Friday, 22 April 2016

A Carriage of Open Books

The other day I was sat on a train and I was delighted and yet shocked to see more books out than I normally see; comfortably sat open in passengers’ hands. Different genres. Some fiction; some non-fiction; some fantasy; some historical books. I felt and feel so excited to have seen this. And yet, why was I shocked?
I was shocked because, like a lot of passengers, I am no stranger to wasting time on my phone (although recently I have been taking up a more “anti-procrastinating” outlook when it comes to situations like these). I was once on the train and I heard a lady say, “Look every young person is on their phone; there, there and there.” I was mortified she pointed at me before looking away. I felt targeted because it wasn’t really her place to say that although I do encourage less phone-using  and I was only on it to message my mum to quickly catch up with her during my day! And then I was going to get my book out. Instead, I pondered her comment for a while. At the end of the day, I do waste time on my phone and it's so much more important to me to read.
I was shocked I saw so many books because, in my head, there aren’t enough people who read.
Now that’s a broad statement, but a true one. I think everyone who possibly can should pick up books on at least a regular basis so there will never be enough people reading in my eyes. Too many of my friends, reading is lacklustre or not worth the time of day when I, of course, couldn’t ever believe this. Books enrich my life. In many different and valuable ways. And I honestly was surrounded by people reading on this train. And I bloomin’ adored it. We need to encourage books to be a way of relaxing, a source of hope and all of those good things.
We need to keep encouraging reading; encourage experiencing stories. Whenever possible. I do more often than not spend a good time reading on public transport. I want to make sure it's the first thing I do and when possible, so should every body else. To match all of the unique and different people in this world there are an uncountable amount of genres and stories that match any of our interests and hobbies and moods. There are books for everyone.
Naturally, reading is not the only way to be productive on a train, and at this time of the year, unless I’m treating a train journey as time to have me-time, I should be revising. As well as this, audiobooks are definitely a massive factor- they are awesome! But, seriously, my grin couldn't be kept off of my face when I saw a carriage of open books the other day. Let's make this not a surprising thing, but a thing to celebrate more often!

Open Books & Open Minds,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

When Shy Meets Sensible

He’s always been called shy and she’s always been called sensible. Ironically, those who would call him shy would also call him funny and excitable and those who would call her sensible say she’s occasionally outrageous and has a lot of fun. Y et they still were branded with just the one personality trait.

And then Shy met Sensible and they saw their own and each other’s sunshine more and more every day.


It was a Friday night and Sensible was very aware Shy was going to be there that evening. Nothing of the sort had crossed Shy’s mind. And yet, from that night on, he was more than aware of Sensible’s presence. Sensible put on her favourite dress and wished for a steady hand while she drew a line across her eyelid and made it as sharp as a knife. Shy buttoned up a short sleeve shirt and cringed at his appearance, not knowing that it was the very lovely face Sensible couldn’t wait to see.

By the time Sensible and her friends arrived at the bar, she was having a great night, and she just knew it could get better. She saw Shy standing with his friends, a drink in his hand. He looked like the loveliest form of content; he would never intrude but he knew how to enjoy it all. The boys greeted the girls and Sensible proved that yes, she might well be sensible, but that wasn't all there was to it. After being a little silly and everyone laughed she felt satisfied.
"Hey Shy, I'm Sensible- let's go and get a drink!"
Surprised but with a smile taking over his lips, they slipped away, giggling. Happy. Excited. Feeling brand new. Sensible didn't care that she knew and he knew that Shy wouldn't have known Sensible's name or that she even knew his; Shy simply knew he found it endearing.
Sensible continued to surprise everyone. Her favourite thing to do. Her sunshine shone and Shy realised how easy it was to become a new alter ego when he was with her: Confident. He knew that the butterflies in his stomach proved his appearance wrong but Sensible adored both sides to him. Sensible knew it wasn't an alter ego. It was just another part of beautiful him. They danced the months away; they laughed; they got nervous as they became closer and closer.
Summer came with complications and a few tears.
He's always been called shy and she's always been called sensible. They broke the laws of love but today they stand together. The sun shines and they say "I do." They laugh and grin at everyone they pass. They are thankful for everyone arriving. Mostly they are thankful for each other.
Sensible turns to shy and he follows her gaze. "Let's go and get a drink," he beats her to it.


Have a lovely, lovely day!

Shy & Sensible,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Thanking Every Opportunity

Today I have walked to a local park in order to read before I get on with exercise and then an afternoon/evening of university work (if I’m honest it hasn’t gone swimmingly in the last couple of days and so I want to make up for that from now on!) but I forgot my book. *Face palm.* Instead I’ve retrieved my notebook and a pen and I am using this spare time to write for the blog.

I would have been thankful to have used this hour to read but I’m equally thankful to not think “Oh, I’ll just do nothing instead” and instead fill the hour with doing. I do adore spending time just wandering or sitting in a park or chilling because I think it’s pretty good for the old soul, however I have thanked this moment that has been presented to me by not procrastinating and getting on with something I have wanted to get done.

For me, this time of year – when the sun can comes out and yet I have education to strongly consider – it’s important for me to feel prepared. Last year I most certainly did not. However I hate stress getting the better of me and exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief in my books. But so is doing stuff I want to do. Procrastinating and not doing anything is least fulfilling at this time of the year for me, even though it’s not particularly fulfilling any other time of year (and of course it is terrible with other deadlines and I most certainly need to improve on this). Another way I can relieve stress is through being outdoors and being proactive- at the same time or separately. It’s important for us not to get stressed and it is as important to me as doing well this year. And I really want to succeed.

Using every opportunity to do is effectively looking life in the face and saying thank you. And if we are having a hard time with life, it’s looking life in the face and saying “I will beat this.” Although life is the longest thing we will ever do, it is, in so many ways, the shortest. Because there is so much to do and not enough time. And so I want to take every moment, like I am today, to smile at life and saying thank you! To do, do and do.

The sun in shining again and it’s that weather where we all say, “When you’re in the sun it’s even warm/hot!” and I love it because we’re all getting excited and feeling motivated. Runners and running; people are walking; friends are chilling. We are enjoying life and people and opportunities and we are doing so with the utmost thanks.
No Stress & More Motivation,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Promise of Seeing Positive

It's a gorgeously sunny day and all day I've know I've wanted to blog but I really didn't know what about. I've been ignoring creativity a little bit because in the last week I've been focussing hard on eating well, exercising lots and working hard at university. However, I've also finally picked up a book and it transported me straight out of my reading slump.

Feeling positive is important to me. I think good vibes and being nice and feeling encouraged and all of those good things are so vital to the smile on my face. Horrible words and nasty attitudes, however, definitely don't secure any happiness over here. After feeling incredibly hard done by recently, this sunny day has lifted me an incredible amount. (Of course I aim to not be controlled by the weather but it definitely did help today!)

University was buzzing with happy early summer vibes and chitter and chatter and I immediately felt woken up- not just physically because my eyes opened up to positivity. Things being okay. Things will be okay. As soon as I was finished I saw a friend and my mind was massively taken off some things and I was reminded of other things going on. Not just the thing that seems central to my life right now.

I've completed my exercise routine for today in my last post so I am feeling pretty positive. I have had a read of an awesome book (review soon- it feels good to say that!) and so I'm feeling really ready. I need to get some university work done. I really need to work hard and definitely not procrastinate so I'm going to be doing 20/30 bursts of work followed by a bit of reading or something to relax a little bit. And I feel good.

People can be really terrible sometimes; sometimes when you least expect it. It can really knock me and push me a step back but I refuse for it to do so any longer. It's still bright in my room (man I love this time of year and the promise of what's to come!) and so I have three main things I'm hoping (and will!) do tonight!

Sun & Fun,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is a slightly rubbishy post but I've had a massive realisation today and I wanted to note it down- we really can find positive things from terrible circumstances!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Aim: To Workout My Week

One of the ways I find myself held accountable is through writing plans. Most commonly, I find this when I write down fitness plans. I'm going to write down my plan on here for the old blog today. I have done this before however I did so on my "A Little Running Diary" series but I thought it would be nice to separate it from that series.

Monday 11th April

Mondays are busy for me and so I'm going to keep my exercise pretty much just in the gym. At some time between three and six I will be taking a slow jog down to the gym. I will predominantly be doing the arms because it's my favourite area to train in the gym. In comparison to my legs my arms are quite weak but have definitely improved since starting at the gym. I will start on the rowing machine. I love the rowing machine. I'd never been on one before last year and now I couldn't gym without it. I will be on the resistant machines for the focus on my arms and I think I adore working my arms so much because it can really be a struggle but I adore breaking through it. Not only this but I will be doing ten minutes on the cross trainer. I used to very rarely go on the cross trainer but now I try to incorporate it into most, if not all, workouts in the gym.

Tuesday 12th April

From about two onwards I am free to workout and so I will be heading down to the gym sometime around then. At the gym I will work hard on my legs; once again using the resistant machines. I will also do lunges and tipey-toe walks with kettlebells- it works my calves so much! I will do ten minutes on the cross trainer and take a nice walk (remember walking counts- SO good for you!) home. I will keep myself hydrated throughout and on the way home, get back and fill up my water bottle and head out on a four mile run!

Wednesday 13th April

So long as my arms have recovered from Monday's arm session I will head to the gym early afternoon for the very same workout as Monday. I will be using the resistant machines that focus on arm and then I will use the rowing machine! Later in the afternoon I will head out on a run. I'm not sure how long or how fast- it's a "see where the day takes me" kind of run.

Thursday 14th April 

Thursday will pretty much be my rest day. However if I'm feeling up to it I will be doing this routine x 3:

- 10 burpees
- 20 side lunges (10 on each leg)
- 10 press ups
- 12 sit ups
- 20 Spiderman planks (10 on each leg)
- Ski sit for as long as possible

 Friday 15th April 

On Friday I will be meeting a friend in the morning and cycling there and back. It will be about forty minutes worth of cycling which is so very good for the legs. At about five o'clock I will put on my running trainers and I'm hoping to run for six miles. A steady pace, I reckon- hopefully with some nice weather to accompany me.
 Saturday 16h April 

Most of Saturday I will be busy in a very non-exercise way. In the morning, therefore I will do the routine outlined on Thursday in the morning and at about five o'clock I will head out on a run. Another "not sure how long this will be but let's do it" kind of run.

Sunday 17th April 

I'm going on a big walk with a friend on Sunday and so I will mostly count that as my exercise, however, beforehand I am going to go on a quick mile run- as fast as possible!

Of course if I am not able (for physical reasons) to complete any of these exercises then that is okay but other than that, I am feeling incredibly excited for this week! Not only am I ridiculously excited to get on this pretty busy exercise plan but I am excited to get ahead with university work. If I'm not at the gym or running about pretending to be Forrest Gump I will be in the library!

I've just eaten a lot of chocolate so I'm very excited to get into exercising and eating a better snack/meal next! What are your health plans for this week?

Happy exercising!

Socks & Trainers,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Refusing to Regret

Today I have been thinking about the simple thought that when it comes to things that are hard or come with a lack of motivation, we'll never regret doing that thing. For example, revising or going to the gym or having a word with someone when they've upset you. Anything like that! We can only regret not doing these things and, in turn, wondering what the benefits could have been. I don't like this feeling at all.

The days when I feel a bit "meh" about going on a run will always be the day that make me feel accomplished when I return. I could have run a mile or eight and I'll think, "Hey, I did it!" And I feel proud rather than full of regret. There are, of course, times when we're gutted we didn't do something but we have a valid reason as to why we couldn't. Illness. Other plans. Prioritising work and education. However when I can fit something in, I so strive to have the motivation to get up and go.

Last year at university, I didn't have the best time. This year I am loving it way, way more. I am much better at choosing to work harder. I say yes to no regrets and I head down to the library. I say yes to my friends far more and I jump, jump and jump. I'm a big believer in jumping and have been for a few years. Jumping - even if you fall - is normally so worth it because we can't regret.

Some of the most poignant moments in my life are poignant because of my active choice to make a moment/a day/my life happy. I am so lucky to be healthy and this factor always fuels me to run/to revise/to make a change. Some of the times I'm disappointed with myself rely on regret. The regret I've felt for not doing something/saying something. It's partially a carpe diem attitude I aspire to have, and partially a "head screwed on" aspect because it's when I think properly when I know I need to do something and secure the fact that I won't regret.

Life is precious for all of us and I refuse to regret. As long as I'm not hurting anyone or myself, I will - more often than not - choose the path to regret.

No Regrets & Disappointment,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Big or Small

We have so many thoughts in our head- so many. So many ideas and wonderings. So many questions. So much goes on in our heads. It's exciting for me! Despite the fact I blogged twice every day last month I feel really inspired at the moment. I gave myself a weekend and a few days off of blogging because I thought it would be wise but I'm so pumped. I feel so inspired.

We're complex beings, us humans, and it's so cool that we have a million and one ideas floating around our heads. It's so important to know that we can do something with them! Of course not all thoughts are lovely but we have the chance every day to speak about our ideas; do our ideas; change the world: big or small.

Big or small, we all have something to say. We all have something offer. And we are not limited to one medium. I often like to write my thoughts; however that might be. I like to release my ideas to the world. I think it's so important to share our ideas in that we could change the world for the better. Nastiness is not welcome and of course there are lots of reasons why we don't have to say ideas/shouldn't but stuff goes on in our head and it's worth sharing.

Despite being a very private person I do believe in communication. I believe things will never change without the idea being represented somehow. Of course things won't change if we don't say or do something to show why something should change or improve or whatever action really!

We have creative thoughts; logical ones; news ones that may have never even been expressed before. Use them all (within reason). Write them on a blog; tweet them; write letters; sing about them; dance to your thoughts; draw; create plans. Big or small, it all matters.

Thoughts & Plans,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Attached. Challenged. Happy.

Last month I blogged twice a day every day (an exception applies) and I woke up today finding it hard to stay away from the blog. March was very much a month that revolved around blogging. It was something that was on my mind a lot. Naturally it was difficult to not think blog blog blog and I think this feeling will stick around for a couple of days. It's a nice feeling to feel- to feel so attached to my blog and it got me thinking about other things we feel this way about. Attached. I was going to talk about the negative things we feel this way about, but hey, it's April! I find April to be a hopeful month so I'm going to be super positive!

Attached. Excited to do/see them again. Motivated. Might be a challenge. A happy challenge. Ready.

Sometimes this feeling can come around even when we least expect it. Sometimes I can feel so stressed about university (although I am working on my stress levels!) and then I'll enjoy a full day of lectures and feel like I'm really getting somewhere and suddenly, I'll feel so super motivated. That's an awesome feeling. University is getting so difficult but I am finding it in me to really enjoy learning. I'm excited to get back after Easter so I can work hard and feel happy. Having this feeling means I'm excited for my next lectures the next day- that's a good feeling to feel. I'll walk back to my house feeling so ready. Ready.

I feel it after exercise. I'll often feel so pumped that I can't wait for the next time I'm working out again. I hear friends and family always say this and it really is an awesome way to feel. And the time to exercise again will come about. If I'm injured I know not to be silly and to either not exercise/take it too far (depending on injury) and this can often make me even more ready for the next run/swim/gym session. Motivated.

I now have a challenge for myself. I have not read nearly enough this year. We are now jumping into the fourth month of 2016 and I'm so upset with how little I've read. It's been a stupidly busy year but I hate using this as an excuse. I miss reading so much and I'm reading an absolutely brilliant book. Reading always makes me feel happily attached to a story/characters/the words. Attached. As soon as possible please.

I'm not sure how my blogging schedule is going to look from now on. I hadn't assigned myself to one before March so I'm just going to see what happens. I definitely will stay away from the blog this weekend and maybe a couple of days into next week (we shall see!) and then we'll see what happens! The last month has been awesome for blogging but I do need to spread this strong focus onto university. Having said that I'm feeling more attached to my blog than ever and I'm very excited about this!

Hello April- I'm very attached to you!

April Showers & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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