Friday, 11 March 2016

Jump and Keep Jumping

I have started writing this post at 23:10. I have fifty minutes to write my second post of today and my eyelids are dropping heavily. I need sleep. However I have set myself a challenge to blog twice a day every day this March and after successfully doing so ten days straight, I don't plan on giving up now! I jumped into this challenge and I'm going to keep jumping or I know I'll be so disappointed.

I've always had this quality, although never as strongly as I do now! It's something I really like about myself and we should totally celebrate things like this- pat ourselves on the back. And I encourage you all to do this right now! I also encourage you to jump- and keep jumping!

I've never stopped running since I finished school but for almost two years now I've been running frequently whilst challenging myself- my pace and distance. And I'm not going to bloomin' stop now! When we first start activities we have to throw ourselves in (we don't need to worry about how good we are or reaching incredible goals) and we have to keep going (so long as we physically and mentally can!). Because somewhere along the road whatever that activity is becomes you. And that's a super duper special thing.

Recently I've been trying far harder with university work than ever before. I've got myself into a really awesome habit of going to the library and having the breaks that allow me to still be motivated. I haven't been doing it particularly long so I know I need to keep going to make sure it becomes me. And I really don't plan on stopping jumping; because, my gosh, I want the results.

It can be scary, frustrating and intimidating but jumping into awesome new things can be so worth it. As long as we're keeping check of our happiness and health and not hurting ourselves or others along the way, why wouldn't we keep jumping? The only thing stopping us, is us. And the only person that can make us awesome? Us.

Jumping & Jumping,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My last post can be found HERE!

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