Sunday, 20 March 2016

Three Happy Home Things

I miss home a lot when I'm at university. It's something that got to me horrendously last year- I was seriously homesick. Now I'm in second year and it upsets me to think about how hard I found last year. But I got through it and I learnt a lot because of it. Appreciation is one thing I learnt and today I just want to write a little post about three things I love about being home.

1. I love waking up at home. I just love the act of waking up in my bedroom. I love my bedroom at university but there's such a happy thing in waking up in my bed surrounded by the most memories I've ever made. I am always grinning. Of course being home means I haven't got any immediate deadlines that day so it's easier to wake up with less stress, but I do find a sense of calm in waking up in my bedroom, surrounded by all of my McFly posters.

2. I love the evenings at home where I can be around my family as they unwind from working. They're delighted to be in their nest. Coming home is therapeutic to them and I totally get that! My mum loves to read her book and my dad loves watching documentaries. My brother gets on with work that makes himself happy and it's hard not to feel that "home" feeling.

3. Family dinners make me incredibly happy. With all of the jokes around the table and awesome food. It makes me even happier when I've made the food because I have a lot cooler ingredients to work with. I'm not a particularly good cook but I know I want to get better and better and even though I know I need to make more of an effort with cooking at uni, I know being at home means I can have lots of fun in the kitchen. And placing food on the dining room table with my family around me makes me feel super happy.

What do you love about home?

A Morning & A Feeling,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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