Monday, 30 November 2015

I Feel You Blogmas, I Know I've Found You

With also the admiration of my love of the Christmas song, Where are you Christmas presented, I bring to the blog the announcement that I will be participating, once again, in Blogmas!

One of my favourite ways of celebrating Christmas is through this wonderful blogging challenge. Not only does it make me feel festive because it is done in the name of Santa Claus's Season but because I feel that this happy festivity will bring me such joy because it focusses around one of my favourite hobbies, writing. My Blogmas game was weak last year, but I plan on redeeming myself this year.

And what is Blogmas? It is this: I will be posting a blog post a day from tomorrow until Christmas Day. The Girl in the Moonlight will see 24 consecutive posts and I, like always, challenge myself to adore every post. To love the message I'm sending or to adore the characters I create. I want to write any review with complete clarity and I want to bring festivities to the blog with complete compatibility with The Girl in the Moonlight. Last year I set myself some reading and creative writing challenges and it kind of failed so I'm not going to do that again because I have realised I am just not in a place for rules at the moment!

The beginning of this month brought a hopeful blogger with a schedule... and I sucked. Oops. Oops. Let's move on. However, 2015 has brought me the most calm and adoring feeling when I am partnered with my blog. I'm most proud of this year's blog (although I hold such pride with 2014 and 2013 too!). I feel like I've really found my blog this year. There are so many parts of 2013/2014 The Girl in the Moonlight that have contributed to this and parts of those years that I need to incorporate more to my current blog, but all the same I adore this year's blog and I can't wait to finish it with Blogmas and then the end of year posts!

Fill your blog with love.

Christmas Jumpers & Christmas Hats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Being Excited

Being excited must be my favourite feeling. To have passion felt in my fingertips at the thought of something, an activity or a concept. Having an inspired heart and eyes with the intention to see something beautiful because I love something. Because that something makes the world as pretty as we like to imagine it will be one day. For a second or two. But if I have this feeling as much of the time as I possibly can, that makes my world very pretty*.

I adore having hobbies and the want to understand things I don't yet understand and people I love in my life. Running; my blog; reading; language; music; my best friend; my family; McFly. I love having outlets to express my complete excitement and adoration for all of these things and people. I adore that all of these things leave me excited and ready to face them all with a big, cheesy grin.

I started this blog nearly three years ago now. Three years?! I started it in my bedroom, completely inspired by the feeling of excitement the thought of this magical space gave me. I seek to always feel this feeling- this is why I still blog, I still run, listen to music, adore McFly and love my friends and family. It's why, when I'm feeling a bit down about university, I get inspired to try harder because I want to live a life with a job that makes me feel only excitement. It's why when I'm doubting life decisions I remember why they give me this opportunity to love and live with inspiration.

Being excited is something I'm thankful for as I know not everyone has the opportunity to experience it. I, in turn hope I can find away to do something to change or help this, because I adore not only being excited, but seeing excitement. A few days ago I spent a whole day with my best friend and I saw maybe the loveliest type of excitement all day long- a simple excitement. He was just enjoying everything in his day. He had a day off and he was grateful for a break and spent the time being surrounded in his own excited positivity.

It's nearing the end of November and I've got a lot of hard work to do before my Christmas break comes about (and hard work to carry on with during this lovely break I will still adore), and so I hope to, when work is getting tough, find a way to become excited with something or someone I love.

Excitement & Adoration,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 20 November 2015

One More Afternoon

Liam stares at the date he, moments ago, wrote on a piece of paper. September 23rd 2015. He draws a sharp breath and has to balance his forehead on his hand to keep himself from falling forward. It has, today, been two years since his mother passed away. It has, today, been two years since he came out to his lovely mother. It has, today, been two years since he uttered those words aloud. "Mummy," he had whimpered, being easily reminded of feeling like a vulnerable boy ten years before when he'd hurt himself. "I'm gay," he had said.

Earlier that day a doctor informed Liam, his father and his sister that his mother had just one afternoon left until she would pass away. Without using words to express it, it was abundantly clear that all three of them wished a miracle would prevail. They, again, silently followed spoken suggestions of using time wisely. Unfortunately, September 23rd 2013 was not a day miracles were on their side.

They each got ten minutes separately with Ellie Sparks, the light in Liam's life. It took one minute of crying in those ten minutes for Liam to stare at his mother helplessly, who was rubbing his hand as best as she could. She took a breath and slowly almost asked, "Son?"

"Mummy," Ellie tried to nod with as much strength as she could, and she smiled encouragingly. "I'm gay."

As soon as Liam saw his mother's smiling eyes and proud smile, the tears stopped and he held his breath to listen to his mother's quiet but loud words. "Liam, you're the brightest, loveliest thing. I am so proud of you and always have been." The words got slower and much heavier. "When you can, you tell your dad and you tell your sister. Don't be afraid. You are to them what are you to me. And you must never stop living a life full of happiness."

Liam began to cry again and his mother cradled him one last time. "Can you promise me that?"

Liam lifted his head and gulped. "I promise. I promise. For you."

"No," his mother was almost stern but her soft eyes betrayed her. "For you."

Liam closes his eyes and then reopens them, forcing himself back in 2015, and attempts to focus on the essay title ahead of him. University is becoming hectic and stressful, and Liam has found himself to be slipping behind in workload. As it piles up almost before his eyes, his desire to face the world with part of who he is known to anyone who dares to notice becomes quieter.

Ten minutes later, giving up on understanding this essay for a day, Liam gathers his things and rushes to the library door, almost needing to be back home. As he walks through the door, taking no notice of his surroundings, he pushes the door into a guy with an unsealed paper cup, the hot drink pouring all over his legs. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" Liam exclaims and the guy stops wincing and puts out a hand to insist he shouldn't apologise. "I shouldn't have been standing right by a door." He uses a napkin to wipe his leg. "Especially by a library door where everyone inside will rush out of in the hope to run away from responsibilities!" Liam laughs and the guy smiles, "The coffee was cold."

"Oh thank goodness. Can I buy you another?"

Liam can tell he would refuse, but then he catches his eyes and for a moment too long, they are staring at each other. Liam is instantly aware of the guy's deep and interesting green eyes and his thick eyelashes. "Why not?"

The guy's smile encourages a funny feeling in Liam's stomach and Liam's eyes divert to the ground, a cheesy smile threatening to take over his whole being. As the two of them begin to walk to the student coffee house on the corner, Liam is aware of the guy's every movement. As they quietly queue and order saying as few words to each other as possible, Liam feels giddy with the knowledge that he is definitely being stared at by this stranger. He is definitely enjoying the attention.

When they walk back out into the surprisingly warm, late September air, Liam feels a wave of confidence at the sight of the coffee in the guy's hands. "So you like it milky with no sugar, for future reference."

The guy nods with a grin. "And for future reference, I'm Kyle."

"Liam," he smiles back.

With another surge of confidence, Liam brings out a pen and nods his head to Kyle's cup. "Can I?" Kyle's seemingly normal easy way falters with a shy smile and he hands over the cup. Liam scrawls his number on the cup and grins, "For future reference."

He turns and begins to walk away, his confidence still there but mixed in with a giggly nervousness he wishes he could explain to his mother as soon as he gets home. He aches, then, for just one more afternoon with his mother and a cup of a tea. If he could have that chance, he would tell her everything.


A Chance & A Hope,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Winter Thoughts

It's one of those nights where I am under my duvet getting work done and thinking about blog things, hoping I also have the time to read a few chapters of the current book I am reading. The rain is singing against my window and it's one of those sounds that I adore accompanying me on evenings like this.

Autumn seems to be turning quickly into winter. Although I'm not sure of the scientific proof behind this statement, I feel less surrounded by autumnal colours and my hands are feeling far colder and far more in need of a pair of gloves. I always note that summer is my favourite season and on a walk to town last week, I noted how true this was when I was particularly cold and particularly ungrateful for feeling quite so cold. Then, on the way back from town, I realised that I was enjoying the cold (and I don't think it got warmer!). Above me was a blue sky, and the chill felt refreshing rather than biting.

There can be a lot of warmth found in the cold, and we always, every year, remind ourselves of this when we are threatened with much colder nights: jumpers; scarves; hot chocolate; blankets; cosy films. With music on in the background, I am adoring finishing a day with my blog (my best friend in web-form) and some warm, winter thoughts.

I have a lot of university work to get ahead of at the moment and the knowledge that making this possible comes with the help of all of the warm, wintery activities that will help ease the stress when workload is getting tough. I've been a bit rubbish with reading in the last month and a half, and with this comes the happiness I know is ahead of me in many stories. I want to finish 2015 on a reading high and reading in the warmth of a duvet is one of my all-time favourite winter activities.

When homesickness becomes a little stronger than normal, the thought of being home at Christmastime with my friends and family makes my heart feel only warmth. I am very grateful for the cosiness that lives at home. So, today, on a particularly wintery night I bring you a few, simple but sincere thoughts that are often written in a similar way on my blog. I must remain humble and grateful and these posts warm me because of this.

Duvets & Blankets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I can't help but express how devastating and heart-breaking it is that so many people, due to recent disgusting attacks, will only be experiencing the cold side to winter and to those, and everyone else in the world alike, I send warm thoughts and hopes. I wish all of those suffering for many upsetting reasons to stay strong.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Please Let Cruelty Stop

I didn't post on Friday when I meant to (once again disobeying my schedule), but after the disgustingly inhumane events in the last few days, I'm starting to realise that I can't apologise overly for things like accidentally forgetting/not having the time to blog. For goodness' sake, the ways of this world is breaking my heart and I can't help but think us people who are feeling bad about small things such as not meeting a deadline we don't have to make in the first place (plus a million other things), need to put this energy into something else (although I naturally understand our reasoning). And so today I am writing a post to show my support for everyone and anyone affected by these disgusting events that have been on the news and, well, been in innocent peoples' lives.

In fear of missing out one of the cruel, recent events but with the knowledge that I am sending love to all countries and cities that have been targeted, I'm going to not name any countries/cities affected but show my love for all affected recently, and before too, by terrorism and absolute barbarity.

We have this precious, beautiful home called Earth and we treat it with disrespect every day, and of course we'd all rather these events of brutality didn't happen, but the unity we have seen and felt has been beautiful. It's been so reassuring to see good thoughts and wishes absolutely everywhere because terrorism and acts of violence in general must always be condemned. They must always be fought with good.

My sincere and hopeful thoughts and wishes goes out to all those that have died, been injured, experienced the traumatic events and have relations to those affected. I, like so many mourn with you and cannot imagine the devastation that is being felt.

Of course, it must be said that all of the ignorant views that have upsettingly been broadcasted since the attacks must also be fought against. To make this world nicer, not only do these acts of cruelty need to stop, but the stereotyping, racism and disgusting views targeted at religions must stop. 

Please let cruelty stop.

Love & Wishes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

That Advert You May Have Heard Of

I normally try and hold off talking about Christmas on the blog until December rolls about, however with the beautiful message the 2015 John Lewis advert has taught us, I feel like it must be reinforced as early as possible so it is etched in our minds for and after Christmas!

Not only does the advert create this lovely picturesque Christmas with all of the lights and fun and festivities, but we, of course, have that message that I'm going to be adoring a lot in this post. Let's now put aside the argument that the "Show someone they're loved this Christmas" slogan is to match up with "...with gifts from our store" (because of course it is: It's an advert FOR John Lewis) and look at the real message we have to understand.

So, the premise of Man on the Moon is that the excitement the girl is experiencing comes from trying to communicate with a man she can see on the moon with her telescope- a man she understands to be very lonely. She tries and tries to talk to him, becoming so entranced with the idea of making him less lonely by getting in contact with him. Christmas festivities jingle on and then finally, the girl contacts the man on the moon and sends him a telescope as a present, thereby meaning he will be less lonely.

Firstly I adore the excitement the girl feels- she loves the idea of helping someone. We of course interpret the moon as a metaphor for the loneliness many people feel at Christmas and the telescope as a means of reaching out and helping those that aren't as lucky as, well, me! I, as a viewer therefore take this advert as a suggestion to think of the elderly and people in general who are alone at Christmas, and naturally those who are in need and can't experience the Christmas that I do. Not only this but we must appreciate those around us who deserve our love and our care.

The overall message of this advert is so important. Of course we need to think about those who are less fortunate than us- and in turn, if we can, do something! Pick a charity that means a lot to you and donate what you can, or spend a little more time with your nan, or learn more about charities for the elderly and find a way to help. Show your love to your family and friends and spread this message.

Show someone they're loved this Christmas.

Jumpers & Hats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Bare Necessities

I've been thinking a lot about that lovely little song from The Jungle Book recently. The Bare Necessities is such a brilliant song, not simply because it has me singing from the word go but because it encourages us all to relax and realise what it is we need to be happy. I adore this concept of making sure we cherish these simple, simple things that can often make us the happiest version of ourselves.

It has occurred to me tonight that we can sometimes only remember to find these bare necessities when we have a holiday. Whether that's simply a holiday off of working or school or a holiday to a place, we only recognise what makes us happy and tranquil when we're so obviously surrounded by it. We look forward to these holidays (as we should) for these aspects, forgetting that we can incorporate these holiday feelings every single day.

My versions of all of the little things that make me deliriously happy are all of the things I do in my downtime; all of the things I treat myself to; all of the things that make my heart happy. We deserve to experience these things even when life is hard and we are struggling or we have made bad choices, so long as we are finding ways to carry on and say we are sorry and do what we can to make things right. The bare necessities are how we can find happiness today.


She cuddles into her favourite jumper, wraps a blanket around her body and pulls out her laptop to knees. She brings up a page to write her thoughts and her fingers become animated with everything sincere. She la la las along to McFly and talks for hours to her best friend. When she's lost in a world that is different to home, the bare necessities are obvious and precious. They are what guide her always.

Hot Chocolate & Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Recently Carrie Hope Fletcher covered this awesome song (you can see and listen to its beauty HERE) and showcased some of her bare necessities alongside it. It inspired this post and it is more than worth a watch!

P.P.S. After creating a goals post to declare my blogging schedule, I messed it up straight away. However I was so so ill that I physically couldn't do a lot. We all need to remember to remove pressure when we know there is just too much on top of us and this is what I did..

Monday, 2 November 2015

The One with a Few Goals

I'm a list-maker. Even if I know I won't complete even 10% of a list, I will make a list anyway. It makes me feel like I'm organised when I'm not really. So, to start off the end of 2015, I'm going to write a list for these last two months and beyond. The difference is I do aim for these goals to always be relevant.

Sometimes when I make a point of making a schedule, I suck. This year hasn't always been compatible for a schedule, but I am going to make one now that I want to stick to. Scary. I'm going to do Monday and Friday this week and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week and then alternate. I can only try this out for November, though, because I do hope I am in a position where Blogmas can happen, but I will decide that later. I have always put pressure on three post weeks which I adore doing, but I have decided November has to be an awesome month to follow a happy Blogtober. I want to focus on my posts a lot and in this way, have slightly fewer posts to a three post week, but ones I'm super happy with this month.

Another reason a slightly less demanding blogging schedule is because I want a lot of space for my other favourite hobby, running. By the end of the month I want to be able to run 13 miles in 2 hours. Running is such a good "down time" hobby and I love combining it with trying hard. I am determined to read this goal because I can sense how proud and chuffed I would be- and it's just nice to feel like that so why not encourage myself to!

I'm still wanting to find loads of different ways to exercise on top of running so that I can switch it up when I fancy it, and find different ways to keep loving being happy. I don't want to ever become bored of exercising (or at least know how to get out of not liking it) and so I want to find as many ways as possible to find it exciting.

What are your goals?

Goals & Hopes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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