my problem is that I struggle knowing what to write; Thursday's makes me fearful because I just don't know how that will go; Friday's creative writing piece scares me as, although creative writing is one of my favourite things, the thought of people reading something I've completely made up makes me shudder slightly.

The point of this isn't to change what my blog is about. I'm not going to suddenly become a beauty blogger after putting up one review. I may never review a product again and that's fine. I just want to challenge myself because when I've challenged myself before on my blog (McFly Week) I've learnt something and I want to learn something from this! It must be noted that I do think, for me, my blogging experience is about sticking to my blogging niches and trying out things that I would like to be a niche but I'm excited to get out of my comfort zone with things I've never done before (my beauty prdocut review) and things I have done before and want to make a more regular thing (my creative writing piece).
*Nervously pauses for thought and whispers into the darkness "What am I letting myself in for?"*

Oranges & Apples,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What Disney's Taught Me #1

I've read many times that Disney doesn't teach children the right lessons; it makes children believe everything turns out perfectly and it's unrealistic and the messages encourage ignorant naivety and dah de dah de dah. In my "What Disney's Taught Me" series, I am going to explore the many fabulous things and desirable morals that Disney creates, whether that be through the "naïve" aspects or not. Today, I will be discussing what Tangled has taught me.

Initially, Tangled is seen to highlight Rapunzel's sadness and seemingly helplessness towards her routine that her heart despises and believes is lacklustre. In the song When Will My Life Begin, it is presenting possibilities. It's encouraging us all to aim high so we don't have to wonder what's beyond our comfort, but instead reach for our ambition burning brightly in the sky. It's not higher than what you believe you can reach, Rapunzel. It looks like I've started my argument off weakly as surely, it's presenting dreams that are too big to be accomplishable when they're not... right? Wrong. Rapunzel's dream is one that many take for granted: going outside. She wants to leave her tower, go "out there" and see a pretty sight: the glowing visions dotting the sky. It's a simple dream. Therefore, whether your dream be extravagant or simple, you can escape those things holding you back.

In turn, Disney teaches that mothers don't always know best. Although, I don't think Tangled is expressing that of "go against your mother kids", it's more of a "be wary of the evil" - but not necessarily your mothers!

Everyone is different and from this, people can have supposedly unexpected dreams and Tangled encapsulates this in the best way. The "malicious, mean and scary" man has a big dream with the others wanting other "unexpected" things. Tangled promotes the reality that people aren't what you think and they should be accepted either way. It's not naivety, it's reality.

Rapunzel is shown to be an incredibly awesome and brave girl, conjuring plans to save her and Flynn a fair few times, as well as, first of all, being brave enough to leave her tower, her comfort. Disney shows that it's okay to be strong and vulnerable. Flynn Rider allows himself to open up to Rapunzel, announcing that he is actually Eugene Fitzherbert. In turn, Rapunzel tells the secret of her magic, glowing hair. Thus representing that vulnerability can build the best relationships with people.

Finally, you may call it naivety, but I call it a beautiful, refreshing attitude. Disney, in Tangled teaches us to not give up. Max, Flynn's companion saves him, proving that friendship is vital and also, after all, Rapunzel's parents didn't give up; they knew that one day, their "lost princess" would return and that she did.

I've been super excited about this series of mine! I thought of it many months ago but was too fearful to start it but now I have, I can't wait to write the next one! Being a huge fan of Disney, I really wanted to incorporate that into my blog as well as challenging the idea that Disney doesn't teach kids good lessons and sets them up to be naïve for life. There is so much positivity that is depicted from Disney and is, deservedly so.

Lanterns & Boat Rides,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

My lyrics based on Rapunzel and I.

Monday, 11 November 2013

An Evening Walk With a Thousand Thoughts

Everything is going so quickly; quicker than normal. When life is busy, as it is for me now, I feel like I'm watching it on fast forward rather than partaking. It means, in turn, that it can be difficult to see people who I don't see every day because our rare free time clashes with the other's busy time. However, recently, my best friend and I went on a little evening walk. It made me see everything with a better view.
Walking with my best friend, a sunset as our backdrop and birds tweeting as our soundtrack, we chatted away, catching up on lost time; an unneeded reminder that we have the best time when we're together. Yet, we already knew. We can spend only a couple of hours together and it's the best thing. These are some of my favourite evenings. A slight chill wasn't a burden and as the sky was a purple-blue-yellowy quilt of beauty, we put aside our worries and laughed, while we were in a classic "we're so weird" mood together. I love a few special friendships I have where I could not see someone in weeks (as horrible as it would be) and then we'd see each other and our friendship shines brighter than the time without her funny stories and good advice.

It got me thinking though. My best friend and I have had the most awesome friendship; we have many things about our personalities that couldn't be more different but our similarities in our morals, our humour, our fundamental personal traits make us all too similar. She's one of a few elite people that know me so very well and it's a friendship that I'll always treasure as well as the knowledge that we will always be in each other's lives. People like this in my life deserve to know how special they are, although I hope they already know. I will remind them.

I love my best friend... and sunsets. I love them a lot.

Sunsets & Daisies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

My last post about my best friend

Friday, 8 November 2013

Written in What You Do

Do you ever get scared because you don't know your future? Or are you excited? Does it make you a little uneasy? I think I feel all of these things but they're overcome with a feeling of content. Would it really be all that great to know your future, how everything pans out? It's all written in the stars, right? Who your best friends will be, who you'll make smile without knowing, who you'll marry, your kids, your job, your destiny. If you knew what was to be of your life, wouldn't you face the predicament of approaching a corner and wondering which way you need to turn to have the life that you see before you? Turn right and your husband is no longer he who you see making you smile on a Sunday afternoon but turn left and it's going to eventually spiral into you and your best friend falling out, meaning they're not at your wedding with He Who Makes You Smile. You can't see the future and when you're in the future you have that silly little hindsight thing. There's no winning, right? Oh, but there is. It's all written in what you do. However, not in the scary do-I-turn-left-or-right-kind-of-way, but in a more simple way: make today count. Do what makes you happy. Is that sitting at home with the latest chick-flick or going on some crazy Bilbo Baggins Adventure*? Do it. Be happy. Have some chill days if that makes you smile; throw in some nights with friends if that's what you want. That's what life's about, I think: letting life chuck tomatoes at you and you take them and make the best spag bol the world's ever seen. (You are welcome for my bad continuing of the Lemon cliché we often hear.) Life is scary and life is beautiful. Life is there to be experienced. I've had the conversation about wishing we knew where our fate lies before it happens so many times, but seriously, where would the fun be in that? We'd sit, watching what happens in our future on our TV, sit back, satisfied or not and sigh, happily or sadly. Then what? What happens then? We wait for it to fall into place?

Be nice. Be happy. Be ambitious. Do good.

I thought I'd share with you an extension of my own motto I decided to live by sometime during this year.

Do you desperately want to know what lies in your future? What are you doing that makes you smile and makes you happy?

Tomatoes & Spag Bol,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*Don't do anything dangerous. Hobbits smoke they're pipes with consequences. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to Thor, Marvel proving themselves once again, extending the franchise in the most epic way.

*Contains traces of spoilers.*

It's almost time for Thor to be made king and Loki is sentenced to a cell while Jane is in London, attempting to heal her broken heart with an Irish delight (fair play Miss Foster). Soon, however, after a few twist and turns, Dark Elf Malekith is awakened and Asgard is needed to be saved. So, who would be the perfect team? Thor and Loki, of course. Fabulous.

A big success of the recent Marvel films is the humour, the thrill of laughter that ripples across the cinema. The Dark World is no exception. With Thor and Loki working as a team (kind of), laughing was made easy as well as Erik, Darcy and Ian, the intern creating comic relief when needed.

Let's talk villains. After Loki causing, well, er, destruction in The Avengers and also the Mandarin causing excitement in Iron Man 3, The Dark World needed someone whose cells are made of pure evil. "Loki", I hear you say? Wrong. Well, I'll let you figure out whether he deserves that title in the film (my love for him clouds my viewpoint slightly). Enter Malekith. Without the audience having an underlying love for Loki and the excitement of the humour with Trevor, Malekith was an unquestionably different and wicked character. *Shudders.*

The patriotic part of myself was naturally excited to see London be the centrepiece of the masterpiece of The Dark World. All of the settings, Asgard or in London were exciting and the perfect scene for it all.

You'd think that after The Avengers, solo Marvel superhero films would be greeted less excitedly but the fact that it's been predicted to take $75 million in its first weekend proves otherwise and so do my excited-fuelled-fingers typing as quick as possible, thinking of the (epic) fights, the reunion of Thor and Jane and the action-packed adventures of Thor and Loki.

In summary, The Dark World is a full of action, comedy, a classic father-hates-son's-girlfriend extravaganza and a coming of age story for Loki (that fails).

Spaceships & Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. The mid-credit scene made me jump for joy at the set up for Guardians of the Galaxy and the post-credit scene rounded off The Dark World marvellously.

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Monday, 4 November 2013

My Fall Soundtrack

The other day I was reading one of Shirley's lovely posts from Wonder Canyon called "My Fall Soundtrack" and it excited me a lot! She very awesomely said it was completely a-ok for me to write a post on my fall soundtrack too!

Recently all I want to write about is autumn and jumpers and hot chocolates and socks and boots (you get the autumnal picture) and so when I saw Shirley's post, I loved the idea of writing my own soundtrack for these wonderfully magical months. I have already had many of those evenings, sat in pyjama bottoms, a big jumper and socks with a hot chocolate in my hands and music that makes my heart warm surrounding me.

Although, in the UK, you're not likely to hear these colder months be called "fall" rather than autumn, I thought it sounded exotic and exciting so here is my fall soundtrack!

What songs are you listening to a lot recently? Have you got anything else on your fall soundtrack in terms of big jumpers and too many pairs of socks?

Chocolate Sprinkles & Marshmallows,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Love Is On The Radio

So, I am a big Galaxy Defender* (really? You don't say) and I am writing today because you must buy McFly's new single which is out on the 24th of November.

The artwork is so awesome.
I am going to start by saying this *coughs and prepares oneself*: ASDFGHJKL IT'S SO PERFECT IT HURTS MY FEELS. *Adjusts sleeve and proceeds.* I heard Love Is On The Radio at Royal Albert Hall and I knew straight away that I was in love. What's more, McFly were clearly, as they played their new song to a place full of McFly fans, completely in love with their sound. So, waiting eagerly, a few weeks later, lyrics firmly locked in my brain, "excited" could not explain the extent to which I couldn't wait for the studio version to be released. Woweeeeee. It's something else and I want to make sure we (that's McFly fans, you and I) get Love Is On The Radio to the highest possible place on iTunes. Listen to it HERE to re-confirm that, yes, you must buy this delight. Pre-order it HERE!

"We could be married like Mrs and Mr, we'll have a son and we'll give him a sister."

With a classic McRock/Pop track, a hint of Texas influence and lyrics that make my heart flutter, Love Is On The Radio is a beautifully enchanting and charming song. So, on the EP, you get this delicious masterpiece and - there's more awesomeness?! - McFly The Musical. This is Tom's amazing creation. Watch it HERE. You can also pre-order Dougie's version (the Silent Agression Mix) HERE which I highly recommend.

McFly, with 7 UK number ones amongst too many achievements, recognised both widely and by Galaxy Defenders, are definitely deserving of another McClassic to be in the charts and to top it too! Either way, Love Is On The Radio is the perfect tune and a fantabulous way to build the anticipation for their sixth studio album.

Mrs & Mr,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Congratulations Tom and Gi!

P.p.s. The video has been released. Watch it HERE.

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*McFly fan.
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