Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dream a Little Christmas Dream - Giovanna Fletcher

Following Dream a Little Dream (my review can be found HERE) is Giovanna Fletcher's Christmas novella, Dream a Little Christmas Dream and Sarah's odd and humorous dreams. Something is up with her genuine dream boyfriend, Brett and Sarah is convinced he is going to leave her. As Christmas jingles on, Sarah laughs with her friends and is confused by her mother's loveliness as Christmas unwraps around her.

Dream a Little Christmas dream is another absolute delight of a story. I read it on a train journey with a massive grin and a happy and strong cry at the end of the novel. I adore Sarah and her funny ways and her group of friends that go to the pub quiz every week. This story oozes warmth and it has to be one of the most awesome stories to cosy up with this Christmas.

Since this is looking like a pretty short post, I thought I'd round it up by talking about how Giovanna Fletcher's writing is like Christmas all year round. All of her stories, whether they talk of Christmas or not, make me feel warm and fuzzy like I feel every December. Characters are always developed so well in her novels as we journey through their problems with them and see life through a different set of eyes. One message that Christmas sings of is love and I always feel a sense of togetherness from her novels which makes me feel that feeling of "home" and "comfort."

This novel made me feel even more festive and made me know how warm I aim to feel this Christmas.

I rate it 5/5!

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!


  1. This little book is definitely at the top of my to read list. I'm thinking it might make the perfect Christmas Eve Read!

    Hope you have a really lovely Christmas and that 2016 is kind to you,

    Chloe x


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