Friday, 28 June 2013

June's Joys

As June has been a fantabulous month I thought I'd write a blogpost about the things I've loved about June that I haven't already written about in other posts.

Something June brought that made me really super happy was a YouTube video that I couldn't help stare at for an hour straight: Alyssa Bernal and The New Velvet's song Peaches and Coffee. It's a really sweet song and made me feel happy for the girl in the song, making me feel like she could move on! I feel like I'm on the journey with her and it's incredibly catchy and lovely. Buy it on iTunes HERE.

The new and last (cries for a few minutes) series of 90210 has started and every Monday night I've been glued to the drama and the beaches and... I've missed that show. As every episode finishes, I'm counting down the days until my next dosage of Liam Court. As you would expect, the show has been breathtakingly dramatic and exciting, so Monday, I'm ready.

Something in June that has been awesome is Wayward Daughter's new EP How Long Will You Wander. Any positive word in the world's dictionary will not describe the sheer amazingness of it. All of the songs are perfectly recorded and I'm super psyched that a recording of The Game is on it and although I physically couldn't have a favourite Wayward Daughter song, I LOVE The Game - probably because I feel awesome singing along to it! The EP is one of my favourite things ever.

Being a tennis fan, the end of June, the beginning of Wimbledon is a fantastic time. All of my favourite sportspeople are in one place and the whole nation shares one of my deepest passions. The tournament has meant me spending hours on end watching players create fantastic moments, only moving to get food and a lot of strawberries and cream. Even though I'm gutted for a handful of my favourite players being out so early on in the tournament, I am SO excited for my favourite player, Murray!

Kodaline released their debut album In A Perfect World and it is a p-e-r-fect album. It's everything that makes me happy and it puts a huge smile on my face reading the amazing reviews about it and reading people rave about them on tut internet. They really deserve it. Right now, as I type I'm listening to Love Like This and... *breathes, sighs and smiles*, I love Kodaline.

June has been a lovely, relaxing but exciting month full of BBQs and good company. This has meant good food and having fun and some chill time with family and friends. A good week of sunshine meant a very happy me but the miserable weather that naturally followed was spent with a smile on my face too. So June has given me an extra reminder of how much I love my family and friends.

Blogposts about other things I've loved this month:
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Peaches & Coffee,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Flowery Skirts and Band Shirts

I've gone through a lot of "phases": the girly phase; the rocker phase (also known as listening to Avril Lavigne and wearing one glove - I, naturally still listen to the Lavigne... whilst baking); the tomboy phase... In truth, "phases" don't exist. There are similar interests and loves, but no one is defined by one single movement of some sort that is considered a binding epitome of one person. Instead, there are individual personalities and different people and characteristics. Yet, why are there these labels? These words that categorise people: defining living and breathing human beings, not allowing anyone to actually be what they are... an individual. It should be known that I don't think every label should (if you think of it in a certain way) have a negative connotation, but for me they don't define everything about me. I don't think these judgements are even lost as one grows up into an adult that stands, individually on one's own feet: there are "the mothers"; "the ones that are swimming in money"; "those who are always on a plane"...

I go from wearing flowery skirts to wearing black skinny jeans and band t-shirts because that's who I am but yet if I were to meet someone on one of my more "feminine days", my new acquaintance would name me a girly-girl, I'd presume. If I met someone while wearing a Blink-182 top, I'd be sure to be named "emo" or some other name that certainly shouldn't define people that like a certain type of music (unless you'd like to be named it, of course) and also doesn't define the side of me that loves flowers (not that "emo"s shouldn't be expected to not like flowers... that's not what I mean*). What I find annoying is that when I'm wearing a flowery skirt, I'd still be my boyish self, wanting to be at home watching Star Wars or when I'm clothed in my favourite band tee, I may be thinking about how pretty that girl's dress is and how I want it. I, therefore, am not defined by one aspect of my personality: my clothes (for other people it may be their make-up, or them not wearing make-up, their love for sport, their love of baking etc etc). There are many aspects to who I am, so why look at someone and decide, there and then, who they are. Is that really fair?

So, assuming you've come to the conclusion that no, that's not fair, why is it human nature to judge the book by the cover? So maybe you're not judging who's underneath, maybe that part of the phase of judging people has passed, but are you still labelling the "phase"? Grunge. Indie. Wannabe-Indie. You geddit? If I think about this when I'm out and about, I feel self-conscious. That girl that's just briefly looked at me: is she labelling me something, giving me a description without knowing me? It's not a particularly warming thought. In this generation, it's definitely a natural thing to do. *When a "Wannabe-Indie" passes*: "I bet she doesn't even know three of songs of the band that girl's wearing the T-shirt of". Ok, maybe she doesn't know who the Rolling Stones are, but maybe she does! How could you possibly know? Even if she doesn't know, what does it matter? What does the exterior of a "phase" really matter?

"Phases", if that's how we must define them can be important. It can establish one's music taste, how they feel about a particular topic, how they act towards people. Maybe. Ultimately, that's down to the person: who they listen to, what they believe, how they act towards people. It could be considered to be a mixture of a phase and the individual to establish who they are as I certainly believe I owe aspects of myself to growing up with McFly but all of these things are the good parts! Phases or no phases, they've moulded who I am. I think the point of this post is that:

1) Don't label people because:
i. A label is not who someone is;
ii. A label doesn't define every single aspect of someone's personality.

2) "Phases" can be important.

3) "Phases" aren't necessarily "phases" as my love for McFly will be with me forever and ever - and that's a fact and if people consider this a "phase" under whatever category of broader "phases", then it's not.

Odd Socks & Party Poppers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

*I am trying SO hard to be politically correct!

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Last Song: The Ending

*Contains traces of spoiler*

Reading the end of The Last Song has got to have been one of the most heart-warming experiences of my life. I remember crying for many reasons: for Steve Miller; the lessons that were learnt; the love that triumphed. If I have a spare moment or am in a mood that needs happiness, I reach for my dog-eared version of The Last Song and savour the last few pages, allowing the happiness that produces tears to take over, the words of Nicholas Sparks never failing to make me to smile.

'She felt his absence with a knife-edged sharpness she couldn't retain.' This line is undeniably heart-breaking and it makes me miss the memories Steve Miller would have made but it outlines the sadness of the situation. One of my favourite things about the end of The Last Song is how Ronnie's father is helping her beyond his death. The fact that Ronnie auditions for Juilliard makes my heart warm and happy and the comfort Ronnie seeks in the light is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Ronnie's admittance of how much she misses Will is lovely and makes the ending oh-too-sweet. I remember reading Will calling for the first time and feeling utter helplessness, willing for him to say the words to Ronnie that I, like she, needed to hear. Reading the words where Will is behind Ronnie is such a vivid scene in my head and it makes my heart flutter. It's lovely. "I never stopped loving you, Ronnie. And I never stopped thinking about you. Even if summers do come to an end." Ranking my favourite men created by Nicholas Sparks is something I don't like to think about as it would cause me such stress but Will... He is one charming fella and his love for Ronnie is clear as day, in his words and in everything he does. He just treats her like a princess.

I love the epilogue of The Last Song because the change in Ronnie since the beginning of the novel is beautiful. In the ending of The Last Song tears become my best friend, helping me grieve with the Ronnie, helping me find happiness in her comfort and joy. Ronnie's bitterness for the people around her has gone and is replaced with a new lens that is brighter than before; reason underlines her movements, knowing that despite her dad's death she will be ok; she allows herself to have a happy ending.

Volleyball & Pianos,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Counting Sheep

Sometimes I feel like I'm counting sheep during the day, the world too much for me, my reflection so small compared to the big, scary universe around me.

You know when you're trying to sleep but you can't and so you think 'let's give this counting sheep business another go' and so you lay: 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, 4 sheep, 5 sheep; the fluffy creatures jumping over the moon distracting you from the real reason you're still at awake at such a deathly hour? Maybe it's just me but recently, all I do is this. Only, I do it when I'm not even supposed to be sleeping. It's not exactly daydreaming either, it's just a confused haze of the future and fear.

Carrie Hope Fletcher recently posted a video and blog post about how one of her dreams since she was eight was to play the older Eponine in Les Mis and everything she was saying rightly went against every pessimistic thought I have about my ambitions. I want to be a writer but my head says "no", but it doesn't mean the world does.

So, I'm going to take Carrie's advice. Since as long as I can remember I've known that I've wanted to be a writer. Back then I would persist that I would be a novelist and although this would be the dream, I have to keep a slight bit of reality in mind. I know Carrie makes it clear that limits have never stopped her and her brother but if I keep on writing, keep loving writing, then maybe the sky's the limit. Probably not, but just because it might not happen, I shouldn't go out of my way to make sure it doesn't.

I have always been taught in English to be cohesive and this is very close to the definition of not being cohesive! My mind-set towards being some sort of writer (I really don't know what kind of writer I'd like to be) changes all of the time. One day I'll be incredibly optimistic, believing my wildest dreams are accomplishable and one day I'll sigh and think: back-up plan it is. This is what I'm portraying in this blogpost, I know, but I'd like to believe that, maybe - just maybe - my fate isn't down to some "secret club" (as Carrie defines my feeling precisely) and not being from a "well-connected, wealthy background".

I always seem to be writing blogposts about my fear of what's to come and then I'm writing blogposts about how things will slot into place. I just feeling like I'm setting myself limits and I don't think I should be. I mean, why should I? Yet, I do need to be cautious, down to earth. Everything's so confusing and demanding but I know I need to do something instead of counting sheep before darkness falls, waiting for something to happen, to magically get somewhere, for the sheep to stop and for me to drift into a world where I understand who I'm to be.

If I lose this positive mind-set, I'll count sheep until I reach my dreams.

Roses & Perfume,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Favourite Villains: Loki

Ok, so Loki has to be my favourite Marvel villain and villain in general. Most villains, I physically hate, but Loki... He's different. I find it difficult to believe that he's not anyone's favourite because he's the ultimate lad (well, you know, minus the whole trying to take over the world thing).

I remember first watching Thor and hating the burning truth that was running through my veins: Loki wasn't a good guy. It killed me to think it but he was sneaky and was willing to do anything to prove himself to be better than Thor to his father (not true obviously) by manipulating Thor's thoughts into going into battle. He is one clever guy.

Not only is everything Loki does exciting, everything is so fabulously executed until, well, Tony gets him and it's pretty downhill from there. However, I believe that he is rather sophisticated, even when put in the corner. For this, Loki deserves endless villainous points. He's sly, humorous and possesses sheer evilness. And that smile... He has that evil genius smile, so slick and beautiful that causes me to stare in awe at his beauty. He is truly fabulous.

"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

The lines that Tom Hiddleston delivers as Loki are too perfect, too witty and evil. He has me cackling despite the anger I feel towards him and parts of me are completely and utterly in love with his evilness. Any hatred I feel as Loki plots is banished like Thor from Agard when he delivers that pretty, elegant smile.

The Tesseract & Thor's Hammer,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. Loki is perfect because... Tom Hiddleston: enough said.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Man of Steel!!!!!!!!!!111!1!!1!

*Contains traces of spoiler.*

Amazing. I was expecting to love it. But I LOVED it.

Man of Steel was superb. S-U-P-E-R-B. That film made me smile, almost cry and cry at the right moments. It was exciting and powerful and at many times I couldn't even think about the packets of sweets beside me, too caught up in the film and, well, Superman's face. (Cough wow.) Superman is perfect. He had the whole tortured past look in his eyes and that made his smile... delightful and his kindness incredibly charming. The younger versions of himself were perfectly played too: the past versions of himself adopting the fear but willingness in their personality. I like the morals he has and the need to help people and the earth with his powers; his ability to make people (the authorities) to realise that he is a good guy and the relationships between him and his parents as well as with the lovely Lois Lane who was also amazing and brave.

The parents of Superman were amazingly-played. His birth mother was passionate, his father helping out his son despite obvious obstacles, Mrs Kent was sweet and supportive and Mr. Kent was a-mazing. He was one of my favourite characters as he let his son find his own way in despite his want for him to live a certain way. Yes, he controlled Clark in a way but he loved him so much and he wanted him to live how he wanted to when he knew for sure what he wanted himself. He said in the film "people are afraid of what they don't understand" and this quote is just the definition of perfection and I shivered a little when he said it.

I either love villains or hate them and I love both feelings. Zod, I absolutely, categorically hate with every fibre. He's fantastically evil, cruel and driven by a feeling that he's doing right - it's what he was born to do - and I would feel myself jerk a little at his words as I felt genuine fear. Nothing made him regret, nothing made him doubt that he was acting for the "greater good" and yet, he was one of the most perfect villains for this.

I really really really really love this film and it has shot into the top half of my favourite films without a shadow of a doubt. The characters were perfect, the flashbacks in the film were awesome and clever and the film was scary and funny and with a year where so many big films have been (and will be) realeased, Man of Steel was incredible.

Hope & Capes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Izzy's Attic

I've raved about the appeal Eyes Alight before as the idea is incredibly unique and I'm very passionate about it and there is now another way to donate to the awesome appeal: Izzy's Attic. In the For Eyes Alight section, 50% from the gifts that are chosen by Izzy Judd goes to Eyes Alight and so you'll be both helping those with lives that are tough and getting something special in return. So I am definitely looking forward to seeing these gifts chosen every month.

Find out more about Eyes Alight here:
See an example of why this matters oh so much here:

Browsing through the website I love every single thing that's for sale.  There are things from pretty hairclips to a charming tea set. Everything is so vintagey and sweet and some things are able to be personalised, something that's especially lovely if it's a gift for someone! Everything is priced very well and everything looks incredibly cute and well-thought out. It's a quirky idea that makes me stare at the website, wanting absolutely everything from it.

It's not even like you have to think "what occasion would I need these gifts for?" because:

New baby in the family: check.
Baby Emily's Birthday: check.
Wedding present: check.
Best Friend's Birthday: check.
Father's Day: check.
A surprise for mum: check.
A little treat for yourself: check.
Anniversary present: check.

I will definitely be buying my mum these bookmarks and I am admiring the Winnie the Pooh pictures.

Visit Izzy's Attic and fall in love here:

Bluebells & Petals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fictional Fantasies: Billy Buskin

To start off a series of blogposts about boys in books that make my heart fall more and more in love with every turn of a page, I must address the creation of the gorgeousperfectohmywowsers Billy Buskin (from Giovanna Fletcher's novel Billy and Me).

*Pictures Billy, closes eyes and takes a breath*, Billy Buskin. The boy with the multicoloured tulips and the sweet nature, the romantic ideas and infective laugh. Billy Buskin, the love of my life. Billy was a hero throughout the whole novel, saving Sophie May from her past without even realising it and allowing Sophie to open her eyes to how she is more than what she sees when she thinks of herself. Billy makes my heart smile.

When Billy presents Sophie with wellies, a horse and the most adorably set up date, I heard a happy sigh leave my lips before I could even think this is not real, this is NOT REAL. Yet, when I read novels, it is completely real and for a day my life consisted of nothing but Billy Buskin, me and a fairy-and-star-lit-forest. Although I would faint if anyone did this for me, it was one of the most romantic, loveliest things I've ever read.

As if all of this wasn't enough, let's talk about the photos with Jane Eyre quotes on the back that Billy sent Sophie. It is often suggested (and I sometimes agree) that boys don't make a conscious effort to be sweet and if they do it would be with some kind of push from someone; the character of Billy made me wonder why all boys aren't sending girls photos and quotes from their favourite books as an apology. Gi, where can I get myself a Billy Buskin?

To me Billy Buskin is everything that is the dream: romantic; sweet; exciting. As soon as he was introduced in the novel, I was hooked, I was in love. Just like that I knew that Giovanna had launched me into a world where my mind refuses to think about anything but the thought of the real-life Billy. He has a tight grip on my heart and I don't want him to let go.

What I would do for a boy to present a pair of wellies on a date.

Bluebells & Fluffy Cushions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.s. This is my review about the novel itself.

Monday, 10 June 2013


I treasure my copy of DEMI and always will, the album being everything that is magical. Demi Lovato, I love you. As always I love every track on the album, from the beautiful ballads to the upbeat Demi classics, the album is perfection.

I, of course, must talk about Warrior. When I first listened to it on YouTube before I had the physical copy of Demi, I cried. I literally cried. You can't deny the emotion that is portrayed in any crazily touching or saddening song by Demi and it brought me to tears each time I replayed it and when I had it on my iPod, I was home alone, played it on my speakers and, once again, cried. It touched me so deeply and it has shot to one of my absolute favourites of Demi's. "I'm stronger than I've ever been." This line kills me every time. It's heart-breaking but it's beautiful to hear.

Two Pieces is a song on the album that is one of the Demi songs that is just... sunshine. It's simply a lovely story with a happy melody. "We fit together like two pieces of a broken heart." Being a hopeless romantic, I love the idea of two people being so perfect together, so compatible that they complete each other. As the song starts I always picture two children who have fallen in love; the song creates such cute imagery. I also love that the two people need each other: the boy has "lost his way" and needs the girl. The perfect fairy-tale, right?

"I want the whole world to know, I want you bad." I love how it's the girl laying her heart on the line and being honest. It's such a catchy song and I'm forever (badly) belting it out. The guy sounds like an absolute gentleman, spontaneous and dependable and absolutely worth biting "the bullet" for. It's a super sweet song and I love it.

DEMI is one of my favourite albums of all time and although I picked out Warrior, Two Pieces and Made In The USA, it should be noted that I could have spoken about them all. Demi Lovato is someone who I think it a fabulous role model and I see things all over the shop about how much she's helped her fans and her attitude is refreshing. She spreads the message of being comfortable with who you are, what you look like and accepting yourself and it brings a smile to my face whenever I watch videos of her spreading her beautiful message. In an interview recently she said she feels more confident and "confidence is sexy". She is spreading such a positive and brilliant message to the world and it makes me proud to be a Lovatic.

Stay Strong Demi.

Neon Lights & Nightingales,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Blue Skies and Smiles

Being a girl who, although loves snow and the festivey, cold season, is waiting for sunshine throughout most of the year, has meant this last week has been glorious. Yes, we complain about England's poor history of delivering half-decent summers but we just had a lovely, lovely week full of sun and blue skies which meant a happy as Larry me!

Waking up to clear blue skies means it's easier and a more exciting chore to wake up. I'm more motivated which means I'm making lots of plans and smiling lots and lots. I've been walking every day (I love a good walk) and seeing the lovely beach an awful lot, reading in the garden and feeling quite refreshed with a layer of tan making me look a bit less sickly! I've had no worries this week and have felt really happy and excited. You know when you look outside and suddenly see everything differently because everything's that bit brighter? I've had a strong case of this.

I've felt so chilled and I haven't been panicking about University or thinking about the heart-stoppingly-scary results that I'll open with a fearful expression in a few months (but now I am) because life's here for living, not for worrying and the sun has reminded me of this! The sun has brainwashed me into a daze of daisies and freshly cut grass; the worries beyond my bubble are less obvious, less visible. I've enjoyed this freedom.

I don't normally do posts like this but I have had a really lovely week and I think that it is important to remember that things aren't always cold and wintery (oh gosh, I think I'm trying to make a serious point here): things do get brighter and better! Do you see my point now? No? I, too often get into my own little swing of pathetic fallacy, allowing my emotions to turn as soon as the weather does. So when my life goes grey, I'll try that bit harder to motivate myself and ignore the clouds that are shadowing my every move.

This lovely weather has allowed me to sit and reflect on the most perfect week. Lots of memories with friends and family have been made, lots of photos have been taken and lots of smiles have been produced. Thank you England for delivering our week of summer when you did.

Milkshake & The Beach,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Youtubers: zoella280390

Zoe Sugg, Zoella is awesomeawesomeawesome and has recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers, getting an extra 250,000 very quickly and she deserves every single one of them.

Zoe is a beauty/fashion/life YouTuber who uploads every Sunday and makes the dull Sunday evenings where Monday is ever present a lot brighter! I love watching all of her videos and vlogs, her friendships and how many goals she's achieving. It's especially refreshing to see Zoe overcome things she never would have thought she could have: saying "yes" in general as it makes me think "I can do that too!".

Just Say Yes. Zoe has an awesome blog and one of her posts is about doing things that you wouldn't necessarily do or say "yes" to without a more outgoing mind-set. It has really helped me because I can hold myself back for reasons that aren't really reasons (but they are at the same time!). She also recently made a video about saying yes and it's definitely changed my outlook for the better. So thank you Zoe: you've made my ambitions burn brighter.

It's lovely to watch Zoe and her videos and her mind-set because she clearly hasn't given up as too many people do. She's taken the scarier, but more satisfying route. She's always so bubbly in her videos and it makes me watch her videos over and over again when I probably should be doing something else!

Zoe is très talented, from her photos to her videos. She's fantastical (and very pwetty).

Pop Tarts & Lucky Charms,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Favourite video/Favourite vlog/Favourite video with Louise/Favourite video with Joe.

Monday, 3 June 2013

All I Know Now

I wait and will wait every Sunday eagerly for Carrie Hope Fletcher's new blog post on and I thought that in response to her posts - that I've related to an unbelievable amount - that I'd write my own little sum up of things that I know now that I wish I did six years ago for the stretch of teenage squabbles and mishaps ahead of me.

I wish that I had known that teachers do sometimes get it wrong because that would have made me less angry. I used to get so wound up when a teacher would be overly rude to a kid that genuinely didn't deserve it. If a teacher flipped out because a kid was cocky or rude or naughty, then fair play, but sometimes teachers did get it wrong. Your option may be to complain and this may work, but in my school, despite how much I loved my school and I know I was lucky be in such a lovely place, complaints didn't normally result in a genuine, good outcome. I wish I could have accepted that teachers can be out of order and sometimes, there's no point in getting red-in-the-face about it (unless, of course, it was incredibly bad). Also, teachers don't always listen and automatically assume that they're right. I've been in arguments (not in a sassy-school-kid kind of way, just to get some... "constructive criticism" across!) with teachers because I felt like they said something out of line but every time, I would have been the aggressive school kid just wanting to cause a scene - that really wasn't what it was! I wish I'd have known sometimes to just give up. Sometimes, there was no getting past what they thought was correct and what I knew to be wrong.

I feel like I shouldn't have worried so much about non-school uniform day. Every Thursday night before that Friday once a term I would stare at my wardrobe: "I have nothing to wear....I have nothing to wear!". Ultimately, my friends, no one cared. Everyone else was so caught up in what they were wearing that no one took notice of my new skinny jeans or how I'd worn that top to the cinema with people from school before. We were all in the same shoes, so to speak.

I think that you should let people know when you're upset, allow yourself to realise that your best friend isn't your best friend anymore, that he/she's not who you thought but don't get caught up in arguments that you don't need to. The tiffs that spark over the years of secondary school can be avoided: so avoid them! I think I did well in this and it made me all the more happier! When it comes to not seeing a certain friend or group as much as you used to and you're thinking "well, I wait for her to do something about it", this may not be the right solution. You're preaching one thing and not following it too! You can make an effort too - if you want to see them, that is. Maybe more importantly, I learnt that people change and you don't have to.

I'm in college now and have learnt that you're never going to stop learning sad truths about life. The biggest thing I've learnt is that you're always going to come across mean people; people who don't see past the person staring back at them in their own reflection and people who knock you down for no reason. I've learnt not to get bogged down on little things because of this and know that some people and their actions just aren't worth the time of day. There are always going to be mean people but this does not mean that you need to dread them coming into your life. They suck, you're awesome. End of story.

What I didn't realise and appreciate in my school years was that the memories I was making are some of my treasured memories that make me smile. From this I have learnt to not make days negative by a single event when they were otherwise fantastic.

Pens & Pencils,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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