Sunday, 20 March 2016

That Balance

I've had two seriously cool days to start off my Easter holidays. Yesterday was incredible with family and today was relaxing with a really good friend. I then found balance in revising and also having these two posts to write. I've got my revision off to a really good start and I'm keeping myself on track with this challenge to blog twice a day this March. All the while I've been having a seriously awesome time.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find this balance, I think. To work hard and play harder and all of that kind of thing. I keep reading about how key motivation is to everything. Even if we are faking it we are finding a way to making it. It's easy to think this life is just about working hard when oh my goodness we all have different meanings to find but I want to make sure I'm having the best life at the same time.

I'm sure the pressure we put on ourselves can sometimes impede our ability to find that balance. Sometimes it might help it, I guess. All I know is that nobody is going to stand in the way of my goals and my dreams- and it's up to me to focus on my life. All the while, I want to enjoy my life with everybody around me.

I will have a life that means I have to work hard- and I'm glad I will. I want to always appreciate this life, and find a way back to appreciation if I ever find it difficult. I'm only twenty and I've already seen awesome things and experienced amazing feelings. I'm so grateful for this and I need to work hard in order to have all of these fun things again. I need to have fun to show myself how beautiful this life is.

I don't have a particular message to portray through this post. All I know is that I've got a lot of fun to be had this Easter, whilst trying really hard. I want to have this mentality for the rest of my life. I'm seriously motivated at the moment and I don't plan on that going away. And when it does - or when it wavers - I will fake it because somewhere along the lines, even if it takes a while, I will make it.

Working & Playing Hard,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging twice every day this March and you can read my last post HERE!

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