Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Girl in the Moonlight | 2015

It's New Year's Eve and for The Girl in the Moonlight, that means a post of reflection. A post to think about all I've achieved and learnt this year because of this glorious hobby, blogging. At the end of last year's "sum up post" I said to cheers to 2015, especially for what it would bring with blogging. I said it'd be a good'n and I am so unbearably delighted to report that it was! It was a good'n!

I'll tell you why.

Although, as bloomin' usual, I've sucked with always sticking to a schedule and even though I will continue aim to be better with this, I will never always be able to stick to a schedule. But hey, I think I've definitely improved. Statistically in comparison to 2014 (I expect I was better with schedules in 2013), I'm not sure if I definitely have been better with a schedule but I've definitely been better at making sure I make up for any suckishness when I don't post.

2014 really moulded exactly what I want my blog to be- the content I want to write. 2015 furthered this. I really think my blog portray who I am, despite being an anonymous blogger, and that's all I've wanted from the start. I've written lots of book reviews, short stories, thought posts and I just know I'm going into 2016 with a good template.

I'm going to leave a few of my favourite posts that spring to mind below (that aren't my short stories or book reviews because I've summed up those HERE and HERE) because I want to have a little look back and feel a little proud of myself...

The Act of Being Quiet

The First Page

That Intimidation Thing and Why It Sucks

Body Shaming and Why It Must Stop

Finally, 2015 has brought the most amount of blog posts that have ever been seen in one year on The Girl in the Moonlight and I am most proud of this. This post marks 200 posts in 2015! I am deliriously happy about this. And I've finished the year with my favourite month of posts, which means 2016 has to be set up for good things? And, hey, more posts...? Exciting!

Have a lovely evening everyone- stay safe, and enjoy! I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring, particularly with the blog.

It's going to be ace.

An End & A Beginning,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

A Conclusion: 2015 Blogging Bucket List

Since it is the last day of 2015 (have you heard?) I thought I would sum up the blogging bucket list I set myself at the beginning of the year (HERE) so that I can write a new one in a couple of days!

I set myself the challenge of making 2015 the best blogging year yet- to have the most awesome 365 days on The Girl in the Moonlight and it really has been the best. It's the happiest I've been with a year of blogging and the most confident when setting challenges. Despite scheduling hiccups I will discuss in a minute, with challenges I've set myself it's the most confident I've felt in that I'll actually complete them. All in all I've been genuinely chuffed with the content I've been uploading and that feels good.

I also set myself the task to post four posts involving someone else... Well, I didn't! I don't think I'll set this aim again for next year but I will keep the thought in the back of my mind. Because of other priorities and whatnot it doesn't naturally fit in to organise guest posts and whatnot but I know so many fabulous bloggers who are ace at it so I will have a think about that one.

The next one... my biggest fear/challenge/let down when it comes to blogging... Scheduling. I promised not to "commit" to a schedule. I haven't sucked completely but I kind of have too! I think I've made up for it with the challenges I've set myself (it's the most I've blogged in one year!) but it is something that frustrates me. I like having a schedule. It is famously summer that lets me down. But it's made me learn all the more and I think although I have sucked badly at points, I've done awesomely at some points.

Finally I set myself the aim to have two challenges on the blog (other than Blogmas). Blogmas counts all the same because I hoped that I would be in the position to do it and I was and I'm not going to lie, I aced it! I'm really happy with my Blogmas effort this year. Before that I completed Blogtober with only one unfortunate slip up and then before that, in August, to make up for a sucky month of blogging I said I would post 26 times (excluding the post I explained it in. Turns out I blogged 23 times but I really am delighted!

It's a mixture of completing and not completing my aims and I'm, in general, completely chuffed with this year!

I will be blogging one more time today but Happy New Year's Eve to any of you reading this!

Aims & Conclusions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My Favourite Books: 2015

It's time to wrap up my 2015 reading on the blog by showing you my favourite books that I've read this year! I have read more books than I've ever have in a year this year, making it particularly hard to choose my favourite books. I have, however, come up with a list of the best books I've read this year!

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick
This incredible book contains the amazing story of Malala and what she stands for. Malala spoke out about every child having the right to education and she was shot. Now safe in England but unable to go home she wants to spread her message all the more. And she is doing an ace job. You can read my full review HERE!
All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
I had been waiting so long to get my hands on this book and it does not disappoint. It's both a bunch of stories about Carrie with advice and lessons sewn in between. We get to know more about the awesome Carrie and realise we all make silly mistakes but we can make up for them too. It makes us feel like we are chatting to Carrie while she talks about things we might have experienced or we might in the future. You can read my review HERE!

(The candle was placed with safety in mind and obviously I don't keep my books next to candles!)
Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
This book came at the right time for me this year- although I'd love it at anytime. I really needed a summery boost and this story made my heart feel incredibly butterfly-y. Emily's best friend is gone for the summer but she has left her a list of things to do... Things Emily can't ever imagine doing. While she tests her own limits and learns who she is, there are a new friendship group and a boy. And it's awesome. HERE is my review for it!
Dream a little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher
Dream a Little Dream is about Sarah and her bizarre dreams. It's about her job she feels like she's getting no where in and her awesome group of friends that go to a pub quiz every week. When Brett, the boy of her dreams, is working where she works, all sorts of whacky things happen in her dreams. You can read my full review HERE!
(Once again, I don't have my books close to candles- not safe!)

If I Stay/Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Ahhh, these set of books for ever pop into my mind. Although the second was my favourite, I adore both of these novels. These stories about Mia and Adam, the process and the aftermath of Mia deciding whether she wants to live or die after she loses all of her family. You can read the first novel's review HERE and the second's HERE!

I Was Here by Gayle Forman
Another Gayle Forman treasure! Cody's best friend Meg killed herself and she wants to know why. Through her finding out she meets new people and finds out new things about Meg. While questions become unanswered, more questions are formed and it's a hauntingly beautiful adventure. You can read my review HERE
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
When Sydney's boyfriend turns out to be cheating on her, Ridge takes her under his wing and a musical friendship is formed. While she helps him out with lyrics, we learn a lot about sacrifice, friendship and music. You can read my review HERE!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

2015 was brought in with this fantastic, fantastic novel. Cath writes fan fiction about a very Harry Potter-esque world and she uses it as an escape from the world. She's not like her outgoing twin sister, Wren and finds herself constantly worried about her. When they move to the same university and her sister takes part in the party side of university, Cath knowing it's not for her, Levi bursts into her life. Fangirl is a brilliant coming of age novel where we ache for Cath to find happiness. You can read my essay of a review HERE!

The Martian by Andy Weir
When Mark is stranded in space we follow his journey in trying to stay alive and contact Earth. We enjoy his funny attitude and empathise with him in the dark moments. More than anything we ache for it to all work out! My full book/film review can be found HERE!

The Understudy by David Nicholls

This is about Josh and his role as an understudy. While he envies Stephen, he befriends his wife, Nora and this is where things get complicated. All the while he wants to prove himself as an actor to himself and his ex-wife and daughter. My full review is HERE!

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Don doesn't completely understand interacting and we watch him often slip up. He also works out that he wants to find a wife. He needs someone to compliment his organised and specific life. Enter Rosie... Wait, is she a match? My full review is HERE!

My versions of the next two books are at university and so I couldn't take a photo for this post but this list also includes...

Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi

Shatter Me is the first part of a series and it was amazing. It's about Juliette and her lethal touch. I don't like saying too much about this series because it's a story I was glad I went into without much knowledge but you can read my review HERE!

All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

This is the sweetest novel about Tom and his lack of superpowers. All of his friends are superheroes, including his wife... who can't see him anymore because a jealous ex made Tom invisible to her. In his quest to get her to see him again we learn about a handful of superheroes and their powers. You can find my review HERE!

Here's to my 2016 reading experience- I'm going to read like I never have before!

2015 & Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick

So I picked up this book on Christmas Day, incredibly excited, but a couple of days later, once festivities had calmed down, I read the majority of this incredible story - about this incredible girl - in one night. I Am Malala. The story of Malala, the girl who fights for the rights of girls and education. The girl who, although wants people to focus on her message and not her story, is my absolute inspiration because of what she stands for and because of the incredible person she is.

This book needs to be read by as many people as possible. Malala's humbleness makes me know how lucky we are to have a girl spreading such an awesome message in this world- it makes me know I will do better to spread goodness. Her courage is the most amazing thing- for even when she fears she is strong. She is bold and she is brave and she stands for everything I want to be and everything I want to say. And so I must say it. We all must say it.

Malala understood from a very young age that she wanted to learn. That she didn't like that women were expected to cook and clean and the men were to have, to her and her culture, the luxury of education and all that comes from it. She knew she was having her right for education and she got and is getting it.

She campaigns for the right of every girl and every boy to have education. She taught me in this book that I was silly for spending any time feeling negative about school (of course there are situations personal to many that vary) because I have been so lucky with my schooling career. She shows us these cultures where girls can sometimes never be educated, or be taken out of schooling to get married or where children's families are too poor for them to go to school- they must work to provide for them instead. Of course this needs to be campaigned for every single second of every single day.

This book is captivating. We learn about her family; a family made with love. A father who would never hold back his daughter and a mother who knew the importance of education. We see how Malala is still exactly who she was before her voice was louder, partially because of her two little brothers. We empathise for her and how she cannot go home. We stand by what she says. We ache for goodness in her life, even though that isn't what she is asking for.

I Am Malala is an incredible book and we must spread its message: Education for every boy and every girl must be worked towards. Always.

I rate this book 5/5!

A Girl & A Message,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I wasn't going to post this until January because I like using Boxing Day-New Year on the blog to round up 2015 but this book has immediately become one of my favourites and will be featured (SPOILER!) in "My Favourite Books: 2015" post coming soon!

Monday, 28 December 2015

A Little Blog of Stories | 2015

To round up 2015, I want to talk about some of the short stories I have posted on the blog this year. One of my favourite aspects of blogging is putting time into writing stories and letting them free onto The Girl in the Moonlight. I've always adored writing little stories and I'm proud of the 22 (two of which are two stories related to each other, and four of which are the four parts to my Christmas series, Home For Christmas) I've posted this year. Last year I spoke about every one I posted in 2014 (HERE and HERE), however this year I want to pick out my favourites and re-visit those, remind myself of them and just tell the blog that I'm proud of these ones.

This Girl and Boy is about a girl and boy who are in love just like in the movies. It's one of my favourites because I like the ominous perspective it's from- I think it makes it more romantic. Not to blow my own horn but I like how delicate this story is; it's as if the style reflects how they treat each other's hearts.

I like The High Street because I like the two main characters: Louisa and Kian. They are best friends and support each other endlessly. I also like it because the story talks quite a bit about running (and the blog knows I love my running!). I like how there are two confident characters but that they both are vulnerable to each other- even if they both don't know the other's feelings.

Just One More Moment is close to my heart because its short length makes the story all the more sweeter for me. It's about Eddie, his late wife and a sunset. I see Eddie finding strength and solace and tranquillity in the sunset; because, to him, the sunset is his wife. The colours show him everything he loved and loves about her.

When I wrote The Lucky Charm I tweeted that this is one of my favourite stories I've ever written, and it still is. It's about George and how his life turned out just how he dreamed because of a coin he found on the floor as a teenager. Not only that, but I think it's about what a good, good person he is and how he deserves and earned all the goodness in his life because of who he is.

This little story is about a girl and a boy on their anniversary, soaking in every moment of each other's company. It's a story made from the hopeless romantic in me and about two people who believe they match each other and blend like the prettiness of the sunset in front of them.

Here Goes Nothing is a favourite because it's about trying to make dreams come true and also trying when you've spent so long trying to forget about them. It's about a woman who wants to write and it's about jumping in head first- a quality, that in the right circumstances, is one of my favourite qualities.

So there we have it- a post to mark the end of my 2015 stories on the blog! It's good to remember to compliment yourself about things you work hard at and I have to say, I'm proud of these little stories.

Some Stories & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #8

As a part of my series that hopes to bring a touch more of personal to the blog, here is my eighth instalment of A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous. You can see the other parts of this series at the end of the post! Today, I want to talk about what we got up to on Christmas Day this year in my household.

My brother and I woke up at half six and we got excited and looked at our stocking presents, just like we have done for almost two decades now. We giggled until our parents with rolled eyes but seemingly joyful mouths ushered us to open our stocking presents. We exchanged gifts and then we went downstairs to see the star of the day on their day- the Christmas tree.

I lit a Christmassy candle and I soaked in every single sound of laughter and happiness. Lame? Nah, I'm home for Christmas and I'm enjoying every second of it. We watched our parents become excited over their presents for each other and even though we are ones to savour opening presents across the day, my dad would turn to my mum and say, "Another present?"

My brother and I made breakfast - bacon and eggs - and we felt stupidly proud at our parents' compliments. All in the name of tradition, the festivities carried on. My brother and I played an old game on an old console and it's odd but awesome how I easily feel festive when playing this one game. Christmas songs were put on the stereo.

The day jingled on, candles decreased and presents kept being unwrapped. I'm a lucky chuck who's had another magical Christmas. I'm delighted to still have lots of festive fun still to come and prepared to face revision.

I hope everyone has had amazing Christmases.

Joy & Love,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5  ♡ #6 ♡ #7

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Book Haul | Lovely Christmas Gifts

It's Boxing Day and I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I had the most family-filled, happy day and I now love the calm of Boxing Day (I used to just feel super sad but now I appreciate the wonderful-ness that is Boxing Day). With my family around me, I thought I'd celebrate today by talking about the books I received yesterday. I am so grateful for them and I can't wait to read (and complete, in some cases) them.
I Am Malala by Malala Yusafzai with Patricia McCormick
I started reading this book yesterday and I can't wait to read more of it today. It's the true story of the incredible Malala. After she stood up for her and every girls' right to education, she was shot on her way home from school. She survived when no one expected her to and she not only has done incredibly in her educational adventures since but she has become so many peoples' inspirations- me being one who finds her absolutely incredible. This is her story and I can't wait to find out all about her and read her wise words.
Meet Me in Manhattan by Claudia Carroll
I hadn't heard of this beautifully-covered novel until I unwrapped this yesterday. I adore books that are a surprise and after reading the blurb I was invested immediately. It's about Holly the journalist who has discovered the man she is in love with is not all she thought. When she goes to surprise him to find out everything, her New York adventure turns into something she wasn't expecting. I'm excited!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
I want to stroke this book all day long- I'm so excited! For ages I've wanted to start a classic book series on the blog and this is how it'll start. I actually don't remember reading this in my life - although maybe I've read a more "child" kind of version so I can't wait to read this!
The Art of Mindfulness - Happy and Energized Colouring
I have wanted an adult colouring book for for ever. Although it's not a book, I see people talk about these all of the time and now I wanna! I have my colouring pencils at the ready and as soon as I finish this post I will be sitting down with one of the beautiful patterns and colouring for a long time.
Did you get any books for Christmas? Have a fab Boxing Day!
Books & Colouring Pencils,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm getting so upset with how I can't enlarge my photo on my posts without the quality becoming horrific. I never used to have this problem with the camera I used to use and I'm just at the end of my tether! I hope I can sort this out for the new year.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve

With her hair haphazardly sticking out of a Santa's hat and her nails freshly painted in silver (so freshly painted that with her list of jobs to do, she will smudge them before they are dry), she opens the door to her best friend who is grinning at her, before he frowns at her suddenly miserable expression. He looks down to her fingernails and as sure as the sky is grey, the first ruined nail is seen. "If you came to the door moments later," she complains. "Festivities wouldn't have to be paused." As soon as she scrunches up her face at him they fall about laughing. Because the laughter home brings is everything she has been waiting for.

Festivities definitely are not paused. With all of her favourite Christmas songs playing in the background, she and her best friend accompany her brother and play on the Play Station. After her best friend leaves, she feels momentarily glum before she and her brother grin at each other and they eat their final advent calendar chocolate. The clock tells them it is three o'clock and they leave their house for a few hours to soak in the jolliness before they return home and indulge in warmth and laughter and she pauses a moment.

It's Christmas Eve; she's home; it's everything she could dream of.

And more.


It's Christmas Eve and I'm sat in bed ready for an incredible day before The Day is upon us. I'm so happy to be home and I'm soaking in every moment with my friends and family. I'm always super busy at home and I adore it. I've got to ground myself a little after Christmas Day because of university work but I've had the most magical couple of weeks and that will continue even after Christmas Day.

To finish off this post I must mention Blogmas which you can read more about it HERE! Blogmas has been my best friend over these festive December weeks. It really has been awesome and I'm delighted to have completed it... I did it! I blogged every day up until Christmas (and twice today??!). I've absolutely adored it and it's set me up good and proper for Christmas. However, it must be said that I'll be blogging every day after Christmas until the New Year too to round up The Girl in the Moonlight 2015, but I'm so fond of my Blogmas 2015 journey so, you know... go me!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it's a magical day for you all!

A Story & A Life,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Home For Christmas | Part Four

~ Part 1, 2 and 3 can be found HERE, HERE and HERE! ~

Delilah has to gulp to stop herself from giggling like the more-than-in-love twelve year old Delilah in her wants to. It's the evening before Christmas Day and she is snuggled up to her best friend as she watches beautiful snow fall from the sky. If she could stay like this for ever, she would. Just as she thinks this George pulls away and Delilah tries to hide her disappointment, her heart's secret.

George's eyes look at her, really look at her and Delilah feels exposed. In love. Under inspection. In the best possible way.

Their eyes catch and he closes them briefly before taking a breath, "I'm so utterly enchanted by you Delilah Rose."

Suddenly Delilah's heart feels lighter, as if her secret has been released. As George looks at her as if she is more than Delilah Rose, but maybe his Delilah Rose, she realises her heart isn't free yet. She realises hope drains from George's beautiful eyes and he looks down and takes a breath as if to say something, but she brings her finger to his chin and lifts his face to her, like he's lifted her every day of her life since they met.

Delilah and George; best friends. Best friends with a question woven in between was always directed at them both from people who knew them. Although George didn't know, the girls would sigh, relieved when they found out, no, they really were just best friends. Delilah, however,  had no knowledge of making every boy fall hopelessly in love with her when she would joke with them and stick up for the underdogs. And she didn't even want their love and that's why George finally said the words he has ached to say for so long, tonight.

"Delilah and George," she repeats her thoughts and watches George smile, although confused. "I've always loved the sound of that."

Delilah's heart is pounding now and George's expression is softening into something that reflects her heart. "George, I love you. Like really love you. Properly, like in the movies but better. And I have done for far too long."

Tears are dancing down George's cheeks now and Delilah knows that she only wants to ever make him cry like this. In the good kind of way. George shakes his head. "I love you, Dee. I have done for ever and I will do for ever."

Delilah brings her hand to George's face like she has done so many times before but with Christmas singing around them and secrets being told left, right and centre, she notes how it has never been like this before. Even if she has wanted it so ardently.

"I'm nervous," Delilah confesses.

"Me too." A gorgeous smile lifts one side of George's mouth up and he shakes his head again, his eyes looking upwards.

Like a scene from a Christmas movie, George's eyes ask Delilahs, "Now?" In response, hers close and George knows that he can't wait to see them again.

One thing first though.


That's my Christmas story completed! Although I haven't had the time to make it perfect, I'm proud of it all of the same!

I am posting twice today for Blogmas and so soon, a little Christmas Eve-esque post will be up on the blog!

Movies & Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My True Love Gave To Me - Twelve Authors

My True Love Gave To Me is one of those ace books that is written by many authors. I'll list them all because they all deserve to be mentioned: Holly Black; Ally Carter; Mat de la Pena; Gayle Forman; Jenny Han; David Levithan; Kelly Link; Myra McEntire; Stephanie Perkins; Rainbow Rowell; Laini Taylor; Kiersten White. It's a Christmas book made up of twelve short stories by these wonderful authors and man, it's awesome.

This book consists of twelve winter romances and it's the perfect book to cuddle up with at Christmas. From stories about elves to students with no money to childhood crushes, this book has every heart-warming story ever. Before starting this I was so delighted to be reading snippets of some of my favourite authors and now, after having finished it, I am glad to say I have discovered new authors to find out more about.

Because they are such little stories that I fear giving away I don't want to spoil any of them as I highly recommend this novel, thereby making this a hard review to write. However what I will say is that it was the perfect book to be my friend during my breaks from serious, un-festive stuff. It's been a busy couple of weeks full of "getting stuff" done and when I haven't been doing that or seeing friends or family, I have adored My True Love Gave to Me.

Christmas novels are awesome and I need to read more of them at this time of year. I will aim to do that in the coming years. I've also adored that in the last two years I've read these types of books at Christmas time- those made up of lots of authors' stories. Last year I read Let It Snow and that is another cracker of a Christmas novel. So, as useless as this review is, it must be said that this is an amazing novel which some lovely festive messages.

I rate this 5/5!

Twelve Stories & Winter Romances,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

8 Messages of Christmas

In the spirit of Blogmas (which you can read about HERE!), here we have a Christmas post to allow a blogger to let their excited festive feelings out onto the blog. Today I want to talk about some awesome messages that should be learnt from twelve different Christmas films!


1. Love Actually

There are more than a handful of messages that should be taken from Love Actually, but I'll focus on the one that Hugh Grant sets up for us at the beginning of the film, letting the thought be known throughout. He concludes that if you look for it, "love actually is all around." It's so easy to get a bit glum about the sadness in this world, especially when it's all around you, however Hugh Grant tells us that it is around us- I will remember this when things aren't going my way. Despite how sad the world can be, there is goodness everywhere- even when you don't expect it.

2. Elf 

Elf shows us the importance of spending time with family that deserve our time. Walter, Buddy the Elf's father, lets his life be taken over by work. He forgets the importance of being at home with his youngest son, Michael and his wife and making his work dictate his mood too. When Buddy realises that he is not as welcome as he hoped he would be when he searched for his dad, he leaves. After Michael makes it clear he is disappointed in his father who makes his loyalties to his work stronger than those to his family, we see what happens when a family works together. And it's jolly.

3. The Holiday

The Holiday teaches a lesson similar to the former shown by Elf but rather than realising our priorities when it comes to work and family, we see why letting go of people who bring us down brings us happiness with other people who deserve our love more and also happiness just for the sake of our own piece of mind. I used to find it so hard to let go of certain things - whether it be people or an experience - but I'm getting much better and The Holiday shows why it is so crucial. Why should we spend our time on people who don't see our worth or let us feel less great than we are when we could be bettering ourselves- with or without the help or others?! I know that since letting go of certain memories and a few people, I am a much, much happier person!

4. Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas teaches us about how important "having heart" is. Arthur and his brother Steve are the sons of Santa and one day Steve is expected by all to take Santa's place. We learn that Santa and Steve don't quite understand what being Santa and having the responsibility is about anymore. Arthur is pushed aside as the "useless" one, when really, he understands that Christmas is about giving and wanting to make others happy. Whereas Santa has come to just want to get the job done and Steve wants to introduce h is new technology to make an effective way to make sure all of the children get their presents, Arthur wants to see the children's happiness and ensure they all get the Christmas experience. It's a more-than-sweet and true message.

5. The Grinch

The Grinch teaches us how important kindness is. We see how the Grinch has become so isolated and sad, lonely and evil because of the effects of a cruel society. We see how Cindy Lou's kindness helps the Grinch and she portrays what Christmas is really about: helping others and creating a lovely togetherness. In turn we see the Grinch become integrated into society and spreading kindness too. Christmas should be kindness.

6. Scrooge

The re-telling of A Christmas Carol shows Scrooge's character develop from someone who loathes not only Christmas, but the values it represents - to be selfless and to love - to someone who is humble, who is kind. To someone who wants to love and live with others. Christmas, when we can give, should be about helping those who are struggling and although this story portrays a lot of awesome messages, this is my favourite.

7. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Disney's I'll Be Home For Christmas has become one of my favourites. Jake doesn't want to go home for Christmas despite his family wanting him home with them. When his father strikes a deal with him: In exchange for coming home for Christmas, he can have the Porsche. When he is stuck in a dessert and has to go through all sorts to get home in time, he learns what Christmas is really about. Although this is a similar message to Elf, he learns not only that Christmas is about Christmas, but it's not about materialistic things... Life isn't about the materialistic things.

8. The Santa Clause

I think The Santa Clause teaches us to embrace the Christmas spirit. It's about a boy and his believing in Santa Clause. We see how his and his father's involvement in being Santa creates the most awesome, festive atmosphere and it, in turn, encourages us to use Christmas to be positive and take on these amazing values and to keep them with us until the next year!


What other Christmas films portray awesome messages?

I wanted to write about Jack Frost but it's a similar (and awesome) message about family values. Jack Frost is one of my absolute favourites so it deserves a mention!

Films & Messages,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 21 December 2015

The Sun in Her Eyes - Paige Toon

Paige Toon books are always a highlight. Just a general highlight. And The Sun in Her Eyes had me as absorbed with her writing as ever.

The Sun in Her Eyes follows the life of Amber Church, an Australian woman living in London, who, under upsetting circumstances returns to Australia for most of the novel. With her husband still in London as they're marriage seems a little sour, she returns to her dad and her groups of friends who she dearly loves- oh and her childhood love, Ethan.

This novel played with my emotions massively. It taught Amber a massive lesson and, hey, it taught us too. I'm not going to touch upon too much of the storyline in fear of spoiling anything, but she faces a lot of confusion and heartache and we feel for her massively. Through her rose-tinted glasses, Amber becomes very confused. As much as I wanted her to think and talk things through a little more with herself, we sympathise with what she learns.

The Sun in Her Eyes provides a lot of information and sadness in its involvement with strokes. It is heartbreaking to read about. Like too many things, strokes are devastating and we see the potential effects of them. With this aspect in mind, The Sun in Her Eyes opened my eyes to a lot of the ins and outs of the process and I really adored her father who always wanted the best for his daughter.

Amber is a strong woman whose caring ways are admirable. She is a little feisty and we love her for it. I was absorbed by The Sun in Her Eyes in a different way to other Paige Toon novels. I found myself being very invested in Amber finding out about her past: I ached for her to stop blaming herself for things out of her control, and I ached for her to find out all about an accident that happened when she was younger which changed her life.

The Sun in Her Eyes has a tough lesson to be learnt and reading about it made me very on edge and invested in Amber's life.

Sun & Sand,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

What Disney's Taught Me #4

A series I adore on the blog is this one right here. It means I can talk about one of my favourite things- Disney movies! I created this series in order to show how Disney movies portray such good lessons, as often people highlight other kinds of messages from Disney movies. Today, I want to talk about the incredible new Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. In case you are unaware of the story, it revolves around Riley, an eleven year old girl who is happy with her parents and her life. In her mind, there are the characters Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear and when Riley and her family move away, these characters are trying to ensure she is still the happy Riley they helped to create, except everything starts to go a bit wrong.


Inside Out is so awesome and a milestone in the animation world because it teaches us that it is normal for us to have these five emotions (among others). We want Riley to be happy but we learn that Joy can't always be what's controlling Riley's emotions. We learn that particularly through Sadness who is always ignored during the film or told she needs to stop doing something. Sadness helps save the day and it shows us that we are all okay when we feel sad sometimes and joyful others.

This glorious film teaches us the importance of being honest. At the end of the film, Riley learns she didn't need to run away from her problems because she could have just told her family. When she does so they completely understand and they work out what to do next. Of course it doesn't have to be family we tell when we have problems- could be a friend or a doctor or a helpline. Riley teaches us that reaching out shows us our options and might even ease our worry. A problem shared is a problem halved.

We are always reminded of family in this film. Of course not everyone has a supportive family like Riley's but we are reminded how important is to appreciate our families (the good ones) and equally those who are awesome around us. I love those kind of messages. Riley and her parents get on so well and we ache for them to have this bond back when it dissipates slightly.

Inside Out is one of my favourite films of all time. I adore it, the characters and the messages it creates.

What Disney's Taught Me #1, #2 and #3!

Joy & Sadness,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day up until Christmas Day and you can read about that HERE!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Home for Christmas | Part Three

~ The first part of the story can be found HERE and the second HERE! ~

It's Christmas Eve and George is relieved to have a break from his business, able now to enjoy the festivities and plan the New Year and all he can do to create more business and progress further with it all. In a couple of hours he is due to be round Delilah's to have their annual Christmas nibbles and a sing song with his dad and his little brother, Harry. He brings out his deep blue long sleeve shirt and black jeans. He nods at them as if for reassuring and he feels his tummy understand that today is the day when the truth will be told.

George gulps and puts the thought out of his mind so that he has it in him to get something done in the next couple of hours.

*     *    *
Delilah plates up some nibbles and slides them into the fridge, bobbing along to the Christmas songs on the radio. Robbie steals a sausage roll and Delilah flicks his arm and he grins. "It's nearly Christmas Robbie-do-dah," she says as if her little brother needs reminding.
Robbie is about to complain about her nickname but he nods almost too fast. "It's gonna be ace. Me and Harry are gonna play games all day." He suddenly frowns, "I need to wrap."
With that Robbie is rushing out of the room before coming back, taking the cello tape and he is off again. Normally Delilah's family and George's family spend Christmas Eve together and then see each other a few days later. This year, they are joining forces and Delilah can barely wait. Her heart sings at the thought of sitting next to her best friend at the dinner table and having a whole day of festive cheer with him.
Delilah still giggles at how well her master plan unfolded not a week before. The kids and George's dad, Steve were amazing and the look on George's face when she would dare to look at his lovely, lovely face was the best thing she has ever created. Singing his song in front of him threw her back to sitting and watching him, adoring how everyone loved her best friend like she did.
A few hours later, the doorbell rings and her dad gets up with a grin and Delilah pushes him playfully out of the way, "I want to get it, I want to get it!"

*     *     *

As Robbie and Harry muck around in the corner, Steve puts his arm around George and ruffles Delilah's hair as she sits down at the piano. Delilah's parents, Cora and Michael Rose slot in next to Steve and Michael chuckles, "You ready for our annual carolling?"

"As always," Steve winks.

Every Christmas the Roses make Steve's family's festive days so much jollier. Since losing his wife years before, he can't ever thank them enough for being so kind and generous. Delilah makes a joke and Steve finds it difficult not to imagine her, one day, being his beautiful daughter-in-law. His heart aches for his son and he makes a Christmas wish.

That this Christmas is that Christmas.

As Delilah easily plays the piano, while her little crowd are stunned at her talent, they all sing along, and Steve enjoys it all. For himself, for his sons, for his second family and most importantly, for his wife.

*     *     *

Christmas Eve unfolds deliciously and Delilah does everything to subtly but often take a look at George, looking as dashing as she hears the girls who pass him say. George makes a joke with his and her brother and she turns to her mum and hugs her. "I love you mum."

"I love you too Dee," her mum grins at her. "Are you having a nice time?"

"The best. It's awesome being back."

"I'd like to think that's all because of me." Cora's eyes move to George.

Delilah flushes a little and stares after her mum as she walks off, arranging the nibbles as if she simply said something that is heartbreakingly obvious. She isn't oblivious to everyone's stronger-than-normal hints that something should and George should admit something and she is equally not oblivious to her heart knowing she wants it more than her mum, her dad, Steve and the whole town, but... Well, but.

*     *     *

Christmas Eve sprawls out lazily into late evening and George notes that it's been a simple and yet perfect affair. With her favourite people around him, he's spent the whole time feeling almost perfectly festive. He looks to his right and sees his best friend curled up with her brother, laughing over something.

"Georgio," Michael calls. "You're looking far too dashing in that shirt, mate."

George laughs, "And you look like a silver fox in that Christmas jumper, Mr. Rose."

"You sweet talker, you!"

Delilah giggles and rolls her eyes, "Steve, my own dad prefers George to me."

"Don't worry, sweetie, I prefer you to both of my own!"

"Hey!" Harry frowns and is clearly proud at everyone laughing.

Delilah whispers something in Harry's ear making him giggle and it takes everything for George not to steal Delilah away and kiss her there and then. Not only do his whole family adore the love of his life but so does everyone who comes across her and as much as he truly adores this fact, it doesn't half make his heart ache harder to have her as not only his best friend, but something more matching his heart's feelings.

As the mild Christmas Eve evening dances on, George's dad and brother leave for home and he says he won't be too far behind them. Delilah's family file upstairs and Delilah sings along to the Christmas songs on the stereo. George laughs as he harmonises her and Delilah giggles, "A harmony like that makes it known we will be together for ever." She seems almost embarrassed as she notices she's slipped up but George smiles encouragingly.

"Hey, Dee, I have a surprise for you."

Delilah's eyes narrow and she moves her head to the side.

"Not because you surprised me so awesomely, but because you're so deserved, best friend."

"You best not outdo me."

"I could never!" George laughs. "Come on."

He leads her out onto the decking and tells her to sit down on a chair. Too nervous to drag it out, he flicks a switch and snow falls from the just above where Michael helped him earlier position the snow machine. "You've always wanted a white Christmas."

Delilah giggles and it seems like she won't ever stop. George takes it all in and allows his stomach to feel entirely nervous and entirely in love with this girl with the endless smile. He sits beside her and wraps his arm around her and she snuggles into him. George notes that he doesn't want this easiness between them to end but he knows he can't keep quiet any longer.

For a while longer, he lets the evening play out and makes sure he'll remember every little joke Delilah makes, every little thanks she says for the snow in front of them, while he knows he appreciates the more the simple gesture. They watch as it continues to fall and he makes a wish in every fake flake. He wishes for his heart to tell the truth with no reservations. He wishes for this Christmas not to be ruined as a result. He wishes that she would understand how grateful he is for her being there, always. For this silly boy who should have come clean a long time ago.

With that, George pulls away from Delilah slightly and she seems almost hurt but then she smiles that smile and George's courage and honesty controls his steady hands as they take hers. Delilah's eyes sing at him and he laughs. "I'm out of my depth, Dee."

Delilah frowns, seemingly worried.

George knows he could make a speech and do gestures like he's dreamed of all of his life, but he strokes her hand and takes one last look at the girl who seems oblivious to him. Her hair curls down her body and her cheeks are tinted with the little pink he adores. Her tiny ears seem a little cold and he aches to rub them warmer. Her long eyelashes blink with her eyes and he shakes his head, enjoying how desperate his heart is. He knows his eyes are saying everything. He just knows it. "I'm so utterly enchanted by you Delilah Rose."

And that's when everything is changed for ever.

I will be posting the fourth and final part to George and Delilah's story on Christmas Eve!

Fake Snow & Real Words,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Friday, 18 December 2015

What 500 Posts Have Taught Me

This post here marks my 500th post on the blog! When I realised this date in Blogmas (which you can read about HERE!) would mark this milestone (yes, I'm counting it as a milestone!), I wondered how I could make this post somewhat interesting to read. I'm prone to being a bit wishy-washy with posts like this despite that fact I'm always so excited about achievements on the blog and so I thought I'd write a post about what these 500 posts have taught me (this post counts as those 500, of course, as it's all part of the experience!).

~ Patience ~
Whether it be learning how to be patient with letting creativity and ideas come to me, or patience with adding links into a post and making pictures work with it, blogging has taught me exactly how to stay calm and let everything work itself out. It's not ever been awfully difficult to be patient with my blogging because it is a hobby and I know that, however I do get worked up because I so want to succeed (the definition of my success being my own which is a nice thing about blogging for fun) in meeting my schedules or making a post look how I want it to look. After all, I do want to write as a career, and learning to be patient with proof reading and technology and writing in general has made me understand how to work well with words and ideas.
~ Jumping ~
Since beginning my blog almost three years ago now, it's felt like all I've done is jump. I've been jumping in that I created this space despite any fears, I've thrown my creative writing pieces onto the internet and tried all sorts of different posts in order to work out what I want The Girl in the Moonlight to be. For someone who was so dubious about my silly ideas and genuine thoughts being launched onto the internet, I've done a good job of jumping in head first and seeing what comes of it all. I have been jumping all month so far with Blogmas. Blogmas means blogging every day up until Christmas and that's such an awesome challenge. And what has come of jumping? A girl with a blog she is super proud of. A girl who can develop her thoughts and release them into the world. A girl with a space on the internet to help her being the most positive version of herself. I've jumped and jumped and jumped and I'm so proud because it teaches me how to jump in all areas of my life.
~ Working with ideas ~ 
Blogging has meant understanding how to work with any idea I want to translate into blog posts. All we bloggers have to do this and even when it's tough and I'm frustrated and even if it doesn't amount to anything, it really is a joy. I'm about to blow my own trumpet but that has to be an awesome life skill... To take what's in my head and think it out into hopefully nearly 500 cohesive posts. I'm just a girl with a big dream and a laptop in front of me. It doesn't mean my blog is something that changes the world. It just means that I have it in me to create something. Man, I love creating this blog! After all, these 500 posts all came from my brain... This whole blog came from my brain. That's awesome!
I could write an endless list of everything this blog has taught me. One thing I adore is that it has taught me a lot about myself. It's shown what I am capable of and all I am capable of beyond I have achieved so far. It allows me to analyse myself and work out who I want to be. I get to understand the community around me and enjoy how friendly the blogging community is. Blogging has taught me a lot. What has it taught you?
Achievements & Lessons,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Home for Christmas | Part Two

~ The first part of this story can be found HERE! ~

After a twenty minute car journey consisting of Delilah singing merrily along to songs that sing of all of the festive words, George notes that his heart feels settled once again with his best friend by his side. When she taps his arm he knows that it's his turn to sing and they giggle all the way until Delilah pulls over. "Okay, best friend," she smiles as if she is all of the stars in the sky and George sighs a happy sigh. "It's time."

Delilah leads George along the high street and after turning a corner into one of the lanes, she pulls out a key and before George can put two and two together, they are stood in his mother's café. After her marriage and her kids, her café meant everything to her. After she died six years before George's father has kept it running. It was a struggle at first - his dad saw the love of his life in every cake and every pink pillow - but he now sees the ever busy business as one of his salvations.

Although they still often meet at the café, as children Delilah and George would always hang out with his mum, decorating cakes and serving customers for fun. Sometimes they would just sit in the window seat and chit chat for hours. Delilah turns a switch and fairy lights twinkle above the Christmas decorations and George's breath catches. Sat waiting for them are six of the kids he teaches guitar to in his shop with guitars perched on their laps. With the biggest grins on their faces George laughs, intrigued and deliriously happily. "Guys?" He asks.

They shake their heads as if they're not telling. George turns to Delilah and her expression is so soft that he can see she has lost the ability to talk for a few moments. "Best friend, what is going on?"

As if it's her way of answering, Delilah carefully swings her mysteriously large bag round to her front and she pulls out her guitar. George frowns with a grin. George tried to teach Delilah guitar a couple of summers ago. Frustrated but still laughing Delilah concluded that she would always be the girl that plays piano and George, the guy who plays guitar.

As Delilah turns and sits on the empty seat by the children, George notes now that he must savour every moment of this memory his beautiful best friend is giving him. George's father appears from behind the counter with a merry grin on his face and a Santa's hat on his head. In his hands is a tray full of fairy cakes decorated how George and Delilah always made when they were younger. Yellow and blue and green and pink butter icing with white stars on the top.

"Hello son," his dad approaches him and hands him the tray before quickly pulling out two chairs for them both to sit on. After they sit, his dad takes back the tray and hands him a cake, as if it is his cake. George looks down and notices a small scroll of paper perched on top. Unaware of the kids getting ready with Delilah, George unfolds the note.

Merry Christmas best friend. Let's make this the best one yet!

A lump catches George's throat and he doesn't dare look at his dad, his dad being the only one that he has ever discussed his happily unbearable adoration for his best friend. His best friend with dark blonde hair and big green eyes and the most gentle soul there has ever been.

Before he can dwell on how beautiful Delilah looks in her deep green skirt and black jumper, her lips say softly, "1, 2, 3, 4..."

Within seconds it all clicks and George is half laughing and half doing all he can not to cry. In front of him are some of the kids that spur him on every day to carry on with his business that many warned him he was not quite ready to go ahead with. His mother told him he should always be what he wants to be and he knew university wasn't the answer for him, so he jumped in head first and he has had no regrets.

As they almost perfectly strummed the chords and Delilah's pretty voice sings the words to a Christmas song he wrote as an eleven year old entering a school competition, he is thrown back to nine years before. The day of the competition George was shaking so much he didn't know how he would be able to play his guitar. Delilah put both hands on his shoulders and said, "You, Georgie, can do this." He took a breath and he sung the song that won him the competition while the crowd full of schoolchildren grinned back at him.

As the chorus kicks in, Annie and Hannah sing alongside Delilah and George shakes his head. He'd forgotten about this song, but of course, Delilah hadn't. Nine years before as his friends were fist pumping him and singing the chorus at him after he won the competition, Delilah grinned in his face. "When you're stupidly famous and you've forgotten this song, I will remind you of it."

"Because it's terrible?"

Delilah looked offended, "No, because it's brilliant! You're brilliant." George shivers, remembering those two words... You're brilliant. He should have kissed her then, but he never did.

As the song finishes, the children burst into uncontrollable giggles and Delilah briefly looks, sheepishly, at George before hi-fiving all of the kids. "You were brilliant, guys." George's heart almost stops and he closes his eyes with happiness. She really is brilliant. "Now go and grab yourself a cake. No, grab yourself two cakes. I made plenty!"

George's dad pats his back and the kids run over to him. He isn't sure he can move but he pulls himself up and takes a few footsteps to Delilah, who is perching her guitar up against a stool. "You play guitar now, do you?" Delilah turns, replying with the merriest grin. "You're now a triple threat, making myself weaker than you in the music world."

"As if!" Delilah scoffs. "I only learnt four chords."

George feigns anger. "You mean my song is simple?"

Delilah giggles, "Your song was and always will be my favourite song." She pauses as George can't find the words and her excited eyes catch his wet blue eyes. During the summer, I found the video I recorded of you singing the song. When I was off of work and you were at work, I would come to the café and your dad so kindly would teach me the chords I needed. It took a while and the kids completely outshined me every time we practiced towards the end of summer, but..." She trails off.

"Dee, this is completely incredible."

Delilah's cheeks are accompanied by a little pink and she looks down. "I know Bailey's mum," she nods over to the boy with the massive grin and looks back to George. "I asked her if she could find a way to gather some of the kids you teach together during the summer and they were more than eager. Bailey's mum has got them together every Thursday after school to practice."

George's eyes nearly give way to the happiness in his eyes but he bites his lip and looks at his hand. He moves one hand to her hand. "Dee, no one's ever done such a beautiful, thoughtful thing."

Delilah shakes her head, almost sternly. "Everyone has been so kind." Before he can agree but insist she is the most lovely thing he has ever laid eyes on and that he is so grateful, she nods her head forward. "The kids..." she grins. George turns to see six kids grinning up at him and he reluctantly lets go of Delilah's hand and lets his heart feel another type of admiration for the kids he adores teaching and watching grow.

"You guys!" he chuckles as they giggle at him. He scruffs up Bailey's head and says, "You were amazing, you little rascals." He widens his eyes at Sam, "You have absolutely aced your rhythm, Sammy. Lily, Hannah... I didn't know you could sing like angels!" They grin at each other. "Matthew and Dan- you've never looked so confident. And Bailey boy, your ability to grin mischievously and play perfectly will always amaze me." He sighs and closes his eyes before opening again. "As if you kept this secret from me for so long!"

After an hour or so of the kids, George, his dad and Delilah listening to Christmas songs and eating cakes and sandwiches Delilah apparently made in the café that morning, the kids file out of the shop with George's dad closely behind them, ready to drive them home in his minibus. "Merry Christmas!" They all sang to each other. Delilah turns around and George just catches his dad smiling at him with a slow nod.

As the door shuts behind them, George is conscious of the quiet that is more than meaningful. Delilah busies herself by stacking chairs and putting stools out the back. She throws away empty cake wrappers and puts the remaining few in a tub. George feels helpless and can't stop himself from silently watching her as he wipes a side.

"Thank you," George almost whispers. It doesn't sound like nearly enough. Delilah leans on the counter and smiles warmly, "You are more than welcome."

"But..." George is about to ask what he has done to deserve such a beautiful gesture. He watched some of his favourite people sing a song he almost forgotten but most certainly remembers writing as an eleven year old, in the shop his mum adored with his dad by his side.

"Don't even ask why." Delilah packs bits and bobs into her bag and she closes the distance between the two of them. "I knew these last few months of us being in two far away places was going to be awful without you. Almost unbearable. And it was, George." He feels his brows tighten at her saying his name. "I've missed you so damn much."

George's heart can barely believe how lucky he is.

"You've been the best, calling me every day."

"As if I would ever not have!" George exclaims. "Dee, the cakes... Every last detail of this has been so magical."

Delilah shrugs. "I've missed you every day, best friend."

"I've missed you endlessly, best friend." For a moment, the two of them let their eyes linger and everything George has always loved about her is shining brightly like it does every single day. Delilah wraps her arms around him and leans her head into his neck.

George can't feel disappointed at his lack of declaration. The declaration his has so yearned to tell of for so many years... He embraces her warm shoulders and her soft hair. His nose smiles at the scent he bought her years before that she always goes back to. One day, he thinks, he will tell the truth.



Songs & Cakes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

P.P.S. The next part of the story has now been posted and you can read that HERE!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dream a Little Christmas Dream - Giovanna Fletcher

Following Dream a Little Dream (my review can be found HERE) is Giovanna Fletcher's Christmas novella, Dream a Little Christmas Dream and Sarah's odd and humorous dreams. Something is up with her genuine dream boyfriend, Brett and Sarah is convinced he is going to leave her. As Christmas jingles on, Sarah laughs with her friends and is confused by her mother's loveliness as Christmas unwraps around her.

Dream a Little Christmas dream is another absolute delight of a story. I read it on a train journey with a massive grin and a happy and strong cry at the end of the novel. I adore Sarah and her funny ways and her group of friends that go to the pub quiz every week. This story oozes warmth and it has to be one of the most awesome stories to cosy up with this Christmas.

Since this is looking like a pretty short post, I thought I'd round it up by talking about how Giovanna Fletcher's writing is like Christmas all year round. All of her stories, whether they talk of Christmas or not, make me feel warm and fuzzy like I feel every December. Characters are always developed so well in her novels as we journey through their problems with them and see life through a different set of eyes. One message that Christmas sings of is love and I always feel a sense of togetherness from her novels which makes me feel that feeling of "home" and "comfort."

This novel made me feel even more festive and made me know how warm I aim to feel this Christmas.

I rate it 5/5!

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

When It Pays Off

In the last couple of months I’ve been setting myself a lot of goals with running, (with the exception of November) keeping up with my blog and trying not to be overwhelmed by workload at university. Sometimes I have dealt well with this, sometimes my tears have been worthy of granting me a role as the lead woman in a chick flick. However, when I have succeeded in my task, you can guarantee I am cheesy movie happy when everything works out well.

I’ve had the knowledge in my mind this year that I have to work so hard and there was a week with multiple tough deadlines and it overwhelmed me a lot- it got me to that “This will have to do” stage. This all sucks, but I know now how key organisation is, in turn allowing me to work hard. When I did receive a result back that was the reason for a endless grin on my face, it just got me thinking how awesome it is when hard work pays off. And how I will so aim to feel like that this year at university.
It then got me thinking about how it seems like work hard doesn't pay off- we then need to keep working hard, working out what we need to do to have our cheesy Hollywood movie ending and keep going in all aspects of life. Of course, we can't always be this kind of positive but I so want to live with these thoughts in my life.
I remember the first awesome six mile run I achieved. I ran it at the pace I had been wanting to for ever and then I got home, sat down and felt stupidly proud at my more than rosy cheeks and sweaty palms. Hard work paying off has to be one of the best feelings. It's like when I was younger and I'd try so super hard on a project and I'd get a fab mark back and it might not be something other friends were proud of but I'd come home from school, tell my whole family and feel so bloomin' delighted.
That's what I want to always strive for- in every aspect of life... To feel chuffed like nine year old me as often as possible.
Cheesy Grins & Life Wins,
The Girl in the Moonlight.
P.S. Blogmas!

Monday, 14 December 2015

A Little Running Diary #4

2015 has so far been my best year for running, and it feels awesome to have a few more weeks left of this year to round it all up. I've just been having a moment where I've thought about all I've achieved this year with running and it's always good to look at yourself and note when you've done something that you deserve to be proud of and think "y'know what, well done me". With this, I thought I'd write a post in my A Little Running Diary series. Here is a list of my top three things I adore about running.

1. I most of all love the sense of achievement I feel. I can even have bad runs and I still know I'm on the right track. I love looking at my running app and seeing personal bests, new routes and just the fact I've completed however many miles. I run because it makes me feel awesome and that's what this crazy thing called life is about, right?* When I've stopped my run, had a little walk and sipped my drink, I return home and I feel like the day is going to be written down as a good one.

2. I love how calm it makes me feel. Whether I am running to beat a time or just having a nice jog, I feel like all my worries float away behind me and I'm running into something good. We all need things that calm us down and running really is my safe haven.

3. Hobbies often are often a large section of your life and having running as a hobby means that I not only have something to look forward to and think about when I'm not even running, but it comes with all sorts of other bonuses like running clothes. I love buying running clothes and it always feels awesome to treat myself to something new. Materialistic, but it is a bonus!

A Pair of Trainers & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

*Terms and conditions: providing that we're not hurting ourselves or others.

Sunday, 13 December 2015


There are so many things I believe I should remind myself of every day- things I most certainly should be grateful for and should aspire to live every day a certain, positive way because of. Today, with a blank page in front of me, I am thankful for laughter. I am thankful for the memories I have of being with friends and having hours of ridiculous giggles, I’m thankful of having people in my life that will, today, make me laugh, and I’m thankful at the thought of all of the precious times to come which will be brightened with laughter.

From laughing momentarily with a train conductor after an automatic door kept refusing to completely shut (it's one of those "have to be there" moments) this morning to calling my best friend and experiencing him telling me a joke he could barely tell thanks to his ridiculous laughter. Laughter… I believe it’s actually therapeutic. I see this when something really tickles my mum and she’s laughing by herself on the sofa, with the most lovely, happy expression on her face. I see this when my friends and I all come together because of laughter.

A way a lot of us wind down when we can is to watch comedy- whether that be a series or a stand-up comedian. Even if we aren't physically laughing, we enjoy how it makes us feel some form of laughter (in our heads or literally). Laughing means forgetting about whatever worries; it means coping better with worries; it means really enjoying a moment.
I spent a whole day laughing with two of my best friends today. It meant that when I got home and sat down, I just grinned.

What a damn good life I have filled with laughter.

Gratitude & Happiness,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Brother and a Sister

My family and I put up the Christmas tree and decorations tonight and it was the most wonderfully festive and family-orientated couple of hours. My brother and I worked mainly on the tree and my parents unpacked and kind of looked upon us. We had Christmas songs on and we drank warm drinks and oh my goodness, it feels so lovely to be home. I already know tonight marks one of my favourite nights of the whole holiday.

I understand that I am very lucky to have a family around me that deserve only my respect and for this I am so grateful. I couldn't help but feel so warm and festive whilst doing festivities alongside my family. Moments like those make it so obvious that, to me, family will always be so important in my Christmas (and my life in general!). We have a few awesome Christmas activities lined up for the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to spend my time at home with them- because when you're as lucky as I am, it's lame not to appreciate how (kinda) cool my family are.

So, the tree is up, glistening prettily in front of me while I write of Christmas and just how lucky I am to experience such warm Christmases. I am at home for a few weeks, and while Christmas songs tinkle in the background, it must be grinned at that the countdown truly is well underway, isn't it?


A brother and a sister grin with their lips and their eyes as they stand at the top of the stairs, hurrying their parents, with stockings hanging from the hands. With bright eyes, the sister dares to say, "Can we go down now?"

As their parents' lazy eyes focus on their children, they laugh, "Yes."

Slowly, they walk step by step until they can peek into the dark living room, where multi-coloured lights dance slowly, waiting for their arrival. Although presents are dotted underneath, the children feel mesmerised by the air around the Christmas tree. That Christmas Day song that sings around the family it surely have it all. Warmth, smiles and a family? That's a lot to be thankful for on one set of stairs.

"Go on then! Go down!" their mother encourages them.

With one last look at each other, the brother and sister enter a Christmas Day that won't ever be forgotten.


Baubles & Tinsel,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Knowing Your Limits

So it's the eleventh day of Blogmas and it's almost eleven o'clock in the evening (at the time of writing) and I haven't yet written a post that needs to be posted in the next hour and a bit to make it eligible for this festive challenge I am a part of. It never crossed my mind to not actually write the post but I just had the fleeting thought of the fact that I don't have to post because I'm so, so tired and I could do with going to sleep. This then got me to thinking about knowing your limits. Of course, writing this post is going against this idea, however I know I have the time in the morning to make up my sleep and these thoughts have inspired my fingers to type out a post.

On the blog I have occasionally been awful at sticking to a schedule I always naively set myself. Although maybe 30% of the time that I suck at sticking to one is down to rubbish time-keeping, the rest of the time I suck is because of other commitments like university work. I give myself a hard time for making my blog a lonely place, when really I am trying to understand my limits. I have to prioritise my university work and I have to make sure I'm getting enough rest and eating well and all that kind of stuff. I still need to work on this because I'll try and write or I'll spend too much time having a word with myself, but I have recently made a little promise to myself that it is a good thing to know when to say no.

I've never been one to give into peer pressure, although I haven't always been perfect with it. So the first part to this is knowing your limits. It's things such as if you know it's wrong, don't do it or if you know you can't do it, don't do it. However, it's also making sure you don't give yourself a hard time afterwards. A few years ago I would say no to going to certain things, despite anyone repeatedly asking, and I would feel a bit rubbish afterwards. That sucks. I shouldn't have felt rubbish. When I did feel rubbish I don't think that this feeling often lasted too long, but when it did I'd start to question myself and in this way, we must learn to be less hard on ourselves- we've exercised that we know our limits and we should exercise that we know we are doing a good thing.

We are always taught, by society, that we must know our limits with alcohol and our levels of tiredness when it comes to sleeping and other such things. Don't take drinking too far and don't drive when your body can't hack it. They are such important values and we need to take these values into other aspects of our lives. If we are working ourselves into being a very stressed and tired human, do everything you can to rest and find away to cope (in legal ways because that's the only way!!!!). We need to say no when we've been a bit silly and booked too much in. We need to realise all of these things all of the time. We need to know our limits and we need to find a way to live a life that's happier than that stressed person we've become.

I am tired writing this post so excuse anything awful expressions I've produced, but I know my limits (wahey) and I'm going to sleep!

Happy Blogmas!

Disney & Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Creation Qualification

Yesterday I watched Carrie Hope Fletcher's video, Am I Qualified To Be Creative? which you should definitely check out. Of course, without discouraging anyone from carrying on with education/going into higher education, Carrie describes her recent struggle where she wanted to have it known that she is "qualified" to write books. The awesome conclusion it draws is that, of course she is qualified. And I'll tell you this for one thing: I can't bloomin' wait to read her book!

It got me thinking about how I still feel a bit sheepish when it comes to The Girl in the Moonlight, my little blog that brings me such joy. I've stopped questioning why I choose to blog anonymously- 100% knowing it's just how I want to do things, so putting that aside, I don't like how I feel sometimes that I'm not "qualified", in a sense, to blog. I've never thought about it exactly in that way because I am always so deliriously happy to sit down and write for the ol' blog and I don't ever see it that harshly, but I wonder whether the (few- and I'm okay with that!!) people that view my posts and potentially read them think it's all rubbish.

I wonder whether, when I put up short stories, any potential reader thinks, "Hey, you're no writer!" or whether these are the kind of thoughts that cross anyone's mind that comes across my blog. Yeah, people might think it, but some people wouldn't even think that- they would know too that it's just my little personal space on the internet. My blog isn't this massive institution where it is of vital importance to make sure every thought I portray is succinct and it isn't something I get paid to do but it is something that makes me so deliriously happy and that's why I have the creation qualification, if you will, to create the content I create for the internet, even if I'm the only one that's paying attention to it!

My dreams, as I always note, involve writing- writing a book in my lifetime and earning a living with this hobby I oh-so-adore. Soon my hopeful plans to be a writer will start unfolding (past my degree) and that's when I will really find out about the creation qualification- to succeed in that career I will need a few good opinions on what I do, if it's how my life does unfold.

For now, I have the creation qualification for this blog because I enjoy it. And that really is all that it's about!

And side note: heck no do you need to "go to school" to get far in so many areas in life. Happiness is the choice we need to make.

Creations & Hopes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!
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