Saturday, 3 December 2016

December 3rd

It's completely fair to say 2016 kicked off to a brilliant start on the old blog. I was excited at the thought of blogging the most I ever have in one year. And then this year turned out to be the busiest I've ever had. Summer brought a few excuses that meant no blogging, and then this morning, dread filled my body: I've forgotten Blogmas. It's never too late, right? So here I am, apologising to my blog and ready to blog at least 24 times this month. I will make up for the last two days of no blogging and throw myself into this blogging festivity.

The Girl in the Moonlight, you are so used to knowing my days. My weeks. My life. You're my number one secret keeper so I need to catch you up. I'll do so by telling you about my last week. It's been a challenging one. But this blue Saturday woke me up with a really fresh and happy feeling in my belly. I hadn't realised but the bad really was outweighed by the brilliant good this week has brought. And I feel festive... At long last. I say at long last but I have been ready for a while. Essays have just forced me to have my sensible head on. With only a few more to go, I feel ready to lay out my Christmas jumpers and jingle my way through December.

So last week, just as I handed in an essay with a big, happy grin on my face, I had to have some challenging talks with some challenging people. I got a bit red in the face but the event taught me that we have to compromise; we have to listen; whilst getting our point across. It made my happiness plummet but soon enough I felt like I'd jumped over a hurdle. I learnt a lesson. And then yesterday, as my festiveness (in every form of the word) was winter sky high, I had to deal with just about the most rude person I've ever had to come across. Long story short she realised her mistake and simply let it lie. No apology. But as I've sadly learnt before, you can't wait about for an apology. I didn't get to say my piece or even have the chance to forgive but I realised that life really is too short to let it bother me. So on we trot!

And that brings me to Blogmas. I could dwell on the fact that I haven't blogged in months (which has never happened before) or I could pull up my Christmas socks and get on with it. And my lesson today is that there is a lot of pride that can be taken from just "getting on with it."

With the most festive heart, I'll tell you three beautiful moments that have happened this week. All simple. All noteworthy.

1. The realisation that I'm really happy wherever I am in the world; I really am lucky

2. Last night I got to watch one of my favourite shows with one of my favourite people and it made me feel the most careless sort of happy in the best kind of way

3. A stranger just thanked me for my time, checked how I was doing and told me to have a lovely day as he walked off

Happy Blogmas!

Christmas Jumpers & Hats,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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