Sunday, 6 December 2015

A Memory Re-Told

I met up with some friends from home not too long ago and at some point in the afternoon, after we spoke of something that inspired this memory, my friend turned to me and said, “This reminds me of something.”

He was telling me how back in secondary school he was particularly wound up about something and he wasn’t having the best of times dealing with it. He was arguing his point in class in front of a group of classmates and when it didn’t work out, I put my hand on his shoulder with an amused expression (to help him feel better) and I sang one of his favourite songs at him. I have since not been able to recall this moment but my friend (although I came to this conclusion without his help!) said I made a fool out of myself but it made him feel better.

It’s safe to say we had a giggle about the whole thing, and thinking about him re-telling the story and imagining the whole thing now is still making me that giggly kind of happy. Predominantly it makes me feel a magical kind of feeling because he said it must have taken place about six or seven years ago now. That’s awesome. I met him on the very first day of school, sat on his table and we’ve been friends since. Secondly it makes me happy because, all those years ago, I took a bit of silliness with good intentions and this encouraged two smiles and the continuation of a friendship. I hope I'm not blowing my own trumpet but of course it makes me feel good that my friend, all of those years ago, was either cheered up for a moment or maybe even more, because of me being silly. It might be a very over the top way of thinking about it, but I know both of our silliness will mean this friendship is going to be around for ever (lame, but I know if he saw this he’d enjoy the cheesiness of it all).

Ultimately, the whole re-telling of this story made me think about something I have thought about before however I've not appreciated how much we all remember. I have loads of memories involving this friend he won't remember and he has some involving me that I won't, among a bunch of memories we both can re-call. I believe in living life with the help of being nice and joyful (when we can) and involving others in this because I want to leave a happy footprint behind when I walk off for however long. It's so nice to hear a memory being re-told where I've done something to cheer someone up rather than make someone miserable. It makes me know I'll always try so hard to approach everyone with kindness. It's not about having someone, years later, telling you that you are a good person (to be honest, my friend was just laughing at me being ridiculous!); it's about having a clear conscious and some good memories!

A Memory & Some Giggles,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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