Friday, 30 August 2013

August's Awesomeness

It makes me want to have a tantrum and go and play with my colouring pencils as August is over but I must talk about my favourite things of the awesome August.

One of my favourite things is that Nina Nesbitt is the music to the new John Lewis advert. It excites my heart oh so much! Hearing her cover of Don't Stop on the advert makes me jump up and down with excitement and it is now available on iTunes! I'm a huge fan of Nina and every time she releases something on iTunes it will be on repeat for many, many days! I absolutely love her cover of the fabulous Fleetwood Mac song and it puts me in the greatest of moods.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet is officially out! Being 17 did not stop me loving and re-reading The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas many times and it didn't stop me loving Tom and Dougie's second children't book. I've bought many copies for family members and I know they'll love it too! You can buy it here and many other places. I will be putting up a blogpost up about it very soon!

Louise, Sprinkle of Glitter uploaded and amazing video: Having Hope. I love it when Louise does these kind of videos because they're nothing but honest and bright (I'll explain). This video left me feeling nothing but (if I were a colour) yellow; I feel refreshed and with renewed prospects. The world looks more hopeful. I feel happier and excited about what's to come. After Having Hope, I really did feel hopeful. Thanks Louise!

I really love The Vamps and I had a lot of excitement for their video for their debut single Can We Dance. I've loved The Vamps from the very first day and so was naturally very proud of their first video. I love it. Can We Dance is an amazing song and I saw only a good response to it on Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you pre-order it on iTunes for extra awesomeness too!

Here I shall talk about two trailers that have been my favourites of August. As the Sherlock, season 3 teaser trailer came out this month, I must talk about it. I have watched this beautiful creation many times. I just can't wait. Sherlock just looks... And Watson is... I just need to see the first episode now. What else can't I wait for? THOR 2 ASDFGHJKL. The trailer is just epic and it makes my wee fangirl heart cry. Oh Thor, you perfect man.

Even though I had Brand New Day already on my iPod there are extra treats on the EP including an acoustic version of with Nina Nesbitt which is just... perfect. Each track is amazing and I just can't stop listening to it. Kodaline have my heart and make me feel all summery and are also perfect for cold nights and hot chocolate. They are a must for all seasons.

So this month has been so awesome in terms of music as well as visual wonders; a big cheer for August! Now I'm off to draw a flower.

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Dinosaurs & Hearts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

YouTubers: Lauren Aquilina

Although I'm not sure she's defined as a YouTuber, more so a singer/songwriter, I found Lauren Aquilina via YouTube and her covers here and I'm so glad that I did.

Lauren's voice is the kind that causes hairs to stand up and make my insides feel all fluffy! Her music really chills me out and she writes it herself - there's nothing more I love in an artist than one who writes their own songs! As well as this, she plays piano and it's just perfect. The lyrics are always so meaningful and pretty and I always have the melodies she's created in my head. She is clearly so passionate about her music and that makes my heart smile; when she plays her music live, it's not just her voice or song that gets me, it's how much the song is a part of her. Wow, that just got deep. I get so carried away into a better world when I listen to her music. She is one of those rare artists that can make any day better.


"You're in control, rid of the monsters inside your head."

I also feel like I relate to her music. I'll sit there and just think "yup, I get it" and that makes me play the song on repeat for hours as loud as possible, yelling emotionally (and as gracefully as I can) the lyrics along. Golly, I'm getting teary thinking about it.

I love Lauren Aquilina so much. Her talent is incredible and she's so dang talented and I can't wait to one day see her live. I'll be the one freaking out.

Favourite acoustic version of one of her songs.
What I'm listening to right now.
Favourite cover.

Have a cheeky listen to her Fools EP (and love it).
Check out her amazing Sinners EP.

Raindrops & Pianos,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 26 August 2013

A Cynical Romantic Sees Love #3

As I've spoken before about being both cynical and completely in love with "love", I'm going to talk about another experience where my pessimistic eyes have been opened.

Love comes in different packages: the love you feel for a friend; the love for a family member; actually being in love and so on. I watched two versions of love wrapped up in one lovely moment that I had to force my eyes to be drawn away from. Recalling the moment even makes me smile.

On holiday I saw love in the form of a family and the love the two parents of the family felt for each other. In the pool was the dad, holding his baby boy with his older boy beside him. There were nothing but smiles. The mum was outside of the pool taking a picture, capturing this perfect moment: all of her lads having fun on holiday. The dad was grinning wildly, the mum proudly, their happiness and pride both showing their incredible love for each other and their own picturesque family.

The eldest son was showing off his water tricks and his dad praised him, saying that he would soon be able to teach his little brother. I couldn't help wonder how much he wanted his boys to stay that age or whether he was excited to see them blossom. I'd expect a bit of both, but he was definitely enjoying this perfect moment.

After they came out of the pool the eldest kid asked for an extra treat with a cheeky smile and they of course, said yes because the boy seemed a gem and they clearly loved him (as you would) with all of their hearts. The baby boy giggled along and the family packed up their stuff, sure to be enjoying more lovely moments that evening.

The love between couple was perfect. They would smile at each other, their sons lighting their eyes with pride but their love that existed before their children shone like crazy too. They had their own little moment within the moment, the smiles they shared between their children talking, the smiles in their eyes.

There are two special things about this moment:
1) Although I can only assume, this one short moment was probably one among many moments that they have experienced before and just a slight happening in the mist of happiness they are to experience and yet, it caught my eyes and heart.
2) The love the parents had (and have, I hope!) for each other lead to this second form of love and that's just too precious.

It's crazy how much this one experience made me incredibly happy.

Splashes & Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Sun, Water and Family Time

So I've just had a fabulously relaxing holiday and I'm not yet out of the I'm-so-chilled-I-just-need-to-lie-by-the-beach stage after a break away.

I miss it so much already. I can't fault a week away from my home with sun and a pool. As much as I love where I live and the people, time away is valuable. It's time to just relax without the internet, without stress and without thinking about stresses to come. One of my favourite things is turning up somewhere hot and being dressed a little too English-weather-ly, changing into swimming gear and getting in a pool and that's exactly what I did. I can't tell you how good it felt. I read a couple of books, listened to new and amazing albums and sunbathed to my heart's content as the weather was fab. Laaaaarvely. More importantly I ate until I wanted to stop. For me, that's the dream. I ate oh so much. This past year has been a hectic one for all of my family and so it was nice to have time together: sit by the pool together; eat together; be together.

On holiday I didn't think about college or university and because once I think of an idea about my blog, my mind will start writing it and I'll get very stressed, I barely thought about blog content. However, I also get randomly inspired, which I don't mind one bit. One series I have, A Cynical Romantic Sees Love very much so relies on a spontaneous moment that has caught my eye and made me smile and kept my eyes focused (in a not-so-creepy way) on the moment. Sometimes I get very stressed because they're my favourite posts to write but because I wasn't thinking about it, I saw one - and possibly two - moments that I will be publishing soon. I'm super excited about this because I love these moments so much. It actually taught me to not stress about finding one of these perfect moments because they will come along!

Although I've got that "ugh I'm back home" feeling, I'm also so refreshed and enjoying summer and my thoughts and plans for my blog have excited me, so, for now, I look forward to the next break with the family!

Bubbles & New Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Les Miserables

I love musicals. I love Les Mis. I love Carrie Hope Fletcher. So, naturally seeing the production of Les Miserables at the theatre was one of my favourite ideas.

The buzz of London is one of the best things. I also associate a lot of the excitement with the shows that are on: Wicked, Grease, Billy Elliot. I would go to the theatre every day if I could and see musicals that I've seen a million times before because I love them oh so much. Most iconic shows, I've seen but other than the recent film, I'd never seen Les Mis. As I loved the film and one of my favourite people (Carrie Hope Fletcher) stars in it, it really only made sense to go and see it.

It is one of those classic "I knew I was going to be blown away" moments but I didn't know how much I would cry. As soon as it started I was sucked into the story. I love those moments: where something that's not really happening becomes completely real for a while. Daniel Koek, the man who plays Jean Valjean evoked my emotions from the very start. It was his voice. It sent shivers down my spine. It was also the passion he depicted when he sung that made my eyes moist.

The whole cast was that kind of fantastic that makes you elongate every syllable. The young Cosette broke my heart with her sweet voice, as did Fantine with her angelic voice. The older Cosette was mesmerising; Javert was spot on; Marius was everything you'd ever want. The boy who played Gavroche was heartbreakingly perfect. The students were also fabulous. The whole thing was a dream.

One of my favourite parts in the film is when, after The Bishop of Digne offers Jean Valjean a place to eat, a place to be warm and Jean Valjean steals from him, and the police soon catch him, The Bishop lies to save Valjean. I have never watched the film without crying like a toddler at this part. It gets me because of his goodness and because it's the start of Jean Valjean finding strength to become an amazing man. Therefore, I must write about how utterly emotional I was watching this part in the theatre. I was a mess. The Bishop of Digne was flawless.

Now onto Carrie. She plays the older Eponine in the production. It's genuinely quite difficult for me to attempt to put how amazing she was into words and although nothing will justify it, I can try. When it was the scene that I knew Carrie would be in, my eyes were darting around until I saw her. When she was on stage, she was all I was watching (I am a huge fan). I'd only ever, before that day really seen her sing and, well, speak. That day I saw her act and she was bloomin' great. I believed every word she said and I felt her lingering gazes at Marius and it was just perfect. When she sung On My Own, for a moment I took a look at the whole theatre focused on the person who I had watched on YouTube and watched her dream come true. After having appreciated her talent for so long, I was overwhelmed with emotion. The highlight was her singing On My Own and it brought me to tears. She is the perfect Eponine. It must also be mentioned that when she came out at the end to bow as I whooped my heart away, I, of course, felt my eyes dampen with a little fall of happiness. She was with her theatre family and she clearly appreciated everything. Like the fangirl I am, I was so proud.

It is such an amazing production and I had the most wonderful time.

Castles & Clouds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 19 August 2013

I Heart Lewis Mokler

I want to make an "I heart Lewis Mokler" T-shirt and wear I for the rest of forever.

Imagine warm honey, soft caramel and a hot chocolate and then multiply that by infinity and add sprinkles and grated white chocolate. Picture a slightly humid day but then vision yourself taking that first lick of an ice-cream and feel the comfort in that. Now, it's the coldest day and you're finally under a blanket, marshmallows and melted chocolate at the ready. Flash to this: you're lonely and it's raining but then your best friend cheers you up with a good movie and sweets. That's the only way I can describe Lewis Mokler's voice: warm, soothing, sweet, but also with something underneath it all that you can't quite name, something that's a beautiful mystery.

Lewis Mokler has a YouTube channel with some of his music on and you should check that out here. This is how I found out about him and it's one of my favourite moves I've ever made. As soon as I found it I went straight to iTunes to make sure I could listen to his voice at any moment during the day. I couldn't have a favourite song but Sucking Lemons, Simple, Nutella and Eve are my most played.

Watching Lewis perform live is magical. I'm literally wonderstruck and it's a dream of mine to see him live. It's how effortless his talent is, how happy he is performing and how his voice is flawless that makes me excited to join him one day while I stare, mesmerised. Equally, when he performs his track acoustically I'm transported to the best place anyone could dream of.

I really appreciate his music. He's a songwriter so when he's performing his songs his understanding of it is clear because he wrote it and the joy that brings me is oh so high. His lyrics are meaningful and where, sometimes that feels rare, it makes his music all the more pleasing and I always find his songs are stuck in my head and heart. I really love his talent.

I have spent many hours of the sunny days this summer in my garden listening to nothing but his tunes as well as cold days with my speakers and his music. If you look up the definition of perfection, "Lewis Mokler" should be the description. I can't wait to one day see him live because I can't wait to soak up his talent.

Umbrellas & Nutella,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. He makes my heart flutter. He (metaphorically) keeps me warm in the winter cold. I loves him.

Check out the lyrics to my song Permanent Rough Patch HERE.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Permanent Rough Patch

Verse 1
Quick, shut the door,
It's just the start of another war,
Cry quietly, be brave,
The storm will stop but you will hear the rain,

Verse 2
Footsteps, so silent,
Screams that never promise the end,
"It's all your fault",
Don't listen, I promise it's not,

Over and over again,
It's been 6 months, what did you expect?

Within seconds everything turned black,
The joker once there, but then the devil's back,
They're shouting, blaming you for that,
Stuck in a permanent rough patch,

Verse 3
Monday, they start again,
Smiles all round, but you're not content,
A family where egg shells,
Are all they know,

Verse 4
She promised changed,
"He'll stop, I swear that he will one day",
You're so tired,
You've lost all of your fire,

In 6 months it will happen again,
Who's to blame, I bet you can guess,

Within seconds everything turned black,
The joker once there, but then the devil's back,
They're shouting, blaming you for that,
Stuck in a permanent rough-

Middle 8
I'm sick of always being to blame,
And that no matter what it always ends the same,
Tell him I can't do this,
I can't do this,

Within seconds everything turned black,
The joker once there, but then the devil's back,
They're shouting, blaming you for that,
Stuck in a permanent rough patch.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Summer Break and a Happier Mind

This summer holiday has been a small saviour for me and, even if I do say so myself, it has been greatly deserved.

It was getting to the end of the year at college and I didn't feel like I was functioning right. I was tired all of the time, I was stressed and relieved when I was able to go home. All of this did not give me any kind of positive mind-set. Therefore I was counting down the days obsessively until the end of the year (about four weeks towards the end). I see I'm not painting a good picture of college but I felt drained, but I'm sure it will be worth it... In the end *shivers*.

I've never appreciated a break more than this year. I'm sleeping a full night's sleep, drifting off easily because I've got nothing to worry about and waking up with happiness: another day of something good. I can chill out with my friends or have a lazy day and go out in the evenings without thinking about homework or coursework or revision. And heck it feels guuuuurd (that good I'd start a sentence with "and").

One day in the summer I got up, read a few chapters of a book, got ready for the day, saw a friend, watched a movie, sunbathed and saw another friend and do you know why that's fab? It's fab because I'm doing lots in a day because I want to. I'm not being forced to go to a place that's causing me too much stress for a day or do a presentation that causes me to want to cry (not that I'm bitter or anything).

So far I am having the best summer. You know when people talk about being refreshed after a mini break or epiphany... or deciding to become a naturist? Well, I've had that (whilst being clothed). I feel so so so refreshed and new and my mind feels free. It's unbelievable what a break can do for you.

I just feel positive. I feel happy and motivated and excited about plans I'm making for my days in summer as well as my future plans. That feels good. It should be known that I actually, underneath all the stress and occasional tears (and when they come, there are lots of tears), I actually like college but this summer, this break for all of the stress has been amazing.

I'm now off to eat five pots of jelly, arrange a cinema trip and meet a friend to eat chocolate. Perfection? I'd say it's pretty close.

Video Games & Milkshake,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 12 August 2013

With Love - Christina Grimmie

28th July:
I'm writing this just under a week before With Love, Christina Grimmie's second album is to be released and I can't express how super excited I am. Christina's first album Find Me is absolutely fabbity fab (I'm listening to it right now and my favourite track from it changes every time I listen to it, it's that good - right now, it's Counting!) and now, waiting for With Love... I'm ready to hear its awesomeness.

1st August:
Okay, so I've just woken up and got straight onto YouTube to see Christina's live chat and well... FANGIRL TIME. It's so exciting to see Christina so excited about her original songs and I sat in awe watching the live chat. From the snippets, I think The One I Crave and the bonus track [My Anthem] are my favourites but then I think of Tell My Mama and With Love and, well, every other track on the album and I don't know. I'm so psyched and ready for With Love to be on my iPod!

6th August:
The day has come.
Sings a tune from the roof top (metaphorically).
So, I'm sat waiting....
It's downloaded!
To be continued...

I've been listening to With Love all day.

Wowsers. It's perfect. The sound is so different from her first album and I am absolutely in love with it. At the moment my favourites are The One I Crave and Think Of You. I cannot get the fun tune of The One I Crave out of my head and Think Of You makes me so solemn! It's an album full of upbeat and slow songs and that's awesome because I can go from being on the verge of tears (With Love) to tapping my foot and smiling (Feelin' Good) to singing along sassily (Absolutely Final Goodbye & Get Yourself Together).

I'm so proud of Christina with this album. It's an amazing album and it was, without a doubt worth that wait, as I knew it would be. I'm excited to see footage of Christina performing her songs on tour. Forever in Team Grimmie.

Zelda & Link

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Here's my post about Christina.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 7: 10 Special McMoments

For the end of McFly Week on my blog I decided to write one fabulous thing that happened for each year that McFly have existed (even though I could name a billion).

2003 My favourite band were born officially. Now that's a pretty special moment if you ask me. Tom, Danny, Harry and Dougie were officially together as one. It's their best decision yet.

2004 5 Colours in Her Hair was released in 2004. The world met McFly with their iconic song. The release of 5 Colours in Her Hair was what created my schedule for each night. I spent my evenings  (before they released more music and I had more than one song to jam to) dancing along to the girl with five colours in her hair, pretending it was me.

2005 The year McFly got their BRIT. My favourite band don't need awards to justify and represent how talented they are. If they did they'd win every award possible but this BRIT was perfect. I remember watching them win it and I was so hyper and excited (yes, I was nine, but that's not related to it) and I was genuinely grinning with pride, telling my parents how amazing they are when they accepted the award.

2006 Just My Luck has to be mentioned. I literally laugh my way through that film every time I watch it and I absolutely love it. It's young McFly documented with their... fabulous acting skills. No more needs to be mentioned. Aw. Aw. AW.

2007 The Heart Never Lies. To McFly fans, this is one of the most iconic songs. It's beautiful, heart-warming and SO GOOD, but it also has the special line when performed live: "Another year over and we're still together, it's not always easy, but McFly's here forever." It's unbelievable what I feel when I see this performed live. The unity that's felt between all Galaxy Defenders is overwhelmingly amazing.

2008 In July the free version of Radio:ACTIVE was released. I don't have a favourite McFly album because to me, it would genuinely be impossible to choose. (I'm not judging people who do, obviously oh em gee.) For me, this was a special moment because I spent my summer holidays, my exciting six weeks off with new McFly music. It was the best.

2009 Obviously, this isn't a big deal for McFly (well, it might be, they do love their fans) but I had a sleepover. Where are you going with this, you ask. Well, I played every McFly album and my friends (they were never in a category of 'not McFly fans', they just didn't listen to them) decided they liked McFly. They're not what are called Galaxy Defenders but they chill with me and listen to them and that's so important to me. Wow, that's lame, but it means everything that my friends appreciate them and their music.

2010 The year of my first McFly concert. It was special. Like, truly amazing. Each time I see them is my favourite, and that time was my favourite because it was my first time seeing them. It was just not comprehendible, seeing that these people were yes, actually real.

2011 This was when McFly's amazingness was proven. Dougie and Harry won Strictly Come Dancing, their support for each other as blinding as the sun. It was a year when Dougie went into rehab and so seeing Dougie in the jungle filled every Galaxy Defender with pride and seeing Harry do justice to his competitive side was amazing too. It was an incredible time.

2012 For McFly, a big moment for them in their career and life was... meeting me. It was the best day of my life. I can never explain how truly amazing that day was so I won't try. Thanks McFly for letting me enjoy you in real life rather than through a laptop or TV screen.

2013 My favourite band reached 10 years of being together. I can't explain how amazing that is. They've been around for 10 years and there are still loyal, excited fans eager for their next album and the music and achievements after that. Kudos McFly, kudos.

Pudd & Flones,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 6: Dougie Poynter

Dougie Poynter. The one with the (occasional) headband. The one who looks too incredibly good after spending weeks in a jungle. Yup, this is that guy.

Mr. Poynter is a huge Blink-182 fanboy. I too am that way inclined (the lady type though). Therefore I think Donners and I would have such fun talking about their wonderful tunes and lyrics. In turn, we should marry. Oh my, things just got a little heated. In all seriousness though, I love that he loves Blink because it means I relate to one of my four favourite people all the more! Horrah!

When I see McFly live, seeing Dougie be awesome makes my heart smile. He's just so cool with his guitar and... *queue fangirl sobs* ASDFGHJKL. I love how he (and all of McFly, obviously) has complete control of the crowd. He's just a hilarious chap.

"One of my biggest fears is losing my mind."

It must be mentioned how proud I am (more on that here) of Dougie overcoming some tough stuff and that he's made all of his fans gleam with pride in doing so. Reading about it in McFly's book, albeit incredibly saddening, was somewhat refreshing. Obviously, as it was said, he was scared of taking the step of going into rehab but he did it, and this was the start of him fighting the battle. That's someone amazing right there.

Watching Dougie on I'm a Celeb was absolutely fabulous. At the time I had Harry at the weekends (Strictly Come Dancing) and Dougie most days of the week. A girl couldn't ask for much more. He was so good on it and it was great because he wanted to be there. It was a place where Dougie was in his element. He didn't get involved with all of the drama because that's just not Dougie's thang and that made me super happy and would make me proud when all of my friends told me how fab he was. Kudos Poynter, kudos.

Lizards & Drop Bears,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 5: Harry Judd

Harry Judd. The one with the muscles. The one who is occasionally mistaken as a swan with his gracefulness on the dance floor. Mr. Harry Judd everyone.

One of my favourite things about Harry is how will always protect his band (such a mothering kind). Reading about how Harry looked after Dougie when he first joined the band always brings a tear to my eye. He's so super good about sticking up for McFly and that makes me very happy indeed. Good Harry.

When Harry was on Strictly Come Dancing I was so unbelievably proud. Every year I'm excited for Strictly. To me it makes the end of the year all the more special. One time I remember thinking imagine if, one year, a member of McFly was on it. 2011, thank you very much. I'd wait a while in advance, food at the ready on BBC 1 each Saturday, hushing my household when it was Harry's turn. Oh, and when Harry won. Despite knowing he would win, it was ridiculous how nervous I was and how much I needed him to win.

"...Hoping I have a view of a TV though.....#Ashes"

Harry is a big fanboy when it comes to sport. Cricket, football, golf, Harry's there, watching it. He also loves a bit of tennis which makes me fangirl because I love me some tennis we're so meant to be). He also plays a few too many sports for my fangirl heart to take and the thought of him at the gym just makes me... I can't go on. Whoa, and, hey, I would not want to play the guy at table tennis.

Harry is so supportive of Izzy's appeal Eyes Alight, shown with his incredible training for the London Marathon, even through touring with McFly. He promotes the amazing appeal all of the time and it's so inspirational to see the hard work he puts in.

Cricket & Tennis,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 4: Danny Jones

Danny Jones. The member that only agreed to name the band McFly after seeing D. Jones on a manure truck in Back to the Future. The one who mistakes eggs as vegetables. Oh, Danny Jones.

He's a hardcore fanboy for Mr. Springsteen and this makes me super happy. I always think it means he relates to us and it's why he loves getting close to us at gigs. It's one of the highlights when I see them as I often get to stroke his face or something! I love watching everyone fangirl afterwards. It shows how he wants us to have the best time ever.

Danny appreciates good music so much. I remember reading an interview where he was on holiday with Georgia [his now fiancé] and he was talking about him "whacking out some classic numbers on [his] guitar including My Hometown by Bruce Springsteen, Mr Writer by the Stereophonics and lots of Eric Clapton". It's the best thing to have idols that love good, real music.

"I fell down the stairs once. That's why I don't like bacon sandwiches."

He is hilarious. He may not always mean to be but Danny can make my day with some of his comments, like thinking eggs are vegetables. I watch videos of McFly and am always in fits when he says one of his hilarious remarks.

Danny is a clever man. He may know "a LOT about a little" but he is producing McFly's 6th album and that makes him incredibly intelligent. He is often working so hard on it and my excitement for it is too much. I can't wait to see how amazing the Danny Jones produced album is!

Lastly, I love watching Danny play his music so much. He's such an amazing entertainer, putting everything into every song. It's really something special. His passion is so captivating.

Eggs & Bacon,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 3: Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher. The one with the dimple. The founder of my favourite band. Oh, where to start?

Tom loves cats. Tom loves Disney. Tom loves his band. When I see McFly live I love taking moments to turn and watch Tom. At times he just looks over the crowd, smiling and taking in his favourite thing about the job, performing, reaching the place he worked so hard to get to. He also talks so passionately about his band, about his music. Tom obviously appreciates everything and that's something so perfect.

Tom's love for music is so obvious. Everything looks like it comes so naturally. All of his videos of him just playing music truly hypnotises me. He puts so much emotion into performances that I believe every word he's singing. It's so flawless. Mr. Fletcher's mind is just brilliant, the natural ability he has for music, shown through him writing a song in five minutes is truly incredible. He has one of those gifted intelligent minds that makes him able to write emotional songs on the toilet. Yeah, Tom Fletcher everyone.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Tom's love for Star Wars is one of my favourite things about him (because I love Star Wars and so... we're totally meant to be, right?). As well as this, his love for superheroes and musicals makes Tom super special. I just want to hug him for the rest of my life.

Shall we talk about his little YouTube video where he sang to his wife now? Yes, I think so. He makes the hopeless romantic in me cry all over the shop. He is so goshdang romantic and sweet that every Galaxy Defender swears they will have no marriage unless they get sung to. Oh, and when he cries in it, - WHEN HE CRIES - I can't help but just cry.

Tom has also battled some personal issues that makes me so proud. He is just so remarkable and he deserves the success that he and my favourite band have.

I just loves him I do.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Lego,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day 2: My Unsaid Things

McFly aren't just a band. They're not just four incredibly good-looking guys. They're not just a way of passing my time.

If a friend asked me to explain why McFly will always be tattooed across my heart (metaphorically, I hope!) and I had to go beyond the reasons I always say, (because they're incredibly talented, genuinely awesome people and although it's a bonus, they're out-of-this-world good-looking - I don't like going into it because I'd go in too deep) this is what I'd say:

My Unsaid Things

When I'm upset, however little or big, McFly are who I go to. I'll close my bedroom door, put in my earphones and McFly catch me with their melody and words (yeah, I said it). If I just need cheering up, I'll put on Love Is Easy or Star Girl. If I'm upset because I'm not feeling great about myself I'll listen to Smile and it's unbelievable how it genuinely makes me feel better about how I look and who I am. If I feel like the world is against me, Not Alone is my go-to song. Thank you McFly.

Also when I'm not feeling a particularly bad emotion, McFly are there. A tiring day at college, a road trip, a fab day out with friends: I always end up with McFly. They accompany on walks or cycle rides and sunny days in the garden, bus journeys to town, sitting in the living room or simply wanting to listen to them.

Seeing McFly live is a feeling I can't and never will be able to describe. Nothing else matters when I'm in that atmosphere: it's just my favourite band and I. The music that makes my heart smile and I. The whole experience is overwhelmingly perfect. I'll be so excited beforehand that talking to me is useless. I'll go from not talking to stupidly hyper and then it's a mixture of tears and complete madness. I won't even talk about how I feel when they come on stage: its too emotional.

Meeting McFly (well three of McFly if we're being pedantic) was an experience that I reminisce over for many hours each day and it always brings me such joy. They were nothing but charming, polite and wanting nothing but to make sure mine and everyone else's day was the best. I cried a lot that day because they were perfect.

When I watch videos of McFly I am in my own little bubble whether it be a music video or a behind the scenes sort of video, I get genuine butterflies. They're best friends and it shines through when watching their videos. It's unbelievable how proud it makes me.

These are a few of the ways I could ever so slightly explain my love for them. I really hate explaining why I love McFly because it's the most easy thing I do because they really are a huge part of me.

McFly are the music that makes my soundtrack. McFly are, yes, the most beautiful guys but they're not a "phase." McFly are forever and I'll love them for that, always.

Thanks McFly, for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Clouds & Flowers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 1: Happy 10th Birthday McFly!

So, McFly are 10 years old. The teenagers that made my heart excited a decade ago, now fully-accomplished adults, their success from the last ten years making every Galaxy Defender incredibly proud are celebrating this huge milestone.

"I don't need any award to justify the fact that my band is the best in the world. I believe it's true and belief is everything." - Tom Fletcher.

I can never explain my love of McFly to anyone because 1) no one will understand and 2) I don't particularly want them to in that it's quite a personal thing. My days go like this: I wake up with a start after dreaming I was meeting the boys (the saddest thing in the galaxy), I listen to McFly while I get ready, I daydream about them at college, I come home to listen to them. McFly literally are my life and to think they've been around for so long... It's truly incredible. I pity people for not seeing the awesomeness that is McFly, but I know I'm lucky to have had them in my life for so many years and for all the years that they've promised are to come.

McFly's journey has been incredible so far: 7 number one singles; 5 albums; many awards...

I remember being younger and dancing around in my living room to 5 Colours in Her Hair yelling "WHO THE HELL IS SHE? THAT WEIRDO WITH FIVE COLOURS IN HER HAIR" and when my mum walked in she'd look at me confused. Getting out my physical copy of the single was my favourite thing and I still have a good dance to them in the evenings!

Bands aren't supposed to last this long and yet McFly have lasted this long. What's more, they're working on their next album (asdghjkl my feels) because McFly will never end. 10 years. Now, this is a successful band. They're still around and they're still the best of friends and I still love them with all of my heart.

Another year over, and we're still together, it's not always easy, but McFly's here forever.

10 cheers for McFly!

Lip Rings & Tattoos,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 2 August 2013

McFly Week

As on August 5th it is McFly's 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EEEEEEK, I thought I would publish a blogpost about the boys once a day for seven days from the 5th of August until the 11th because I'm so super excited for them to reach such an incredible milestone.

So here's the plan:

Day 1: Happy 10th Birthday McFly!
Day 2: My Unsaid Things
Day 3: Tom Fletcher
Day 4: Danny Jones
Day 5: Harry Judd
Day 6: Dougie Poynter
Day 7: 10 Special McMoments

As they're published, the title will have a link on that you can follow (obviously if you're reading this after the 11th they will already have a link on, so I'll shhhh now).

I have butterflies thinking about McFly being around for 10 years as it proves that, alright, no, they don't have the biggest fanbase, but as Mr. Fletcher they have the "best". That shows their true and wonderful success. I look forward to this week because McFly will be everywhere on my blog: lovely.

Ooop, I'm getting all emotional thinking about it!

Coconut Cream & Fireflies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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