Monday, 14 December 2015

A Little Running Diary #4

2015 has so far been my best year for running, and it feels awesome to have a few more weeks left of this year to round it all up. I've just been having a moment where I've thought about all I've achieved this year with running and it's always good to look at yourself and note when you've done something that you deserve to be proud of and think "y'know what, well done me". With this, I thought I'd write a post in my A Little Running Diary series. Here is a list of my top three things I adore about running.

1. I most of all love the sense of achievement I feel. I can even have bad runs and I still know I'm on the right track. I love looking at my running app and seeing personal bests, new routes and just the fact I've completed however many miles. I run because it makes me feel awesome and that's what this crazy thing called life is about, right?* When I've stopped my run, had a little walk and sipped my drink, I return home and I feel like the day is going to be written down as a good one.

2. I love how calm it makes me feel. Whether I am running to beat a time or just having a nice jog, I feel like all my worries float away behind me and I'm running into something good. We all need things that calm us down and running really is my safe haven.

3. Hobbies often are often a large section of your life and having running as a hobby means that I not only have something to look forward to and think about when I'm not even running, but it comes with all sorts of other bonuses like running clothes. I love buying running clothes and it always feels awesome to treat myself to something new. Materialistic, but it is a bonus!

A Pair of Trainers & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

*Terms and conditions: providing that we're not hurting ourselves or others.

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