Saturday, 12 March 2016

Aim: To Delicious my Nutritious

I am good at eating healthy meals and also healthy snacks however top that with also being good at eating chocolate and cake and  we have a dilemma. I want to cut down every so slightly on the snacks and increase the healthy snacks- and make sure my general meals are much more nutritious. After all, it's all well and good that I adore exercise and know how to and can eat healthily, but sometimes I take eating chocolate too far. Eating and exercise go hand-in-hand when you want to achieve results. I need to incorporate more healthy into my life!

I am always going to encourage everyone to see happiness in their bodies whilst also encouraging health and happiness. I feel very good in myself currently and I haven't always and this is why I am so motivated when it comes to seeing myself in a positive light whilst also being healthy when it comes to exercise and eating. And importantly: not being hard on myself. So, I must start by saying that it is so true that we have to be patient when we want our bodies to change. We also have to be safe. And we also have to give ourselves breaks and find it in us to love ourselves- and then always live like that! Because we deserve it.

Now, I'm going to write a little - however upsetting - list of foods/drinks that I will be cutting out of/eating less of in my life for the foreseeable future!

- Crisps
- Fizzy drinks/energy drinks (terms and conditions apply)
- Cheese and biscuits
- Chocolate (massive terms and conditions apply)

So, in order to make myself understand why I'm cutting these out of my diet and to have something written down so I can read this again whenever I fancy crisps, for example... Crisps. I'm not someone who adores crisps however they are super easy to eat in order to fill a gap and although it may just do the trick, I don't feel particularly happy about the taste and so I want to find healthier ways to fill myself up! I don't really drinks fizzy drinks or energy drinks however the Easter holidays are coming up and sometimes I'll forget a drink and pick up one from a shop on the way to wherever I'm going. It's much cheaper and healthier to just remember to prepare myself with a bottle of water before leaving! The terms and conditions I have noted, however, are if I'm at the pub at all, I won't necessarily be avoiding the fizzy drinks and whatnot (although I will be super careful, of course!). It hurts to write that I'll be cutting down on cheese and biscuits (I'm not sure I believe I'll cut them out completely for however long). I love cheese and biscuits. But the issue is I can eat and eat and eat and eat them. And there's the issue. And, finally: chocolate. I will not stop eating it; it's a fact. However I am going to cut down on it and stop being so silly and greedy!

So, with that horrible part over and done with, I'll talk about some general plans with my nutrition that makes it all seem very plausible. I adore eating healthily- especially when I'm putting in the extra effort with a salad or with a meal (e.g. adding spinach to spaghetti bolognese). And it's this extra effort I am going to be adding to my every day.

I adore salads- a simple one or a bit of a fancy one; I love them all! I go through phases of being motivated to get all of the stuff in but I will make sure my motivation does not lack! I'm going to make sure I've always got the basics in- lettuce; tomatoes; cucumber; peppers. I'm going to get into more of a habit of making this basic kind of salad when I'm a bit peckish. However, I'm going to be much more creative with beetroot; chicken/pork; salad dressing; hard-boiled eggs. So, for lunches I will be making the most delicious salads, whilst always finding inspiration from the internet! And of course, I adore salad cream and this will always make them a bit more interesting if I'm less motivated!

My understanding of portions in general need to be educated- especially with pasta. I'll make myself the loveliest tuna pasta and yet my mum will look at me a bit concerned: "That's a lot of pasta." And she's right! I just don't understand portions! And so I'm going to google and note down the recommended portions and get myself super clued up.

I adore fruit and I'm not bad at eating it and so, once again, I need to make sure it's in! I'm excited about making things such as smoothies and fruit salads and even adding some fruit to my general salads! Fruit is so delicious and tomorrow I'm going to be getting some bits and bobs in for the next week before I go home for Easter!

I only have general knowledge as to what is good for you and I know I also want to make sure I'm researching more into it; so I understand all of the facts and make diet better. I want to be incredibly clued up and not ignorant with my health- because I know I can be!

I'm challenging my body more and more recently and I need to make sure my diet matches my exercise motivation! I need to be eating healthily as well as living life healthily.

Fruit & Vegetables,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging twice a day this month- you can see my last post HERE!

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