Friday, 30 January 2015

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion

"A laugh-out-loud debut"/"Exuberantly life-affirming"/"Sublime, pitch-perfect, extremely funny"/"Brilliant, important, good-hearted."

The quotes placed above the picture are just a few of the many outstanding reviews of this book. I am finding it difficult to put how awesomely charming this book is into one comprehensible sentence. All of the quotes on the outside of my copy of The Rosie Project and the inside cover and first page too should make one whole review and that would almost cover how insanely lovely and honest and captivating this novel is, though I do know for sure that it would not be enough.

The Rosie Project follows Don Tillman and his quest to find a woman who is compatible to be his wife. Don is a geneticist who has always seen himself - as have others - as a bit of an outsider. Stuck in his routines while his mind is controlled by logic, Don is nothing but an endearing, amusing and very sweet protagonist. In the midst of Don carrying out extensive research into finding the perfect wife, a very unlikely candidate brightens Don't eyes. The one and only Rosie.

Don is hopelessly wonderful. I really invested in this character and his motivations that were behind his actions, even when he was blind to it. The development of his character was lovely to read, while the development didn't necessarily mean he really changed. Following his thoughts and reflections on life was like taking a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon in spring; fresh, renewing and bright too.

Rosie is also very endearing, partially because of her effect on Don's life, but completely in her own right too. Although vulnerable, Rosie is strong and a big contrast to Don. Only she is looking as much as he is.

Rosie and Don make a superhero-like team. They're like The Avengers as a duo. Together they are unstoppable and are definitely one of my favourite teams.

The Rosie Project is an eye-opening novel filled with unexpected adventure and charm and sparkly feelings. I really adore this book.

Thank goodness for sequels! I can't wait to begin The Rosie Effect!

Lobsters & New Shirts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Reflection on Forgiveness

At only 18 I am aware I have had a blissfully uncomplicated life with not a lot I feel I should be ungrateful for. I have, however, only a few times, felt a heavy weight of a few situations where I have wanted to forgive but have felt unable.

Forgiveness is a complicated one, I think. We hope to be forgiven easier than we forgive others ourselves.

And yet, in two situations where I have felt particularly gutted, part of the reason why is that I know I wouldn't have treated that person the same.

In both situations, there are factors, though, that do make it forgivable. And this is enough of a happy point to make forgiveness easier. This, by the way, is the conclusion of the post. I will find a way to forgive properly. I want to reach true forgiveness.

I have been in situations where I have felt hard-done by (and I do believe rightly so) and I have found it hard to move on because of it. Equally, I have always wanted to move on... to truly forgive. Once forgiven verbally, I feel a little unfair if something is always on my mind still. Yet, I can't be expected to not think about something and not voice it too. Forgiveness is a sensitive soul. Yet, I feel I would be unfair if I carry on bringing up this certain subject.


Talking about whatever it is when the issue arises has always been necessary in my cases and something that is probably needed at or near the time. It means a lot of sorting of emotions- although, they may not get easier or better. In these times, I have felt gutted, even when the subject appears closed. This makes it all the tougher.

I do not want to dwell on this though- only the forgiveness I want to achieve. I have verbally uttered the words and I whole-heartedly meant (and mean) them! Of course, feelings make it tricky. However, my resolution for this year, is to truly forgive. I want to forget a little, but I won't completely. In these cases - because they are not the worst cases in the world -, it is what I want.

This month I have written a few posts that link a little and ultimately tell their own story and learnt lessons. That I am completely okay with writing them makes me know I am feeling this happiness I have talked about and am over the sad heart. Now, I shall forgive. From this very point onwards.

A Fresh Page & Old Ink,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Little Experiment | 2nd Blogging Birthday


It's my blogging birthday. One of my favourite birthdays I celebrate. (Well, you know, in line with my actual birthday.)

Becoming a two-year-old blogger has made me reflect on a lot of things. How it has excited my life, and what I have learnt being two of them. Blogging has been such an awesome experience, even when my blog has looked a little sadder and a little emptier. Blogging has always brought warmth to my heart. Here, I'd like to briefly sum up some of my favourite things about blogging:

 Being able to write about what I want to write about in the moment

 Being able to get lost in the moment of writing

 Bring with it the realisation of hopes (even if known before), e.g. wanting to write a novel

 Being able to write about things I love

 A lot of lovely reflection

♡ Feeling very tranquil at the thought of blogging- at any time in the day

I started The Girl in the Moonlight two years ago with a lot of excitement in my heart. Bringing my love of writing to my little space online has kept this excitement at the very same level because it has inspired me to write more than I ever did. Writing my stories (whether they be the literal stories I have produced, or the stories of my life I have shared, or the stories of how much I have loved a book etc) on this blog has been delightful- like my own little personal fairytale. Between me, my thoughts and my blog. My best friend that isn't a person.

I love my blog and I'm proud to say it has been up and running for two years while, all the same, my love for writing has been running for even longer. This blog allows for this passion to be something I can see collected in one, happy space.

At 19:49 two years ago, I posted my first ever blog post and I am so childishly delighted about this fact. The time the world could officially see how my blog became my best friend, if they so wish.

Thank you, blog.

Banners & Cake,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 26 January 2015

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

Here I am, skipping through 2015 with my second book review- oooo, I'm excited! Today, I bring a review about the gorgeous and delicate novel, If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

This story is a heart-breaking yet warm story. It's a novel that suited my wintery nights very well and I am grateful for it. Written by Gayle Forman, If I Stay is about a girl called Mia and very much so about her past before a tragic turn of events crashed into her life. All the while, it is very much so about her future. There is a haunting decision she faces.

I've not read a book similar to this before. That her past is captured in the very essence of the novel allows for us to indulge in her pain. The pain she is experiencing is one I wouldn't like to write down in words in case of the chance of ruining anything for anyone; but it's a sudden, upsetting event that allows for a lot of change in Mia's life. Reading about a character's past - about memories she holds close or remembers well - is a refreshing way to read a book because I wasn't expecting overwhelming sadness or complications that were held in the past. It was nice to happily experience a happy life. It did, of course, make the rest that sour feeling that made the book so gripping.

The characters in the novel make it all the more lovely:

♡ Mia: In love with music, Mia plays the cello. With a possible future of Julliard, Mia enjoys her life with a rockstar boyfriend, her best friend and a close family, she is a character I admire. Her character is charming. She is modest but incredibly talented, able to create magic for people to hear with her playing of the cello.

♡ Mia's family: Mia's mother, father and brother (along with Mia) create a very endearing family. Those "family" things we assign to the word are knitted easily into their family while Mia's mother and father adore punk music and always will!

♡ Adam: Mia's boyfriend, Adam is a musician and the love he feels for music is the love Mia feels for music. It makes the perfect match.

♡ Kim: Mia's best friend, Kim is a lot like Mia. Quiet and talented, they make the best of friends. Their friendship is one built on hatred that lead to something very strong.

But that's not it: There are other characters in If I Stay that make it ooze charm. If I Stay is lovely. The only thing that made me 100% delighted to let go of the words of Gayle Forman's in this novel is this: There's a sequel! Where She Went is the next novel and I can't wait to get stuck into it!

Cellos & Guitars,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Quote

"Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can't quite keep up with gravity," - Cath, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

I took this quote in a very positive way.

Recently, I have got my blog back to the happy place I love it to be; healthy and fed, with posts I am enjoying writing and posting. I am putting aside time for writing- plus a lot more time too! My passion for blogging never left, but something did. Whatever ran away for a while has gracefully jogged back in a "hey, hey, just having a casual jog; look how happily excited I am" kind of way. I have adored being sat with my little writing machine (my laptop- I'm getting very giggly about my excitement for writing is all!), adored being inspired by different ideas, and planning ideas too!

This Rainbow Rowell quote at the beginning of my post made my brain jump about excitedly- I love this feeling. Running away with writing; your fingers running away with love for this hobby I have.

When it's those awesome writing sessions where my fingers are typing and my mind is thinking and sometimes they aren't doing this in sync but words are being produced that are conveying the idea in my head while another idea is getting ready to splurge onto the page while I think of the next. It's like my fingers are running quickly while my thoughts are thinking quickly and they run and they run until it comes to a halt and the end and I take a big breath.

I've reached the finishing line.

I may need to tweak it, but look at that: my thoughts; my writing... All on one sparkly, happy page.

Writing is such a beautiful act to me. An exciting act that can leave my fingers out of breath; excited, motivated but never tired.

Strawberries & Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Wintery Walk

I spent a day with one of my closest persons yesterday and it was a day that deserves to be written down.

With a packed lunch made, we journeyed to the beach and found a warm-enough spot to sit and eat it (our stomachs were talking to us so we thought our best idea would be to eat first). Not too long into it, it got very cold and so after finishing it, we planned a little walk. We looked around, walking on the pebbly beach and "aw"ing at dogs. We laughed and smiled and all of that happy stuff whilst walking, enjoying the day. We did a lot of laughing at old memories and talking about other trips of ours to the beach. We really took advantage of that "enjoying each other's company thing." We had a lovely wintery and yet sunny afternoon, never interrupted by anything that wasn't smiley or sunshiney.

I believe that in literature, settings and weather are one of those poignant things- as well as the strength of nature and its superiority to little old us.

The beach

My person and I, over our knowing of each other, have spent a lot of time down the beach. With fear of sounding pedantic, I'd say the beach symbolises us and the relationship we share. It represents all things sunshiney and happy, new and old.

The weather

The whole pathetic fallacy comes into play here (the idea of the weather representing emotions etc). See, it was a gorgeously sunny, blue-skied day. There were many people on the beach and ice-creams were being eaten. The summer-esque picture was reflected in our smiles and our having fun and our happiness. Below the surface, though, we were both a little sadly nostalgic and nervous about something that is to come- and I'd like not to be pretentious, but it was reflected in the bitter air; the cold day.


We spoke about what we have learnt is important. We both value the same sort of everyday what-we-think-we-need-to-live things; work and education. Yes, these are important necessaries - on different levels for different people - for a lot of people, but one thing we've always spoken about having learnt is this: It matters, but so much more matters too (again, on different levels). In Frankenstein, Victor begins to appreciate nature and all of the things that are similar to it. Family and friends and love and laughter are things that are there, just like nature. All so important.

Winter Walks & Sunny Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 19 January 2015

A Sad Heart

All within a few moments, a heart can be made; a heart can be broken. I've experienced both, but today I want to talk about the latter. A sad heart can be produced for many reasons, and the one I will be talking about, I will not specify, but in one moment, everything can look a little different; a little hazier. Happy moments can be belittled by a few words. But, I've promised, for all the right reasons, these happy moments will be appreciated and loved and cherished again.


I experienced shock. I spoke gibberish and was scared to stop talking in case what was said back to me hurt even more.

Overwhelming sadness

I really hadn't expected this certain sadness this night and it really made me re-think a lot. I can appreciate this thinking now because it lead to happiness, but at the time it was soul-destroying and quite frustrating. I felt tears so strong because I just didn't anticipate it.


I wanted to question everything. I felt very heartbroken and unanswered.


The event still makes me sad, but the forgiveness I have promised is a promise I want to keep, because it all can be forgiven, and so it shall and should be, because I have made such a pledge and I want to continue seeing it through. This sad heart taught me a lot. I can't say I'm grateful for it, but I can see how a sad situation can be as mended as a sad situation can be. Honestly, it sucked. I felt a little betrayed and I'd never felt that before. Hindsight can make me feel a lot better about it all. Hindsight about my sad heart and a few other things.

A hopeful conclusion to a sad heart

However, a thing I've learnt about happiness in the last year and a bit allowed for my sad heart to smile more again until it began to smile a lot. It wasn't worth forgetting the good for. It really isn't.

Loom Bands & Ice Creams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 16 January 2015

This Girl and Boy

Summer was everything a girl and a boy could want. This girl and boy said it every day in those sometimes sunny, and sometimes rainy months. Autumn was new to them. Yet this girl and boy felt only warmth for each other as the air got that little chillier. Winter was distantly sad but this girl and boy were not deterred. They uttered "love" like they do in the movies.

A new year came around and they faced it with the smiles they promised they would smile for ever.

February, March, April, May and June. They all arrived and departed with with sunny expressions. Soft expressions. Caring expressions. Those smiles they sing about.

This girl and boy talked about the future, never ignoring the present. With fingers interlocked, they knew of the fairytale that was life. They loved, they lived and they laughed.

From afar, their love was effortless, flawless and majestic. In the comfort of four walls, they whispered to each other how true this observation was. Not smug, but happy, the two of them watched their stretch of summer arrive again. It promised sun and it promised rain, but moreover, it promised love and it promised everything they talked about all year.

This girl and boy were never agitated. Never bored. Never bitter. Never waiting for summer because they knew it would come. So they made summer an all-year occurrence through the whispers they whispered.

Their families wondered. They wondered a lot. Happily, of course. Was their future the future they appeared to be dreaming? They couldn't deny them of it, they knew that to be true. They were young love's dream and every other cliche, except it was real, and sweet, and charming and teasing.

That second summer passed, and as did six more. The sun smiled, the rain sang its song. Then in the June of the ninth summer, this girl and this boy married and became their dream. Together. As they vowed their vows, joined lips in joy, they smiled at their family as they faced their life that would always be summer. Always.


Here is my first short story of 2015!

Summer & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The World of Musicals

When I was a little girl (or more little), I watched Grease and became entranced with the idea of music and a storyline. Magical, I thought. I linked the wonderful soundtrack directly to Sandy and Danny's love and found myself wanting to watch every musical ever invented; wanting to witness every true love story portrayed through song and dance. I quickly discovered the world of musicals.

I was soon happily drowning myself in the melodies of Defying Gravity, Footloose and Time of my Life, buying every soundtrack with my pocket money and re-watching Grease every week. It wasn't just the music and dance that made me happy. It was the morals that were brought with them. In Grease, Danny and Sandy may be an unlikely couple but they worked. In Wicked, it shows that a best friend will always be there for you and in Hairspray, Tracy Turnblad isn't a girl that you could pin down no matter how hard you tried: She has a dream!

The tragedy of this is something I like to imagine to be a lie (it's not)... *Builds tension and whispers*: I can't sing.

I can't dance or act either but it's the singing that makes everything about musicals so alive in my eyes. However, there is a moral (prepare yourself) to this story that I discovered not too long ago.

My mum and I have a number one hobby of putting on the Hairspray soundtrack and dancing and singing to our hearts' content as we bake. I see the image you're seeing, and, well, sadly, the image you are seeing is exactly it. A while ago now, as we sung Without Love whilst baking butterfly cakes, grabbing the air with our hands and cracking eggs in time to the beat, I felt a pinch of jealousy at those who can sing as I ruined a Hairspray classic and said so to my mum.

"As long as you're enjoying yourself, what does it matter?" my mother replied.

While I paused to respond, I smiled. She was right, of course. If you're doing something you love; why does it matter if you're not too great at it? Like in Harispray: Tracy Turnblad liked to dance, so she did! Elphaba, in Wicked, wanted to change the world... so she tried. Yes, okay, they were all talented too, but they overcame obstacles willing them to stop - but they didn't!

As I put the cakes in the oven, my mum took a breath. "But, you... You shouldn't ever sing."

Melodies & Jazz Hands,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I originally wrote this post for Simona's blog HERE but I started writing a post about musicals the other day, and realised I had already written what I wanted to say, and Simona said it was perfectly okay for me to post it on my blog too so here we are!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Dear Diary | Panic

Recently, I've had that feeling in my gut; the really unsettling feeling: the feeling of panic.

As I want this year to be even more awesome than last year if I can help it, I have decided to resolve how unsettled I feel through doing what makes me feel most settled: writing.

I am feeling very overwhelmed, stressed, mixed in with an intense feeling of struggling. I do believe our generation can feel an unbelievable amount of pressure and it can come to a point where failing appears to be the only possible outcome. I feel so helpless in this very moment. It's exam time and I am in a state of panic. I want to be positive and give myself the best chance; be calm and relaxed. So, here I am, telling you about it.

I am revising. I am not feeling great about it.

I think I am afraid of failing, as well as the fact that, right now, it feels like I can't stop it.

I have been sat with my revision, staring at words, feeling very nervous. Very helpless. Exams are not far off and I just don't know how to proceed with my revision at this point in time. I feel very blocked and negative and I really don't like this.

I want to make this year seriously good, and so I'm going tell myself that thing we hear a lot: "Just try your best." It's all I can do, and it's all I will do. I have spent too long being panicked and after writing this post, I am feeling calmer, my mind is feeling clearer. I am going to get myself a glass of water, sit myself down with no distractions and do twenty minutes sessions of revision with a ten minute break for a few hours. I'm going to do my best.

I'm going to try not to be afraid of this anymore, because without a little rain, there is never a rainbow. It's okay not to do okay sometimes. And if I do my best, then at least I know that.

Pens & Pencils,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

The excitement to read this book had been built up for a very long time. When I opened a present to find Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell on Christmas Day, I was so ridiculously excited that I immediately began to read this awesome novel.

Fangirl, as the book I brought into 2015 with me, has set an awesomely exciting standard for all of the books I shall read henceforth. This book is a quirky yet sad novel written in the most brilliant way. It also projects happiness and hope in a way that makes me be completely charmed. I have heard a plethora of wonderfully magical things about Rainbow Rowell's writing and before receiving this novel, I wrote down all of her novels on my "to be read" list because each look gloriously spectacular. And, Fangirl, everyone... is no exception.

About Cath, Fangirl creates a world of new things, comfort in old things, the world of fandoms and portrays anxiety through the thoughts of this lovely protagonist, Cath. What I adore about Cath is her passion for writing. She knows it's her thing and she loves it being her thing. As a blogger, I am obviously going to wish to be best friends with this girl. Equally, as a blogger that is also part of a fandom, I can relate. Although Cath knows writing is her thing, Fangirl follows her struggles with writing and where she wants to go with it. Cath is a caring character and one that doesn't wish to change her way of living. I completely respect her and the way she does live; quietly and passionately. However. Cath finds that with her new adventure, comes new things. At first she does not like this, and it's not something she ever is straight away, completely comfortable with. Cath knows who she is and knows what she doesn't want. I like this. That Cath sticks to being who she is is portrayed as an awesomely wonderful thing. And it is.

Cath writes fanfiction online and this is what immediately made me want to read this novel. Although I have not had much contact with fanfiction (I have watched McFly talk about fanfiction!), I know a lot about it, and the passion for a "thing"/"person"/"band" that is mostly often the drive behind it. Naturally, Fangirl is particularly unique because of fanfiction being a main theme throughout the novel, with awesome little sections before chapters (that I won't spoil for potential readers) that make it all the more gripping and real.

I am very attached to the characters in this novel. Cath's twin plays a big role in Fangirl. Wren is her twin sister and perceived as completely different to Cath. Yet, she isn't all that different. Cath's dad is also a character that makes my heart warm. He is very passionate about his job and very loving towards his children. He is a character that brings the theme of mental illness to the novel, and it is portrayed in a heart-breaking way, but once again, a book is thankfully bringing mental illness to the front of our minds. Levi, Cath's roomate's ex-boyfriend becomes very important in Cath's life and his warm and sweet ways are ones that make me very happy. Equally, Cath's roomate, Reagan is a character I adore- although for different reasons. Reagan is to-the-point and sometimes scary but there is something very caring about her and I adore her and Cath's friendship a lot.

Anxiety is a key theme throughout this novel. Cath sees university as an experience that has happened due to following her twin sister. She is nervous and doesn't like change. She likes staying in and writing (There is nothing wrong with that, for sure!). However, she faces nerves and discomfort at the thought of certain everyday activities and social events, too. Fangirl covers certain aspects of anxiety in a way that made me really think, really consider it. It's all very real and very understandable.

This novel is very unique and refreshing, and one I have added to my favouritebookever list!

Writing & Peanut Butter,

The Girl in the Moonlight

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Body and Face Friends

I am one who can forget about the importance of looking after one's skin, but 2015: NO MORE. I have decided not to make it a resolution but a done deed. The deed shall be done.  For ever. Some of these products below are merely for indulgence and I know not of their healthy skin value (although I feel like they do have some!), but either way, they are skin delights for me!

1. Clarins Daily Energizer Cream

Oh Clarins, you are such a wonderful help to the skin. *Breathes in and sighs.* With it not producing any oily skin when I apply it, I must give the cream five stars from me! It doesn't make me feel like I've got anything thickening my skin, whilst when I touch my skin afterwards, it feels simply divine. It just makes my skin feel good and I'm going to ensure this delight is a staple skin life product while it produces these results. Find out more technical stuff about it HERE!

2. Lush Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

The Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment is a product I have "asdfghjkl"ed about before. Before I talk about the magical smell, you may wish to find out how awesome it is for one's skin HERE. THE SMELL. It is described as smelling of dolly mixtures and candy floss, and ohmygollygosh, it is such an awesomely smelling little treat that I can only assume it is produced by unicorns.

3. Clarins Facial Cleanser

I haven't yet used this but I am excited to. That it is both a cleanser and a toner excites me greatly. I have always been told the importance of such products so I shall promise my skin to be as free from skin sin as I can possibly make it. HERE you can find out more about this product.

4. Soap & Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel

Soap & Glory is a brand I adore and this beauty smells like sweet cleanliness. It looks like silky pearls and feels like silky pearls. I simply really love it! Read more HERE!

5. Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter

Body butters are products I could buy all the time. They make me feel like a silky creature and smell like summer. I love having moisturised skin. I normally go through phases and apply routinely for a few weeks- specifically in summer. I vow to look after the skin I wear and always be a silky, summery creature. HERE you can find this lovely product.

6. Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

I simply understand why Clarins are so well-thought of. It all just makes sense. Their cleansing gel (which you can read more about HERE) is my go-to shower face product. My face feels so clean after every use and I feel like I have seen the wonderful effects of Clarins.

7. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Oh, how I could cradle you, lovely Snow Fairy. I have spoken about the well-loved Snow Fairy before. I don't doubt that this won't be the last time. Lush's product Snow Fairy is a Christmas special that I cannot link to Lush's site for this reason. It smells of marshmallows and candyfloss and pears and sugar and looks like bubblegum and sparkles. Could you ask for more?

What do you use to healthy-ise and/or indulge your skin?

Unicorns & Summery Smells,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Thing I've Learnt About Happiness

I've always had a happy life and a happy life I am grateful and aware of. In the last year and a bit, however, I have learnt a lot about happiness. It has meant enduring happiness in the most care-free and exciting way. In the last year (although, not meaning I didn't before), I really lead the life I wanted to lead.

I have been taught right and wrongs and listened to them in my life. Now I'm old enough to organise my own life and sort out what direction it will go in I know the type of life I want and the one I will never desire. In this way, I have always been happy. I've been happy with the "me" that I am. I am a big believer of everyone loving themselves and being the "me" everyone wants to be, whilst embracing parts that although may seem undesirable to them, are actually blooming marvelous.

In the last over-365-days, I embraced "me" and made the "me" that I am smiley-er.

I allowed myself to carpe diem, most prominently seen through 2014. I am proud of myself for this. I now always hope to embrace this side of life. I want to live a healthy life and one where I indulge in the simple, relaxing things as well as the exciting (but safe) things too. What I've learnt about happiness is to give myself a chance.

And how I thank myself for giving me a chance.

2014 was a year I want to condense into a perfume because it would be my favourite smell. I experienced a plethora of deliriously happy smiles and butterflies in those awesome 365 days. I tried so hard to simply not worry. It wasn't an easy thing, but I felt myself relax in the process of this.

Alongside learning about happiness meant learning about moving on and experiencing new things and learning about forgiveness and meeting new people. 2014 will be my port of call if I need to remind myself of any learnt lessons. I hope 2015 is more of the same- and more!

Importantly, though, I bring with me the hope in the thought of the tomorrow, and the tomorrows after that.

Boats & Decks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Blogging Bucket List | 2015

I love a good bucket list. With the new year smiling beside me, I can't help but adore the thought of a blogging bucket list to make this year the best blogging year so far. Last year I wrote a blogging bucket list to start 2014 and firstly, I want to cover the aims I set out and see whether I completed them or not.

The first aim I wrote down was to make sure I posted at least one short story a month and I am very smiley as I write: I DID IT! It was one of my favourite things about my blog last year. I wrote that I hoped I didn't overdo it, and I don't think I did. Most importantly, even though I want to make sure my blog is still all about the other posts I strongly assign to my blog too (which I noted was important to me in last year's post), it has made me know that I want short stories to be synonymous (along with some other posts) with my blog when I think of The Girl in the Moonlight. I had, for so long, wanted to write a conventional facts about me post and that was an aim of last year... That I completed! I adored writing this post. I aimed to write more lifestyle posts. For me, lifestyle posts are a little different to other people's. As much as I wish I could post photos of my days and write about them explicitly, the whole oooo-I'm-so-mysterious-and-anonymous (I joke) thing gets in the way. As I can only think of two, it's hard to tell whether I completed this aim as lifestyle posts were definitely not a common post of 2014. A couple come to my mind (HERE and HERE), but as I'm not sure, I'm going to (although not make it a specific aim) hope to write a few I definitely consider lifestyle-y this year! My fourth aim was to write a DIY post and my gosh, I did it... Twice! I adored writing both! Finally, I wanted to change the look of my blog. I did and I love it. What a chunky, happy-looking paragraph this is.

I want to do exactly what I said at the beginning of this post: Make 2015 the best blogging year so far. So, my first aim is to make The Girl in the Moonlight, 2015 the most awesome 365 blogging days.

My second blogging bucket list aim is to post at least four posts that involve someone else this year. I really enjoy working with other people on posts so I am hoping to get others involved with some posts this year.

For 2015, I shall make my third aim to not promise any schedule unless I am certain for however long I can be certain for that I can carry out a schedule! Fearing my blogging schedule was an issue last year for various reasons and so, I'm going to see how it goes, with a vague schedule in my head, but one I will not write down in fear of not fulfilling it. It was when I wasn't fulfilling it a bit too often which was frustrating.

My fourth and final aim will be to set myself at least two blogging challenges this year (not including Blogmas... I hope I will be in a position where I believe I can complete Blogmas this year). Partially because I'm a little disappointed at my 2014 Blogmas, I want to throw a little extra challenge-y excitement into my 2015 blog.

Pyjamas & Fluffy Socks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is the last of my round-up and aim posts to set up 2015- here we go, 2015 The Girl in the Moonlight!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The 2015th Year

Happy New Year!

*Sets up dramatic music and whispers...*

...This is a New Year's Resolution post.

With a sense of a blank but bright page, 2015 is exciting me very much. 2014 was an awesome one, and looking back over last years' resolutions that you can read HERE, I feel like I have done a good job in keeping them going. Although I may not have always made my blog a happy place to be because of my fear of my schedule last year, I was mostly always happy with the posts I was publishing. I was always reading something, learning new things, taking lots of photos, and most importantly, it was my favourite year so far.

2014 was an awesome year, and I wave it off with fondness, and will always think of it with happy nostalgia. 2014 was the year of constant memories. It taught me a lot about happiness and hope and it taught me to always believe in both of these things, even if they seem distant.

As well as carrying on trying to proceed with 2014's resolutions, I will make a few more for 2015.

♡ To really kickstart my writing!

2015 is going to be the year of my book; the year of my blog; the year of learning about writing and where I want my writing to go. 

♡ Running!

I've made a lot of progress with my running and I want to make sure I continue this.

♡ Read a different variety of books!

2014 was a year of lots of different genres of books and I want to keep this going throughout 2015 and beyond!

I wish you the best year!

Lazy Mornings & Heart-Felt Evenings,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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