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An Old Book | The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

I have posted a couple of posts in this "An Old Book" series but definitely need to be contributing to it more often. This series aims to make sure I'm talking about books I read before I started my blog because so many books I read over three years ago are still a massive part of my heart. Today I want to talk about The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks.

The Rescue is about Denise, her son and Taylor the volunteer fireman. Despite being fearless when it comes to tackling fires and saving peoples' lives, it's falling in love that Taylor finds terrifying. He just won't do it. So when he finds Denise unconscious after she skids her car off of the road, he doesn't think twice to save her life. Their bond takes place easily but Taylor can't jump into Denise's open arms.

I think I read this book in a summer holiday a few years ago and, as usual, Nicholas Sparks had me turning each page quicker than the last. Due to Taylor being a fireman there is that spectacular dash of Sparks Tension he builds up so wonderfully. Denise often worries for Taylor and we do too. His lack of commitment occasionally irritated me because I so longed for their relationship to become as sweet as I knew it could be. I adored Taylor for his easy way with Kyle and for how much he obviously respected and admired Denise.

Denise's son, Kyle, has a rare impediment that restricts his language acquisition. He is sweet and is Denise's world. She moves in order to focus on helping him and it's beautiful to read about their relationship- especially when Taylor is added to it all and a lovely team is made. Denise is very intelligent and we adore her for so many reasons. One being how concerned she is about Taylor's struggle with his past. We want him to open up so he can move on and we spend the novel hoping he will for the sake of his and Denise's relationship.

This novel is very gripping and we ache for everything to turn out for the better. We want Taylor to forgive himself and for there to be the lovely happy ending we're never sure of when it comes to a Nicholas Sparks novel.

I rate this novel 4.5/5!

A Past & A Future,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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