Saturday, 31 October 2015

Those Who Try

About a year ago my mum and I tried to make some themed cupcakes. By using an icing pipe tool, we wanted to "draw" animal faces onto another layer of icing. We... um... We failed. I think both of us knew (or at least strongly suspected) that we would fail as soon as we became invested in the idea of making these supposed-to-be-adorable cupcakes (in our heads they really would look like what we saw on the photograph in the cookbook.)

And when we realised after many attempts that that day wasn't the day for an exploration into our genuine artistic selves... We laughed. A lot.

Like a lot of people, my mum and I suck at a few things. When it comes to the intricacies of decorating cakes in a particularly precise way, we can hold our hands up and say, "That's when we suck!" However, we knew before we started making the cakes that we would enjoy the process of working out once again that we do suck. We made a funny and happy memory we still laugh about today. And we wanted to try. We wanted to give it ago, because, you know... What if they actually did turn out to be awesome?! Why we would let a chance to prove we can do it go by?

I like knowing that I have it in me to try, even if I maybe kind of suck at something or suppose beforehand that something isn't my thing. Naturally I can't look at every challenge like this, but one day I'll be able to look at way more scary challenges than I can today, and today I can face challenges that a few years ago were more than just alien to me.

We're brought up to try our best, aren't we? I do like this. I like it a lot. Although I definitely suck now, when I was younger, I liked to draw. I had somewhat of a quirky talent in it, but I was no soon-to-be art student. Looking back at it I could draw in a bit of an adorable, different way. I knew I wasn't awesome, but I loved it and I would try hard every time I got my paper and pencils out. The important thing is, is to remember we don't have to be good at something. We just have to have it in us to try- predominantly to have fun or experience something different.

What I know for sure is that one day, my mum and I will make a batch of cupcakes (and the cupcakes are always scrummy!) and ice them as if we are Van Gogh.

Those who try get to see the glory of succeeding. Those who don't will always wonder if success was the final product.

This post marks the end of a month of a blogger trying a little harder. I have been taking part in Blogtober this month (which you can read about HERE and read my latest post HERE) and it has been awesome. I have really adored a month of posting every day (Yeah yeah, there has been one exception but I made up for it!) and challenging myself to being creative every day. I am proud of this and I am particularly proud of having so many posts in a busy blogging month that I am happy with!

Cupcakes & Drawing,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Lost for Words

It is the second to last day of Blogtober (which you can read about HERE) and I'm lost for words. Brilliant. I have nothing to say. As I began thinking about how little I have to say, I thought I would simply write a post about times I have been lost for words. Let's see how this goes!

When I was at school I overheard someone say that he thought I was ugly. Not only was I lost for words because I was naturally taken aback and upset, but I felt angry. I remember telling him he shouldn't say that about any girl. I said I wasn't upset that he said it about me (but I was!) and I told him to not do it again. So, although, in the long run I was not lost for words, I remember how gutted I felt when I overheard it. I felt like I didn't know what to do next. Not very pleasant.

I will always remember that the good things have outweighed the bad things in my life and I'm lucky for that. For any one person calling me ugly, makes me remember the plethora of times when people have made me feel good. One time I remember feeling utterly lost for words was when my good friend turned around to the guy (who was new to school and didn't know me) who called me ugly and said I'm a really nice person and with these words he in effect disagreed- that's a good friend right there. That was a good feeling.

Not too long ago, I was in a position where I had to walk through and past a lot of drunk men. It was early evening and I did feel safe as there were lots of police around, but there were a lot of drunk men. I was meeting a friend and I experienced incredible discomfort as men would just yell as I walked past. I didn't even know what they were saying but it felt directed at me. A man even winked at me. Not cool. I was genuinely astounded and very disgusted. Here is a time where I was completely overwhelmed as I walked through my life at the kind of sexist drunken mess unfolding around me. It definitely must be said that awful behaviour from men or women whilst drunk (or any state of course) is not acceptable so we must always remember this! (As much as I was in a safe position and I believe the dangers shouldn't exist in the first place - you can't blame a passer-by for another person's ways -, precautions still should be taken!)

Stripes & Bracelets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. HERE is yesterday's post.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

"Oops" | Booktober

It's Thursday and so it's today-should-be-a-Booktober-book-review-but-I-haven't-read-the-book-so-it's-confession-time day!

I have been taking part in Booktober this month (I've been trying to read one book a week, as inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher), except I just haven't got round to reading the final book I proposed I would read: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. I am particularly devastated about this because I've been wanting to read this for ages so I was glad I had a plan to read it, but naturally I can just read it soon!

Now onto why I sucked with Booktober.

I thought October would be a brilliant time to take part in a reading challenge. I thought it'd be a relatively quiet month and I normally read about four books a month at university anyway, so why not!? *Whispers sadly, you were wrong though, weren't you?* This year I completed a book challenge well enough and I enjoyed it a lot but it did put pressure on me a little more than I was expecting, and last December I failed with a reading challenge. So, I shall conclude this. I will now only put myself forward for a reading challenge when I know it won't be a stressful experience, because I did wonder whether it'd be a silly idea a day or two before I posted about it. Hopefully next summer will be my chance for this!

I have read some really awesome books for the 3/4 of Booktober that I did participate in, though. I read a very cute read first of all: To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I then read an awesome first part of a series, Cinder by Marissa Meyer. This was followed by Just One Day by Gayle Forman which was full of romance and depth. I read three very different reads and I loved that this challenge brought me this variety.

I am disappointed in myself, but what with getting settled in at university, the workload of university, Blogtober whilst trying to push myself with my running, it all got very hectic. November will be an awesome reading month though!

Apricots & Yoghurt,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have been blogging every day in October (with one exception *sad face*) which you can read about HERE. HERE is yesterday's post!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Letter to October

Dear October,

We are well and truly in autumn now. I was telling a friend how I liked how the yellow leaves look like soggy cornflakes and he told me he liked that idea. And I like that idea as it's one you bring. October is drawing to a close and I'm happy to know these yellowy leaves will be around for a little longer, but I just wanted to say farewell to you; October has been good.

October, I wasn't expecting this month - your month - to be as good as it was. I expected to be drowned in homesickness and although I have felt it (this post actually does come from a particularly homesick blogger), I have coped with it much better, and you have been a reason for this. Runs in the autumnal-ised parks at university have been glorious and walks to town with only a slight chill and a bright sky have made smiling easy.

I've settled back into university, and I've been working hard. I've been enjoying my studies. I've been adoring progressing with my running, exercising in other ways too and also learning how to cook more. I've challenged myself but I've also let myself relax into the easy, calm ways of autumn. I've recognised just how hard I need to work this year and I've started this university year with this ethic and I shall continue it, because I need to do well!

October, you've brought only good memories, but you've also brought some really good lessons. I've listened to what people have had to say, and I'm taking it all on board. I thank you for this. I think this is the time of year when we claim everything starts to go much more quickly than the rest of the year. I am going to tackle these quick few months with happiness, hope, hard-work and a lot of love!

Yellow Leaves & Puddles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have been blogging every day for you, October, which you can read about HERE! HERE is my last post!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

His Heart

His heart aches at the crystals dancing sadly down her cheeks. His heart breaks at the shake of her head when he says that it's okay; she doesn't need to worry anymore. His heart shouts quietly that she isn't the person she thinks she is; she is everything good and honest and lovely. His heart knows she is everything he could ever want because she is everything that makes his dreams good.

One month earlier

His heart is the most beautiful, precious and gentle heart she has ever come across. She knows she wants to have it paired with her own for ever. She never knew she would feel like that, and she never knew she wanted to.


His heart isn't broken but hers is. She can't see past the mirror she chooses to see and as much as she wants to believe the words he says, and as much as she may believe them sometimes, it doesn't stop the rain that pours in the dark. As much as her heart sings with joy at the memory of his smile, her heart aches at the thought of a long ago yesterday.

The future he sees

He sees countries and photographs; he sees Saturdays with films and Mondays with a happy smile because she is his. He sees everything good and he sees it through her eyes. The future burns in his heart; he knows he won't let the future not be real. It won't be a dream. The future he sees is filled with not just his favourite colours, but hers too.

His heart. And her heart.


A less about giving ourselves a break. We're not always as awful as we make ourselves believe.

His & Her Heart,

The Girl in the Moonlight

P.S. HERE is my last post for Blogtober (which you can read about HERE).

Take a Breath

*Drum roll please.*

I missed a day of Blogtober. *Massive sad face." Why? Because I actually just forgot. Yesterday was a hectic day and I remembered as soon as I woke up this morning. Needless to say I was pretty devastated. Having blogged every day this month (you can read more about it HERE), it is gutting to have missed a day SO CLOSE to the end of Blogtober. But it's okay... I suppose. I will, of course, now post twice today. As disappointed as I am with yesterday's no show, it leads nicely into the idea of today's post.

*Take a breath.*

Sometimes things can become so heavy for my shoulders and so filled with panic that I need desperately to take a moment to take a breath and I have been keeping this in mind recently. I recommend it. Workload has just got a bit intense with university and in previous years I may be prone to be a human in a panicked, fearful state. Recently, though, I've been holding my stress back. When it's got too much, I've let my mind breathe a little, maybe made a plan to make me feel more at ease, and carried on.

My best friend says he really wants to - and he does aim to - improve on remembering to take a breath when he is panicking or frustrated. He told me he can get all worked up and not see the opportunity to help himself by taking a moment.

I think taking a breath to calm ourselves is a really good idea. When I remembered I had forgotten to blog, I felt panic rise it my heart and as disappointed as I am, I took a breath and reminded myself that it can be fixed to a certain extent. Most things can be. Even if they can't, there is always something that can be done.

Remember to take a breath, because I know I definitely deserve to every now and then!

A Breath & A New Perspective,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. HERE is my last post!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #7

It's the last Sunday of the month which means my blog is to learn a little more about me- the aim of my "A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous" series; to make sure I portray more about myself on the blog even if I remain anonymous. In today's post I want to talk about how my love for reading came about- or the things I can link together to understand why it is I adore reading quite so much.

I have always had a close-knit family when it comes to my mum, my dad and my brother. Part of this closeness dates back to when my mum would read part of a book to my brother and I when we were younger. I don't remember exactly when this stopped but I know I adored these times. Sat with my brother and my mum, listening to a story and being completely excited about this. Not only did I simply adore listening to a story and reading along, if we are getting pedantic about it, I loved the togetherness reading brought to my family. As well as this, I remember trips to town always including a trip to a book shop. If I'd been good then I'd get to choose one of those little books that would be on a spinning rack shelf. When my mum was younger she loved all of the Enid Blyton novels and she passed this love onto me, starting with The Naughtiest Girl in the School and buying me other series of hers for Christmas. I even remember her telling me how much she adored one of the series and how that inspired me to read it. That's a cool mum right there!

By myself, I know for sure, I took the time to invest my heart in stories. I always loved the Harry Potter series among many others and chose to make reading a hobby. This is likely to be because of reading at school... I enjoyed it! Reading was something I was good at and found myself excited by. I loved discussing whatever story in class from a very young age. This love grew as I got older.

Finally, I know for sure that I adored escaping into another world of characters and friendships and hobbies. I know I saw good characters and wanted to be like them, and I saw their good qualities and aspired to possess them too. Reading inspires me to be a better person. Always.

Trips & Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am taking part in Blogtober which you can read about HERE! HERE is yesterday's post!

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Booktober | Just One Day by Gayle Forman

The third week of Booktober is well and truly over and I am finally posting the review for Just One Day by Gayle Forman- an awesome novel. I have been reading a book a week (which you can read about HERE), and HERE is the last review.

Just One Day is a tale of taking chances, travelling and unanswered questions. The novel begins with the event that inspires the storyline of the novel. Allyson doesn't take chances- doesn't want to take chances. Then, on a tour, whilst in England, a Dutch actor, Willem, asks if she will go to Paris with him for the day. And she does.

As it is said on the back this is not a spoiler (but you may think it is so look away now if you so wish), Willem is not there when Allyson wakes up the day after a beautiful, romantic and eye-opening day in Paris. Allyson finds herself in Paris and we quickly see a character change from how she is perceived initially in the novel.

Flash forward and we are reading about the effects of the day in Paris. Allyson is struggling to break free from fear and general apathy whilst her studies aren't going well and she just isn't that happy college student that everyone else around her just felt and it was good to read and relate to. Allyson's character progression is an interesting one to read. We want only the best for her and we are, too, trying to understand the Paris trip.
. I liked reading about this aspect considering how homesick I was last year at university. Some of the things she was feeling I

The novel includes awesome bursts of culture and travel and literature- things I am very much into! I read reviews which said this novel has a lot of depth to it, and this is definitely true! It's a really eye-opening read, with lots of lessons to learn!

Travel & Culture,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day in Blogtober which you can read about HERE; HERE is yesterday's post!

P.P.S. I have not had much time to put together a well-written review (but hey that's what Blogtober/Booktober is about so that's okay!), but please remember this book is AWESOME.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Life Lately | Autumn Edition

As today I was supposed to post a book review (like yesterday!), but my phone is still broken so I haven't been able to take a picture of the book, I am going to have one more fill-in-until-I-have-a-photo post. That day will be tomorrow; I'm certain of it.

This leads nicely into my first Life Lately topic... Blogtober! So, as The Girl in the Moonlight is very much aware, I am taking part in Blogtober (which you can read about HERE). It has been nothing but awesome, but has come with a couple of challenges. My issue with the book review is one kind of out of my hands. My phone is broken and I can't control this all that much, and as much as my photos suck at the moment, I want my review to have a photo- at the end of the day, the review will be up so I can't be too hard on myself. With that has come a blogger rushing a post just before midnight on a Friday night (a challenge in itself) to have it posted in time. However this aspect can be kind of fun and I was planning to write a Life Lately post soon anyway!

Moving on from blogger life, I shall talk about university life. So I have been back at university for a month now, and I'm delighted to say I am much more settled than last year. I found it all a bit "homesick-y" last year, and I was quite focussed on my homesickness as a result- it consumed me a little. I went into this year, really wanting to battle it, and I feel so much happier. I've made myself busier so I can't dwell on homesickness, but I've enjoyed my "me time" as much as I do at home. I've had a much more positive attitude, and faced any homesickness I've felt (which I have!) with the hope and determination to feel better. (Not that it can be that easy all the time!)

Autumn, I have come to realise, inspires me a lot. My blog is in a much healthier state since the temptation to snuggle up with my laptop has become increasingly more desirable. I feel like I have more creativity in my brain, and although I hope this continues and can re-emerge when necessary, past autumn, I am thankful for orange leaves and warm drinks and the chillier atmosphere. This has brought with it a sense of achievement and believing in my hobby. Recently, in a lecture, a lecturer said, "To those of you that want to go into writing," and this made my heart leap. I have been so inspired with my want to become a writer recently and oh my goodness, it is all I want. Autumn, you're awesome.

Warm Drinks & Chillier Walks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. You can read yesterday's Blogtober post HERE!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Big, Little Things

Today, I should be posting a Booktober review of the book, Just One Day by Gayle Forman. However, my phone is currently broken and I hadn't yet taken a picture for the post. Not that the picture will be worth waiting for (I still need to work out what is wrong with my pictures!), I have decided to postpone the review until tomorrow because I still have a few pages left anyway, and not enough time to read them today! (This has turned out to be a busy month!) However, as I was supposed to be writing about Just One Day, I thought I would write a post about an idea the book portrays and has, in turn, inspired my thoughts.

The little things that happen. Sometimes they're insignificant, they change everything.

I like this quote a lot. Willem (the main guy in the novel) says this. It goes alongside his idea that if you don't put yourself on a certain path, you miss opportunities. I have written a post before about how everything can change your path and as much as I worry I'm not taking the right path, I just need to take life as it comes. I believe this still, but I also like Willem's point. Alongside my view, I also want to always be trying to find the right route so I don't miss out. So I can experience the little things- whether they're insignificant, or whether they are seriously big.

It has got me thinking about a bunch of little things that have happened to me- the big, little things. This includes when I chose to go out on a Friday evening with some friends and I met someone- that's pretty little, right? He's now my absolute best friend and go-to person. That's pretty big. Or when I went to the doctor's recently (a small thing that most people experience) and I learnt a big, big lesson. I got it wrong, and I learnt a lesson I am, nevertheless, grateful for.

It's the big, little things that make me believe in fate. I don't know a fancy definition of fate or exactly how people "live" with fate in mind (Can you really live with fate in mind when fate itself relies on something unknown?), but my view is that fate is kind of like chance. It's happy and magical version of chance. My best friend and I happened to be going out on the same night and fate brought us together! I like that. Big, little things an just fall into place.

Big & Little Things,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day for Blogtober which you can read about HERE; HERE is yesterday's post!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Little Running Diary #3

In order to talk more about one of my favourite hobbies on the blog, I created my "A Little Running Diary" series! You can read my last post in this series HERE, if you would like. Today I want to talk about what it is I love about running. It is naturally going to be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, and it is a bundle of things that makes running so exciting for me, but I'm going to try all the same.

I adore running because I love moments where my head can be clear - even if I'm thinking lots - because I am surrounded by somewhere else to where I may be getting stressed or upset. In contrast, I love moments where my head is clear when I am perfectly happy. Running can cater for any of my mindsets, and no matter what, it is going to make me feel better. It feels good to just focus on something else other than my other activities in a day. Even if the run doesn't go to plan, I feel good just doing it!

Of course, I love that it is a healthy hobby- one that is good for me. It works so much of the body, encouraging my mind to be more determinated and healthily overreaching too. I love that I can just get better and better (even if I am "worse" on some runs!) and set myself challenges and achieve things I didn't know was possible. It boosts my own moral really!

The vibe is awesome. I can listen to some music and feel motivated through it or I can run around pretty places or even boring places that create a route I adore and feel inspired by. I can pass other runners who share my love or people just enjoying the day. Running makes me calm, and also excited.

In a way this feels a lot like something a child at school would hand in- just a piece of writing about their favourite hobby. But what's wrong with that?

Running Shoes & Pretty Scenes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day in October for Blogtober which you can read about HERE; HERE is yesterday's post.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

One of Those Places

I have been sat smiling quite goofily for a little bit. I've had Blogger open for a while now, with a page ready to write a post on. My mind has been wandering, thinking about one of my favourite places. It's one of my favourite places because of memories that have been made there, because I love the place in general and because of what the place stands for in my life. These happy thoughts have made a blogger smile like a toddler and feel happy in my smile's company.

Waves crashing or waves dancing, it's one of those places where I feel at home even though it's not home. With hotels dotted around in a Monopoly-map kind of way, rain or shine, it's one of those places that feels like summer. Busy or quiet, it's one of those places that makes my heart feel so fond.

It's just one of those places that oozes only good memories- and so many of them! I've been to a lot of places I have adored (and I feel so lucky for this) but that doesn't mean that they feel anything like home. And home is a feeling I cherish so much- not that I believe "home" can only mean a place or a physical building. But this is one of those places that makes my heart feel settled when I'm there.

Bars with smiley people and restaurants with families and couples and friends dining happily, it's one of those places I like being part of- but I like to observe it too. With seaside treats never too far away and a feeling of wanderlust in my veins (even if I don't have to travel far), it's one of those magical places that just feels like a holiday.

It's one of those places I always want to know and love and visit and be in. It's charming and homely and exciting and calming. It brings me only warmth when I think about it and it brings me hope, the good kind of nostalgia and a feeling of love too.

Writing in the Sand & Sipping Juicy Drinks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am taking part in Blogtober which you can read about HERE, and HERE is yesterday's post!

Monday, 19 October 2015


Mulan is one of my favourite Disney films and films in general. It is one I always go back to- as I did a week or so ago. Naturally, Reflection, has always been a song I have adored. It is the moment when Mulan realises she doesn't fit into what her family and society want her to be. She knows she wants to be herself - for her reflection to match what is inside - and for her family to be proud of this daughter; this girl. She is struggling with pretending to be someone she just isn't. I think this song resonates with a lot of people- male and female.

As I've grown up I've learnt how this song needs to be listened to- the lesson needs to be learnt. I've understood it more and more as I've grown older and I know for a fact people who are very much adults need to listen to it too. We go through our school years working out who we are; what our interests are; who we want to be and who we don't want to be; what we're good at and what we're not; what we want to become good at and what we want to stay away from. It can be a stressful experience and this needs to change. Some of these things we learn and they stick with us, some of them change- for the better and sometimes the worse too. This is why we still need to listen to the classic "be who you are!" message, even when we are legally an adult! From experience with other adults and I suppose myself (now I technically am one), I know this to be a fact.

Mulan sings about freeing herself "from their expectations." I have never felt limited by my parents' expectations in a negative way, however there are expectations weighing us down everywhere, and this is most certainly something we need to free ourselves from. Peer pressure is a big one at school and if you don't succumb to it and stay true to yourself, it doesn't mean you feel all that good (as much as you should!). Sometimes it left me feeling lonely. This whole experience taught me that I am strong enough to be who I want to be and left me in a very happy place.

I want my reflection to always match who I am inside. I don't want to look at myself (whether that be by considering how I've acted in a situation or in any other way) and think I'm not representing myself as my inside is aching for me to do so. This doesn't mean I can't trip up or make mistakes, just that I want my reflection to be as honest as I aspire to be- as I hope my "inside me" is.

We all have down days and I think in my life, these days are when I need this song and this lesson the most. Even those it's a sad part of the film and Mulan is still confused and sad, it is definitely a landmark in her knowing who she is and who she wants to be; as long as we recognise who we want to be (although maybe it's not necessary), we can do it!

An Honest Reflection & Happiness,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am taking part in Blogtober which you can read about HERE! HERE is yesterday's post!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Martian

In the past I have written a couple reviews which are both movie and book reviews. I have enjoyed writing these so much and seen as a few months ago I read one of my favourite stories ever, The Martian by Andy Weir, I knew I just had to do a book/movie review as the movie has recently been released.

The book

First of all, I'll cover the premise of this awesome story- which is naturally the same as the film. Mark Watney is stranded on Mars: no crew; no life around him; a few scary-looking options that may lead to his survival. With his crew carrying on with their mission, believing he is dead, as well as Earth and his parents, The Martian tells the story of how Watney goes about this lonely but awesomely hilarious situation.

At the centre of this story, is of course Watney. He is a character I admire a lot- one I became very invested in. It is a stunning read when you have a character who is in an incredibly tough position whilst remaining mostly positive (we'd forgive him if he didn't!). Of course there are ups and downs but we are guided by Watney's log entries and his incredibly humorous way of capturing what goes on. Through his sarcastic comments and funny outlook, we learn why Watney would have been a great member of the original crew- not doubting his ability to boost moral, considering he made me, as a reader, feel more positive about his situation than I could have alone.

What I love about this novel is that I could go from being very amused to feeling incredibly intense- it's one of the most gripping stories I have ever read. A comment on the back of my version quotes the Guardian, calling the novel "believable" and that is all I thought throughout the whole book.

My only issue is one I gave myself. Originally I don't think I focussed enough with the vocabulary. I made myself confused and felt like I'd alienated myself from the language and general space scene. I spoke to my friend who recommended I read the book and he said he found the book was phrased in a way to make us understand, and so, with this in my mind, I re-read the start and got myself into the flow of space and NASA. I recommend focussing so you are in the flow of the story as soon as possible- although I genuinely think it was my own fault!

I adore this novel and rate it 4.5/5!

The film

I saw The Martian the week it came out in cinema and it has immediately become an all-time favourite.

The film changes very little, and the things it does change, for sure didn't aggravate me in any way. The cast is simply glorious. Matt Damon is so spot on for Mark Watney I just wanted to fist pump the air at the end of the film. He portrays the character's wit and intelligence awesomely. The actors casted for the crew portray the passion, devastation and teamwork beautifully. Those back on Earth portray Mitch's soft side well, Teddy's stern attitude awesomely and Annie's humorous frustration hilariously.

Like in the book, we see the fallout the whole event has back at NASA and America. We see the frustrating troubles NASA faces and the hard work that is put in to help. The film is Guardians of the Galaxy-esque; it's a more believable, human experience of it. I adore this. It's a serious and yet hilarious film; it's tense and it's one I won't ever let go of.

I rate it 4.25/5!

Mars & Earth,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I have been posting every day in October which you can read about HERE! Yesterday's post can be found HERE!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Feminism from my Perspective

Recently I have seen people fighting feminism. Fighting against it, and not for it. I don't know many people with a "wrong" version of feminism- but, sure, that does exist! Men-hating is lame; thinking it's not about gender equality is lame. However, I just want everyone to be a feminist so badly. Because I believe I am doing feminism right. Feminism, in the way I live and love it, is awesome. For this reason, I want all of my family, everyone I know and everyone in the world to just be one. Be one for the sake of all humans.

To me, and most people, feminism means gender equality. It means the want for everyone in the world to have equal rights and equal opportunities. Yes, that means a lot more work for the sake of women than it does men- but oh my goodness I support men as much as I do women and so it means a lot of work for them too! It is not synonymous with men hating and it is not a movement just for women. I personally want feminism to move forward with focus on pushing forward with women's rights and other related things, whilst equally moving forward with men-related problems.

And, of course there are an uncountable amount of problems that need to be improved when it comes to men's lives. We have male victims of rape- and the fact so many of these victims feel like they can't step forward or feel as though they have lost some aspect of "masculinity" because of what happened. (No, no, no! This whole thing has to change.) We have young boys thinking they have to act a certain way to be accepted by their peers. Not only should we tackle the fact that no boy should think this, we need to stop the general acting towards people that don't fit into this unfortunate expectation of what it takes to be a "boy" or even a "man" that society has created. Boys and men need to know they can be sensitive and kind and it should never affect either their "masculinity" or even what their sexuality is (it simply isn't relevant). Boys and men need to know they can have a plethora of career choices that many won't go into in fear of what it would mean for their "masculinity." We need to help the male abuse victims; the men that deserve to see their child when a divorce is involved. This list is, naturally, not exhaustive. We need to re-define masculinity. Think of your brother or your dad; your male cousin or your male best friend. Think of all of the deserved boys and men in the world. Think of what they deserve.

And then there's women's rights. They are not more important, but more does need to be done in the grand scheme of things. Not only is there disgusting misogyny, the existence of sexual, domestic and general abuse to women, there's the many girls over the world who don't have a right to education (let's not forget the boys too!), but there is also, like male "expectations", female "expectations." There is the fact the girls grow up being expected to be the minority in science-related jobs. There is the expectation of the woman to stay at home when they have a child- there is the expectation that women just should be mothers, and that, if a woman is struggling when it comes to motherhood, they are weak. Oh my goodness, women need the world's help- just like the men! There is all of this and upsettingly more to consider when you ask yourself, am I a feminist?

I won't cover everything there is to cover in this post, but the bottom line is that we need to support everyone's rights in this world. Everyone's lives. There is way too much fear of the word "feminist." If you consider feminism to be the movement of helping women and men, is it really that scary?

Feminism & Improving the World,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Friday, 16 October 2015

The Magic of Bookshops

To pinpoint the magic of bookshops is an impossible task- there is just too much magic in these places to think one little blogger can re-produce it all in a blog-sized set of words.

If it isn't the sheer sight of books upon books upon books that makes my heart flutter with the gorgeousness of words, it's the pages I can softly turn to momentarily soak up a story I may purchase that day- or another. But definitely one other time I step into a Shop of Stories. It's the hustle and bustle of a quiet bookshop- and the peace found in all of the storybook or real life characters that are wandering around a busy bookshop. It's the happiness in reaching out to touch a pretty or unique or bizarre on inspiring book cover. It's finding books I've never heard of and books a friend of family member would love as a present; it's appreciating the works of so many talented people. Bookshops are just something else.

This post comes from being ever inspired by the Books are my Bag campaign which you can read more about HERE. The campaign aims to get us in bookshops more- support our beautiful shops that tell stories! After all, we wouldn't want to see these shops to not exist eventually, would we? Imagine every high street not having stories to be told; imagine not being able to physically consider a bunch of stories before we treat ourselves to a novel. I know I don't want to imagine it. Go and check out Books are my Bag because it's an awesome cause and I couldn't agree with it more.

I'm going to hold my hands up now in complete honesty and not claim that I will always buy my books from bookshops- sometimes shopping online will be more convenient or better priced for my needs. However, for the last couple of years I have been supporting bookshops more and more, because they are the place I always want to go to most of all when I go shopping- therefore I must support them. We have to remember a few awesome things about bookshops that other places may not be able to offer us:


...can have some awesome deals
...can provide covers you don't get on certain online stores
...won't provide you with a book tattered from the post or handling
...make me feel full of magic

Please support bookshops- they may need us and we most certainly need them!

Bookshops & That Feeling of Magic,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Booktober | Cinder by Marissa Meyer

As a part of October, I am participating in Booktober where I am setting myself the challenge of reading four books this month, and to make the experience even more exciting, I am reviewing them too! You can read more about it HERE! For the first week I read To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han and you can read that review HERE! Now, on with the review!

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is one of three books in The Lunar Chronicles series. Cinder is a re-telling of the classic, Cinderella, with an awesome twist. Cinder is a cyborg. She is also a talented mechanic and is known for it. Living with a stepmother that hates her, Cinder's life is soon dramatically changed with a Prince, a realisation she could just well help Earth and a load of dystopian temptation and danger. Man, that's cool.

This story is seriously awesome. We admire Cinder for her courage and her talent and her want to help not only her ill sister, but the world too. We see her vulnerable side and only love her more for it because she is good. Cinder is a good'n. That we have a dystopian novel with a cyborg heroine makes me feel slightly more comfortable sleeping at night. Not long ago I wouldn't have known we needed such a story, but I can conclude now that we do.

New Beijing needs a hero and a good leader, and for a cure for the illness taking out too many civilians every day. Literature needs awesome females to look up to every day and as these characters should come in all shapes a sizes, I am delighted to have the cyborg, Cinder to be kicking butt. It's a story of disaster and evil plans; romance and beautiful lessons.

The story, Cinder, is such a brilliant start to a series- naturally making me very excited to read the next part. I am a Disney enthusiast and one that loves re-tellings of classic fairy tales, especially with the Disney adaptations in mind. Cinder teaches us of evil and goodness and I simply adore the story that has taught these lessons.

I rate this novel 4/5!

Cyborgs & Fairy Tales,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A Commute to Each Life

Ebony pushes her laptop lid down and slumps back in her chair. For two years now she has been doing the Monday commute to London; for one year and eleven months now, she has been hating the Monday commute to London. She’s not too fond of the Friday commute back to her home either, but when it’s Friday, it’s Friday.

Her London friends ask her why she even bothers- move into London, they say. Her friends at home don’t ask. Well, they know why moving to London is not the option.
It isn’t a matter of where she prefers more- London, or home? She loves both.
The rest of the commute drags on by and by the time she’s finished her tube route, Ebony wants to sit down for the rest of the day. Instead, though, she buys a coffee and walks through busy old London, dodging the busy businessmen and excited children.
And it’s only Monday, Ebony thinks as she steps into the reception of her work’s office as if the thought has much more meaning than the four words simply look and sound like.
The day goes surprisingly quickly. Ebony realises this when she is back at the bed and breakfast she stays at, eating a microwave meal way too quickly while she changes into a high-waisted skirt and a flowery top. She slides on her pretty new flats as it’s a surprisingly warm October night and soon she is feeling much more relaxed as she walks along Oxford Street with her best friend and work colleague, Megan.
“I mean, I’ve been excited for tonight all weekend and now he has to go and be like this,” Megan says with a big sigh. Her boyfriend has sent her a list of things she hasn’t tidied or cleared up. A week before she promised she would sort her untidy ways, and still, it seems, nothing has changed. “I didn’t mean to not do the dishes, Eb, I swear.” Ebony laughs and Megan grimaces, knowing she is wrong.
Within ten minutes, Ebony and Megan are giggling their way into a little Italian they are meeting their friends at.
The night is a beautiful one, filled with laughter and friendship and Ebony feels rich in her friends’ company. She loves hearing about Ellie’s new niece and her first smile; she giggles uncontrollably hearing about Richard’s dog leaving unwanted treats every day for the past week in his bedroom; she adores hearing about Louisa and Frank’s wedding plans.
She doesn’t love how lonely she feels as she slides into bed that night after checking in on her mother and remembering how she has to face Charlie the next day at work. Charlie who broke her heart not three months ago. Charlie who doesn’t even know. Charlie who doesn’t even care.
And then in four days, she must commute home to her lovely but very sad mother.
I love a short story I can continue another time!
London & Home,
The Girl in the Moonlight.
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Inspiration and Why it is Awesome

Feeling inspired is one of my favourite feelings. Inspiration is something I will always seek; something I never want to “not have” anymore. Of course, inspiration can dip in and out; sometimes we may feel like we are entirely uninspired. I don't think this can ever be the case though. Maybe I can’t say this- I don’t have all the facts. However, I hope it is true that we always have some level of inspiration. I always seek to be completely in a trance of inspiration. Simply writing this post serves my inspiration- my fingers are moving quickly because my brain is empowered by that lovely, awesome thing called inspiration.

Throughout October I am taking part in Blogtober (which you can read about HERE, if you like!). I am blogging every day in October. One of the reasons many (including me!) will find this daunting is because we think, what if I’m not inspire every day!? Many of us also take part in Blogtober because we want to fuel this part of us- we will ourselves to be inspired; we work for it. It doesn’t mean every post has to be fuelled by the utmost inspiration- some of my posts so far (and this trend will carry on) will be more awesome than others because of the level of inspiration put behind them.

Inspiration is exciting and I personally think it is because it feels new every time. That my mind will become so excited with a new thought (even if it’s in relation to an old one) shows how awesome the notion is. I may become really attached to the thought behind the inspiration and I’ll just want to write it down or say it aloud or do whatever act that inspired thought needs to be released into a new bubble of exciting inspiration.

When it comes to blogging, a post will be inspired by so many different things. I’ll write a book review because I’m inspired by a story; I’ll expand my thoughts on a way of thinking because I’m inspired by my thoughts on that matter or subject; or, like yesterday’s post, I’ll be inspired by an event and that will lead to a blog post.

My blog is my most important outlet when it comes to inspiration. I don’t want to ever become fearful of inspiration- of it not coming. Sometimes, just getting out my laptop is enough to become inspired to write a post (that’s how this post has come along, after all!). Sometimes it’s a lot harder. In turn, I may then write a post I’m not particularly inspired by myself- I’m not really in love with it, like I want to be. I do think we should give ourselves less of a hard time. Can our blogs always be completely perfect? I find, especially as I don't have all the time in the world to give to my blog, it just can't be. This is okay! And if this is because of lack of inspiration, I always know (well, hope!) it is going to come back!

I want to always stay inspired. And if it lacks slightly, I want to always want to want to be inspired.

Inspiration & Excited Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 12 October 2015

A Situation I Handled Badly

Last week I was in a situation that I feel awful about but also I feel I was a bit misjudged. I feel really gutted I wasn't given the chance to prove something but I'm also really sorry (this is an ironically timed post considering yesterday's post).

I went to a drop in session at my local GP because I hadn't booked an appointment and when I arrived, I saw my friend in the queue. My first mistake was this: I popped - and I mean popped - in the queue to say hi and have a natter because we had a while until it was open. I know now I won't do this again because although I checked that people weren't angry about it, I completely understand why this could make people uncomfortable. I had every intention to join back to the end of the queue but I do think I shouldn't have done this (I, too, would have felt uncomfortable if I was in the queue first).

As the doctor's opened, people went in, and I was going to go in, stand to one side and join the back of the queue as I don't know who I cut in front of. Naturally the man that stopped me couldn't read my mind. A man (well within his rights) pointed out there were people before me and because it knocked me off guard I can't say that I know for sure that I didn't cut in front of people that were there before me anyway, although I sincerely hope I did. Because I got a bit panicky I just had a moment and hoped I wasn't cutting in before anyone I shouldn't, but potentially did. Although the woman gestured for me to go in front of her, I feel so gutted and guilty.

So, of course I wish I could apologise again to anyone I may have cut in front of in the grand scheme of things. I also wish I didn't wait to let people in front of me because obviously it made me look bad. However I understand the man's point and he was very polite about it. I also wish the man didn't jump the gun and gave me a chance to prove myself, although I naturally understand why he did say something before I had the chance to do something- for which I cannot blame him for.

I feel entirely responsible for this situation and incredibly guilty. It was an innocent mistake but I do feel like there's a chance I cut in fron of one or two people who were there before me which is entirely unfair as they were at the doctor's first (potentially- I really hope I didn't!) and were there for a reason, which makes me feel so, so bad. A friendly reminder because of the guilt I feel: Don't do this.

So, with a few words on the internet, I want to apologise that I cut in front (despite strong intentions to not actually go through with cutting in the queue). I want to suggest we give people a chance to prove themselves (although not leave it too late in case they don't- which I suppose is the man's way of thinking), and I want to assure myself that I had good intentions not to do anyone any injustice although I understand any discomfort caused and quite frankly, I did wrong anyway. Side note: It was such an odd situation that my mind was very confused and I wasn't sure how I was effectively going to carry out my plan so in all honestly, I'm glad the man stopped me because I think there was a chance I could have panicked and handled it awfully by not going through with my plans- which is plain wrong and although it would have been an innocent mistake of me getting caught up in panic, I am glad I have the reassurance that someone did make sure I definitely didn't do too much wrong. (It's a hard situation to explain but I want to write this post honestly because I know my panic can lead me to getting confused as much as I wouldn't have done this with malice in mind.)

Quite frankly, this post makes me look like an awful person. Although I know it was an innocent mistake which then became confused in a state of panic, I do think I could have prevented the situation and handled it much better. I have spent a week considering not to post this because I know I feel awful and won't do it again, but we do make mistakes and this is one of mine. It's one I feel incredibly bad about and one I am very sorry for. This isn't a post to try and feel like it was any less of my fault, just a warning to make actions clearer (I should have quickly said hello and joined the back), to give people a chance (I really didn't want to act badly but in all fairness to the man, I know there's a chance I could have panicked and not done what I should have done and for this alone, I apologise), to say sorry at the time (I feel like I didn't apologise well enough and I wish I did *sad face*), and even if you're not actually going to jump the queue, don't do it in the first place (or at least make your intentions clear- which I tried but failed to do!). I also know this situation will make sure that I will control my panic (if I would have ended up carrying on because I felt so awkward, I know now to sort the situation out as quickly as possible so I don't get swept up by panic).

I made a mistake last week but am happy to say I have definitely learnt a valuable lesson. I want to stress that I meant no harm (but this isn't the point, of course) and I wanted so badly to clear it up in the first place, but that doesn't mean I wasn't very wrong. As much as I am genuinely ashamed of myself, to warn others not to do this is enough for me to feel a little of the guilt lift.

A Sorry Blogger & A Lesson Learnt,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogtober!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Importance of a Sincere Sorry

I've been thinking a lot about regret recently- the darker regret (although not dark, dark) where we are really sorry. Really, genuinely sorry. It's got me thinking about how I have so much respect for sincere apologies and the meaning and care behind them.

Naturally a sincere apology doesn't necessarily mean it will lead to a forgiven situation and there are situations where it shouldn't either, however I know that in my life, any mistake I have made, I call a mistake because that's what I feel like it has been. I have regretted it and hated my actions and importantly, learnt from my actions.

I have been in situations (although not an abnormal amount, I hope) where my heart has ached not necessarily for forgiveness, but for the person I have done wrong to know how truly sorry I am. They deserve to know that I either didn't mean to hurt their feelings or I truly regret being careless. They deserve to know so that is can't be a reflection on them, only me and so that they may be able to have some piece of mind or even make a decision. One can only be sincerely sorry when they apologise without agenda. Although it is perfectly natural to apologise for partially selfish reasons (it might make us feel better), it has to be about who has been affected most of all.      

I am not a worrier but when I have done something wrong, I feel and live guilt. As much as this is one of the reasons that I know my apologies are sincere, I have also been told that I can overthink these situations and I shouldn't- something I plan to always improve (when I make mistakes). So, as a side note, sometimes we should give ourselves a break. More importantly we should sincerely apologies, but we should give our guilt a break.

The lucky thing is, we learn from our mistakes. That is part of what makes a sincere apology. If we keep doing this thing we claim to be so very sorry for, then we can't really be that sorry, can we? For example, I would claim I was sorry and "didn't mean to eat all of the chocolate chips that were meant for cooking" to my mum when I would find them in the cupboard, but then I did it again. And again. (I really wasn't sorry.) However, I know I will never apologise if I don't mean it and I will state this so that I'm not just really ignorant, I will listen when I am accused of doing wrong but am not aware (and a sincere apology will arise from this if I so believe it) and I will always do my best to let someone know how truly, truly sorry I am if I act a way that even slightly upsets myself.

Honesty & Sincerity,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Expressing Ourselves Without Articulation

My best friend has a lot of good thoughts and intentions but has a fear of not being able to express them because he doesn't feel like he can articulate them properly- he fears even more that in a moment he will respond with words he forms into a sentence incorrectly. He wouldn't ever say something awful, but he will get himself into a bit of a fluster and his words won't match his thoughts as he so wants them to. He has actually done this very thing to me a couple of times. We have been talking and it will be a fast-paced conversation (if that makes sense) and he will say something that I know isn't actually what he thinks and watching his face become confused and panicked (wanting to clear up the confusion straight away), although we can sometimes giggle about it, makes me able to let him know straight away that I know he said something wrong and I may potentially even know what he actually meant. In this way I think it is important to ease our panicked ohmygoodnessIdonotknowhowtosaythis minds that if we are talking to someone or people that know us and know who we are and what we stand for, we don't need to panic about articulation. With my best friend, whose happy intentions I know, I always reassure him that it is okay. I either know what he means or I have the patience and knowledge of good intentions that allows him to find other ways to express a thought. Sidenote: naturally it doesn't mean that someone can say something outrageous and it's "okay because we know them and that's not what they meant."

I've been brought up to speak my mind (with respect) and the knowledge that I should stand up for myself or others if something has been handled badly. I think this is a good way to approach life- I also don't think that it affects other aspects of personality. For example, I don't consider myself an arrogant person because I will seek a solution to someone handling something awfully. I don't think me having confidence in this aspect affects the fact that I think I'm nice. Sexism has taught us that the people who believe women can only be "gentle" and not "confident" are simply incorrect. For this reason I will always believe we should stick up for ourselves. This doesn't mean we have to be able to articulate ourselves perfectly with words. There are many solutions to this and I can't write them all down, but for example, we may express our opinion through art or written words rather than verbal ones. We may dance or protest with a sign with a thought out slogan. We don't have to know how to say out exact thoughts on the spot. Expressing ourselves doesn't have to be this perfect well verbalised thing.

Of course you're going to need to be good at articulating if you're a lawyer and it's awesome if we are good at articulating and we should work on the art of articulating if we want or need to, but it's the art of expression and thought that is important. Ironically, I've not articulated this post very well. It's the furthest from concise you can get, but there you go ey! I kind of like it that way. My point (as overdue as it is) is that we can all express ourselves and really (despite my title) we articulate in different ways. And that's so good. We should all find the confidence to know this and carry this out every day.

Expression & Meaning,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

A Quiet Night

Tonight has been very uneventful, very peaceful and very quiet.

After coming in from a run, showering and having dinner, I've been sat in my room. It is safe to say I have achieved nothing, but the hours have gone past quickly. I feel thankful for it today. I had no where to go and nothing pressing to do. I just floated on by in a happy state, fully aware I was procrastinating. Yesterday I was out all evening and panic was present (although not too present) about how I needed to post for Blogtober. I am posting at a not too dissimilar time to yesterday and yet I feel very calm.

One of my aims for summer was to give myself more "me time." My summer was very busy but I did succeed more in this than I did the summer before and although I meant "me time" in terms of reading and watching some telly and chilling with whatever I see fit, tonight has been some very good, quiet time... I've done nothing.

Thinking has used up a lot of my time. Tonight has felt like a junior school "reflection time" session. I've been thinking about after university and the doom and gloom fear of "OH MY GOODNESS I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WILL DO AND I MUST KNOW. I. MUST. KNOW." Suddenly, however, I realised I'm not that scared about the prospect of not knowing anymore.

I've spent pretty much my whole life not knowing what "I want to be when I'm older." Although my heart sings for a career in writing and I will try my hardest to succeed, I've not thought of much else. What else is there? I love writing. But... Writing is a broad career and hard one to achieve too. Not that I'm afraid of hard work- I'm definitely not. Just...


Just. I feel like our lives are always changing because of "just." "It's just, it's too hard."/"It's just, I don't have the time."/"I just don't think I can do it." As much as I'm just not sure what is going to happen after university, I am going to work out what my first step is and if I'll keep working until I get what I want and I'll just keep working then as well!

I just know for sure that I enjoyed my quiet night, and I hope I always live a life where these nights are possible.

Just Smile & Adore,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. You can read about Blogtober HERE and yesterday's post HERE!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Booktober | To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

To kick off Booktober (which you can read about HERE), I chose to read To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. I read so many good things about it before buying it, always seeing pictures of it here and there! I'm very glad I picked it to get myself into Booktober!

Lara Jean has fallen in love with a few boys and with these imaginary romances, came one letter to each boy to end it- to move on. When the letters are released into the world, a life Lara Jean didn't intend for is released too. With a family to try and look after once her big sister has moved to Scotland and some growing up to do, Lara Jean faces a high school life she didn't know she could have.

We adore Lara for her naive ways, but also how she is very aware of who she is (in an awesome way!) and how she is quite happy to surprise the world. She is an admirable character with bundles of eagerness and enthusiasm for sweet things. It's endearing to watch her ask questions and learn and be willing to try new things, no matter how scared she is. I particularly loved how she is very open to being wrong in that she will admit it to herself and I think this is a good quality to have.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a sweet coming of age story about learning to grow up and I adore how Lara Jean keeps her sweet and inquisitive ways throughout this. I love her relationship with her dad and how she aches to help out with her little sister and the household. I am delighted with this read, and although it felt a little young for me, I adored the story and so recommend it very much (because if you love it, you love it!)- and I can't wait to read the sequel, P.S. I Still Love You.

I rate this novel 3.5/5!

Letters & Questions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The New Sun | Part 1

Lily Peters holds her hand out and finds the handrail from memory. She has practiced this walk every day for the past two weeks. She has practiced it in similar clothing and similar high heels. She couldn't wear the actual ones for the day now could she, because she wouldn't want to ruin them, would she? Hell yes she would!

So the day has arrived. Dressed in a blood red dress that slides almost through her body- making friends with the edge of her skin rather than the dress being the main attraction. The newspapers the next day would explain how she didn't need anything added to her body; that would take everyone's eyes off what that body stood for. And that was exactly what the last two weeks aimed for. An image, created by The New Government, to distract the world from the tragedy of Ella-Grey Masters. Lily's make up is subtle- she would need an innocent layer added to sit well with her provocative outfit- while eyes would stare, ears would trust her voice. Diamonds smile from her ears and her hair's curls lay messily on her chest.

Ella was Lily's best friend. And today, in The New Government's England, Lily is to express their absolute innocence in killing her best friend. 

Brilliant. Lily almost laughs but Eddie's warning eyes force her lips back into the innocent and trusting smile she has perfected for the last fourteen days. The New Government will regret forcing Lily to dance under their song for the last couple of weeks; more so they will regret killing Lily's best friend, Harriet Masters' and Oscar Masters' daughter, Jez's sister and the New Sun's mascot.

"Very good, Lily P," Serendipity's lips curl into an approving nod.

"Remember, kid. Don't trip." Lily almost spits on Mr. Holding's shoes. Instead she takes his encouraging smile as ammunition.

"Lily, head up!" One final reminder from Matthew. Lily briefly takes a look at him and his angry expression turns into a soft smile- as if it was her first day at school and he is her loving father. Yeah, okay.
What the smiling idiots don't know and Lily Peter most certainly does is this: It's approximately twenty minutes until the New Sun. At least the beginning of the battle to getting the new sun; the moral and happy light. And Lily Peters isn't going to lose this battle for anybody. 


I thought Blogtober (which you can read about HERE!) would be an awesome opportunity to kick off a series of stories called The New Sun which I have created. I have been reading a lot of dystopian novels recently and so I wanted to have a crack at creating my own dysopian story!

Blogtober is proving to be very awesome- HERE is yesterday's post!

Dystopian Worlds & Real Life Lessons,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

It All Started With a Sweet and a Fruit

My best friend adores the sweet, Black Jack. He says he can't understand why I don't like them or even that I can't stand the smell. He could chew on a whole pack and be happy, whereas I don't even have it in me to try the sweet again, because I just know I never liked them before and I still won't now. Similarly I love bananas, whereas he can't get past their funny texture and he can't stomach the thought of the taste. These are little things, right? However, there are loads of other things that we don't have in common- loads of tastes and hobbies and things we're good at, all varying on degrees of "bigness."

This thought has lead me to think about how we automatically assume we will click with people who are almost the very same as us (it relates a little to a post I have written recently called No Unlikely Friendships). I think my best friend's and my friendship can work so well because of our subtle differences- ones we don't understand each other for. Ones we can't empathise with (even if we can and should be interested in them). Ones that I consider my best friend "famous" (in my eyes) for; but as importantly, those I wouldn't think about even nearly on a daily basis when I see or think about him.

I would say my best friend and I are actually incredibly similar (I wouldn't say we are an unlikely friendship at all), however we can't bond over the taste of a Black Jack or a banana. He is much more interested in cars than I am and you are much, much safer in betting on seeing me with a book in my hands than him. He loves pork belly slices whereas I'm slightly terrified at the thought of them. He is amused by my absolute loyalty to and adoration of McFly and I giggle with admiration at his want for order and tidiness. 

And oh my goodness these are just slight differences- some contributing much more to our personalities than others but it many ways, these little things were the building blocks that established our friendship and continue to contribute to us getting along- as will many new things in the future. I remember when our friendship began and he would ask me about books and I'd get excited and as much as he didn't understand my love for books because he doesn't have that love (as much as I will persuade him to come to the happy, bright book side), he always asked and this definitely contributes to the strength of our friendship. 

I've been trying to work out what exactly the point of this post is. I think it's this: My best friend and I can tease each other for our differences and not understand but there is no one I want to learn about more. There is no one that tries to understand my loves more than him. It's an admirable quality and I hope he knows how much I will always endeavour to learn what it is he loves about certain cars and I'll always appreciate his love for and talent in snooker. I can understand because I feel all of the feelings he has for these differences (and more) in other things! Maybe we owe our friendship to our differences

It'd be a boring world if we were all the same, wouldn't it?

A Black Jack & A Banana,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day for Blogtober which you can read about HERE! Yesterday's post can also be found HERE!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumnal Eyes

With scarves freshly sitting on our jumpers and coats again. With dark lipsticks and the promise of gloves. With crisper air and deep colours. With air that does still appreciate the warmth of the sun but is no stranger to the pitter patter of the rain. With colder and darker evenings encouraging us to nurse hot chocolates and an early night, we have a nineteen year old girl with autumnal eyes.

I spend so much of my time missing summer and the promise of its weather (even if it doesn't deliver), that I forget how much I enjoy the weather and the feeling of the next couple of months. Autumn. It really is beautiful. I don't really get sick of autumn. As much as I don't overly begrudge winter weather (it can be super lovely and encourages all sorts of happy things), Autumn comes and goes so beautifully with its soft ways, that I do love admiring the wonders of its song.

While we kick up yellow and orange and brown leaves. While we miss picnics but embrace cosy nights. While we indulge in films and snug music. While we sit on the sofa with a blanket and begrudge the thought of darker mornings but enjoy the little song in the promise of darker evenings. These autumnal eyes are more than happy to have arrived just in time for this pretty change of colour.

Autumn seems to be the time I am on a roll with blogging. I am so inspired by everything at the moment. I don't know what it is but something awesome is in the air and I have creativity willing me to get my laptop out and let my ideas spill onto a page. I'm kind of rubbish in summer (it's been a bit of a given the last couple of years as much as I hope I will change this next year!), and I am giddily delighted that my love for writing is shining through on my blog.

When we are finding new warm drinks to tease our lips. When we are finding a bit more "me time" and remembering why we should always embrace this way of life. When we are bringing out tights and trousers and cardigans and jumpers to life again. When we are smelling new kinds of candles and becoming friends with that feeling of walking threw the door to a warmer air. When autumn arrives, these autumnal eyes feel at home once again.

I feel ready this autumn. I feel motivated and encouraged with everything in my life. I'm feeling a lot better than I did this time last year, willing myself to get better and better. I am excited to work hard and to enjoy every bit of it. Autumn has brought not only determination, but such a calm, warm feeling, that I can't wait to get to know it better.

Blankets & Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am currently in the midst of the lovely Blogtober which you can read about HERE- also, HERE is yesterday's post!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brutal Honesty/Why We Should Choose Kindness

Recently I watched a video by Carrie Hope Fletcher (which you can see HERE) where she expands her and Tessa's (a Youtuber who also made a video, HERE) good thoughts about brutal honesty. It got me, in turn, thinking about how I will always live by the kind premise that approaching situations where honesty needs to be released upon the world should require kind and caring phrasing and attitudes.

My opinion is this:

Who gives any one human the right to dictate their views horribly to one or more people? No one person knows everything and no one person has had every experience and every life lesson. In fact, every one person will have one life lesson taught differently to any other person. Naturally this will mean a bunch of people in the world have awful ideas and thoughts and views, meanwhile others have ones that are acceptable albeit different to others, while others have slight differences- and then all of the other possibilities too! What I am trying to say is this: With all of the different situations and lives in the world, we must always handle honesty with only kindness. And never brutality.

There is the odd and wrong (sometimes the whole "There are two sides to an argument; you must respect both" thing will always be right, however sometimes it is definitely not) at the moment where body shaming is absolutely acceptable; the methods which are involved in this including humour and "brutal honesty" (I have written a post about it HERE). I hate it. Carrie, in the video, says how some people may use brutal honesty just to be mean. I think so too! This brutal honesty thing... It can seem like a form of bullying. I think it sometimes is. And this truly sucks.

A lot of the time brutal honesty will lead to a less than motivated mind to change something (sometimes "brutal honesty" is based on no fact at all) and more of a sad and upset mind. For this reason, kindness has to be the way. It is so important to encourage people to make a change if they need to, and it is so important to make sure we do this by being kind and constructive. This leads to the whole constructive criticism thing. "Criticism" can seem negative, however if it is delivered in a kind way, it doesn't need to be- we don't even have to mention the word! 

Both Tessa and Carrie Hope Fletcher say... Why not choose kindness?

Why not choose kindness?

Care & Thought,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day in Blogtober and you can read about that HERE! HERE is yesterday's post!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cafe Thoughts | Creativity

It's a Saturday and I'm sat in a cafe with my laptop and a few thoughts. I woke up earlier than expected, had breakfast, exercised hard, ate a treat that I maybe shouldn't have (but I enjoyed nonetheless) and creativity inspired me to get myself to a cafe with WiFi and make sure I continue one of my October challenges: Blogtober (which you can read about HERE).

I knew I was going to visit a cafe to use some WiFi today because I realised I wanted to complete Blogtober fully (at the end of September I did wonder whether I'd have to catch up with posts later on as I have no internet access at my accommodation for a few days in October). It has got me thinking. My adoration for writing and the creativity it uses and produces made me know I had to get to a place where I could encourage my creativity. I think that's kind of awesome. 

Then I got to thinking. I think all of the people I know have creativity- even if they don't know it or use it as much as maybe they'd like to. I have a friend that is very good with all things art and another whose mind can create all sorts of awesome ideas. Creativity can come in all shapes and sizes and I think it is very important that we use it. My creativity comes with all sorts of writing and I'd like to encourage other areas of creativity to become "my thing", even if I'm not as good as those who have a particular talent in it. Creativity stimulates the mind and makes the world very colourful- and we all have the ability to find it in ourselves.

I was in a supermarket before I got to the cafe and heard a child talking excitedly to an adult about their ideas about how flags for countries to look. It made me really happy and it produced a realisation that children find it so easy to be creative and "think outside of the box." When do a lot of us lose this eagerness? I know that as I became older my love of drawing (I've never had an exceptional talent in it but I loved it so I did it and that's an awesome way to be!) became less fueled but I'm happy to say that I never gave up my love of creative writing. Although I think I should commend myself on this, I have let a lot of creativity slip- and I should and will find this again! 

I think we should always encourage creativity- finding other outlets to express this with and sticking to the ones we know very well. We need to always be that creative child. Creativity is really awesome. What are your thoughts?

Excited & Stimulates Minds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. You can read yesterday's Blogtober post HERE!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Aim: To Blog Better and Better

In all aspects of life I always want to be getting "better and better"; that definitely includes my blog. My blog is in the category, "The things I'm most proud of", but that doesn't mean I can't keep learning and making my blog better and better- I will always be learning and I want to, alongside this, make every month that goes on better than the last (even if that doesn't happen, I, more than ever have the aim to achieve this goal). So, today, I'm going write a list of things I want to improve on and I will keep referring back to it, and also keep writing posts with this same premise, although I will write them simply when I feel like it!

1. My most important aim is to take better pictures. This firstly needs to start by me working out what has gone wrong recently. Although my pictures were never anything special, they were clear! Recently they've been awful and fuzzy and they don't adjust well onto my blog even though they looked all right before and I'm not sure why. Once I've sorted this problem I will work on being more creative and also taking out the past awful photos and creating better ones.

2. I want to change a few things about how I will now write book reviews. I'm not being dishonest with what I'm about to say - I don't mean to do it - but I don't think I've ever written anything I've not enjoyed about a book or something I would have changed etc. Sidenote: These pointers within book reviews should always be handled respectfully, escpecially when it is likely there has been so much hard work put into the book that I would never want to belittle an author's awesome efforts. I do read awesome books and I've never had anything in mind to write about a point I didn't like so much so that is the honest reason why I don't write negative things, however I am going to make sure I have a bit more of an awareness of this and try really hard to change this because after all, it is a book review. I often get so swept up in how much I adore a story, I approach reviews with rose-tinted glasses (and deservedly so!). Of course if I genuinely love a book that much (which I do in all of the past book reviews this applies to), I will write without this in mind. To start this I am going to simply rate my books from now on and see what happens. Maybe with a 5/5 or 10/10 or a star system, but I will start my more "reviewy" reviews like this!

3. Once Blogtober is over, I want to have a blogging schedule again. I assume I will go back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday one when I feel like I can commit to a schedule again, but either way I want to have something I will stick to (with only really necessary exceptions). I will not write down when this schedule will start (I have made that mistake too many times) but hopefully I will just fall into it! Last month I didn't have particular days I would blog on, just the concept that I would post three times a week- which I did! Hopefully I can make a more solid plan as much as I enjoyed this relaxed way of doing this- because, for me, it could eventually mean I'm leaving it all to the last minute.

4. This aim is a bit of a continued one from number three. I have to start making realistic aims. A lot of the times I do think blogging aims I make are doable- sometimes I know it's going to go belly up. It's not a bad thing- I have every want to succeed but it's a lot of pressure to make aims I won't complete, especially when I know this is the case.

5. I want to start reviewing books I read ages ago again. I started a series called "An Old Book" a long time ago so I have every reason to re-visit stories I read ages ago, and the thought of this excites me. I am especially excited because as my blog knows very well, I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and I read most of his books before I started this blog and so I should definitely review my all-time favourite books!

What are your blogging aims? My really relevant and current aim is that I am taking part in Blogtober (which you can read about HERE). I am adoring it so far (even if it is only day two, I have so much enthusiasm for it!) and you can read yesterday's Blogtober post HERE!

A Prince & A Princess,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Here Goes Nothing

Trisha opens the oven, feeling excited to do so. With her new oven gloves in hand, she pulls out a baking tray which reveals twelve burnt fairy cakes. "No!" she almost shouts. "No, no, no," she utters impatiently, sliding the tray on the top of the oven, shutting the oven door before turning it off. "No!"

Trisha doesn't recall how long it took for her to stop saying no, as she miserably sits at the kitchen counter and drops a more-than-crispy and definitely-not-fluffy fairy cake into her mouth. She tries to remember what went wrong. Eventually she realises the cakes were in for fifteen minutes too long and she feels as though this is why her best friend Lana is the baker- not her.

If Aimee, her teenage daughter had a similar situation, Trisha would say, "We can all do these things- we just need to try!" However, Trisha's normally positive attitude seems to be gone for the afternoon.

Aimlessly Trisha flicks through a magazine she has no interest in, writes a list she knows she won't complete that day and thinks about what she should cook for dinner that night. While her thoughts are no longer on dinner - she isn't even sure what they are on - Aimee arrives home, flinging her bag on the counter and her coat on the sofa. "Hey mum!" that excited Friday tone has arrived.

"Hello sweetie. How was your day?"

"Good thanks! How has your day off been?"

Trisha laughs and Aimee looks at her confused before turning back to her phone. Knowing Aimee will be playing about on that for a while, Trisha decides she will have a moment of productivity and puts new bedding on the bed. As she buttons up the quilt cover, she giggles at the memory of her husband trying to teach her how to slide a quilt cover onto the quilt. At 21 years old she just didn't know how. Suddenly realising she could now do it with her eyes shut and a Sudoku in her other hand, Trisha perches on the end of her bed.

She's an accountant with clients that mostly have too much money for their own good and co-workers who are simply turning up Monday to Friday for the pay at the end of the month. Her love for her job disappeared a few years ago and she tries to avoid thinking about it too much. Before she stepped into her first accounting interview, she was excited. She knew it wasn't what she wanted to do for another twenty years (Ha! Well that's life, Trisha, ay!? she thinks), but she knew she could be excited for it until she persued a career in her true passion: writing.

Suddenly inspired, Trisha reaches for her bedside cabinet, pulling out a newspaper clipping she cut out with a giggle and a prediction that she wouldn't do anything with it a couple of weeks ago:


As Aimee's friend comes round and they evacuate to her daughter's room, Trisha places a notepad in front of her, next to her favourite pen. Here goes nothing.


I think it's time I start taking chances with my writing, like Trisha! How, I'm not completely sure of yet, but a couple of ideas spring to mind.

Fairy Cakes & Opportunities,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am posting every day in October and you can read about that HERE!
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