Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Slice of Un-Anonymous #3

Today, as a part of my A Slice of Un-Anonymous series which aims to make my blog a little more personal, I want to share a piece of writing which talks about sounds that are important in my life somehow.


The song of the oven timer which reveals creations I have made
The chatter of my friends on a weekday evening
The sound of the announcer on the train, telling me I am home
The voices of McFly dancing from my stereo
The notification from my phone, delivering exicted messages from my brother
The tip-tapping of my keyboard as I write with my heart
Or the gentle coming together of a pen and paper
The melody of the rain as I cherish the sound from inside
The sound of our songs on the radio
The happiness of the easy footsteps of content passer-bys
The feeling of "home" when my mum is singing in the kitchen
The strong click as I press "publish" to release my words onto the internet
The television blurring as my brother watches his favourite films
The radio talking while my dad listens easily
The light pressing of piano keys
The sound of my feet meeting the ground one after each other as I run
The sound of the life I love; the life I adore.


Have an amazing day- enjoy your favourite sounds.

The TV & Radio,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Late Night Writing

So, here I am, on a Saturday evening, incredibly excited to be sat with that lovely blank page in front of me. It feels like it has been TOO LONG. Because it really has been too long. And I am here, after having made a promise to myself that I will post three times a week (no matter when in the week), and... *sad face.* I haven't. But no fear, I am back without another promise to myself and with a simple statement: I will try out posting whenever I have something ready for however long until I am ready to make a commitment in letters on the internet. Okay. *Breathes.* I feel better now.

I was thinking about my blog today and how much it means to me. I was thinking about my lack of posts this week and why that matters to me. Because, at the the end of the day, I don't have an amount of members that mean my schedule is known to anyone but me. And that just shows that my blog matters to me because I put my everything into it because I want to; and for no other reason. (Not that people with blogs with many members aren't the same- of course, of course I am not saying that- it is just a particular circumstance that applies to me!) At the end of the day, we should live life (whilst being kind and caring and all of the good things because I will always consider these qualities to be SO IMPORTANT) for us. Do and make not for the audience of the world, but do and make for that person you see the world through: You.

I am nearing the end of exams and nearing that beautiful shining sun I see forecast in my heart: summer. My summer was so busy last year and with it came so very few posts on the blog. My number one promise to myself is to not make it like that- I'd love for it to have more posts than an average week on The Girl in the Moonlight if I am entirely honest, but I have stopped making blogging promises for a while!

So here is just a few lines on a Saturday night from a blogger so very excited for summer, and so very excited to write... lots!

Prospects & A New Sunset,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 22 May 2015

To Those Cynics

The smiling freckle on your cheek,
The not-so-hiding meaning beneath,
Every word that you utter,
Making this lovesick teenager better,
But knowing of the cynics,
The "their too young to be in this",
The "yes, it's lovely but how could it be",
The "they're just young and happy,"

But the fairy tales I once read,
Seem so close to home when I'm met,
With your laugh, your sincerity,
Your smile- the one with the teeth,
There are those cynics, yes,
But, to them I say, "I confess,"-
"I once did not believe in this thing,"
"This two-hearts-joined and then they sing,"

And yesterday was not so long ago,
And although it feels so long ago,
It's our best friend,
Our yesterday, our happy end,
I know not of biology or physics
But I know my favourite lyrics,
Are written in your eyes,
A cliche I once despised,

To many, this would not be classed,
As a piece written with the stars,
Just lines of teenage excitement,
But I saw this girl's enlightenment,
That came with the solace of another,
Another who believes in for ever,
I, too, once rolled my eyes,
But love is a truth, isn't it? It's not a lie.


Let's not pretend this should be deemed anything other than a silly few lines I wrote before bed, because, honestly, they are just silly lines! But there is a reason for this! (I used to hate beginning sentences with "but", but sometimes I feel their need. I have become enlightened. Much like the feeling I felt after something I am about to tell you about.) Someone very close to me explained their feelings about their boyfriend to me- someone who I know a year or so ago, I discussed our lack of believing in "love" with. Their sincerity and pretty explanation was so overwhelming, I thought my once complete lack of belief should be argued with something - anything - to belittle its views. Why shouldn't I celebrate love on my blog when I have had conflicting views?

So this simple, silly little rhyme is to say: Hey, let's applaud love today!

Held Hands & Softened Eyes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


I really adore going to the cinema. Being a student it is rare that I just go to the cinema. However, there are certain films I save up for- McBusted's Tourplay; any Marvel film; any Nicholas Sparks film etc etc. For example, I recently went to see Avengers Age of Ultron (and I suck because I didn't review it but it is AWESOME), and even more recently I saw the aca-awesome (original, I am sure), Pitch Perfect 2, because, well... Because acapella.

Pitch Perfect 2 allows the Bellas to meet their toughest challenge yet; to let the Bellas reign on with some level of dignity. After Fat Amy disgraces the Bellas, they must win back respect is to win a competition that no American group has ever one before. Uh-oh.

I'm not sure whether I have ever used the term "oh my gosh" on my blog before but if I haven't, here is the premier of it: OH MY GOSH. Pitch Perfect 2 is awesome. Like, genuinely, so funny I can't attempt to explain its funniness. How could I?

I have always enjoyed a good sing-song. I'm the kid who can't sing but dreams of the talent just to be part of musical togetherness that is seen in Pitch Perfect 2. Music is harmony and all. Of course the friendship of the Bellas is the main reason we laugh, but it is also the reason I wanted to stand up and fist pump the air in the hope to create world unity. I wish I could bake a cake representing the musical togetherness of acapella groups and smile and everyone would eat it and be happy.

I don't want to go into too much detail about the film itself (although that may be what is expected from a reviewer) but we watch Beca seek her dreams, the new Bella girl, Emily be awesome and we just love it all. We watch the Bellas going all out to make sure they are together as a group; we watch them make big decisions about their future. We indulge in the stupidly-well picked songs of the movie. Awesome.

So, thank you, Pitch Perfect 2 for being that next film that is worth every penny of my saved up pennies.

Acapella & Unity,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Life Lately

I have a free hour and am feeling in need of a little lazy time. I have Netflix on in the background and am feeling prepared about revision- so here is a little complete me-time post. With the next few posts planned ahead of me, I am feeling a chatty-post-vibe. So, hey there!

This time last year my blog got a little lonely because I had to put all of my focus into my exams, and even though exams are a priority this May, still, I have been more organised with my blog. All the same, I missed my Monday post and so here is a sad blogger who is explaining something for the sake of documenting my blogging experience. I just want to note that I will still post three times a week (I really really hope!) but it may not be to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. No matter what, May 2015 will be a better May than 2014's. Okay. Here is a less guilty-feeling blogger. Phew.

So, exams. I have had a few and am feeling... okay about them! The first year of university, for me, has been a lot about learning to get used to my new environment- the new things I have learned and experienced. Because of this, although I have tried my hardest, I have avoided putting even nearly a lot of pressure on myself. Too much pressure is silly anyway - of course -, but seeing what will come of me doing well always spurs me on. This year I have avoided all pressure because I have experienced more pressure with the new experiences university has brought (not bad pressures, just new, unexpected ones). I want to do well, and I aim too as well. I hope this makes sense... Basically, I am not putting too much pressure on myself but I am still trying my hardest! But, yes, exams are going well.

As I have not piled on the pressure (which I have learnt is the key thing to do in the last few years), summer is seeming all the closer. I am completely excited for summer; for a very long stretch of time at home with my family and friends. For sun and ice-cream and summer writing. It definitely makes finishing each exam all the more exciting!

This exam period has meant that reading has been less, well, done. I am currently reading Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and it is awesome, and I am gutted that with other commitments, it has not been my absolute best friend. I am excited for exams to be done and summer to begin, a lot because of the excitement of reading lots more! Not only am I super excited for Giovanna Fletcher's new book Dream a Little Dream and Paige Toon's The Sun in Her Eyes, but I can't wait to read a bunch of books I have had lined up to read for a while.

It's that run up to summer and I can't wait! I'll have more time for blogging, more ice-cream and more books by my side.

Countdowns & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Summer Musical

As I wish for summer and blue skies and fluffy white clouds while the sky is hostile to my wants (I will not begrudge it that though!), I have decided to come up with a blog post of summery-sounding songs which I will also make into a playlist. Here is my the soundtrack of songs to my summer musical (trust a blogger who loves musical to be quite so dramatic).

I can't wait to listen to this as I get ready in the mornings or as I bake or just chill. What kind of songs are on your summer playlist?

Summer Songs & Long Evenings,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Smiling Stranger

Marie double checked she locked the door of her Saturday job shop and noted: yes, she had. As she walked through the little town she lived in, she felt relieved at how much had been sold that Saturday. The shop was picking up; which meant one thing... Summer was on its way.

That evening she was helping out at a concert the community centre was putting on. The disabled children at the music charity she volunteered at were putting on a show and she couldn't wait. The kids had put so much effort in and they had all been counting down the days until the night.

When she got home, Marie had a shower and dressed into a white summer dress. She brushed her hair and added mascara to her eyelashes.

"And here she is!" Leigha, another volunteer almost shouts as Marie pushed open the main hall's door. Almost immediately, the kids ran to her as Leigha laughed at their charm.

"Ree!" they shouted excitedly.

One sweet boy, John, hugged her tummy. "I'm nervous, Ree."

Marie kneeled down to his height. "I know for sure that you don't need to be. Whisper in my ear those words you were nervous about forgetting."

John nodded and whispered them word perfect. Marie grinned at him and the boy grinned back. "Team, let's go and play a few games to calm our excitement." Marie felt a surge of pride at their hard work.

An hour and a half into the concert, everything (a part from a few blips) had gone as planned. As the final group song ended, Marie cheered from the front row and the kids all giggled at the standing ovations, proud of themselves.

It was John's turn.

As the kids whispered good luck to him, he seemed a little nervous, but brightened up as Marie stepped onto the stage, ready to be his backing music. She kneeled down and gently fist pumped him. "You're gonna be great."

Marie could barely take her eyes off the boy with no sight but a gorgeous voice and a huge heart as she played piano. He was a star and she both wanted the song to end so he could soak in the clapping and also wanted him to carry on singing for ever; he was so happy. The words he oh-so-feared forgetting were sung with ease and the song did end. Once again, the audience stand an applaud with sincerity. The audience was smiling and giggly John could tell. "Well done, kiddo!" She stood aside and clapped the ever giggling John.

Parents and kids began to leave and in between tidying up, Marie said goodbye to them all, congratulating the kids and singing their praises with honesty. As a few parents linger, talking to Leigha, Marie began to stack chairs. "Marie," she heard John's voice.

She turned and paused at the sight of a man she has never seen but smiles politely. "Hello, champ," she turned her attention to John. "Is it soaking in how famous you have become?"

"Sure is, Ree," he grinned. "I want you to meet my brother, Tee."

Marie shifted her eyes nervously to the man with a proud-of-his brother smile and bright blue eyes. "Hi," Marie nodded with a smile.

"Tee and Ree," he grinned at her. A different grin now. A lopsided one that made Marie blush a little. "Thank you so much for playing piano for John."

"It was such a pleasure," Marie said.

"But, thank you." His sincerity was obvious.

"Well, it's no problem. Your brother is my inspiration."

"You hear that, bud," he turned to John. "You're a pretty girl's hero."

Before Marie can even comprehend this sentence, Leigha approached them. "And Marie and John are my heroes. This girl is something else."

"Oh, Leigha, don't!" Marie could feel what was coming. She tried to avoid the lovely lady at the end of things like this because she felt such embarrassment when she talks of her. She's one of Marie's best friends, but she can be like an embarrassing mother sometimes.

"The girl basically runs this charity with me, has her Saturday job, is doing great in her literature degree and volunteers all over the shop."

"Leigha!" Marie exclaimed, ignoring the smiling stranger.

"She's great," John confirmed.

"So I hear," Tee chuckled. "Hey, buddy, do you wanna go for ice cream?"

"I definitely do!"

"You two have fun," Marie ruffled John's hair and smiled a little awkwardly at the lopsided-grinned guy opposite her.

"Can Ree come, Tee?"

"Oh, that's not-"

"Tee and Ree- it would be silly not to, right?" As Tee's eyes captured Marie's once again, she tried to ignore Leigha's excited expression. Oh, she would have something to say about this tomorrow.


This isn't a story I am particular proud of in the way of literary brilliance (I have never praised myself on such a phrase - aha! - but I couldn't think of another way of saying it); I just admire characters like Marie and I'd like to become as much like her as possible.

Efforts & Hope,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 11 May 2015

I Say Yes to Healthy

I have never considered myself to be unhealthy- and nor, medically, have I been. But I do have a sweet tooth (a metaphorically mahoosive one) and a happy willingness to laze about occasionally. All the same, I have always exercised "enough" and eaten my fruit and veg. I am writing this post though, because I made a more conscious choice to say "yes" to health this year and I'd like to note down a few things about it.

I have always loved a lot of healthy foods and so, I realised, it seemed stupid to ignore them. Tuna pasta; a fresh salad; raspberries and natural yoghurt; kiwis and bananas; strawberries and grapes; sweetcorn and peas. Why limit myself when I bloomin' enjoy what is over the fence marked "silly, silly limit."

Since I was a lot younger I have loved running. I have also consistently run out of my free will- and this year I upped my efforts and I have loved every second of it. I have always been fit in terms of running, but, oh, the improvements! And I have so many more to make!

I said a better yes to healthy with the help of a few things:

~ I became excited (and still am) and the thought of different healthy ingredients in one meal
~ I scheduled in running in a way that made me very excited for the time to come
~ I kept setting myself new running challenges
~ I didn't put pressure on myself, because I wanted to become healthier
~ I didn't ignore little treats

Healthy future plans:

~ I plan on cycling more
~ In the future, I will join the gym (but until I add that to my exercise routine I have plenty to keep me achieving my fitness goals)
~ I will learn to cook which will in turn excite me to make healthy meals

This is not a "hey, look at my state of health guys!" post, because I still have a lot to improve on- and I still love chocolate! As long as I'm happy and I'm healthy, I will indulge in life and laughter with complete sincerity.

Strawberries & Bananas,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Doing Something "Just Because"

When I imagine hearing the phrase "just because", I picture a naughty child being asked whey they were mean to their sibling. "Just because," they would respond. That isn't the "just because" I am going to tackle today; I want to address the happy "just because"; the "just because" that is kind of beautiful.

When I was about nine years old, because I adored writing, I took a more conscious step to write in my spare time. Why did I do it? Well, just because, of course! And that "just because" has lead to a very grateful 19-year-old writer. Those writing sessions must be the Just Because Building Blocks to my every writing endeavour since. Meaning, of course, that my blog is the product of an eager nine year old writer. And now? I write this blog, "just because." As I am writing this blog it has 50 members. To me, this is a delightful amount of people to have pressed the "follow" button. To many bloggers, this is a very tiny portion of fish in their massive sea of followers, but that doesn't make me any less proud of my little amount of fish that may or may not read my posts. I write my blog, once again, "just because."

Just because...

~ I adore writing
~ I love the feeling of having my thoughts completed in a set of words
~ I cherish the time my laptop and I have; my thoughts and a page
~ I love having an outlet to express my thoughts and work
~ when something causes me so much happiness in a healthy, happy way... Just because.

For appropriate and healthy reasons, of course, we should do a lot more, "just because."

I am as friendly as I feel appropriate to strangers I come across every day. I have happy conversations with my friends. I surprise my family with little gifts. I progress with my running. I play piano and read books. I buy my best friend ice cream. I approach everything with kindness- as I hope is portrayed. JUST BECAUSE.

I could throw a lot of cliches into the mix. You know the ones. Life is too short. Etc. So why not spend it making our lives happy and healthy with the good intentions behind "just because"?

A Smile & A Laugh,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A Letter to May

Dear May,

This letter will find you a little late. It's not because I haven't been thinking about you- I really have been! May, you were so good to me last year. So exciting and new. You tested me but in the most beautiful way. You brought me new people; a new best friend. You brought me adventure and you really cemented my love for home. I learnt a lot about myself in May last year. I was a little disappointed with myself for a couple of days in it but it taught me lots and it proved my honesty.

May, you can be sometimes really sunny, and sometimes really rainy. I am waiting for your first really warm day because it brings so much promise and happiness. You are the month which will accompany most of my exam time. You are a pretty lovely one to spend it with, really. You may shine when I am inside revising, but I won't punish you for that. Your smile will be encouragement.

This is an important month for me, and one of my main goals is to stay healthy and do my best. It is all you can ask for, really, isn't it?

Another one of my goals is to keep progressing with my running, May. 2015 has been so awesome for my running and I hope you boost it even more. I hope I have warm runs where my fitness is tested, and I won't hate the cooler runs; they can be encouraging.

May, you are the start of my final push at university for the 2014/15 year; the start of the end of this year. I am excited for it. My first year at university has taught me so much, but I am so excited to be home for a few months. It is going to be amazing.

Until then, May, I will enjoy your happy tune.

Strawberries & Blueberries,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Monday, 4 May 2015

The First Page

This sentence I am writing (this one right here!) is the first sentence to be written on the first page of my new notebook. I have no idea where this soon-to-be mash up of words is going so I am nervous about ruining the first page of my best friend in notebook form. However, I am excited. Because, can one really and truly ruin a page with sincere intentions, and happy words in their heart? As I was browsing the shops with a friend, it occurred to me that I don't write - pen-to-paper style - for my own pleasure in a notebook nearly as much as I would like to. So, without further ado, here we are.

It is so easy to get weighed down by the negative and sad world we see on a daily basis. I was happy to read in Carrie Hope Fletcher's book, All I Know Now, that she doesn't indulge in the news because of its sadness- which in no way means she isn't informed with the world's happenings... Because I am the same! I am aware of the events of today and I don't avoid the news entirely (it is so important, after all!), and I do not consider myself ignorant, but it can be gutting to watch and read. Sometimes, because of the tragedies we see on the telly or in the newspapers, we forget to see the good in the world- how far we have come.

We have progressed in the world with gay rights; we have made the world that little more "gender equal"; we are less ignorant and unjust people.

On the train the other day, as a woman paused before her seat, it was second nature for a man to approach her and offer to help her with her bag which she wanted to put above on the shelf. The woman looked delighted. The man was just doing what he thought was natural and as I witnessed the event, I felt so proud of the fact these values exist. Of course they exist! I just don't want to forget it.

Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect. However we shouldn't punish the world for not being so when we are all flawed too. I think, in our lives, our view should have a certain weighting to it. I like to keep a more positive outlook on life (I have learnt this over the last couple of years) without being naive to the struggle, poverty and sadness in the world. I use this blog - my lovely little, happy blog - to create a positive area on the internet (the internet which is full of a lot of sadness). Granted, on a few occasions, I have expressed sad situations of my own, however I think I have mostly come up with conclusions that hope to find me on the path back to happiness.

There is also an important part I want to play in the world. I will always, so long as the world is crying, want to be an activist- encourage certain sort of attitudes and promote more certain values. My blog has been no stranger to posts expressing my strong sadness that gay people do not have the same rights as straight people all across the world (for example). Because, although the world is not perfect - and it never will be -, I want to be on this planet, finding as many ways as possible to encourage the world to be more on the happy side of the spectrum than the sad.

We work on ourselves every day. Everyday I hope to become and carry on being a person I am proud of. We should see the world in the same way.

It is likely that, in my lovely little new notebook, I will slip up- there are already crossings out! I will write words which I don't deem worth of  being on the blog. I will find confusion in my phrasing. I will find difficulties in writing certain ideas. There are a lot of big mistakes in the world that need crossing out and getting rid of as soon as possible. There are also lovely, bright pieces of work, too.

Just on a few thoughts on the first page of my new notebook.

A New Notebook & An Old Pen,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

Friday, 1 May 2015

All I Know Now - Carrie Hope Fletcher

As I cannot string a comprehensible sentence about how *the most positive adjective ever here* this book is, I am nervous I will not do this book and my feelings towards this book justice with the ramblings of an excited blogger. So, just in case this is how this review goes, All I Know Now is the kind of fabbyawesomefriendlyhelpful book that oozes warm hugs and the most sincere charm. Carrie Hope Fletcher - singer, actress, vlogger, blogger - extends her what-I-imagine full to the brim, beautifully bright CV to a writer too. And an awesome one at that. *Pretends I can write with authority when I am jumping around with toddler hyperness.*

*Takes a deep breath, composes self and sets fingers gently on keypad.*

All I Know Now reflects on Carrie's experiences growing up, as well as stories from very recently. It seeks to present situations which we may be familiar with (a lot of them I related to in some way!) in the hope to find comfort and/or guidance in them. I can see easily how this book will guide and help many. It made me reflect on past situations and see what I did well and what I could have done better, thereby guiding future me in tricky situations. I think All I Know Now is a refreshing type of book. I adored reading about Carrie's stories whilst she makes the point of the story very clear; reading her thoughts and understanding the conclusions she comes to about friendships, love and the future (among many other topics too) was simply readable.

Not only is this book a beautifully honest re-telling of stories (where Carrie is not ignorant to the stories she feels responsible for causing some kind of trouble in), the book (inside and out) is so gorgeous. I have followed Carrie's journey since the start of her YouTube and if the lovely picture of her wasn't on the front, I would see this book and its brightness and positivity and think, Carrie. This book just looks like Carrie. With purple and yellow being the colour scheme, I just felt happy looking at and reading this book. That Carrie illustrates the book herself easily tells us of her hard-work and her motivation making this book. It's so admirable. She has the work ethic I hope I have; the kind of attitude I hope I have. And just in case I don't, I aspire to it; I am working towards it.

I am 19 years old and although the predominant audience in mind may be eversoslightly younger than me, it is so clear that All I Know Now doesn't have an exclusive audience. Carrie's wisdom (gosh, I nearly posted this as "wiseness"- clearly I do not have her wiseness) is easy to indulge in. And why is that? Because we all have stories to share, with outcomes to learn from. And Carrie pieces hers together in such a sophisticated way that I can't imagine one person that wouldn't benefit from this book.

Hearing how different kinds of voices are portrayed in books - be it a non-fiction or a fiction book - always intrigues me when reading. The voice Carrie tells her stories in is one that made reading the book "bright" (if this adjective was appropriate in this circumstance). Friendly, bubbly and honest, Carrie's voice is calming and encouraging, making her suggestions and guidance completely lovely. Her voice shows how pretty and positive her heart is. Of course I don't know her personally, but I adore the person she portrays herself as, and read the book,

With all of my heart, I wish her such a beautiful life. I understand that I do not know her, but Carrie is the type of person I would love to know; the kind of person I seek support from in my own life.

(I am hoping I am allowed to put pictures of inside her novel into the post... Look how pretty her book is!)

What I learnt, as a 19 year old who has learnt a lot of life lessons but no where near all, from this novel is this: Everybody makes mistakes that can be fixed. I was further boosted to "do" (if you will), if I want something. Carrie encouraged me to be honest when someone has done me wrong somehow. To use my words. To move on. To love and enjoy my life.

Carrie's book is warm and comforting to read, yet bubbly, promising and exciting. All I Know Now is a book I recommned to, well, everyone.

Links to places you can find this delightful book:

Purple & Yellow,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. If you want to check out other Carrie-related things, here I have left some links to my favourite performances/songs of Carrie's.
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P.P.S. If you're interested I have a series called Carrie Says on my blog where I review books Carrie has spoken about in her videos. You can read about that HERE! HERE is my latest review for it!
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