Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Start Somewhere

This will be a very short post because I'm incredibly tired but hey, in order to get to sleep I need to start somewhere with this post.

I read the other day these two simple and yet incredibly effective words. Start Somewhere. And it got me thinking. Yes. Start Somewhere. It made me think a few things. With areas of our lives we can keep making excuses or we can stop, and change something. We can speak to that person who's been upsetting us or take a leap and apply for that job. We can rid ourselves of any apprehension to get the task done and just start somewhere. See what it might bring.

I always find with essays as soon as I start I feel way less anxious about them. I throw myself in and soon enough I'm interested enough to write this thing! And that's awesome. It means I can start as early as possible because all I need to do is start somewhere. It can be really easy to put off work unless we just jump and see what happens.

It's the same with fitness and health. We can make all of these excuses or we can jump in and see what awesome benefits the two things will bring us. With exercise and eating well, starting just somewhere give us the best start. We can ease ourselves into new experiences or food and see what's for us and what's not.

The most important thing is just to start somewhere.

New & Exciting,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My last post can be read HERE!

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