Sunday, 27 December 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #8

As a part of my series that hopes to bring a touch more of personal to the blog, here is my eighth instalment of A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous. You can see the other parts of this series at the end of the post! Today, I want to talk about what we got up to on Christmas Day this year in my household.

My brother and I woke up at half six and we got excited and looked at our stocking presents, just like we have done for almost two decades now. We giggled until our parents with rolled eyes but seemingly joyful mouths ushered us to open our stocking presents. We exchanged gifts and then we went downstairs to see the star of the day on their day- the Christmas tree.

I lit a Christmassy candle and I soaked in every single sound of laughter and happiness. Lame? Nah, I'm home for Christmas and I'm enjoying every second of it. We watched our parents become excited over their presents for each other and even though we are ones to savour opening presents across the day, my dad would turn to my mum and say, "Another present?"

My brother and I made breakfast - bacon and eggs - and we felt stupidly proud at our parents' compliments. All in the name of tradition, the festivities carried on. My brother and I played an old game on an old console and it's odd but awesome how I easily feel festive when playing this one game. Christmas songs were put on the stereo.

The day jingled on, candles decreased and presents kept being unwrapped. I'm a lucky chuck who's had another magical Christmas. I'm delighted to still have lots of festive fun still to come and prepared to face revision.

I hope everyone has had amazing Christmases.

Joy & Love,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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