Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Spring Clean Post

It's so nearly time for my Easter break and I'm so excited. The weather is so beautiful at the moment and I so hope it stays because I haven't had the chance to properly enjoy it. With Easter comes all of my best friends, my family and more time to better myself, like usual. Today I thought I would think about a few aims I have for when it comes to being home.

- As I wrote about earlier I am in desperate need of some awesome rest when I get home. It's been a busy week and it's made me and my body pretty shattered- and that's not great! I need to recharge my batteries and be ready to take on Easter with an excited grin.

- I want to be super active with being healthy. I've made such good process in this last week to eat better and of course I love my exercise. I want to continue preparing meals really well and really thinking about healthy foods while exercising as much as I can- whilst of course being safe!

- I want to have a new perspective on my blogging. Because I've been so tired this week, it's definitely shown up in my blog. I've not been as happy with my last few posts as before because I'm writing because I kind of have to. But that's what this challenge of blogging twice every day is about and so I'm not angry at myself. When I get home I can focus better on my blog.

- I will be reading... a lot! University can get incredibly hectic and reading just keeps taking a backseat but I certainly won't let it in my break!

- For once in my life I will be prepared with my revision. And I know I will be and will continue to after this. I'm going to start looking at exam stuff and revision and all of that great stuff. I want to come out of Easter feeling as though I have done a fair bit!

Spring & Easter,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My last post can be found HERE!

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