Friday, 25 March 2016

Time for a Spring Clean

And what a glorious bank holiday it is! I really can't fault it. I've watched it go by this morning and I've enjoyed it. There are people busy buying Easter eggs and parents watching their children as they run ahead, happy to be off of school for a bit. And the weather? Beautiful. The sky is that deep warm blue with a few clouds dotting the sky- lovely, friendly clouds. They bring no threat (I mean I'm no weather forecaster) and I feel delighted at the spring picture in front of me.

I have been in need for a spring clean for a while. University has been super stressful and I've needed to have a better time with work- I've wanted to take it slower and less stressfully. I'm already getting on with work at a better place. I've also wanted to improve my distance with running and this weather only motivates me. But I have realised there is a spring clean I need for myself.

I feel like I keep getting wound up. It frustrates me. I'm quite a relaxed person when it comes to people but recently I've felt a bit tense. Sometimes I hear how petty my thoughts are; sometimes I feel like someone's rightly irritated me but I need to work on just dropping it. My edginess is annoying myself and it can leave me feeling either frustrated or even competitive. I don't feel like it's got to a terrible stage or anything but I it can dominate my thoughts and it only irritates me.

In order to stop feeling so caught up in something someone has said or done I want to create a list to help me calm down, focus only on myself and completely enjoy the people who might say something I find a bit frustrating and realise it really doesn't matter.

I need to...

...remember to focus on myself when it comes to all of the hard-work kind of aspects of life.

...take baths this summer.

...joke a lot

...take advantage of any good weather with walks, runs and fun with friends.

...spend time with my family.

...clean my room.

It's so important not to compare yourself to anyone; we are all different people, making our lives very different things. I need to remind myself some things are just not worth fretting over. I need to keep my goals in my mind whilst having so much fun. I'm having the best Easter holidays already. I just need to get rid of this irritation I find easy to acquire recently. I don't want to be irritated.

A spring clean for me is vital right now.

Spring & Promise,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging twice a day every day this March and you can read my last post HERE!

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