Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Soulmate

It's definitely true that you can find a soulmate in a friend. My best friend proves this. We met last year and I adored him as soon as he smiled his shy and sincere grin at me. From the night we met we were joint at the hip in a way that has always been different to any other friendship I've ever experienced. No one's ever made me feel so warm, loved, protected and amused; always. These are gifts he gives to me on a daily basis. Today I told him he always deserves to hear nice things said to him, so I thought I'd start the remaining days of our being best friends with a post dedicated to his being. Because my soulmate, my best friend is so beautiful.

No one has ever made me feel as funny as he does. This sounds like I only get to receive the pleasure in this, but I so need him to know that it makes him so admirable. Although not for one second do I take his laughter or amused eyes at stories I tell as performed for my benefit and not for genuine reasons, when he chuckles in the places I like to hear most and encourages me to carry on, there is a perfect rhythm to his hospitality. He wouldn't know that, but he's got a natural welcoming "scent" about him.

My soulmate tries so hard. He's told me before that he worries his hard work will go unnoticed, but he carries on working hard anyway. Although I know the extra hours and elbow grease he puts in will not go unnoticed, I know for definite that his care, attention to detail and complete dedication is one of his most special qualities. For sure his hard work in any aspect of his life will never go unnoticed because it just can't but I definitely see his hard work with me every day, and with a little smile on my face, and a few words to make it extra clear, I say thank you. Thank you for always congratulating me when I push myself to be better. Thank you for never giving up when my heart is weighed with a little too much sadness. Thank you for being the one I can always smile with, and thank you for never letting go of our friendship- the ultimate building blocks for what makes us so strong.

My best friend is rich in so many ways he doesn't see. He has the kindest and most generous heart. He sees simplicity where I think we all should. He's got the loveliest mind for puzzles and he's embarrassingly successful when it comes to his competitive side. He's told me before that he gets confused sometimes when he has something to say and it might not come out the right way. What he doesn't know is that, as he is my soulmate I see his intention, and it's only ever good. He's really, really good. He's very hard on himself and while I encourage him not to be, it's an honour to see his lovely ways respected by everyone he knows while he is oblivious to his generosity and caring ways being any different from the people around him. My soulmate is so rich not because he doesn't see his worth (I so hope he will see his worth as soon as possible), but because he doesn't mean to be so full of worth. My best friend is accidentally priceless.

My soulmate is undoubtedly the most endearing person I've ever met. I feel genuinely honoured to have this boy (turning into the most awesome man in front of my proud eyes) as my best friend. How could I not be endlessly lucky to hear his ridiculous (ridiculous) stories every day? How could I not adore watching him retell a joke he heard earlier while he bursts into silly giggles? How could I not be always grateful to be in his presence when he just doesn't see how incredible he is?

A Smile & A Joke,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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