Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Conclusion: 2015 Blogging Bucket List

Since it is the last day of 2015 (have you heard?) I thought I would sum up the blogging bucket list I set myself at the beginning of the year (HERE) so that I can write a new one in a couple of days!

I set myself the challenge of making 2015 the best blogging year yet- to have the most awesome 365 days on The Girl in the Moonlight and it really has been the best. It's the happiest I've been with a year of blogging and the most confident when setting challenges. Despite scheduling hiccups I will discuss in a minute, with challenges I've set myself it's the most confident I've felt in that I'll actually complete them. All in all I've been genuinely chuffed with the content I've been uploading and that feels good.

I also set myself the task to post four posts involving someone else... Well, I didn't! I don't think I'll set this aim again for next year but I will keep the thought in the back of my mind. Because of other priorities and whatnot it doesn't naturally fit in to organise guest posts and whatnot but I know so many fabulous bloggers who are ace at it so I will have a think about that one.

The next one... my biggest fear/challenge/let down when it comes to blogging... Scheduling. I promised not to "commit" to a schedule. I haven't sucked completely but I kind of have too! I think I've made up for it with the challenges I've set myself (it's the most I've blogged in one year!) but it is something that frustrates me. I like having a schedule. It is famously summer that lets me down. But it's made me learn all the more and I think although I have sucked badly at points, I've done awesomely at some points.

Finally I set myself the aim to have two challenges on the blog (other than Blogmas). Blogmas counts all the same because I hoped that I would be in the position to do it and I was and I'm not going to lie, I aced it! I'm really happy with my Blogmas effort this year. Before that I completed Blogtober with only one unfortunate slip up and then before that, in August, to make up for a sucky month of blogging I said I would post 26 times (excluding the post I explained it in. Turns out I blogged 23 times but I really am delighted!

It's a mixture of completing and not completing my aims and I'm, in general, completely chuffed with this year!

I will be blogging one more time today but Happy New Year's Eve to any of you reading this!

Aims & Conclusions,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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