Monday, 21 March 2016

Building Others Up

How awesome are compliments and the people that bring them? I love people that take time out of their lives to give a sincere and lovely compliment. It's a quality we all need. Today a friend complimented another friend's hair and said it was amazing. A few weeks ago a lady told another lady at Zumba that she looked like she had the routine cracked and the lady was chuffed! How awesome are the people who spread this kind of happiness?

I give compliments, as we all should, but I want to make it my aim to give more compliments. I've written this on the blog before- to make sure I'm giving more compliments (and of course meaning them!). I want to be that type of person because they are the people that are building others up and not tearing them down. It's something I believe of all us should do- simply for the sake of humanity.

I think it should be a main building block for feminism, for example. Of course I believe everyone - males and females - should be feminists. And we should teach everyone to help and encourage everyone else, and not treat people as competition. People say women work the best when they're bringing other women up and I think it's so, so true!

We need to make sure we're not treating another woman as a hurdle- thinking this person will hold us back... especially because she's a woman! That's a terrible thing to think and we need to be supportive rather than competitive. Of course I don't mean that we shouldn't be competing in other ways- it's a part of life. I just mean we need to make sure we're not using terrible terms to describe each other and taking our time to point out something awesome about another woman- be all of us women (and men) are!

Good Thoughts & Compliments,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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