Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Benefits Will Be Seen

Today the only chance I had to go on a run was this morning, before eight o'clock. And so I set myself ready to go on a run at about seven. When my alarm went off I continued to snooze it until I no longer could go. I'm so angry at past me because I'd had a very good sleep. All of my thoughts lead back to me thinking ugh but I'm so tired! I should have been thinking good, motivational things but I wasn't and I am super angry at myself.

I need to make sure I'm often thinking about the benefits that will be seen if I do certain things. It's why I am starting revision far earlier this year than I ever have because I know I want to see the benefits. And on the days when I don't really want to revise, I need to remind myself that doing this boring thing now will pay off in the future.

I think it applies to so much in life. When I think of people who want to give up smoking, I always think it must be so hard for them, but I think how they need to think of the future. Not right now. Yes, they might just find it upsettingly hard but they can do it. If they think of the benefits they will feel very soon-in the future, it will get them through it.

I've written about this concept of thinking about what the future will bring if we do a certain thing very, very recently but I need it to become a habit. I need to always incorporate this way of thinking into my life. Going on a run this morning would have set my day up brilliantly. I have been on a walk which is great but I wish I had a run to add to my exercise today.

So, tomorrow, when I want to stay in bed, I will be on a run.

Keeping Motivated & Excited,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging twice every day this month and you can read my last post HERE!

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