Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Creation Qualification

Yesterday I watched Carrie Hope Fletcher's video, Am I Qualified To Be Creative? which you should definitely check out. Of course, without discouraging anyone from carrying on with education/going into higher education, Carrie describes her recent struggle where she wanted to have it known that she is "qualified" to write books. The awesome conclusion it draws is that, of course she is qualified. And I'll tell you this for one thing: I can't bloomin' wait to read her book!

It got me thinking about how I still feel a bit sheepish when it comes to The Girl in the Moonlight, my little blog that brings me such joy. I've stopped questioning why I choose to blog anonymously- 100% knowing it's just how I want to do things, so putting that aside, I don't like how I feel sometimes that I'm not "qualified", in a sense, to blog. I've never thought about it exactly in that way because I am always so deliriously happy to sit down and write for the ol' blog and I don't ever see it that harshly, but I wonder whether the (few- and I'm okay with that!!) people that view my posts and potentially read them think it's all rubbish.

I wonder whether, when I put up short stories, any potential reader thinks, "Hey, you're no writer!" or whether these are the kind of thoughts that cross anyone's mind that comes across my blog. Yeah, people might think it, but some people wouldn't even think that- they would know too that it's just my little personal space on the internet. My blog isn't this massive institution where it is of vital importance to make sure every thought I portray is succinct and it isn't something I get paid to do but it is something that makes me so deliriously happy and that's why I have the creation qualification, if you will, to create the content I create for the internet, even if I'm the only one that's paying attention to it!

My dreams, as I always note, involve writing- writing a book in my lifetime and earning a living with this hobby I oh-so-adore. Soon my hopeful plans to be a writer will start unfolding (past my degree) and that's when I will really find out about the creation qualification- to succeed in that career I will need a few good opinions on what I do, if it's how my life does unfold.

For now, I have the creation qualification for this blog because I enjoy it. And that really is all that it's about!

And side note: heck no do you need to "go to school" to get far in so many areas in life. Happiness is the choice we need to make.

Creations & Hopes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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