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Home for Christmas | Part Three

~ The first part of the story can be found HERE and the second HERE! ~

It's Christmas Eve and George is relieved to have a break from his business, able now to enjoy the festivities and plan the New Year and all he can do to create more business and progress further with it all. In a couple of hours he is due to be round Delilah's to have their annual Christmas nibbles and a sing song with his dad and his little brother, Harry. He brings out his deep blue long sleeve shirt and black jeans. He nods at them as if for reassuring and he feels his tummy understand that today is the day when the truth will be told.

George gulps and puts the thought out of his mind so that he has it in him to get something done in the next couple of hours.

*     *    *
Delilah plates up some nibbles and slides them into the fridge, bobbing along to the Christmas songs on the radio. Robbie steals a sausage roll and Delilah flicks his arm and he grins. "It's nearly Christmas Robbie-do-dah," she says as if her little brother needs reminding.
Robbie is about to complain about her nickname but he nods almost too fast. "It's gonna be ace. Me and Harry are gonna play games all day." He suddenly frowns, "I need to wrap."
With that Robbie is rushing out of the room before coming back, taking the cello tape and he is off again. Normally Delilah's family and George's family spend Christmas Eve together and then see each other a few days later. This year, they are joining forces and Delilah can barely wait. Her heart sings at the thought of sitting next to her best friend at the dinner table and having a whole day of festive cheer with him.
Delilah still giggles at how well her master plan unfolded not a week before. The kids and George's dad, Steve were amazing and the look on George's face when she would dare to look at his lovely, lovely face was the best thing she has ever created. Singing his song in front of him threw her back to sitting and watching him, adoring how everyone loved her best friend like she did.
A few hours later, the doorbell rings and her dad gets up with a grin and Delilah pushes him playfully out of the way, "I want to get it, I want to get it!"

*     *     *

As Robbie and Harry muck around in the corner, Steve puts his arm around George and ruffles Delilah's hair as she sits down at the piano. Delilah's parents, Cora and Michael Rose slot in next to Steve and Michael chuckles, "You ready for our annual carolling?"

"As always," Steve winks.

Every Christmas the Roses make Steve's family's festive days so much jollier. Since losing his wife years before, he can't ever thank them enough for being so kind and generous. Delilah makes a joke and Steve finds it difficult not to imagine her, one day, being his beautiful daughter-in-law. His heart aches for his son and he makes a Christmas wish.

That this Christmas is that Christmas.

As Delilah easily plays the piano, while her little crowd are stunned at her talent, they all sing along, and Steve enjoys it all. For himself, for his sons, for his second family and most importantly, for his wife.

*     *     *

Christmas Eve unfolds deliciously and Delilah does everything to subtly but often take a look at George, looking as dashing as she hears the girls who pass him say. George makes a joke with his and her brother and she turns to her mum and hugs her. "I love you mum."

"I love you too Dee," her mum grins at her. "Are you having a nice time?"

"The best. It's awesome being back."

"I'd like to think that's all because of me." Cora's eyes move to George.

Delilah flushes a little and stares after her mum as she walks off, arranging the nibbles as if she simply said something that is heartbreakingly obvious. She isn't oblivious to everyone's stronger-than-normal hints that something should and George should admit something and she is equally not oblivious to her heart knowing she wants it more than her mum, her dad, Steve and the whole town, but... Well, but.

*     *     *

Christmas Eve sprawls out lazily into late evening and George notes that it's been a simple and yet perfect affair. With her favourite people around him, he's spent the whole time feeling almost perfectly festive. He looks to his right and sees his best friend curled up with her brother, laughing over something.

"Georgio," Michael calls. "You're looking far too dashing in that shirt, mate."

George laughs, "And you look like a silver fox in that Christmas jumper, Mr. Rose."

"You sweet talker, you!"

Delilah giggles and rolls her eyes, "Steve, my own dad prefers George to me."

"Don't worry, sweetie, I prefer you to both of my own!"

"Hey!" Harry frowns and is clearly proud at everyone laughing.

Delilah whispers something in Harry's ear making him giggle and it takes everything for George not to steal Delilah away and kiss her there and then. Not only do his whole family adore the love of his life but so does everyone who comes across her and as much as he truly adores this fact, it doesn't half make his heart ache harder to have her as not only his best friend, but something more matching his heart's feelings.

As the mild Christmas Eve evening dances on, George's dad and brother leave for home and he says he won't be too far behind them. Delilah's family file upstairs and Delilah sings along to the Christmas songs on the stereo. George laughs as he harmonises her and Delilah giggles, "A harmony like that makes it known we will be together for ever." She seems almost embarrassed as she notices she's slipped up but George smiles encouragingly.

"Hey, Dee, I have a surprise for you."

Delilah's eyes narrow and she moves her head to the side.

"Not because you surprised me so awesomely, but because you're so deserved, best friend."

"You best not outdo me."

"I could never!" George laughs. "Come on."

He leads her out onto the decking and tells her to sit down on a chair. Too nervous to drag it out, he flicks a switch and snow falls from the just above where Michael helped him earlier position the snow machine. "You've always wanted a white Christmas."

Delilah giggles and it seems like she won't ever stop. George takes it all in and allows his stomach to feel entirely nervous and entirely in love with this girl with the endless smile. He sits beside her and wraps his arm around her and she snuggles into him. George notes that he doesn't want this easiness between them to end but he knows he can't keep quiet any longer.

For a while longer, he lets the evening play out and makes sure he'll remember every little joke Delilah makes, every little thanks she says for the snow in front of them, while he knows he appreciates the more the simple gesture. They watch as it continues to fall and he makes a wish in every fake flake. He wishes for his heart to tell the truth with no reservations. He wishes for this Christmas not to be ruined as a result. He wishes that she would understand how grateful he is for her being there, always. For this silly boy who should have come clean a long time ago.

With that, George pulls away from Delilah slightly and she seems almost hurt but then she smiles that smile and George's courage and honesty controls his steady hands as they take hers. Delilah's eyes sing at him and he laughs. "I'm out of my depth, Dee."

Delilah frowns, seemingly worried.

George knows he could make a speech and do gestures like he's dreamed of all of his life, but he strokes her hand and takes one last look at the girl who seems oblivious to him. Her hair curls down her body and her cheeks are tinted with the little pink he adores. Her tiny ears seem a little cold and he aches to rub them warmer. Her long eyelashes blink with her eyes and he shakes his head, enjoying how desperate his heart is. He knows his eyes are saying everything. He just knows it. "I'm so utterly enchanted by you Delilah Rose."

And that's when everything is changed for ever.

I will be posting the fourth and final part to George and Delilah's story on Christmas Eve!

Fake Snow & Real Words,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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