Sunday, 27 March 2016

Is She with You | Batman V Superman


So Wonderwoman is ace in Batman V Superman. I think it's unfair to the film and the other actors that people are saying she made the film- I don't believe that, personally. She was an amazing part of the film and I loved her being in it but I really don't think she was in it enough (okay, us women make anything awesome even if we are only involved a little bit but yeah) to allow the film to be credible like a lot of reviews have been saying- more importantly, I loved Batman and Superman's roles and all of the roles in between! However Wonderwoman was incredible in the film and I want to talk about why.

I downloaded "Is She with You?" so, every time I or any other girl/woman does something awesome I can get my phone out and play the awesome tune to celebrate how awesome us females are and so I just must talk about why female characters like Wonderwoman are so vital to help feminism. So I'll talk about the song. Her being Wonderwoman sets off this amazing song in the background- and when she does and says awesome stuff, this kickbutt song is played. Because, among men who historically would be superior, Wonderwoman matches their awesomeness- their strength, power and endurance. And all other awesome words too.

Next, I have to talk about the awesome lines that I won't recall correctly. I think it's... Superman: "Is she with you?" Batman: "I thought she was with you." And then it pans out to Wonderwoman (this could be wrong but it's not incredibly off). Wonderwoman doesn't need to be associated to anyone else. She's got it all by herself. It being, everything. Wonderwoman is Wonderwoman and she's ace because of herself.

Ultimately, Wonderwoman makes her own voice and image of herself. She's strong and fights Doomsday as a woman on a mission. She knows what she is capable of. She knows she is strong and wants to help. I took her image as someone who stands alone. (I'm aware this is soon going to be changed but she is a woman who can stand alone.) She made the choice to step in. She presented her own awesome self. She is a credit to herself. Every type of woman (like the moral and not horrible ones) need to be presented in movies and Wonderwoman is an awesome example of a strong, confident woman.

Dahh-nah-nah-naaaah (favourite part of the song).

Strong & Confident Women,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. For the whole of March I have been blogging twice a day and you can read my last post HERE!

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