Monday, 7 December 2015

That Click

*Repeatedly clicks fingers because of the title until cohesive thoughts exist.*

I just really like that click. I'm talking about that click when you're feeling compatible with life or that you're feeling compatible (in any kind of way) with a person or a set of people. I felt that click recently when I ran a distance I was really proud of, when I received a good result and today, when I just had a really fun and good-natured time with a friend. That click is something that can define a day as good- and it doesn't mean having to achieve something to do with education or work or having someone else to make that click possible. It could be a simple, positive thought or getting excited about a day in the future or re-decorating your room. That click can be found even in places you wouldn't imagine.

I felt that click today after having a good day at university as well as feeling excited for going home for Christmas and like a lot of completely different feelings, feeling that click puts everything into perspective. It makes me know all of the things and people I want in my life; that I need to always remember that I am lucky because, for me, happiness doesn't have to be a destination; that I want to have this feeling as much as possible, now, and in the future.

Whenever I find something new or continue doing something old that I love and I can't get enough of it, that's what that click is like- like I could continue this activity every second of the day. Like when I'm reading an awesome book or running a fab run or on a roll with writing. That click is what I think we search for but I know, for me, I don't need to search. I can have it most of the time, and I can find new ways to find that click too.

This is a bit of a simple post, but I've had such a happy day despite thinking it might be a bit of a boring one that drags, and although this isn't the best post in the world, is definitely one of the best feelings.

That Click & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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