Thursday, 10 March 2016

Making My Own Fate

I woke up an hour early than I needed to today. I don't have any university today and so, with the sun shining through my windows, I got up, had a little something to eat, threw on my gym gear and took the nicest sunny stroll down to the gym. I felt delighted with myself and continued to. I had an ace time at the gym and now with my laptop in front of me, I'm already feeling like I'm having a productive day.

It got me thinking about how sometimes we really can make our own fate. I've set myself up to feel really super motivated. You couldn't have seen a jollier person walking down the street to the gym today. In the sun I was actually super warm and my mood just kept lifting higher and higher. I was wondering what one of my posts was going to be today and since I got up and enjoyed the sunshine, I've been inspired simply by that. And that's awesome.

It won't always work and with some people it's not easy at all, but I encourage you to make your own fate when possible! Of course a plethora of things could go wrong today but I know I'm going to feel happy the rest of the day (providing something terrible doesn't happen!). I've got really awesome plans today and I'm very excited. I know I'll approach them all with this excited happiness.

I want to apply this concept to my whole life.

I have a lot of plans for this year. A few sparkles of travelling; lots of challenges for myself when it comes to being active; I really want to succeed at university; lots of fun times with my friends and family. If I keep myself feeling bright and happy whether it's raining or shining, I feel like I will get so much more done. Recently I've been so motivated with university and I've been careful to make sure this excitement I'm feeling for uni hasn't dipped. So I've taken it easy sometimes and given myself fun things to do so I make my own fate by feeling ready to work hard.

It's about to get very serious at university with exams coming up. They're not too close and so I'm going to make my own fate; I'm going to feel excited and happy and try my absolute hardest!

Happiness & Fate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging twice a day every day this month- you can check out my last post HERE!

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