Saturday, 5 March 2016

Insignificant Everythings

I was walking home past the sun setting tonight. It was incredibly beautiful- grey/light blues with light and also vibrant pinks. I paused and stared at it. It's been so cold the last couple of days and yet despite it being evening I didn't feel cold. I felt a slight chill but it was nice. It was actually magical as I stared at the sky. It made me feel calm and also put me in my place. It did that whole "Wow, nature is bigger than me and right now it's kicking butt" thing.

It got me thinking about things that happen everyday or quite often and in that we can take them for granted or have the chance to take them for granted, they become part of a routine. In this way, we could name them insignificant. But when we adore these routines or realise them, they really are everything. This sunset was everything to me tonight.

Every now and then when I'm out I'll be really struck by a moment of "family" and it really takes me back. I'll see a dad with his hand on his son's back, both grinning. I'll see a mum really loving her time with her children on the train. Joking and laughing with them. I'll see an elderly couple holding hands. Happily. I'll see two brothers having the best time. Or I'll see friends with this same atmosphere between them. They're compatible friends, giggling and enjoying each other's company.

It might be insignificant, but it's also the best kind of everything.

Insignificant everythings need to be appreciated more. I pick up on them more when I'm reflecting, like tonight. Other insignificant everythings I'm very aware of and so grateful for. It can be a lovely gesture or a knowing smile. They make me feel all warm inside. I've had an awesome evening tonight. A really, really good one. And it's the company that made it. And that's an awesome insignificant everything.

Sunsets & Chats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging twice every day in March and you can read my last post HERE!

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