Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Tasting a Changing You

Taste buds are a funny thing aren't they? As a child I would eat bananas, then I went off of them and despised them and I now I adore them. I used to find fish a complete bore and now I am so into it! Especially since reading up about the incredible benefits of certain fish, I'll be so excited to sit down with a salmon pasta or a tuna sandwich! Seasons come and go; the clock keeps ticking; the sun rises and the sun sets. Life can be unexpected but there is a routine to it. And yet we are always changing.

Something I think is so exciting about our relationships with people is that people are always changing. We experience new things and feelings; we develop opinions; we open our eyes to concepts; we find new hobbies; we get better at things; we get worse at things; we learn happy lessons; we learns sad ones. People develop- of course they do! We can experience these changes alongside them. And vice versa.

In the last year I have become so much more adventurous with food. I've become better and cooking but also trying new foods. I'm so into researching healthy foods and working out how to incorporate them into my diet. The more I've tried, the more my taste buds have become interested. I feel like I've got a new set of taste buds. It's not just that over time mine have changed and I've started liking new things, but I think I've adjusted them to trying new things. I think that's pretty cool.

These are a few thoughts that have occurred to me today. They feel related. Part of people changing is their taste buds changing! The fact I love food I never used to or never thought I would makes me know I should always say yes to trying new things- not just food. These changes change me as a person. Treasure your loved ones. See how they change. Love how they change. Help them become better when they ask or need your help.

A Change & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging twice a day every day this month- the challenge is almost over eeeek! (Although with a slip up!) You can read my last post HERE!

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