Friday, 18 December 2015

What 500 Posts Have Taught Me

This post here marks my 500th post on the blog! When I realised this date in Blogmas (which you can read about HERE!) would mark this milestone (yes, I'm counting it as a milestone!), I wondered how I could make this post somewhat interesting to read. I'm prone to being a bit wishy-washy with posts like this despite that fact I'm always so excited about achievements on the blog and so I thought I'd write a post about what these 500 posts have taught me (this post counts as those 500, of course, as it's all part of the experience!).

~ Patience ~
Whether it be learning how to be patient with letting creativity and ideas come to me, or patience with adding links into a post and making pictures work with it, blogging has taught me exactly how to stay calm and let everything work itself out. It's not ever been awfully difficult to be patient with my blogging because it is a hobby and I know that, however I do get worked up because I so want to succeed (the definition of my success being my own which is a nice thing about blogging for fun) in meeting my schedules or making a post look how I want it to look. After all, I do want to write as a career, and learning to be patient with proof reading and technology and writing in general has made me understand how to work well with words and ideas.
~ Jumping ~
Since beginning my blog almost three years ago now, it's felt like all I've done is jump. I've been jumping in that I created this space despite any fears, I've thrown my creative writing pieces onto the internet and tried all sorts of different posts in order to work out what I want The Girl in the Moonlight to be. For someone who was so dubious about my silly ideas and genuine thoughts being launched onto the internet, I've done a good job of jumping in head first and seeing what comes of it all. I have been jumping all month so far with Blogmas. Blogmas means blogging every day up until Christmas and that's such an awesome challenge. And what has come of jumping? A girl with a blog she is super proud of. A girl who can develop her thoughts and release them into the world. A girl with a space on the internet to help her being the most positive version of herself. I've jumped and jumped and jumped and I'm so proud because it teaches me how to jump in all areas of my life.
~ Working with ideas ~ 
Blogging has meant understanding how to work with any idea I want to translate into blog posts. All we bloggers have to do this and even when it's tough and I'm frustrated and even if it doesn't amount to anything, it really is a joy. I'm about to blow my own trumpet but that has to be an awesome life skill... To take what's in my head and think it out into hopefully nearly 500 cohesive posts. I'm just a girl with a big dream and a laptop in front of me. It doesn't mean my blog is something that changes the world. It just means that I have it in me to create something. Man, I love creating this blog! After all, these 500 posts all came from my brain... This whole blog came from my brain. That's awesome!
I could write an endless list of everything this blog has taught me. One thing I adore is that it has taught me a lot about myself. It's shown what I am capable of and all I am capable of beyond I have achieved so far. It allows me to analyse myself and work out who I want to be. I get to understand the community around me and enjoy how friendly the blogging community is. Blogging has taught me a lot. What has it taught you?
Achievements & Lessons,
The Girl in the Moonlight.

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