Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What Disney's Taught Me #5

I started this "What Disney's Taught Me" series in order to discuss all of the awesome messages Disney teaches us through beautiful stories. Today I will be discussing the ace things I picked up on from The AristoCats; the story of a mother and her kittens being kidnapped and taken aware from their owner and their journey to hopefully getting back.

The first lesson I adore from this film is the importance of family. Duchess's family is lovely and kind and she adores them so. She and her kittens know how lucky they are to have each other and are so happy in each other's company. All of the kittens are siblings and, despite any little arguments, they adore each other. And, yes, they're cats but they remind me of my brother and me when we were younger!

Further, we see how awesome Duchess is at looking after he kittens by herself. If we read into it like we like to do with Disney, she can represent the awesome single mother, being nothing but ace with her children. And Duchess mothers splendidly. You could falter this argument by seeing O'Malley as "saving the day" but I don't think this is the case at all.

And then there's Madame. Disney show her as the most caring owner. She adores her cats and considers them the best thing to have ever happened to her. This shows how truly important pets are! Pets are a part of people's families and I think it's so important. I think so many people don't look after pets well enough- they need love and time, and Madame proves O'Malley wrong in showing that she's not just a "human"; she's a human who loves her cats.

Loyalty is a key message in this film. Not only do Roquefort (the mouse) and Frou-Frou (the horse) have undeniable loyalty to Duchess and her kittens, but (despite them being mean to Roquefort!) the street cats have complete loyalty to O'Malley. They run to save the day when they hear he needs their help and this, of course, represents the loyalty a friendship should have (without condoning comedic violence, of course!).

I love, love, love The AristoCats and the messages it sends don't end here!

Cats & Mice,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My last post can be read HERE! (I'm blogging twice a day this March!)

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