Monday, 28 January 2013

One Perfect Summer: One Perfect Novel

I fall for fictional characters with a click of a finger. Your typical sensitive, romantic type? Your heart-wrenchingly butch, strong-minded type? I'm sold. However the heartthrob in One Perfect Summer, by Paige Toon, is far (and yet ticks all of the boxes of the features above) from your stereotypical dreamy lad and yet he is up there with all of my favourites! Joe's eyebrow-ring, handsome looks and rock-style makes him not "just a boy" and hence sets me up for an inevitable crash into his and Dyson's (his loyal companion and best friend) world.

This is not all about the fictional boy who became more and more part of my life with every turn of a page, however. Alice, vulnerable, yet incredibly strong is relatable beyond belief. As she attempts to overcome a first love, a magical summer, I, the reader attempts to fall out of love with Joe too. I understand Alice's impossible task and join her in the adventure of her life changing throughout many years.

This is the perfect chick-lit, yet the drama within the twist and turns resulted in me reading it in a day!

I wrote some lyrics inspired by the awesome book:

Princes & Dandelions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thanks Carrie!

So I wrote a song because of Carrie Hope Fletcher who I think is awesome and who has...*tries to word so it doesn't sound lame*...inspired me (more in this if you read on):

Tangled, based on Rapunzel has been one of my favourite films since it was released; it is Disney at its best (as it always is!). I love the soundtrack and Flynn Rider has my heart! Carrie Hope Fletcher is also one of my favourite youtubers. Not only is she an incredible song-writer and has a b-e-a-utiful voice, she once posted a video called "Dare To Suck" (here is a link to it: and it summed up me. I'm "too scared" about a lot of a things and especially when it comes to things that I've personally created; I presume this applies to a lot of people.

From being inspired by the video, I sat down and did what I do best: watched a movie and cried over the parts most people don't (for example where Rapunzel saves herself and Flynn from almost drowning with her magical hair) and yes, I watched Tangled. In my head, at the same time, Carrie's tremendous thoughts were flying around my brain. Nothing, I know (and this isn't me being a pessimist - dreaming and pursuing dreams should be everyone's aim) will come of my lyrics/songs, but that was never necessarily the aim. I want to share my thoughts in the way of song (this now sounds like a Disney movie) just for myself (although I'd love for others to enjoy them!). On with the wee story: I sat down at my keyboard and wrote a little song about myself and how I don't let myself dream (about things ranging from entering myself into a competition to putting my songs up somewhere) and it was due to Carrie Hope Fletcher. I, from my positive-thinking about things I do, submitted a different song to a song-writing competition and got to the semi-finals so thanks Carrie!

Although I wrote the lyrics, I somewhat feel they were due to Carrie's wisdom!

Gumdrops & Glitter,
A Hopeful for life,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

(Raise your pinkies to the sky!)

The Girl in the Moonlight

I remember writing my first song when I was eight-ish, composed of chords, melody and backing music. You can imagine. To make it worse, it was about Christmas (Christmas is my favourite time of the year...but still). I played it at a little school event and it actually went down (shall we say...) well; only, however because I was an eight year old attempting to be talented. Yeah, that's my life. *I write this with a pinch of humour*.

I wrote a few songs and then it was just another phase as I grew up. From about twelve years and on I'd write a few random bits and bobs before I got to my music GCSE and it was required as part of a course. From then on, I'd sit at my keyboard and write piano backing and write lyrics. I don't know whether I am good at it, however I enjoy it and that's what life's for, right? I write about things in my life, little stories I make up in my head and things I see people I know go through (in a non-creepy way). I write when I'm bored, inspired or when I believe it's been too long since I've written something.

This blog is for my ramblings and sharing my lyrics. I'd love for you to check out my tumblr where I post my lyrics!:

Rainbows & Unicorns,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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