Sunday, 13 March 2016

Paying an Interest in Others

My favourite thing about my dad is that he is a very interested man. Even when he frustrates me, I could never deny that not only is he interested in any subject that could be brought up but he really does pay an interest in peoples' jobs/their views/they're accomplishments. In any piece of school or uni work I've brought up in conversation, he's been nothing but interested. He wants me to talk about it all with him- he used to constantly ask to read my essays I'd write for practice papers at college. Not only because he wanted to see my thoughts, but I think he really wants to expand his own knowledge. I think this quality is awesome and I definitely need to become more and more like this.

I am someone who not only wants people to believe I'm listening to them when they're talking to me, but I actually want to listen. I feel so sad when I feel like people aren't really listening to me. It frustrates me even more when people aren't listening because they just want to tell their own story. Of course we probably all do this accidentally every now and then but I think it's so important in life to be interested in what people are saying. For their sake. For our sake. So let's pay an interest in each other because it's polite and because it might just benefit us.

This world is full of so many important opinions and views and cultures that we can't afford to be ignorant. We can't afford to not listen to everyone and not see how we can improve the world on all levels. Hearing one perspective might make everything so, so clear. I was speaking to a friend yesterday about a few issues I have with the world when it comes to equality and he said it was refreshing to hear ideas he hadn't before and although he knows the importance of it all, it really helped to hear it in the way I put it across. And that's why we need to have the skill to listen to others (whilst making sure they are being fair).

It's about improving our ways of dealing with simpler stories and views too. My dad doesn't put himself above other peoples' views and other peoples' knowledge. And we all need to be like this. Sometimes I think he plays devil's advocate so much and it frustrates me endlessly because he doesn't stand for the point he's making but is in some ways respecting the choices of others when they can be really awful! I don't like that, but I know he doesn't believe terrible things; as long as he is arguing for the good side - which he is - while I work harder to make sure he's not coming across as supporting terrible view, then it'll do, donkey!

Although I am interested in so much - I want to broaden my horizons every day - my dad definitely is my role model in that. Ultimately if we are interested, we are motivated. As soon as I start an essay I realise I do have more interest than I think; throwing myself into new information means I'm more likely to enjoy learning something new. Paying an interest in others and also other things can be only beneficial! We can learn so much new and exciting information and see new, awesome perspectives.

Interested & Inspired,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am posting twice every day this month and you can read my last post HERE!

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