Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #5

So here is The Girl in the Moonlight's fifth installment into making the blog that little bit more personal. What with being anonymous and all, sometimes it is hard to incorporate facts about me and such things into my blog. Today I want to talk about everyday experiences that were in my childhood- from about seven years old to about eleven. They were awesome times and I want to speak about these experiences that have made me myself and always make me smile.

My brother and I have always been close- people always point it out. It's not abnormal for us; we've just always got along. He's my big brother and he has influenced many interests of mine because we spent so much time together. For example, we spent a lot of time playing PlayStation- playing a lot of Star Wars games. These are good, good memories. Memories that aren't "in the past" yet, I'm glad to say. We still play! Another part of my childhood that is something I experienced with my brother is tennis. We played tennis and we both adored it. We tried very hard at it and were so interested in getting better and better. I'd say we both became "good sports" through this. I do believe that. A childhood experience that always makes me giggle is when we went shopping with my mum. Whether it was an everyday kind of trip to town or a day trip with the three of us, my brother and I would half-jokingly, half not jokingly complain when we stepped into a clothes shop my mum liked while she picked up items and tried them on. As much as we may have moaned, we loved our little rest time, sat on the little chairs. 

Other everyday experiences that shaped my childhood massively were playing with my friends outside. I always hear adults saying, "We never had those devices to entertain ourselves" and I am so glad that to an extent, nor did I. Of course, we had more technology but I still spent time outside with my friends. One memory that always makes me laugh is when Heelys first came out and my friend and I had a pair and just working out exactly what we were supposed to do was the funniest, happiest thing. I will never forget the never ending skipping and the races and the trips with each others' families. 

Lastly, I have to mention my junior school experience. I adored it. My friends and I always reflect upon it saying it was awesome- it must be related to the fact that I still have many friends that I had then, now! I loved learning, I loved sports with my friends and I loved all the quirky, different things about my school. The happy environment and the encouragement to always seek to better oneself has definitely shaped my life.

Have a happy Sunday!

Childhood Memories & Endless Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

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Book Courtship Tag

I saw this tag through some YouTube videos I was watching with booktubers and it looks awesome so I thought I would give it ago. It incorporates different phases of some kind of romantic relationship with the books we have read.

Phase 1: Initial attraction; a book bought because of its cover.

One of my favourite covers ever is that of Kristin Hannah's Firefly Lane. I remember browsing on Amazon and seeing the pretty, pretty cover. It's really dreamy and warm and that describes the theme of friendship perfectly- and the characters too. 

Phase 2: First impressions; a book because of its blurb.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Ah, this novel is amazing and Jojo Moyes deserves all of the amazing credit she gets for it. The blurb shows how different the two main characters are and I just wanted to know why they were suddenly in each other's lives. 

Phase 3: Sweet talk; a book with great writing.

Ah, it has to be The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern! Her writing is so delicately phrased; so infused with magic and elegance and prettiness and darkness too! The Night Circus is one of my all time favourite novels and always will be- and the beautiful words are a massive part of this.

Phase 4: First date; a first book in a series that inspired buying the next book in the series.

It has to be The Hunger Games. I was aware of the hype around it and I wasn't too late catching on, but as soon as I read the first one, I needed the next and so on and so forth. I loved the feeling of reading the first one because I was so attached. 

Phase 5: Late night phone calls; a book that kept me up all night.

The book that comes straight to my mind was Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher. I was in love with the story and the relationships of the characters; I wanted only the best for them and I remember staying up later than I should have finishing this story. 

Phase 6: Always on my mind; a book I cannot stop thinking about.

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks deserves this title. As soon as I finished it I couldn't stop crying- I couldn't stop thinking. It's the first Nicholas Sparks novel I've read and it really is awesome. Very honest; very heartbreaking. I remember not giving up talking about it to my brother for ages. Thinking about it now, it has meant that I now have thoughts going through  my head- brilliant, brilliant book!

Phase 7: Getting physical; a book that I like the way it feels.

Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli is one of my favourite-feeling novels. My copy is just very shiny and the pages very soft when I flick through the pages slightly. This came straight to mind, so there we go!

Phase 8: Meeting the parents; a book I would recommend to my friends and family.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green... Mainly because I do recommend it to all of my friends and family! Although it is heartbreaking, it is also light-hearted and full of friendship and morals we all need to hear or hear again. 

Phase 9: Thinking about the future; a book I would re-read many times in the future.

As I have re-read this book twice already and I want to re-read it for the rest of my life, it has to be The Truth About Forever. It's my favourite book from when I was younger and it will always be a general favourite!

I fall in love with books all of the time so I was very excited to see this tag. 

Covers & Blurbs,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

P.S. I didn't have time to add a photo so hopefully I will add one in the future! 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Year Ago

A year ago I was having the best summer I had had to date, meanwhile knowing exactly who I wanted to be, and how I would achieve that. I was full of inspiration but felt too busy to do anything with it- a silly way of thinking! I wasn't home enough, and although my family never made me feel bad about it, I did feel bad and it has meant I have made more time for home this summer. Not because I have to, because I want to. A year ago, I was the most fearless I've ever been. A year ago, I was laughing loudly every day and never wanting to be bored- I never feared being bored. I didn't dwell on what was to come because I just assumed it was all going to be brilliant. A year ago, I just felt brilliant. A year ago I forgot how it felt to feel lonely; I forgot how it felt to be sad. A year ago I was honest and I jumped into a new kind of happiness with everything I had. These jumps to happiness a year ago are jumps a future me is incredibly thankful for. I was giggly and silly and giddy and learnt from my mistakes to become a person I was proud of. A year ago I made some memories I regret; I made some memories that will make me smile for all of the years ahead of me. I tried new experiences and took trips to the seaside; I danced goofily and I enjoyed my best friends with everything I had in me. A year ago, I knew of a sadder time and I made a happier time for myself. I was proud of myself; I opened up. A year ago is a time that will always be one of my favourite ever chapters.

A year ago, I was in love with my life (as I am now!), but I was about to experience some heartbreak. Heartbreak I'm not grateful for; heartbreak I still feel; heartbreak that makes me feel that kind of frustrating where your chest aches because it could have been different; heartbreak that is worth it.

A Happy Year Ago & A Happy Now,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Future Chapters

I have so many goals when it comes to books- some I have stored in my head, some I've written on my blog somewhere and some I don't even know yet. I thought that, today, I would outline the chapters of book-reading I have to come; the goals I want to achieve. I may have forgotten some I have written on the blog at some point, but fingers crossed they will come to me!

The chapters I aim (I will) complete

- Re-read the Harry Potter series

- Read as many of the classics that I can

- Re-read all of my favourite books

- Read the books of musicals that I adore

- Read all of my mum's favourite books

- Carry on reading books Carrie Hope Fletcher has recommended

- Read loads of genres I've not looked at and loads I've always wanted to

- Search for a read very high-thought of books- including those that seem relatively unknown

- Read more short stories

- Read more poetry

Importantly for the old blog, all of these goals directly relate to it- I will always record my reading adventures on the blog and I think a lot of these should have a series when they come about (I love a good series!). So here is a short but sweet post about some of my favourite things- books and related thingamabobs! I love having goals and the best goals are those that inspire me the most- the ones I am super excited for. And here are future chapters I will read and complete!

Exciting Chapters & Goals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

We Own Our Time

Before I start this post, I want to stress this: This post isn't applicable to absolutely everyone. Some people's lives are so full with all sorts of things whilst they're doing so much good or they're struggling with things I can't imagine that what they need is rest and similar kinds of activities, but for the rest of us- I've learnt something.

The other day I found myself saying, "I don't have the time for that." Although I am busy a lot of the time, I shouldn't be denying myself from things I want to do. Because... really... I do have that time! For a lot of us, despite how much we may fill up our time with, we do have time for reading that book, or seeing our relatives. We do have time to do that charity work we so want to do and go on that walk we should go on. We do have the time to tidy up and cook a proper, healthy meal.

My brother and I once discussed that one particularly frustrating human fault is our imperatively important necessity to rest. My brother made a frustrated hand gesture and laughed, "Think about all of that time we're missing in our lives because we're sleeping... Sleeping!" Of course we need this silly old sleep thing but it should encourage us to make the most of our days- maybe not even sleep in too much because we can get this done or see this person or do something completely unexpected!

At certain times in the year - noticeably in the summer holidays or when education gets very busy - my blog can get very lonely and I always use the old "I HAVE NO TIME" excuse. That is exactly why I have been posting so much this month- I may be busy but it doesn't mean I can't complete my goals- even if that means I am bulk-posting within days. So, hopefully, when education gets too busy or I am overwhelmed by this and that in summer, I can make this time- whether that means getting up fifteen minutes earlier to crack on with a blog post or two until I am happy enough to post them.

This same "making more time because it's definitely there" principle applies to a lot of aspects of my life. And they don't mean I need to get up earlier- I just need to make the time; juggle things around in my day; I need to not sit down aimlessly with my phone for too long. However, there are many things I am missing out on because I lamely claim that I am lacking time.

I want to contribute to charities more- in whatever way I want to. I want to continue playing tennis when summer ends (before I just haven't). I want to go and get a bike and ride it. I want to see family I don't see often enough and make sure I am always making time for my close family. I want to write a book. So...

... We must just make the time! Or make the most of our time if we're not spending it well enough when we have all of these plans!

It's simple really!

Making & Loving my Time,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

The Two-Faced Internet

The internet is a very two-faced thing; its good attributes, I believe, are equal to it's awful attributes. There are millions of ways to donate money and help awesome causes but there have been way too many cases (one case would be too many!) where cyber bullying has lead to suicides. There have been many videos that have shown the world awesome things but there have been many videos uploaded with cruel, unjust and disgusting content. There are so many news stories where we can see good people doing good things; there are news stories where the world thinks it's acceptable to shame celebrities for the most ludicrous things- it is no website's right or no reader's right to judge this celebrity for wearing this thing that day.

I have embedded this awesome video above. It involves Monica Lewinsky talking about how the internet and social media has cast a dark spell on the world, despite its awesomeness. It is an incredibly inspiring speech. After facing dark days because of not only her "mistake", but the backlash from the public's knowledge and the internet, this video reinforces everything that is very true. It is an incredibly awesome watch, outlining the harsh dangers of the internet and the consequences that are tragic and heart-breaking.

Everyday the internet allows me to log onto my blog and see my work; it allows me to post and it allows me to read other peoples' awesome posts. Social media means I can share my (not abusive) thoughts and share my respectful opinion about topics. The internet means I can organise events and find out about my favourite band, McFly. The "but" when it comes to the internet, however, makes it all a lot more sour. A lot less awesome.

I can't think of one online community that is free from some darkness. Every day on YouTube people think it's perfectly fine to leave disgusting and disrespectful comments. Obviously, it is not perfectly fine. Every day on Facebook an opinion (whether it be respectfully put or disrespectfully put) leads to arguments that are far from respectful.  Every day, the internet releases news stories that put people - we must think of celebrities and public figures as PEOPLE as well - in awful, awful situations.

We must use the internet for good things- make sure you are! We must stay away from unsafe aspects of the internet; we must look out for others while staying safe ourselves. We must not attack or abuse or belittle others. The consequences of the dark places on the internet (that are always in front of us, and always hiding too) are horrifying.

This must change.

Time for Change & Time for a Bright Internet,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Real Life Fairytale

The sunset was dominated happily by lilac on their anniversary. A year today; and to celebrate, the sky smiled with pale oranges, slight blues and, of course, lilac. There were grey clouds but their soft composure and sincerity made the picture that bit closer to perfection.

Perfection. That's what they thought of their relationship; she didn't believe in fairytales just over a year ago. And he didn't know that he wanted to. Their hearts would always sink at just a couple of troubles they had faced just over a year ago, but despite this, it had to be a real life fairytale, right?

With the sparkles from the champagne dancing happily in their stomachs, he whispered those three words. While she let them soak in, she warned her eyes not to cry as she whispered them back. With the sunset as their movie to watch for a little while that evening, she thanked something - anything that was responsible! - for the young man before her. The young man that adored her everyday, always accepting her faults and finding her beautiful all the time. She had it good.

The night danced on; they giggled and reminisced and spoke of tomorrow.

Multicoloured drinks arrived and dinner was served. Bright yellows and bright oranges and bright blues. The giggling continued, as did the happy thoughts and eyes that rarely moved from one another's. The atmosphere shifted. Once again, she watched her fairytale life before her all over again. He removed one hand from hers in the center of the table and reached into his pocket. But she didn't notice that. She focused on the tears in his eyes that automatically made love tinkle from hers too.

She focused on his words because she didn't want to ever forget them. She didn't ever want to forget this. "I'm so happy you're in my life," he said. Simple and beautiful. "I'll love you for ever."

With that, a lilac box appeared in front of her and she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his cheek. She didn't need diamonds or shoes or clothes or any other kind of thing. She wanted this feeling for ever, and like she knew every day: She had it.


Lilac & Happy Teary Eyes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Revisited: Happiness

It's 11:16 when I'm writing this and before this point I didn't have an idea in mind; I just knew that I wanted to write something. So, in the search for inspiration I started to read some lovely blogs, indulging my mind in brilliantly poised words and ideas. Other peoples' blog posts will always inspire me- sometimes they'll inspire my day; a blog post of mine; a feeling. I read a lot of posts about happiness and I knew before this point in time that I wanted a happiness-kind-of-theme. I hadn't yet found an idea that was inspired from these posts into my brain that I wanted to write down. And then, just a few minutes ago, I found this quote on Pinterest after typing into google "Happy quote Pinterest"...

I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.

I tried to research where this quote originated but I'm not sure- either way, it's a beautiful quote with exactly what I needed to touch upon happiness.

We go to school and we want someone else's rucksack, we go to secondary school and we want someone else's hair; we go to college and we want someone else's confidence and grades; we go to university and the working world and we want someone else's plans. We go through life - however grateful we really may be - thinking about the fact this friend has a car or this friend has the money to go out all of the time etc. We need to think of all of the things that we have that other people are thinking about (even when they shouldn't be!). You may think you don't have something we envy, but you do!

When I, a few years ago, decided it was time to give up not trying to enjoy my life 100% of the time, I wanted to achieve as close to complete happiness as I possibly could. I learnt how important the principal behind this quote is a few years ago and I will never forget it. I will always appreciatie that not everyone can "choose happiness" (in which case one should speak up and seek help). Part of my finding happiness came from behind entirely grateful for all I've got (not that others aren't!). I realised all I had and still have, and I want to write here a few things about my life I am very grateful for and why I will never compare and complain about my grass. It's good grass.

- Family
- Friends
- Having positivity around me a lot
- Health
- The laughter I experience every day
- The chances I've been given
- The chances I've been able to make for myself

As well as this, I began accepting myself- who I am and the way I look. This then inspired me to do everything I could to change the things I didn't like and could like with effort. I will always try to improve myself in every aspect, but knowing that I will always try is more than enough for me. Here are some things directly about me that I appreciate- things I would notice about anyone else that are good things:

Me (not look-wise because I will always focus on these things as my best attributes):

- I know how to work hard
- I have dreams I am determined to reach
- I am kind
- I have good intentions
- I am reliable
- I care
- Making others feel small will never be how I find happiness

Me (look-wise because it is so important to accept and love ourselves)

- I have skin that cooperates most of the time
- I have a small waist I like
- I like my legs
- I like my ears
- My hair can have really good days all by itself

I could have listed things that contradict these things (I currently have an painful spot, for example, and I have hips I don't like but my spot will go and I am working hard with exercise all of the time so I don't care about my hips because they have improved so much and I love them more all of the time- they are just part of me, ay!) but we have to love ourselves!

This quote inspired all of these thoughts because the way we find happiness is by making sure our grass is our priority; we should not look at someone else's who sometimes we think is greener- that's their grass! That's their new car and someone else's new hair! We have our own family and friends and styles and things. The sooner we stop comparing ourselves to others - whether that's people we know, people we know of their existence or celebrities - we are going to find ourselves a lot happier. I will always focus on my own grass, congratulate others on theirs and make sure I'm always doing what's good for me and keeping my grass as green and as happy as possible.

We have to be healthy and kind and we have to find our happiness if we can! And we have to bloomin' try if we can! We have to have good thoughts and if we're unhappy about something, as long as go about it safely and healthily and we remember we are humans and we mess up sometimes, and we don't quite get it right, as long as we are trying, we are finding happiness.

Happiness & Good Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Togetherness. It's one of those cosy feelings; one of those homely feelings. It's also exciting; a feeling of comradeship and friendship and teamwork. I really started thinking about togetherness after watching Paper Towns at the cinema last week. I'm going to focus on the togetherness I felt directly from the film rather than the novel (although I know I felt the same theme was entirely relevant when I read it too) because the movie is fresher in my mind.

*Traces of spoiler.*

Firstly, the group of friends - Quentin, Ben and Radar - easily portray their close bond that leads to them knowing - and us knowing - that their teasing only comes from love and happiness. I put that incredibly lamely, but it brings us, as the audience, only warmth and it makes us feel comfort- for them and with them. This kind of feeling does actually make me feel that teary feeling, whether there are tears or not. That good teary feeling.

We see their togetherness through all of the adventures they go through as friends. Through the things they are all willing to do for each other. When Quentin wants to find Margo, all they do is support him and help him. It's second nature to Ben and Radar to help Q start his investigation when a clue is spotted in Margo's bedroom window. Their tendency to be on board with Q's plans from the word go (although it needs to be stressed that they are safe plans) portrays the support they naturally give their friends. This is easily seen with how they overcome fears to complete some of Q's plans and their excitement for a road trip too.

The theme that makes me tear up the most with Paper Towns (it really makes my tummy feel in love with the idea and the knowledge of the feeling) is the "lastness" theme. In a happily but sad nostalgic way, the guys begin to dwell on how they have completed their last homework and things of the such before university- they may not have even been things they enjoyed but it's how they experienced these same things together. And suddenly that aspect of their lives were coming to a close and soon a whole new chapter with different people was about to begin. I remember feeling this feeling last summer, when university was on its way. I am happy to confirm that going to the pub on a weekday and having pizza nights with my friends were not performed for the last time last summer, but I still felt so nostalgic and grateful for those memories last year. It's a bittersweet feeling. And oh my, does it portray togetherness.

As a last paragraph I have to say how wonderful the film of Paper Towns is. I adore the book and I adore the film. The actors are spot on and the way it is filmed and acted is exactly what I imagined reading the book. It's an awesome tale of growing up, friendship and learning to understand that no body is perfect.

Clues & Maps,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Shock of the Fall - Nathan Filer

I knew before I bought this book that it was going to be brilliant; I knew when I got the book that it would be brilliant; I knew in the time between getting this book and starting to read it that it would be brilliant; I knew when I turned to the first page that I was about to read something brilliant. Have you assumed that The Shock of the Fall is brilliant? It is, in fact, brilliant.

The Shock of the Fall follows Matthew and his life, his tragedy and his mental illness. As well as this, we follow his good-natured ways and the voice of his that is mostly sweet and somewhat amusing with the way he portrays his thoughts and views. You read in the blurb that (this isn't a spoiler because we are given this straight away but maybe you won't appreciate it so look away now) his brother, Simon, dies at a young age and we grasp onto his heartache immediately.

I was told I would love The Shock of the Fall; it has the right level of warmth and heart mixed in with our attachment to the characters and the story. It's bitterly funny and very honest. It teaches, this novel. I've said this a million times before, but I love books that teach me; The Shock of the Fall brings that bit more awareness to mental health that we need. Matthew is suffering and finds comfort in telling his story- how we have the book in our hands. His dedication to his story makes it all the more readable.

As time goes on, we learn the intricacies of the tragic event as well as his illness. We learn his trouble with dealing with upset people and hence he doesn't like to upset people; we learn his inquisitive ways and his talents. This novel has already paved way for better awareness and education for mental health; it will do this even further. It will encourage more action.

This novel is seriously good- added to my favourites.

The Shock of the Fall is a beautifully presented novel. Not only the front cover, but it is beautifully illustrated while it is broken up in a very unique way. It simply is a brilliantly beautiful book and story.

Computers & Typewriters,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. My photographs are so awful at the moment- I am really hoping this will change soon!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Lucky Charm

George paused in the summer's heat and picked up a five pence from the floor. He felt somewhat obliged to. His day had been less than brilliant. Much less. It was the summer holidays and at eleven am that morning he had met his friends at the park and played football. His girlfriend of the time, Annie, not long later arrived with her friends. They sat on jumpers and towels by the makeshift football pitch. George was very aware of Annie and her friends giggling, but he knew his friends were too. It made them act differently. Angus was celebrating after every goal he scored to impress Lily and he was faintly aware of Ben, his best friend, shouting louder than usual. Why, he didn't know.

As time went on, they became accustomed to their surroundings and they took a break to sit with the girls. Lily and Masie spoke about how excited they were to enter year eleven. "It's gonna be awesome," Angus agreed.

As the guys walked back to the pitch, Jeremy (Masie's boyfriend) approached him, seemingly anxiously. "Mate," Jeremy started. "Bad news."

George's stomach resembled the flip Ben was currently performing and his eyes followed the giggles to find Annie's being the loudest, Ben grinning back. George turned back to Jeremy.

"Thing is, mate." George suddenly found his use of "mate" highly irritating. "Annie's... She's breaking up with you."

Ben flipped forwards and then backwards and once again, George's stomach copied. George had always felt like Ben lead him and he followed. But Annie. Annie was something - a happy, lovely something - that George was proud of. And she was his. Not Ben's. Not that she was a trophy.

But now...

"Between you and me... She's been into Ben since she heard he was into her. Rough mate."

And that was it.

Not knowing what to do, George didn't say a word. He just ran. He ran really fast in the hope to get away to some place far away, half wanting Annie to be right behind him, half not.

And then, when he remembered the summer's heat, he slowed down and saw the silver piece smiling on the ground. It had to be good luck, right?

~ 10 years later

Ten years on, and George slapped his best friend gently on the arm. "Today's the day, ay?" he repeated for the more-than-tenth time that morning.

"The best day of my life." George's best friend smiled back at him and he couldn't be more proud.

"I love you both, man. This is it now. You've made it."

"Cheers George," he smiled goofily and they hugged. "This is why you're my best man. I love Annie and she is my everything, but you... You keep me on track, man."

George nodded and reached into his pocket and brought out that very five pence piece. "I need to tell you something."

"Of course. Anything," Ben smiled at him.

George recalled the day that started a year of heartache for George. He carried on being Ben's best friend, supporting him when he came to him not long after that day, asking if he could ask Annie out. And here they were, ten years later, on their wedding day. And, honestly? George couldn't be more happy.

"I've kept this five pence in my wallet for ten years. I felt it was lucky and believe it or not, it was. The day I met Laura, this five pence fell out of my wallet and I panicked. I was paying for something and I couldn't focus on anything else. I needed it back."

"This is the very five pence Loz picked up? The famous coin that started George+Laura?"

"Yes," George grinned.

"But you should have it, George. You keep it!"

"No, Ben. You're always going to be my best friend, right?"

"If I can steal your girlfriend and we're still best friends ten years later... Yeah, we'll always be best friends."

"So that coin will never be too far away from me."

"As long as it's in my wallet and you're in my heart," Ben winks. "It'll never be too far away from you."

"It's time I share my luck with my best friend."

~ The late afternoon of the wedding

With their hands held warmly in each other's, George laughs at Annie's dad's comment about Ben's tendency to be late and turns to his gorgeous girlfriend. It takes a moment for her to realise, her being so engrossed in the magic of the day; when she does, her eyes linger on George's lips. George instantly smiles. Laura's eyes glisten a little and her lips mirror his.

"My lucky charm," he whispers into her ear.


Lucky Charms & Heartfelt Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What Disney's Taught Me #3

Some qualities in characters and some situations in Disney films have some stigma attached to them, however my "What Disney's Taught Me" series aims to show some of the amazingly positive lessons Disney teaches. Today I am focusing on Cinderella. So putting any negatives one may believe in when it comes to this particular Disney princess, and this particular tale of Disney's, here we are: What Cinderella has taught me.

Cinderella teaches how to work hard. She has been put in an impossible situation- a frustrating one. Left with three family members who treat her more than badly, she faces life with a positive smile and a happy tune. She teaches us to take sucky situations and spin in them into something gorgeous. She faces those who treat her awfully with polite words and a knowledge that there is something worth fighting for in this world; a fight she undergoes with a smile.

Cinderella shows us the importance of friendship. She finds friendship within the mice and dog and they trust each other beautifully. Their friendship ultimately means teamwork, and because of the loyalty Cinderella has shown to them, they have Cinderella's back when she needs it!

Cinderella teaches us that a dream is a wish our heart makes. Oh, I love such a message! I am a big believer in wishes and dreams, and Cinderella holds onto hers, making a big step to hope hers comes true. She does teach us that we can do it- we can change our lives. We need to value our dreams because our hearts know they are based on sincere wishes.

Oh, how I love Disney!

Songs & Dreams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Life Lately | Summer Edition

My laptop is quite unhealthy at the moment. At this point in time that I am originally writing these words, I want to set up Blogger and post, however my laptop won't turn on. Instead of feeling frustrated, I am sat with my notebook and a pencil (pencils are so much fun) writing this very post. While I am sat writing this chatty post, I am watching a film and feeling very grateful for my laptop not working (although I hope it does soon so I can post this... only time will tell!) as I am enjoying the humble touch of pencil and paper; the simplicity of it all. This is what one considers a successful evening.

Still with many weeks of summer left, despite the weather, we have a very happy and summery blogger on our hands. I still have many books I want to read before summer ends, many adventures I want to take part in, may photographs to take and many pieces of writing to produce. Exciting!

While summer sings around me, I have been thinking about our passions in life; the things we are determined to change the world for the better because of. I hope we all share the same beliefs in the few different topics I'm about to bring up, but I just want to discuss a few different, beautiful passions people I know and I have. Because what a wonderful way it is to live, when we have passions to fight for. So, firstly I'll discuss a couple of issues I have always wanted my blog to portray. I am very passionate about equality in general; the two topics that have come up time and time again on my blog have been equal rights with gender and equal rights with sexuality. I so want the world to improve when it comes to these things. And then I have friends who are so vocal about animal rights; I also have friends who are politically motivated; I have a best friend who seeks to always be passionate about working hard. Passions are beautiful. As long as our motives are beautiful and kind and not hurting anyone (so morally sound), passions are some of the best things in the world.

A passion that is a hobby of mine is writing. It so happens to also be a passion that coincides with porraying my beliefs as well as the things I love and all sorts of other things. Something that is important with my writing at the moment is the challenge I have set myself this month: A Promise for August. I have set myself the challenge to post 26 times this month (not including the promise post) and I am enjoying it immensely. I knew I would end up bulk-posting on random days rather than spreading it out smartly across many days; I am happy about this though! It's within my rules after all! I am embracing this challenge and not feeling panicky at all. Yay!

Passions & Goals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

My Experience: University

For many people, September/October may mark the start of their University Chapter. September 2014 marked the start of mine, and  I learnt a lot about myself because of it. I always knew I wanted to go to university; to further my self in my topic of study and get that degree. However, it must be said that university is never the only option. Further, you may have wanted to go all your life, but not want to when the time comes or vice versa; this is all okay! To "university" (if it were a verb) or to not university, that is your choice! I have many friends who chose not to university, and they are doing fabulously- doing so with no regrets. Also, everyone must remember that we can university later on in life. Whether that be a year later or many, many more! Finally, if we university and it's not for us, dropping out will never mean failure! Never! If you don't like your course- change it! If university is not for you, just. Don't. Do. It.

So. I started university last year, and the fact I was starting only sunk in when I'd arrived at the nearby Tesco, getting some last bits of food before I moved in. I was about to start living very far away from my home. I hadn't been particularly worried about it; I hadn't overthought the whole thing. I simply felt fine about it. My only worry was that I wouldn't fit in- but I was aware everyone would feel like this! And it's true; they did! And then, when my parents and I were stood in my room, a lump was in my throat that caused me to feel incredibly lonely. It sucked. And I cried. Which I didn't expect.

My flatmates turned out to be top notch people, the only girl being a very close friend of mine now. If you're not so lucky it should be known that your flatmates aren't the only people you'll meet (obviously). One of my friends' closes friends are all coursemates.

Back to when I first got to university. The day after moving in, my homesickness was awful. I powered through but it didn't get better for a long time and, for me, it never went! For most people it does go! (Although a lot still have homesickness surprise them every now and then). BUT, I learnt how to deal with homesickness. I have never been a homesick kind of person, but I think most experience it at university and I was in the category mixed in with being stupidly nostalgic about the amazing summer I'd just had. Either way, it must be known, homesickness is completely natural if you feel it too.

Also, I always want to tell people, it is an individual's choice as to what uni experience they want. I'll say now the conclusion: Just be safe. If going out is for you, go out! If staying in with a book is for you, do that! If it's a bit of both, go for it! Just be safe.

Not everyone lives away, of course, or goes far away for university. Because you don't have to. You may not want to/your course may not fit in with living far away. Do. What. You. Want. It's simple! If you don't know, you can work it out as you go along, and you can change your mind whenever!

A final point I can think of off the top of my head is this (I have already touched up on it): Make sure you're happy with your entire experience. If you don't like your course, change it or figure out a new plan. If you're uncomfortable with a particular aspect of your experience, don't do it! I just think we need this idea verbalised to us more often: You can switch things (e.g. your course); you can drop out- this isn't giving up!

I haven't covered nearly as much as I could have. I just wanted to cover some points about my university experience and things I have known since starting university. Any questions are welcome!

New Places & New People,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

"Yesterday's Junk is Today's Treasure"

Yesterday's junk is today's treasure. I heard someone say this not too long ago and it stuck with me. Some people probably wouldn't like the idea I am going to align with this phrase, but hearing it being said made me smile, because of this exact idea. I am someone who finds (not insignificant importance but) sometimes silly importance in objects that maybe others wouldn't. For example, once (one of the more silly examples) I kept a pretty tag from an item of clothing because it was sweet and my best friend bought it for me. I find sentiment in things that give me strong nostalgia and from then on I find it hard to throw it away; make it junk.

When I come to tidying my room, a good (well, bad maybe) portion of the piles of stuff that has gathered up will be stuff that a lot of people would never consider sentimental. Some of it, I come to my senses and throw away (sometimes I have to close my eyes whilst doing so). But some... I don't regret getting ever so overly nostalgic about. I then, of course, keep it!

And the reason why? Because for some reason my heart is attached to it.

A Checklist of Treasures

- A little note from my best friend that was stuck to my Christmas present once
- Some wrapping paper from my best friend's present he got me for my Birthday
- Many worn cinema tickets from my brother and I's cinema trips
- A Parma Violet wrapper from one of my favourite nights

I don't regret any of the choices I made to keep possessions like this. They bring warmth to my stomach and a smile to my face. I adore all of the happy memories I make and when my keepsake isn't ridiculously ridiculous and I've become attached to it, I am going to keep it. These things are in a box of memories that I treasure very highly.

Keepsakes & Treasures,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Feeling Peace

I have learnt in the last year, but realised more recently, the importance of peace. Whether that peace be found in a setting, or a person, or a thing or a thought, I want to feel peace. Even if I am surrounded in busyness and sound and well, anything!- I want to feel peace. To feel tranquil. To feel ready to take on whatever life may throw at me.

Before I went out for a night last week, I sat on the beach with my best friend and a pretty, pretty sky. I took in the natural surroundings and the sky doing its thing in in front, above and all around us. Nature's bigger than us, isn't it? A lot of things teach us this; literature being the thing that made it very evident to me. It made me realise that even though nature is in front of us all of the time. It calms me. Even though I have no power in controlling it from day-to-day - I don't know what it will do next! -, when I am sat with a sunset and a friend, I feel peace. Nature can be very dark; I am lucky to live a life where I can feel peace with it. That best friend I was with definitely contributed to my clear mind and happy state, of course!

In another way, I find peace through my running. Also, a walk is a good way for me to just focus on finding peace. There are stresses in our lives and I'm lucky I have nothing horrific to worry about. All the same, to find peace, a run will clear my mind (even if I am thinking a lot!), as will a walk! Sometimes I need my room, but sometimes to be somewhere that is not confined by walls is exactly where peace sings to me.

This sounds like a spiritual post, but it is not! I want to seek being able to deal with pressures and finding other ways to deal with it (I am aware that watching a sunset or going on a run just isn't the road a lot of people need). I want to feel peace when life is manic- life can get on top of us, can't it!? It could be a book that makes my mind smile; it could be a talk with someone; it could be a film or a night in. I just love feeling peace.

A Beach & A Pretty Sky,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Aim: To Always Live and Learn Ardently

I have no idea if this concept has a verb already, but I believe it should: to always live and learn ardently. 

I want to live a life with passion for what I love doing; with passion for the people I love in my life; with passion to change the world for the better in any way that I can; with passion for so much- some things I won't even know yet. As well as this, I want to live a lift where I always want to learn; to further myself in my particular study or field or whatever project I may be involved in; I want to learn about the world and about things I didn't even know of; I want to be interested and inspired.

To be frank, I don't know how to expand on this any further. It is as simple as it sounds but it also isn't; it involves more than I can write- the post would be too long, and I just don't know all of it yet- I may never! I want a verb to encompass all of the good things I want to aspire to always be; all of those awesomely gentle and inspiring qualities. I want to embrace my flaws, knowing we can never be perfect! I want them not to interfere with this life I love! I want to make sure I am never ignorant to the world; I want to read books on topics I didn't know I was interested in. I want to learn about history and space and cultures.

This is a teeny tiny post that has a lot of hope in. And it isn't a concept that I will apply to my life "tomorrow"; you know that future we always talk about. I have been living with this concept in mind for the last year and a bit (and I hope before without realising). I just want to live and learn and love it all.

Now & The Future,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Charity Shop Finds

Recently I've been feeling like I've been getting low on books (probably untrue), and so on a rainy day not too long ago I visited a charity shop and I picked up (and bought- I always think that's an odd saying) these books. Sometimes I feel a little selfish when I long for books (as enchanting and amazing as they are) when too many people in this world long for things that are givens to most of us but really are necessities, so I am seriously glad I did a little good with my money in a charity shop for my materialistic goods.

The Beach House - Jane Green

Even though I have wanted to for a while, I have never read a Jane Green book *gasps.* So I am excited for this book that looks like a complete delight. It's about Nan (a "free-spirited" woman) and her realisation that money is running out that turns into an idea that her beach house should be rented out to a mixed group of people. It is named charming, and I do love a charming book!

The Island - Victoria Hyslop

I have gone into Waterstones a countless amount of times and loked at this book. I have always been intrigued buy it; wanting to buy it each time. I just never got round to it. Now, here we are! It's a story of a daughter wanting to know about her mother's past. When she takes a trip to delve into her mother's past, she finds out more than she anticipated.

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

So. The Time Traveler's Wife. I saw the film when it was released and I adored it, and still do! I can't say that I don't cry at films (I do... a lot), but not a lot of films make me cry like this one. Plot twist: I don't really read books after seeing the film (I like to read the book first). I can only remember doing so with The Notebook (which was awesome). I just don't like that I know a lot about what is likely to come up into the book already, but I'm going to get over this fear. And why not start with the book that inspired one of my favourite films?

The Help - Kathryn Stockett

Eeee, I was excited to see The Help in front of me. There have been an abundance of awesome words said to me about this novel. About racial segregation, narrated by two black maids and an aspiring white writer, I can't wait to find out exactly what it is about- but I am completely ready for the emotional ride it will be (or am I?)!

I am so delighted I popped into the local charity shop! I will be doing it more often! It is incredibly satisfying to know that I am giving money to a good cause when buying my books (and of course I don't need that "thing in return"; it just so happens that it is the way it was in this case). This is a very happy book lover!

Creased Covers & Loved Books,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Those Books That...

I am currently reading a novel I am completely absorbed by- The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. I am about 2/3 of the way through and it's one of those books that appeals to our hearts; our hears ache with the characters- we want only the best for them. It's one of those books that is so unique in the way that it is written that I wish I had thought of it first. Except... It's one of those books that I wish not to steal its glory but only announce how truly glorious it is.

Then there are books like The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which completely daze me with its magic. It's one of those books where every sentence is phrased with such magic - whether it be colourful or dark - that I could never full express how stunning it is with my own words. It's one of those books that enchants us and makes us wonder about this magical kind of world, and whether there are elements of our world in it. It's one of those books that I feel humbled to read.

A while ago I read Looking for Alaska by John Green. It's one of those books that is haunting. I felt so haunted when I read it but I wasn't sure why. It gave me a chill but it also made me laugh; really laugh. It's a completely endearing and charming read... But let's not forget that sadness. It's one of those books that sings of friendship. We see the happiness, but we sense the darkness. It's one of those books that will always be one of my favourite books because we open our eyes to things we didn't know were there.

There is a quote that claims books to be real life magic, and it's something I couldn't believe more. Books can stir these feelings inside of us- feelings we know we have; feelings we don't know we have. I wanted to write a post because The Shock of the Fall is having such an affect on me- a book effect that I adore. It got me thinking about the way a few different books have made me feel; and how much I adore those books because of it. Of course I could write about many more (and maybe I will again!), but here I am with a couple of my favourite books and a book that I know will be one of my favourites because it is making me feel a "I'm so happy this books exists" feeling that I felt with The Night Circus and Looking for Alaska.

Magic & Real Life,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

I Have This Friend

I have this friend; she's not much taller than me. She's not got a too different sense of humour from mine. Her interests; some of them are mine too. But she lives; well she lives quite far from my home. With brunette hair and piercing eyes; a giggle for a laugh and the most caring set of words. I have this friend. She is really something.

I have this friend. She is the most tolerant person I've ever met; she and I have such a giggle. She has short hair and a brilliant sense of humour. She's generous and very brave. She's given her heart away before, and now wishes she didn't. But she's so strong. She learnt what she could overcome and I see how brave she is because of it, and for many other reasons. I have this friend. She is really something.

I have this friend. She's had a tough year, and she is finding herself again. I'm proud to watch her do so. She is someone I can rely on no matter what; her strength is inspiring and her passion is a beautiful thing to watch. She likes the simple things. Her humour is so tongue 'n cheek. She takes up a massive part of my heart. I have this friend. She is really something.

I have this friend. She has auburn hair and is one the most endearingly honest people I've ever met. She is passionate and excited for the future, whilst working for today. She is generous with compliments, and I hope she knows - and I hope I make it clear - how awesome she is. I have this friend. She is really something.

I have this friend. He has the most gorgeous heart; he speaks the kindest words. He is awesome at sport and although he doesn't know what he wants from some parts of his life, he is going about it incredibly graciously; working incredibly hard. He knows who he is though, and he doesn't pretend to be anything because he likes himself. I admire him for this; for his honesty. I have this friend. He is really something.

I have these friends. These people I look up to so much. These people who deserve more than just a little paragraph written about them. I have these friends. They are really something.

Friends & Love,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Arms Wide Open - Tom Winter

I recently read Arms Wide Open by Tom Winter and oh, I am excited to review it...

Arms Wide Open is one of those books with a tone that is received as amusing to the reader, whilst the seriousness of each different storyline to each character is known and understood too. It's slightly sarcastic, maybe. Odd? Yes? Cleaver? Certainly. Whatever this humorous and yet honest tone is, it kept me easily engaged with Jack's, Meredith's, Jemima's and Luke's dilemmas and funny quirks.

While Jack and Meredith (twins) wonder whether the dad they thought was dead their whole lives really is, Jack begins to face his own problems, Meredith tries to find herself without her husband she still believes she needs and tries to look after her children and her brother. Meanwhile Jemima (Meredith's daughter) becomes involved in an online dating site and Luke (Meredith's son) faces bullying at school and the lack of acceptance of his sometimes strange but mostly endearing ways.

Arms Wide Open touches upon taboo subjects; it sometimes makes us really uncomfortable (Jemima trying to find acceptance with men more than double her age), it sometimes moves us (Meredith's and Jack's mother has early-onset dementia) and it sometimes makes us laugh. Ultimately it sings of togetherness and a few different opinions on a few different family situations.

When it comes to chapters, I have no preference to a certain-sized chapter, however I enjoyed the fact that most of the chapters in Arms Wide Open were quite short. As the book could be quite shocking at times and a little uncomfortable, the short chapters mean you don't have long to dwell on whatever bizarre twist the story took in the previous chapter, and it makes the book easy and exciting to read.

Arms Wide Open is a very truthful (an aspect I love to mention when a book is honest because it is such an awesome value) story. Very eye-opening. It is a very bitterly humorous novel that taught me more about living in the moment and the importance of the people who care for us.

Blue & Orange,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 3 August 2015

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman's books are so brilliantly mesmerising. She writes with such honesty and such raw emotion that she is now (although she was before I read I Was Here, for sure!) one of my absolute favourite authors. The books of hers that I have not read (I have read If I Stay and Where She Went) will be some of my next book purchases.

Cody and Meg were always the "joint at the hip" kind of best friends; inseparable. Just how they wanted to be. They knew each other the best they could. Except Cody definitely didn't see her best friend's suicide coming. And when it came, so did a bunch of unanswered questions, a lot of confusion, anger and sadness. In the attempt to find answers, Cody finds out just how brave (and sometimes dangerous) she can be.

We adore Cody for her courageousness, her humble ways and we support her when she is scared (although we fear for her sometimes when she will go too far to find out answers). Cody is a no-nonsense kind of girl; she's witty and has that kind of sass we love; but she undervalues herself. I love that in I Was Here Cody realises her worth; realises things she wants that she maybe hadn't realised before.

With death being such a taboo in our culture - suicide much the same - Gayle Forman approaches it all with such raw honesty, that it was just inevitable that I was going to admire this beautifully written novel. It weaves in a beautiful friendship with new discoveries and sour feelings; feelings Cody admits - as a narrator - she has. The book outlines some very dark places on the internet and we question alongside Cody. I learnt from this book; and that's my favourite thing a book can do.

Once again, Gayle Forman had me in tears in those last few pages. I Was Here is incredibly moving and honest- so honest I was grateful for those words that shocked me but opened my eyes. It has been added to my favourite books pile.

Books & Kittens,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Sorry for the awful picture *sad face because I have no idea what has happened there.*

Being Understanding

Surely. Surely, if everyone treats everyone else as though there is something rubbish going on in everyone else's lives (although they hopefully don't) all the time, we would have a much more understanding, smiley and gorgeous world. Surely.

I want to live with this in mind for the rest of my life. If I approach everyone I come across with the thought that any other aspect of their life which doesn't have me in it (whether I am involved in their life in the teeny tiniest of ways or the biggest way) is sucky, I will treat them (although let's assume I am kind and all of those good things normally... I hope so anyway!) with complete tolerance (assuming all of these people are the good people we want to come across in life), understanding and any other good adjective. At the end of the day, if they go off to the other parts of their day and are greeted with sucky situations and people, a least I have been kind- and genuie! Don't forget sincerity!

I just don't understand why anyone would want to cause *further* misery to someone at all, let alone if they are having a sucky time anyway! The answer: don't asuume about people's lives.

Hopefully a lot of us would never be awful to people anyway BUT, a lot of us would never treat someone without all of those positive adjectives if we are aware of our "person's" sucky situation- so don't assume you don't know about it, therefore meaning you treat someone less than kindly and sincerely! Just. Don't. We'd feel awful if we knew, so we should save ourselves and the person we are talking to! Even if something has been said; if we've messed up, apologise! Be sincere! I so strive to be this kind of person, and we all should!

A final rant

You could be so close to someone - really close! - and for whatever reason you do not know of a specific rubbish situation they are going through, so don't regret anything. We absolutely need to understand that we are not the only people who deserve tolerance and kindness.

I have said before that I think one of the most important qualities is sincerity. Another is understanding. And to understand, you don't need to know!

An Afternoon Chat & No Regrets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

A Promise for August

So... July wasn't as fab for my blog as I had hoped and genuinely anticipated. Summer just overwhelms me with excitement and my poor blog is too often left lonely. However, I refuse to apologise to myself about this as I never made a particularly solid promise about blogging this summer. With that said, I am frustrated I didn't post an "A Slice of Anonymous" post at the end of last month (I post these on the last Sunday every month... supposedly).

No fear, though! This silly, disorganised blogger is back with a promise to myself!

I am still not going to hold myself to any blogging schedule yet, only this promise for August... This August I will post 26 times (not including this post). Simply because it'll make up for some of the posts I have missed this year and maybe I can completely make up for this in the future. How I will do it, I do not know. I may post every day one week and then three in one day and then not for a day or so... Who knows?! August shall!

As a side-note, I have been making time for reading this summer (last year sucked a little in this way) and it's been awesome; I've been reading such brilliant books and I can't wait to post reviews for them. Reading lots is another promise for August. As is continuing the absolutely amazing time I am having. Summer will always be the best thing for me; being surrounded by my favourite people and favourite things to do, it's hard for me to ignore it.

A Promise & A Notebook,

The Girl in the Moonlight.
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